The Hellbunny Chronicles

BY : Ciaphas
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! I do not know {Chel Hellbunny or her husband}, and I do not profit from these writings.

-The Hellbunny Chronicles-

As a great fan of Mama Chel, please respect her and her hubby. Also, it's my first time writting in english (I'm French), so please pardon me for mistakes and/or weird sentences. I'm open to any tips and councels, don't hesistate. This is a work of fiction, the Chel in my story is the fantasy I have of her, not the real person.

1 - Over 9000 : Beyond Shyness

50 seconds. 50 seconds left and the round would be lost. Mama Chel adjusted her glasses and spoke in the mic.

"I'll ult them after you trapped them Kilkam69"

"Yeah, ok sure... " answered the Zarya player.

"Nerf this !" Chel said for herself, after she used her ult to wipe the ennemy team in the Volskaya map, reaching victory in her last Overwatch game for tonight.

Her husband put his manly hands on her tensed shoulders and squeezed.

"GG, pretty nice move"

"Thanks honey" She said, leaving the game and removing her headset, smiling. "It was my last ranked for the week, I'm tensed as hell"

Chel Hellbunny was not your average cosplayer babe.  She looked stunning with her purple and shiny hairs and a lush body with ample curves. She has a cute smile with naughty lips and dark beautiful eyes with flawless skin decorated by nicely done tatoos. Not a skinny bag of bones, she was a PAWG that knew about the sexyness of her body. She used it when cosplaying, loving to exhib her twerking ass, or showing her delicious looking cunt. She was hot even not not cosplaying, loving to wear geeky and/or naughty and revealing clothes, like the infamouns Virgin Killer Sweater that she wore today.

Chel was a shy girl before, but since she married her husband, she developped her kinkyness and desire for new experiences. The photoshoots with Papa Chel were always hot and steamy, for both of them. Fact was that Papa Chel never let her go untouched after a photoshoot, always fucking her hard and wildly. One of the best fuck she ever had was when he devastated her body and especially her ass after a Cammy from Street Fighter shoot under a bridge. The still could remember the wind on her skin and how she screamed of pleasure, moaning like a total whore from the pounding he gave her.

"Darling?" he repeated, making her realize she was daydreaming again. That happened a lot more these days, she was feeling horny all the time.

"Uh... yes my love?"

"I was saying, since we have time tonight... would you like to try it?"

Chel blushed and smiled. The new fantasy of Papa Chel -well she would be lying saying that was his only-. Exhibition to a higher level : a webcam show. After the revealing pictures of her ass, breasts and cunt, she had accepted the gif and videos even going as far as blowing Papa Chel for her fans, in costume. And that excited her even more. The next step in the pervy couple desire was to go live on her new website : It was still in beta testing and only a few selected VIP were accepted to register, but she promised them a show they would remember.

She nodded and started to get wet already, horny and panting in front of her man who smiled.

Papa Chel was an handsome man with a muscular body, but not that much, he  was in shape but not a bodybuilder. He has a nice cock and very experienced fingers and tongue, trained on Chel's body for many years, knowing every part of her and every way to please her. He was also a huge pervert with many fantasies and one of the part he liked the most about his wife was that she was as perverted as him. She wanted to drown in pleasure, and he was happy to provide her with everything he could to makes her orgasm everyday. The exhibition pictures were her idea. The video and website were Papa Chel's doing. He wanted her to go further, to go beyond her shyness.

She was his lovely whore wife, and he loved to show to everyone how slutty she was. That made him feel powerful, lucky to be the Chosen One. He was hard already thinking of the VIP who were going to enjoy his wife's first show.

She turned on her computer and brings up the website, gulping soundly in the living now silent living room, Papa Chel behind her. After her last tweet, she knew many were going to be here, so she was not surprised to see how many fans were logged in and waiting. Papa Chel stepped on the side and sat on the couch, taking his cock's out, smiling at her.

"Go on, babe, show them who you are"

She smiled and turned on the camera and welcomed her loyal fans telling them in a husky voice to relax and enjoy the show. Her smile broadened when she saw the messages on the chat.

<latinoguy> For real, it is THE night?

