A Diplomatic Temptation

BY : galacticat
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know the characters involved (Trump/Trudeau). I am in no way affiliated with them. I am not profiting off of this in any way.

Justin was finally almost able to break away from the press conference. The last 60 minutes had been nearly unbearable. Reporter after reporter had assaulted him with generic questions while baiting Agent Orange with antagonistic and controversial queries, hoping for their next viral soundbyte. Throughout the conference, one person in the room stood out to Justin. 

Ivanka's soft blonde hair floated gracefully over her bare, toned shoulders. A tight black dress hugged her curves perfectly, yet covered enough that Justin's imagination was running wild. He tried to feign interest in what the American tyrant was saying, but he couldn't help the tightening inside of his pants. Occasionally he would shift in his seat, straightening his tie to distract himself from his increasing desire. 

At last, the conference was over. Justin cast aside all thoughts of Ivanka's soft skin from his head, politely shook The Donald's tiny, baby hands, and made his way for the exit. A White House staffer led Justin and his staff down the corridor and to their quarters. Katie, his Chief of Staff, briefly ran him through the rest of the day's agenda and left him to his room. He was finally able to breathe. The stress of this visit had caught up with him. The young Prime Minister sighed heavily as he took off his blue blazer. His fingers reached up and tugged at his red silk tie, loosening it just enough for him to unbutton the top of his shirt. 

Just as he was about to sit down at the foot of his bed, Justin heard a soft knock at the door. Katie must have forgotten something, he thought to himself as he walked to answer her. His eyes widened hungrily upon opening the door and seeing the woman who had infiltrated his thoughts. Ivanka stood, nervously, and greeted him with a slight smile. Justin stood, confused, and asked, "Would you like to come in?"

She simply nodded and walked past him, in to the large guest suite. Justin couldn't quite figure out why Ivanka was acting so strange. He had become accustomed to her confidence. He had watched her handle uncomfortable questions and situations with grace, never stumbling over her words. Who was this shy girl standing next to his bed? 

"Justin, I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to visit the White House. This visit has been enlightening and productive," she finally said. 

"Of course, Ms. Trump. I believe both of our countries will benefit greatly from seeing that we are a united front," he responded diplomatically. 

"Please, just Ivanka. Justin, there's something I would like to ask you," she asked, her chest rising and falling unsteadily. 

Taking note of her shallow breathing, Justin asked curiously, "What can I help you with, Ivanka?"

Without speaking, Ivanka pressed her supple breasts to Justin's broad chest. She firmly grabbed his hands and placed them on her waist. Justin immediately felt his thick cock swelling underneath his pants. His warm hands wandered from her waist to the small of her back. He took in a sharp breath, smelling her intoxicating perfume. Just pulled her hips inward, on to his growing excitement. 

She looked upward at Justin hungrily. The coyness in her eyes had disappeared. Once again, he recognized the fierce, strong woman that he was more familiar with. Her mouth parted slightly, instinctively causing her to bite her lip. Justin could not contain himself any longer. He leaned in to her, kissing her deeply. Their tongues began to explore each other's mouth, dipping hungrily and savoring the taste. Ivanka softly bit his lower lip as his hands made their way up to the zipper on the back of her dress. He pulled the zipper downward, agonizingly slow. Ivanka let a soft moan slip from her tender lips. With his free hand, Justin traced his fingers down her back. Her skin was as soft as satin underneath the pads of his fingertips. 

Ivanka's dress fell to the floor, exposing her black lingerie. Her perfectly fitted lace bra held up her large, perky breasts. Justin held her shoulders briefly and took in the sight of them, breaking his gaze only to work his way down to her peaks. His mouth grazed them tenderly, causing Ivanka to gasp. Justin couldn't hide his grin from her. He reached back and quickly unhooked her bra strap. He flung the exorbitant piece of lingerie to the other side of the room. Her full breasts heaved as she struggled to catch her breath. Two perfectly rounded, pink nipples stood erect. Justin cupped her strongly with both hands as he brought his mouth to her nipple. He traced his warm tongue around her areola, teasing the heiress. Ivanka's hands made their way to his muscular back. As she traced her perfectly manicured fingernails over his exposed skin, Justin took her hardened nipple in to his mouth. A long moan escaped her mouth while she felt Justin's tongue circling and flicking her. She felt the heat rising between her legs, soaking her thin lace panties. 

