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Disclaimer: I don't know Anna Kendrick and, in no way, shape, or form associate with her. This work is for entertainment purposes only, not profit, and is entirely fictitious.


Anna Kendrick/Reader

Shivering uncontrollably, he rang the doorbell of the immaculate, white house. He'd been on a run when it had suddenly poured and he'd tried all the other houses. Shifting his weight from foot-to-foot, he waited for the answer.

A luxurious, blood-red car was parked in the driveway, and he'd seen a woman's silhouette in the uppermost window. As his thoughts drifted elsewhere, the door swung open. A delicately-built woman answered, wearing a bright green sports bra and yoga pants. Sweat gleamed on the pink skin of her flushed chest and ran down her temples in rivulets.

“Can I help you?” she said in a light voice that sounded like she was laughing with every word she spoke.

She was breathless. He shifted uncomfortably, unable to stop the thoughts of what she sounded like in bed. Her pale blue eyes crinkled as she rested a hip against the door frame, wiping the sweat off her temples.

Mentally kicking himself, he stammered, “Uh, oh, u-um, hi. I w-was running and, um, I don't have an um phone on me. Could I, um, borrow yours?” He could feel his face heating up under her stare and prayed he didn't pop his shorts.

“Sure. You can even use my shower, if you'd like.” She smiled at him again and then turned and pranced away, her hair swinging back and forth. He trailed after her once he kicked off his wet shoes and socks. Unable to help himself, his eyes trailed down her figure, to that sweet ass being hugged by the stretchy fabric. God, he nearly groaned at the sight of the cheeks shifting with every step—up, down, up, down, alternating. His mind immediately dropped to the gutter, imagining the soft feel of those cheeks in his hand.

She turned suddenly, and something flashed across her face too fast for him to decipher. “It's up the stairs, down the hall, last door on the left,” she informed him, flicking a light-brown curl off her shoulder as she turned and trotted into a room where music blasted.

He watched her leave, unable to place her; he knew he'd seen her before, somewhere, but, as of the moment, he wasn't able to recall where exactly. Shrugging to himself, he headed up the stairs and followed her instructions. The carpet was plush under his bare feet and he peeled off his shirt as he went. The wet fabric stubbornly clung to his skin but he managed to peel it off without too much trouble. Untying the drawstring, he opened the door and glanced back.

The woman was nowhere to be found.

His mouth dropped open at the sight of the walk-in shower, taking up more than half of the bathroom. The tiles were pristine white, like they were either hardly used or cleaned daily at the least, and there was a mat to make sure one didn't slip. Three bottles took up residence on a little shelf. Some feminine-scented body wash. A coconut-oil based shampoo and conditioner.

His sweats and wet underwear landed on the floor with a plop. Crossing the bathroom quickly, he fiddled with the knobs until the water turned on. While the water was heating up, he stuck the wet clothes in the sink and found some towels in the tiny closet squeezed in next to the toilet.

Unable to find anything else, he stepped into the spray and moaned to himself as the hot water sluiced down his chest and heat seeped into his sore muscles, working its magic. Refusing to use her pink loofah, he squirted some body wash into his hands and began to work it into a lather across his chest and down his torso. He avoided his hard cock, saving it for last, and scrubbed the dirt and sweat off his thighs and legs.

Once he rinsed off, he squirted some more body wash and, peering through the glass door, began to work his hand up and down his dick. It throbbed in time with his pulse and he squeezed, mindful of his strength.

The door opened and he jerked, yelping as the hot water hit him square in the face. Quick, light footsteps got closer and then the door was thrown open.

“Oh my god, are you okay?”

The woman was naked, holding the door open, and wasn't even trying to hide her nudity. Her tits were a bit on the smaller side, with dark brown nipples that puckered in the air, and her soft belly gave way to girlish hips and a thatch of dark hair between her thighs.

“I, uh, I mean—yes!” he sputtered, trying to hunch his shoulders to shield his thick cock. Then he blinked and stood up straighter, ignoring the hair plastered into his field of vision. “Wait, why are you naked?”

She laughed and stepped into the shower with him. The water beat down on her fragile body, running in rivulets down her sun-tanned skin, and wet her hair. “I wanted to be. I saw you looking at my ass,” she murmured, leaning on her tip toes to kiss the underside of his jaw.

He couldn't speak. This hot as fuck woman was here, in the shower, with him, fucking naked.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said brightly, beaming up at him, and then her mouth was on his. Her lips tasted like beer and he moaned against her tongue when it darted out and tapped against his lips.

He reached around her and grabbed her ass, hauling her closer, his erection trapped between their wet bodies. When she whined softly, he backed her up until she was against the wall and pulled his mouth away from hers.

Her glossy, blue eyes blinked up at him. “Why—“ she tried, her voice low and husky now, but her voice left her when he trailed open-mouthed kisses down her chest and nipped at her right nipple. Her hands gripped his hair tight enough to be painful and he wrapped his lips tight around it, sucking it and scraping the edges with his teeth gently, enough to be pleasurable. She bucked against him, her wet pussy against his hard cock, and he sucked in a breath.