<overpug> I waited years for this

<luxio> Man, my cock is hard already

<kijm> Mama Chel, show us your hot ass

<justinw> I knew she was going to do it, she was a huge pervert, she just needed some courage

<ladyK> I'm going to record this live and finger myself so HARD

Playing to the webcam, she started to remove her black leggings, revealing her sweaty legs, spreading them, shyness vanquished. She eyed to her left and saw her husband's cock in his hand. She swallowed and bit her bottom lip, removing her sexy sweater.

<ladyK> Hey, not so fast, this top was fucking hot !

<mikeJ>Not a stripper I guess

She removed her black bra and he large rack came into full view, silencing any complaints on the chat.

<olk87> Woah

<JackRabbit> FUCK. That is life.

<Jinkama> Ok, i'll now type with one hand guys

She turned her back to the camera and bent over and wagging her butt, twerking like the pro she was. The bubblebutt girl was not in total extasy, doing something incredibly perverted for free. She made her buttcheeks clapping against each others, soundly and watched her hubby who started to masturbate vigorously. She could have made the show slower, maybe sexier and classier by doing a slow striptease, touching herself through the fabric of the incredibly sexy Virgin Killer Sweater, but... truth be told, she was wet and horny, she NEEDED to cum as fast as possible, and she WANTED to make all her fans and husband cum for her.

<SaiyanPrince> It's over 9000 Butt Power Level, seriously...

<Ciaphas> You can see her anus and cunt dripping wet every time her buttcheeks spread appart...

She turned her head to the camera and smiled, blowing a kiss to her fans while parting her butt cheeks with her slender fingers tipped with purple nails.

<luxio> Full view !

<overpug> fap fap fap

<mikeJ> i'd love to bust a nut in your little anus mama Chel !

She ran her hands up and down her body savoring the feel of her skin, pinching her nipples and pulling her breasts, moaning soundly, ignoring the idea of neighbors hearing it.

"Yes.... yes...." She moaning, closing her eyes and caressing herself, swirling to show them her hairy cunt. "I want you all to watch me... desire me..."


<Ciaphas> Shame on you Papa Chel for not fucking her right now !

<Shad> I always knew you were a huge slut... but woah... you're a true bitch in heat !

Using two fingers, she spreaded her cuntlips and showed everyone the drooling inside of her feminity. It was a true river of pure lust, wetting every single folds of her cunt. The contrast of her purple nails on her wet pink skin creates a vision of pure sensuality, so erotical that many came when she started to finger herself shamelessely. She licked her lips and moaned when she pushed her pussy toward the camera, letting nothing left to imagination.

"Oh fuck yes, i'm soooooo horny guys... you cannot even know how wet I am...."

<Jinkama> omg, someone fuck her NOW !

She laid on the ground and opened her legs wide, rubbing her erect clit with her fingers, and then licking them and sucking them deep into her mouth, doing slurp sounds and dirty noises.

"I'm so hot... I don't care anymore... I just cum..."

Making sure she was angled toward the camera she slided one of her fingers into her butthole, fingering it deep while her dripping cunt flooded her legs and floor. Papa Chel smiled and increased the rythm of his jerking, she saw it and screamed from pleasure, turning him on even more. She suddenly stopped and searched with her hand a box that was hidden under the large couch next to her. She took a large black dildo and started to lick it, coating the rubber texture with drool and spit. Her eyes met her husband's and she plunged the toy in her mouth, sucking it loudly. Papa Chel grew bigger and and started to fap wildly, not controlling himself anymore.

<Shad> Fuck..... that is awesome. i'll definitely draw you a lot after that

<luxio> Fuck I came on my keyboard !

The dildo pushed against the inside of her cheeks and looked just like a real cock being worked lovingly in and out of her mouth. Making sure her legs were wide open and her glistening cunt stayed toward the webcam, she pistoned the huge dildo in and out of her mouth. She slided it down her throat as she moaned. Her cunt began to ooze with honey and fluids, it was everywhere on the ground.

"Yes, yeshhhh... so good.... I love cocks...." Mama Chel said, her eyes turning into the infamous ahegao face.

<Ciaphas> Screen it guys !

<ladyK> Ahegao it is ! Confirmed !

<SaiyanPrince> Omg that is so hot ! I'm cumming for you babe !

Holding her cunt lips wide open she wiggled and pressed the dildo against her dripping cunt, panting like a bitch in heat, drool leaking from her lips as she smiled watching the camera.

