Ruby Rose stole my girlfriend

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Disclaimer: This is a parody, of Ruby Rose. Dont own the chracter. Its not for profit. I dont know Ruby Rose. Everyone else in the story is a created character. This is a work of fiction, not a true story

Steve was in all honesty a wimpy. But he was a wimp in love and went dreams. He had a plan. There was a woman at a coffee Shop who he had a crush on. Someone that he would never get normally. She was tough, sexy, tattooed up girl name Vivian

“Your secret admirer here” One of the waitress Said

“Oh him” Vivian Sighed

“You want me to wait the table” Lisa Said

Vivian was wearing a short sleeve short. She had a T-shirt of her favorite rock band and some glasses on.  Her lipstick was black and so was her eye shadow. She had a sleeve of tattoos and a nose ear ring. She was black, dark ebony skin. Steve annoyed her a lot of times. Always checking her out. He looked at her ass and tits a lot of the times. He was in love with her tattoos. He never tried to get grabby. She might of even respect that, least it would show some balls.  Weirdo couldn’t even make eye contact with her and would shake nervously when she got close. She could spot erections in his pants when she was near, which is why he started wearing sweats. But end of the day he was pretty harmless, and decent tipper.

“Naaa he ok. Kind of cute. Would of date him if he wasn’t some lame dork” She Said

Vivian was walking over to him. He was black male with thick glasses. He was going through a magazine about ink Tattoos

“What can I get you” Vivian Said

Steve was reading the magazine. She had to asked again

“Oh, sorry was stuck in my head reading this. Thinking of getting some ink”

“You ink. Really”

“Yea nothing to big. Maybe a “thug LIFE” Tattoos.  You know with Tupac Riding a Dolphin or something.  So, my Thug side and my sensitive Side”

“Really. Though you afraid of needled”

“naaa what type of pussy is that”

She grabbed the magazine from his hand and shook it. A comic book fail out. She laughed and tap on his head rubbing his hair

“I could be reading both.  By the way like a bit of cheese cake, and some hot chocolate.  Hey You here about the Rave going on”

“Yea…been trying to find it.  Heard Ruby Rose going to be there”

“Well what would you say I now only knew where it was but I had tickets”

“You have ticket”

“Yea Old Ruy…the RUBESTER..yea she a friend of mind. Got tickets. “

“Ok I will bite. How do you know here”?

“ummm ahhh, She was doing a Gig.   Some guys were bothering them and I rough them up.”

“Oh, really first time I heard of this” She Said Rolling her eyes

“Oh, didn’t want to talk about it. Felt bad.  Had to put two of them in the hospital. It just when I am going I go nuts you know. Then after that we made love…HOT steaming love”

“You know she a lesbian”

“Thus, is the power of my Wang”

He actually found out about it by selling someone some comics on Craigslist.  He wasn’t that into techno stuff, but he knew he liked it. The guy offered him the location and tickets for some money off it.  He had to give a lot money off it.

“Tell you what.  I am going to write down the location on this napkin. If I am lying you can scream at me. If it turns out it’s there. Its consider a date”

“Find guess I can do that”

“You welcome to have a friend with you in case you afraid I am going to throw you in the back of my van or something”

“Oh, I think I can handle you. Better be there.  Because If I not I will put my foot in your ass” She Said

He laughed

“Wasn’t Joking Dork” She Said

It was night time the next day.  They were meeting near a factory, abandon before the party. But the party was starting. He was nervous waiting.  She grabbed him from behind. He Jump and scream a high pitch scream

“my wallet in my pocket” He Said

He turns and saw Vivian. She was looking hot, wearing a tight leather Jacket and Belly shirt.  She had her had her hair into banks with the tips burnt. She smiled and pushed

“You such a wimp but you didn’t lie. So, that’s something” She Said

She was wearing tight leather pants. He held up to her as she saw a big guy who look like something from Sons of Anarchy

“Just stay close to keep you safe” He Said

“sure kid. Sure” She Said

She felt him lay against her and sighed that he had this nerd with her. He dresses like a dork.  She walked in and did love the music. Ruby was the record getting people pump. Steve had to admit the music was good with peaks and valleys as she was controlling the dance room like a maestro.  She and Vivian caught each other eye. Ruby was wearing a zipped-up hoody. She had a tom boyish look with pink lipstick.  She had on some Jeans and a cross necklace around her. She motions over to get their attention after she did a couple of sets

They went into the back of the factory. Ruby walked out. People parted as she came. They shook each other

“Hi…Ruby I’m Vivian. You looked great up there” Vivian said

Ruby smiled. At close she looked stunning.  She opens her coat a bit showing tight shirt.  Her hands had plenty of tattoos.  Steven could see her playing card tattoos on her chest. She looked at Vivian not taking her eye off her. She had a look that Steven never seen on Vivian. She looked like she was melting just considering Ruby eyes.

