Strange Woman, Strange Vacation

BY : Msunderland
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Jessica Nigri, and I do not profit from these writings.

A burning dawn was laid out before her as she strode into the world with an air of confidence and wonder. Her first night in her new vacation home, a sizable three bed and two bath cabin, had been magnificent; a startling sunset, a marvelous bath under the stars and a sleep so deep and sublime that she almost couldn’t believe it was real. It was everything she knew she had been needing and more.

Her delicate fingers swept through her hair, a brilliant wash of beaming gold. The sky appeared as a pale reflection of her radiance and presence. The dawn was a sign of such a bright and wondrous new chapter beginning with such a well earned vacation. Her cabin was placed just on the edge of an old and peaceful forest, with a small lake not far beyond and a winding trail through the center.

After a pleasant breakfast, Jessica decided an exploratory walk to experience the whole of the land was in order, an expedition into the stunning unknown. From her home she made her way down the quaint trail, her simple sundress catching leaves as she walked. The birds orchestrated a cheerful dissonance which she hummed to and around.

Quickly the minutes had turned to an hour as she found herself deep within the woods. Thoughts of returning paced beside her but the sun kept shining and the breeze was still refreshing. She had encountered a small fox and a family of raccoons. As she had passed by the lake she saw turtles and cute pink fish. The woods were quickly becoming a place of happiness for the curious woman, all sense of worry or stress rapidly melting away. The vacation home was already making itself worth the investment.


Eventually the trail began to loop back to its start not far from her home. Through its curves and forks she did trek, thinking of what she should do next. A dip into her pool? Or perhaps she could enjoy a light snack while reading on the patio.

Just off another long bend came a curious sight; a massive field fill with all sorts of flowers, rich in colour and sheer density. She strode out into the field in long and graceful strides caring not to harm so much as a single petal. All shapes and sizes and species were found. Perhaps someone had planted all of these intentionally?

“I almost can’t believe how beautiful this place is!” she shouted to herself.

Nearby was a massive willow tree that tempted Jessica to rest under its impressive watch for just a moment. She knew every second spent taking in the breath-taking scenery was a second spent relieving all the pent up stress from her daily life. No internet, no deadlines; just the scenery and time. She laid back, stretching her arms and legs.

“Alllllmost never wanna go back.” She thought with a smile.

Her eyes closed for a second…..and without realizing it was coming, sleep took her.


The air had gotten cooler, the wind ever so slightly more powerful or more noticable. It have been maybe an hour since Jessica had fallen asleep. A cute smile hung on her lips as she fell, the grass soft enough to make her comfortable. While she dreamed of what she’d be doing for her vacation, she never thought of company. It was time for her and her alone. But company would still find her.

A small, light green snake-like thing moved towards her, coming to rest once it had reached her. It was about two feet long and had no meaningful features save for a slightly larger bulbous mass at its forward end which presumably formed its head. It slowly made it’s way to Jessica who still slept blissfully unaware of its careful shifting and squirming. It peeked its head up and started moving up towards Jessica’s chest. It slithered up her arm and once on her stomach it craned its body upwards and seemed as if it were surveying its surroundings or smelling the air. Its head became slightly larger as it almost began focusing on her chest.

With each slow breath her breasts moved before the creature like mountains suspended on clouds. It held for a moment in a still pose like that of an athlete preparing for some herculean feat. Its head pulsed twice before a white/green substance shot out and onto Jessica’s breasts, six streams of the sticky liquid fired in all. It proceeded to rub itself against her, spreading the liquid across the mounds of soft flesh. Slowly but steadily her sundress dissolved yet her skin was left unharmed. The smell though, had risen to her senses. She smelled honey and flowers and opened her eyes not to a pleasant view of the field but her breasts being massaged by some kind of eyeless snake.

Jessica screamed and rolled, knocking the snake off of her breasts and lept to her feet, screaming and flailing her arms to figure how best to cover herself. She grabbed the small bag she was carrying and ran off towards the trail and to her home. The very nervous walk back had been largely uneventful, a few squirrels and some nice birds but thankfully no sign of the snake or worm or whatever it might be. Nowhere else had she seen anything like it but it seemed quite content to travel without further harassment; clutching her breasts tightly as if something else might attempt to reach them. She was greatly worried over why her sundress had been destroyed and her breasts were exposed but the idea of a snake on her chest near her head was more worrying at that moment.

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