"You want it....? I know you want it..."

The chat went crazy. "Yes", "Fuck yeah", "Do it !", "Come on !", "Don't torture us, slutty bitch !"

Papa Chel Smiled and nodded to her. She inserted the dildo hard and deep, letting a huge moan of pleasure explode.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh YES !"

She pistoned the dildo in and out her cunt, mad with pleasure and hornier than she ever was because of the fans. She knew they fapped to her pictures and videos, she loved the idea but this was different. They were fapping and jerking their cocks -and cunts!- furiously, right now, around the whole world, because of her body and sluttyness. Her husband was right about her when he told her she wanted to be seen, she was an exhibitionnist and a pervy girl.

The sound of an awesome "slurp slurp" accompanied by her loud moans echoed in the living room, making Papa Chel hotter and causes more honey to flow from around the dildo and leak down the crack of her ass, running down her legs. She flipped over and continued to fuck herself on all fours, showing her twitching anus to the lucky VIP. Her glasses were now completely foggy due to her heavy breathing. She continued to fuck herself with the dildo, hard and deep.

"Yessssss, yeeeeeeeeeees, it's so good I love it ! I LOVE IT ! I LOVE THAT YOU ALL SEE ME LIKE THIS !"

She took the dildo off her cunt and plunged it into her tiniest hole, screaming from pleasure. Papa Chel panted and was now hard as a rock, he could have broken through a wall of bricks with his shaft. She swallowed and opened his mouth for oxygen.

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees !! In my ass, I love it in my assssss"

She fucked her ass harder than she fucked her cunt and moaned until she came with a violent spasm, cum shooting out of her cunt on the floor. She screamed and moaned as she collapsed on the floor, rolling on her back to smile at the camera. She started rubbing her boobs against each others, and looked her hubby who was so hard it was painfull to watch him suffer so much.

On the other side of the webcam her audience was impressed with her performance and satisfied.

<Shad> I came SO hard !

<justinw> Woah, I emptied my balls !

<ladyK> You rocked that dildo session girl, I came twice....

But the show was not over, for Mama Chel had a last gift to offer her most loyal fans.

"My love... cum on my face, pleaaaase"

<Jinkama> A facial ! FUCK that's hot !

<olk87> So unfair, I can't cum anymore !

<Shad> Annnnd so my new picture is decided : your face full of cum it will be !

Her lover who has been patiently sitting out of camera range stroking his 14" cock rose from his couch and came over, plunging his dick inside her mouth as she started to work on his shaft with both hands, twisting the skin, caressing the balls and slurping it soundly.

"Fuck !" Moaned Papa Chel, enjoying the best blowjob she ever gave him.

She greedily sucked his long thick cock deep down her throat, balls deep, in front of the webcam, her audience not typing anymore, too busy trying to cum another time. In the living room, the sound of her sloppy blowjob echoed loudly, only interrupted by Papa Chel moans of pleasure.

There was no warning of the cum explosion. One moment Chel was blowing, the next she had stopped, eyes wide opened, and her hubby's prick was pulsating white gooey semen into her mouth. She felt the cum running between her teeth, drowning her tongue in white sperm ocean. She moaned in pleasure, bubbles appearing between her lips and the cock while the cum leaked out and formed a pool on the floor. Papa Chel was sweating crazy, his heart pounding like a jackhammer.

"That was.... the best ever"

"I loved it..." she confessed, swallowing his cum, tracing a heart with her finger using the cum on the floor. "Fucking loved it...."

She rose to her feet and waved at the camera.

"Hope you fapped a lot. I know you did, I love that you did." She smiled and turned, showing her hot ass, a spanked it hard with a slap.

Before they could type something, she blinked.

"See ya next time, pervs !" She turned off the camera and suddenly laughed. "I cannot believe I did that..."

"Was it hard?" Asked her husband, kissing her neck from behind.

"It was.... really easy, truth be told. I guess I'm not as shy as I thought I was"

"Because I was there... because you wanted to please me"

Mama Chel nested herself in his arms as he hugged her.

"I love you" She whispered.

"I love you too, babe"

She knew something changed this night. Her lust was now insatiable and in control. She was excited to learn what was going to be her husband next ideas to walk the long path of fantasies.

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