Justin broke his hold on her now glistening chest. He carefully pushed her back on to the bed. As she lay there, completely vulnerable and only covered by a drenched shred of fabric, Justin hastily finished removing his tie and shirt. Ivanka's eyes widened at the sight of his chiseled chest. They traveled down to his perfectly carved abs. As her gaze made its way further down, Justin urgently began unbuckling his leather belt. She noticed a huge swelling beneath his pants. Her body responded by producing a small, warm gush of pleasure beneath her panties. Justin's pants dropped to the floor. All that remained between them was their underwear. She craved the sight of what was beneath his, but before she could reach forward and rip them off of him Justin gently grabbed her panties and slowly slid them down her long, toned legs. His eyes longingly gazed at her exposed, bare pussy. He could see her lips glimmering in the low light. Before he could continue, he paused and asked, "Ivanka, is this what you want?"

Stammering, Ivanka nearly shouted, "Yes! Please, Justin, give me what I need."

Without hesitation, Justin pulled his underwear to the ground. His long, thick cock stood between them. Ivanka moaned, anticipating taking in his length. Justin positioned himself on top of her warm, naked body. He grabbed his cock at the hilt and slowly directed it to her eager cunt. Justin delicately teased her drenched entranced with the head of his dick. Electricity shot through both of them. Unable to hold back, Justin let go of his base and pushed his cock in to her. Ivanka yelped as Justin slid in to her, inch by inch, until she was physically unable to hold anymore of him. He paused for a brief moment, allowing her time to adjust to his considerable size and girth. She looked up at him, her eyes begging for more. 

Justin slid back out, her pussy gripping his cock tightly. He thrust in to her center once again, this time with more ferocity. She had been allowed time to adjust, so he was done holding back. As Justin pumped her full of his flesh, Ivanka's perfect breasts bounced from side to side. Her mouth was open wide and her eyes were closed tightly, her involuntary moans began to transform to screams of joy. She felt him penetrate her cunt over and over again, the veins of his cock causing an intense sensation inside of her hot core. 

Without warning, Justin withdrew himself from Ivanka. She was confused for a moment, but when he commanded her to get on her stomach at the edge of the bed she obliged dutifully. Justin stood above her frame for a moment before bending down. He slipped his leather belt out of his pants and took it in his dominant hand. 

"Ivanka, tell me that you are my obedient slut," the dignified man said, harshness behind his words. 

"What are you talking about, Justin?" she asked, confused by the request.

"If you want more of my cock, you will show me that you are an obedient slut. Now, tell me that you will obey me or you will be punished."

"Yes, sir. I am your obedient slut. Please, fuck me."

"Good girl. Unfortunately, that is not how this works. Be a good little slut while I give you your lashings."

Ivanka could barely protest before she felt the cold leather crack across her ass. She squealed, feeling the sting of her lashing. Justin asked, "Do you want more, slut?"

"Yes, sir. Please, I am begging you to give me more." Her response surprised her. 

Another crack came across her ass. Again, Ivanka squealed with delight. The pain made her want his cock even more than before. Again and again, Justin's belt fell across her backside. Before long, she was covered in bright pink welts. Ivanka filled the room with screams of ecstasy. 

After what seemed like an eternity, Justin guided his throbbing cock back to her waiting pussy. He forcefully pushed his way inside of her and starting fucking her angrily. Her tight ass bounced as he thrust himself in to her over and over again. The pair could feel themselves building to the point of no return. The heat within Ivanka's core began to spill over. Her cunt tightened around Justin's pulsing cock, taking him over the edge. He groaned loudly as he emptied himself deep inside of her, cum pouring in to her walls. The sensation brought Ivanka to her breaking point. She screamed uninhibitedly as she came around him. Her legs buckled and shook as he fell on to the bed beside her. 

The adulterous pair lay on the bed for some time, catching their breath. Ivanka struggled to stand upward, her body still in shock. She calmly began to put her clothes back on. 

"Well, Prime Minister. It has been my pleasure. Perhaps we should arrange another visit in the near future. My chief of staff will be in contact with yours," she said mechanically. 

Before he could respond, Ivanka was out the door. Justin ran his hands through his thick hair, sighing heavily. He grinned, realizing that his trips to visit the orange overlord would be much more enjoyable from now on.  

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