Her moans turned to soft screams as he switched to the other nipple, plucking and flicking the abandoned one. Her hands tugged and yanked at his hair painfully but he kept sucking, varying the pressure. “Please,” she breathed, her hands sliding out of his hair in favor of running up and down his back, kneading the muscles.

He let her nipple fall out of his mouth and peered down at her.

“Need you...inside,” she panted, pressing a wet kiss against his mouth as she wiggled away until her feet touched the floor. Water dripped down her face, scattering off her eyelashes like diamonds, as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him hard. When he whimpered, she thrust her tongue into his mouth and his cock pulsed, precum oozing out of the slit.

Her mouth pulled away with a wet smack and then she bent over, water hitting the middle of her back. Her pussy was pink and swollen as she spread her lips apart, smiling coyly back at him. “Please,” she whispered.

He knelt down, being several feet taller than her, and shakily lined himself up with her. She felt so soft and warm, it made him ache. Pressing a kiss against her open mouth, sliding his tongue in, he bucked his hips and his cock nestled itself deep inside of her pussy. For a minute, he was scared he'd cum too soon; she was hot and wet, flexing around him sporadically. Breathing heavily, he pulled back with a wet sucking sound and rested his forehead against her until he was pretty sure he wouldn't cum.

And then he moved. Small, timid thrusts as he played and twisted her nipples, rolling her entire breasts in his hand. Her dark hair swung with his thrusts as she widened her stance and pressed her cheek against the tiles. Her low moans grew in volume as he picked up his pace, using bolder, sharper strokes. She smelled like sweat and that made his cock swell. He thought he'd burst as he continued to rock into her, her pussy sucking in his cock with little resistance.

“Oh, god,” she moaned.

He wrapped his arms around her middle and began to earnestly fuck her, his balls hitting the bottom of her ass cheeks. Her toes curled against the mat as he reached between them, past the downy curls, and trapped her clit between his thumb and pointer finger. “So, you're so wet...make me so hard, it hurts,” he grunted in her ear as he rocked his hips back and forth, varying his strokes, fast and sharp until she cried and then slow and deep until she begged for more.

His stomach tightened as she reached behind her and dug her nails into his forearms. He hissed and slapped her ass, watching it redden faintly and jiggle. His groan reverberated around them as he kissed and sucked and licked at her neck, hearing her moans get higher, almost a squeal. Keeping his lips latched onto a spot on her neck, he sucked and sucked until he tasted a sharp heat and pulled back. The skin was dark with the blood that had broken under the skin.

He rubbed her clit quickly, mindful of the sensitivity of it, and she keened as he did so, meeting his thrust so violently, it was a wonder he didn't fall backwards. Her pussy clenched around him as she seemed to grow more and more tense, her moans reaching fever-pitch.

The tight muscles in her legs quivered as he wrapped an arm around her stomach, her fingers still rubbing her clit in quick, firm circles that drew her closer and closer to the edge, and jerked her against him. His thrusts got harder and harder, the wet slapping of their skin-on-skin contact making him mutter obscenities under his breath. Without preamble, he pulled her to her knees, bent himself over her, and pounded into her hot cunt.

Water sprayed over the both of them as he slammed into her, so hard her head hit the tiles, but either she didn't care or didn't notice. Her nails dragged long lines that blood welled up in. Her voice broke as she screamed, begging him to “fuck me until I can't walk” and “pinch my nipples” and he did just that.

His other hand, which had been removed from around her stomach, twisted and tweaked and pulled at her nipples. Her pussy throbbed and pulsed around him.

“Gonna,” he muttered in her ear and his hips stuttered as she fucking screamed. Her cunt clamped down on his dick as she slammed her hips back against him. He kept thrusting as the hot, familiar peak crested up; he jerked his cock out and sprayed his load all over her back.

Globs ran down the drain as they lay there, uncaring of his cum, and she wrapped an arm around him. “I never got your name,” he said absently, running his fingers through her hair.

She mumbled something he didn't catch.

It was well after half an hour before the rain let up and he went home in some clothes the woman had let him borrow. His parents were still at work, so he didn't have to deal with them.

He pushed the encounter with the woman out of his mind until, several weeks later, he found something in his pants pocket while doing his laundry. Seven digits stared back at him and, with shaking fingers, he dialed.

His breathing was heavy as he waited for the answer. And then there was a click.


His stomach twisted at the sound of her voice, just as breathy and light as he remembered.

“H-hi. U-um, I dunno if you'd remember, uh, me. Shower.”

Silence, and then, “I can't stop thinking about it.”

Unable to think of a reply, he laid back and stared at the ceiling. “Mm. I never got your name, before.”

She laughed. “Look up Jessica Stanley from Twilight,” she said and disconnected.

He did as he was told and was floored. The light brown curls, the blue eyes, those sweet little tits, that round ass...It was the woman! “Oh my god,” he whispered to himself even as his dick filled and strained against his pants, “I fucking slept with Anna Kendrick.”



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