“You don’t look so bad yourself” Ruby Said

“You met Steve” Vivian Said

“Really where” Ruby Said

“Oh, it was dark when we met” He Said “Anyway. Love the show. This is my Date”

“Really” Ruby smirked

“Long story” Vivian Said

Ruby put her arms arounds her and nibble on her neck.  Vivian moaned. Her face blushed. She took control putting her other hand in her pants. Vivian lips quivered and her leg shook as she touches her. The words “Just” was one hand and “Love” on their other as she fingers her

“How about you tell me the story in my room” Ruby Said

She went into her pocket and tossed Steve some dollars.

“How about you get us a beer. Give us some girl time” Ruby Said

She went into the room. Some big female bouncers blocked him.

“But. But”

“How about you get that beer” One of the bouncer Said

He went into the crowd grumbling. He paid a lot for those tickets and this how he was being treated he whine to himself. He had to wait in a long line for some beer. Finally, he got it and walked into the crowd, getting Bumped around by people who were high on stuff like Molly. He walked over to the bouncers

“Got the beer” He Said

He was about to go. The bouncer took the beer. The pushed him back

“thanks” The bouncer Said

“Mind if I get by you” He Said

“Yes…go away. This is a private Section”

“Listen it’s my Date in there” He Said

“Aint your date anymore” One of the Boucher laughed

All the rest laughed. He tried to rush them. He was then punch in the stomach by one of the women. He fails to his knees

“Get going wimp” The bouncer Said kicking him “Better run along before you get your ass kicked”

He dragged himself way holding onto his stomach. He looked back and saw there were steps behind the bouncers. He figures they much be on the higher floors. He was going through the crowd trying to get out of the place.

“Dammit” He Said

He thought of somewhere to get in there.  He walked outside the factory with the music still playing. He walked outside and looked at the windows in the back He saw a light coming out one of the windows and some music

“Come on buddy think” He Said

He saw some port and potty that was outside. It was for Factor workers. He looked one that was empty and knocked it over on its side. He grabbed another one dragging and put it by the one he knocked over. He Jumped on the first one and climb on the other one. It still wasn’t high enough he grabbed a garbage can and put that on top of port o potty. He was tall to reach the window.  He pulled himself up and looked inside and saw amazing sight

“Ohhh SHIT...SHIT” Vivian Screamed

Ruby had her naked. She was rubbing her pussy and sucking on her big tits. Ruby still had her hoody on.  Her spikey hair was swinging around wildly. The bed was soaked as Vivian screamed. Her body shook as Ruby expert fingers was playing her like a violin. Vivian came her pussy gushing. A splashed of Pussy Juice came on his face

“Oh fuck” He Said

They heard him. They turn as he hung out the window

“What the fuck” Ruby Said

She grabbed him and got up. Ruby grabbed him by the hair and pulled him in. She punched him hard in the stomach making him gasp for air

“You were peeping on me PERVERT” Vivian Said “Man you’re such a fucking creep”

“Ohhhh you peeped on the wrong couple pervert” Ruby Said

She grabbed him by the neck and punch him again. He tried to block her punch but she was to fast working his ribs and stomach with punches he moaned in pain as she pulled the shirt over his head and slammed her knees into chest.  He fails on the ground

“Holy really can’t fucking fight” Vivian laughed

Ruby smiled. She saw Vivian getting looking. Seeing her beat him up was turning Vivian on. Ruby took off her shirt, showing her small but Perky breast. She had a flat stomach and dark nipples.  He looked up gasping, seeing her tone body drench in sweat

“What the matter. It as if you haven’t seen me naked. After all you fucked me. Isn’t that what you told her. That what she said you said”

“That was a misunderstanding” He Said

“Get up” She Said

“Now I don’t want to have to hurt you” He Said nervously

“Hurt me…if you can take me out you get to fuck us both. Come on little man. Took your crush. Fucked her.  Harder and better then you ever could”

“That’s for sure”

“Come on fight me. After all, didn’t you save me from some big bad men” Ruby Said

Her arms were covered in tattoos. She was slim and wirey. She grabbed him up and slapped him. He took a swing. She dodges and he took another

“Holy shit...dude have you even been in a fight” She Said giving him some quick slaps

She slapped him hard and he started to whimper. He tried to make a run for it but he was tossed against the wall. She laughed and gave him a kicked to the chest. He took a haymaker toward her. She caught his wrist and held him against the wall.

