Fan meet up

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Fan meet up

Miley grinned to herself as she waited on her motel bed, having gone through her fan email folder earlier that week she had found herself drawn to the seedier messages filled with people declaring just how much they wanted to fuck and use her enjoying the mental images they brought her

Having spent a good couple of hours reading through the depraved messages and touching herself as she imagined what it would be like to be used by her fans Miley found a message that she found strangely more appealing than the others, an email asking her for a meet up, she got constant emails and letters like it and her manager always told her to ignore them but this time she decided ‘fuck it’ and sent a reply back agreeing to a meet up with a promise to make it dirty

As expected the fan who had sent the e-mail didn’t exactly believe her when she replied to him replying that she was obviously someone just playing a prank so she proved that she was genuine with several naked photos and even a short recording telling him that if he wanted to feel what her lips wrapped around his cock felt like he’d believe her and agree to the meet up

That had been two days ago and now she was waiting in a cheap motel room for her fan to arrive, wearing nothing but a pair of sneakers and a cheerleading top as the fan had mentioned that he loved her ‘23’ music video, her bare cunt aching with need as she let her mind run wild with what her fan might do to her

She didn’t have to wait much longer however as there soon was a knock on the motel door, the blonde jumping up off of the bed and rushing to the door to greet her visitor “hey” she smiled as if everything was normal whilst her fan just stared at her in wide eyed surprise

Looking her fan over Miley was happy to find that she hadn’t drawn the short straw out of the emails, tall and lean with a nice shade of fiery red hair and by the bulge in his pants he wasn’t going to disappoint her in that regard “get in here” she husked grabbing him by his belt using it to drag him into the motel room before kicking the door shut behind them

With the door shut Miley quickly forced her fan onto the bed grabbing at his pants to rip them down his legs “you got a name?” the blonde breathed as she threw his jeans away before attacking the bulge in his boxers with her lips and tongue, hungrily kissing and licking his cock through the fabric

Gasping with pleasure at the sluts actions he took a moment to answer as his hips bucked towards her face “Mike” he replied as she bit down on his boxers using her teeth to remove them allowing his fat cock to spring free

Either not hearing him or just not caring Miley didn’t respond just staring wide eyed at his fat cock, her tongue hanging out as she panted heavily with lust before diving straight at his cock swallowing it down to the base burying her nose in his pubes “holy fuck!” Mike exclaimed as Miley’s tight throat clenched around his shaft, instinctively grabbing at her head pushing it down hard making her groan lustfully against his groin

Placing her hands on his thighs Miley made herself choke hard on his cock, stimulating his length as her long wet tongue bathed his balls, adoring his thick sweaty flavour making her tight little cunt drip onto the carpet “god that’s fucking hot, take it all slut!” Mike panted bucking his hips up to shallowly fuck Miley’s mouth as she drooled like a waterfall all over his cock and balls

As Miley’s face began to turn bright red Mike began to pull her off of his dick only for the slut to pull her head free of his grasp and slam it back down his cock, obviously caring more about sucking his cock than her own breathing looking up at him with lust glazed eyes as she slammed her head up and down his cock

Eventually however her lungs began to burn for air forcing her to stop, her face borderline purple as she panted like a bitch in heat, her eyes never leaving his cock as she drooled openly onto the bed sheets “fucking fat dirty cock!” she panted leaning forward to hungrily lick along his cock and lap at his balls

“God you’re a fucking whore” Mike growled as Miley spat heavily on his balls

“Fuck yeah I am! Now make me choke on that fat dirty dick!” the blonde demanded to which Mike stood up forcing her back until she was sat on her bare ass on the floor, the Star eagerly grabbing at his hips and opening her mouth wide for him to shove his cock back into immediately starting to gag and retch sloppily as he resumed the skull fuck

Hammering down her throat Mike steadily reached his first climax, burying his cock deep down Miley’s throat as it erupted, force feeding her his thick jizz, the sluts eyes rolling back as she gagged hard around his cock eagerly taking his cum down her throat “that’s it cunt, swallow it all!” he groaned pressing his cock deeper down her throat

When Mike’s release ended he pulled out of Miley’s mouth causing a torrent of drool to flow down her chin and onto your tits “god…fuck…” she panted gasping for air, her perky tits bouncing slightly under her top as her chest heaved “am I a good dirty cunt?” she grinned lifting her top to bare her tits to him

With a lustful growl and nod from Mike Miley leaned up to lick his cock from balls to tip again before moving to climb onto the bed, laying on her front with her hips raising holding her small but round ass in the air “come here and fuck my ass!” she begged/demanded which Mike was more than happy to obey, climbing onto the bed behind Miley taking hold of her waist

Guiding his cock to her tightest hole he forced himself inside of her with one rough thrust making the blonde scream out in a mixture of pain and pleasure “oh fuck!” she exclaimed as he buried himself balls deep in her ass “that’s it, fucking hurt me!” she growled lustfully pushing her ass back against his cock as hard as she could as he thrust into her

Spanking Miley making her gasp and moan Mike then reached forward to grab her arms, pulling them back forcing her to balance on her knees as he forced his cock deeper into her bubble ass “god damn you’re tight!” he grunted as his balls beat against the blondes neglected pussy

“Damn right my ass is tight! Fucking wreck it! Fuck my ass harder! Rape me!” Miley screamed back uncaring about how thin the walls were and if the other residents of the motel could hear her “use my fucking tight ass!” she demanded sticking out her long tongue as she panted and drooled like a bitch in heat

Panting with pleasure Mike pulled Miley’s arms back harder as he tried to force more cock up her ass, his frantic pace making her tits bounce harder as her almost crazed cries of pleasure echoed through the room “fuck! Shit that’s so good in my ass! You gonna cum? You wanna cum in my little whore ass?!” she moaned grinning back at him “I want you to cum so fucking hard up my ass”

Pushing her back down Mike grabbed one of her legs, lifting it to get a deeper angle as his pace got harder and more erratic, his cock throbbing hard and pouring precum into Miley’s ass as her pants got louder and more crazed before she let out another wild scream as she felt his cock erupted inside of her, the feeling of his load being dumped inside of her setting off her orgasm making her tighten up even more around him

As soon as he stopped cumming Miley pushed him off of her forcing him onto his back again before taking his cock back into her mouth and throat, her tongue working frantically to clean him off before starting to harshly skull fuck herself on his dick “fuck you’re crazy” Mike groaned reaching down to grab Miley’s head, pumping it along his cock at a pace he preferred

His cock oversensitive from blowing his first two loads it didn’t take long for Mike to blow his third and final load, flooding her mouth with cum before pulling out to finish all over her face and hair making the slut moan and giggle at the feeling of it “fuck that’s it, give it to me” Miley breathed after swallowing the cum in her mouth “I am definitely letting you fuck me again” she purred leaning in to lick along his cock “how does free tickets to my next show and a back stage pass sound?”

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