“Can’t wait to have your girl eat my pussy wimp. “She Said kicking him in the crotch

She looked at him with her piercing eyes as he whimpered. She licked her lips and choked on him

“OH, fuck is he crying. I would NEVER fuck you. I defiantly wont now” Vivian Said

“Oh. Is that what you thought you do. Lie...and get in her pants creep.” Ruby Said punching him

She had him in a headlock. She put her finger under his nose to let him smell Vivian Scent.

“This as close to that pussy as you EVER going to get. Can’t blame you. Look at her body. BIG tis, sexy tattoos.  I mean that girl COOL as fuck. And the Ass is to die. Shake it for me baby”

Vivian got on babe and shook her big ass.  She spread her ass cheeks for me. She fingered her clit in front of him as Ruby drag him closer. Vivian had some Angel wings over her ass as a Tramp stamp

“You should see him.  Thanks for the cake ms Vivian…you’re my favorite Waitress Vivian. Oh, you’re so hot. Oooooooo I love your tattoos. Saw you looking at my tramp stamp wimp”

“Got this FAT strapon. That I am going to use on her. Going To fuck that ass you dream of having your cock in” Ruby Said

She had his face close to her ass.  He could almost kissed but she pulled him away.

“You haven’t earned that. But speak of cocks. You claim you had a big one”

She held him down and pulled off his clothes. He tried to fight back but she was on top and backhanded him. She ripped off his underwear. When the girls saw, it they laughed

“It like a mini weirder” Vivian Said

“And it actually hard to. Oh shit. I am going WHIP the fuck out of you” Ruby Said

Ruby took off her belt with metal studs. She started whipping his back and ass with it.  He cried out, whimpering tears soaking his face.  She stopped to kissed Vivian. She made out with her. Their tongue twisted into one another swapping spit between cracks of the whip.

“Don’t you dare try to cover it” Ruby Rose Said

After 5 minutes, she wrapped the belt around her and made him look at her pussy. Ruby rubbed it finger it

“Damm you can make me cum at the touch” Vivian said

“Now Now, Know what your think. Two hot girls having sex. Only thing missing is some guys Dick. Well this isn’t some porn movie you creep” Ruby Rose Said

“Caught him looking at porn on his phone one time. Such a creep. Sites with hot inked up girls, even some femdom stuff” Vivian Said “Bet he like this stuff”

Vivian spit on him

“Well if you like Humiliation. You hit the mother load” Ruby Rose Said “Time to go to sleep”

She knocked him out with one punch. He woke up lasted tied up and naked. He had a big black eye. He looked up and Ruby had her from behind.  Vivian big tits was against the bed.  Ruby had a big strapon fucking her pussy. She was slapping her ass.

“Look who up…wakie wakie loser” Vivian Said

They both flipped him the bird

“Bet you thought this would be you” Ruby laughed

“As if. Bet you never had sex with a girl without pay for it…isn’t that true?” Vivian Said

“y…. yes” He Said

Two of them laughed. He was turn on despite the Humiliation.  He couldn’t even touch himself. He cried in Humiliation. Ruby brought her to another multiple climax.  She pulled out showing a thick pussy soaked strapon

“Time to go to sleep, me and your crushed need some alone time. But before I knock you out here what going to happen. You’re going to be a good customer for now on. You’re going to give 200 percent tip. And take whatever she gives you, even her spit” Ruby Said

“And I BETTER see my Favorite customer there. No going to other shops my BITCH NOW”

“And you won’t check her out. You speak when spoken to. Keep your eyes down at her feet. If she wants, you to do chores you SNAP to it. May even have you do some when I am in town.  If you don’t you answer to me. GOT IT!!!”


“You know what babe you want to do the honors” Ruby Asked

Vivian got up and kiss her. Ruby grabbed her ass. She kissed her deeply bringing her to her.  Vivian looked at him and they both spit his face. She hit him, and he went out cold. Later he was tossed out into a dumpster

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