'My Darling'

BY : FlameWolf
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Disclaimer: I do not know and have never met Gordon Ramsay in real life. This is a work of fiction, none of this ever happened! No profit will be made from this and this is just for fun.

Author’s Note:  *cough* More inspired by what my reaction would be to Gordon Ramsay’s out of kitchen personality.  A very short story, no long romance here!  Very smutty and cracky, no excuse for this.




‘My Darling’


By: FlameWolf




Chapter One: Innocent Greeting


    “‘Ello my darling!  I’m here to check in!” came a jovial, all too familiar, British accented voice from in front of her and making her heart stop briefly in her chest.  Doing her level best to keep breathing like normal, Jade forced herself to look up as her pale face went a deep shade of red.  She was greeted with the very familiar sight of Gordon Ramsay, someone she had watched a lot of on T.V. and had been called to this dying Inn in a last ditch effort to help it.  His fluffy, blonde hair was lightly tousled and his brightly blue eyes were carefully meeting hers as he set his metal suitcase down on the carpet.

    “Ah, yes!  The Dotellos have set you up in our best suite Mr. Ramsay,” the black haired female breathed, a bit flustered by what he had called her.  From what she had seen, it was more of an endearment he used on all women but that didn’t stop her heart from skipping a few beats when he had called her that.  If she were entirely honest with herself, she had quite a crush on the Scottish born chef and just being in his presence made the receptionist’s heart race slightly in her chest.

    “Is something wrong luv?  You look a little... flushed?” came his concerned, mid-tone voice as the young female bent to dig out the guestbook.  That new endearment caused a small jolt to run through her and she jumped upward, ramming her head into the bottom of the wooden desk with a thud.

    “Fucking shit,” Jade hissed miserably, her face an even deeper shade of red as she carefully straightened and rubbed her sore head.  Ramsay only looked at her with clear concern as he moved behind the desk.

    “Sorry about my language Mr. Ramsay,” she gasped out in an absolutely mortified voice as the worried looking celebrity gently grabbed ahold of one of her arms.

    “Never mind that.  You need to sit down for a moment.  Are you feeling dizzy?  Do you need medical attention?” came a rather worried barrage of questions from the world famous chef as he led her to a nearby chair and forced her to sit.

    Feeling even more embarrassed, the young woman carefully shook her head as she kept her gaze focused on her pants covered knees.  Then her chin was being lifted and a callused index finger came into her gaze.  “How many am I holding up my darling?” he asked, his ocean blue gaze fixed on her hazel one.  ‘That blasted endearment,’ she groaned to herself inwardly as her blush deepened.

    “One,” she replied quietly, thankful when his intense eyes left hers as he began to examine the top of her head.

    “Really, I’m fine.  It was just a bump on the head,” the receptionist whispered in a small, shy voice as she got to her feet.  As she was about to return to the front desk to input his information, she felt a firm grip on her wrist.

    “That was still quite a knock you took,” Gordon replied, his already wrinkled brow crinkled with deep concern.

    “It doesn’t even hurt anymore.  Now, let’s get you checked in,” the dark haired female reassured in an unsteady voice, trying to not be obvious about not looking at him.

    “You still seem a bit out of sorts luv.  Are you quite sure you are well?” came the rumble of his voice as he stepped closer to her, his nearness making it hard for her to even breathe.  If he kept insisting on using his very British endearments, Jade was fairly certain she was going to turn into a quivering pile of uselessness.  She wasn’t used to affectionate terms from men, even completely platonic ones.  Men as a whole seemed to treat her with a polite coolness or ignored her altogether.

    “I feel fine Mr. Ramsay, thank you for your concern.  Ah here’s your name, right on the computer,” she chirped triumphantly, before placing a large, leatherbound book on the desk.

    “It may be a bit old school but the owners really like the charm an old guest book gives a place like this,” the brunette explained, opening the huge tome to a sheet that was half full of names.  The famous chef only gave her an assessing glance before he rapidly scrawled his name in an empty space.

    “Everything's complimentary for you so you don’t need to worry about giving me your card information.  Would you like to be shown to your room?” Jade asked, doing her best to ignore the fandango her heart was dancing in her chest.

    “That would be lovely my darling,” he exclaimed, his accented words causing a small thrill to race down her spine.  Honestly, her hormones couldn’t have picked a better time to start acting up.

    “Right this way Mr. Ramsay,” the young woman offered, coming out from behind the desk to lead the way down a small hall and to a pair of elevators.  As they walked, the wrinkled looking man was taking in everything the tiny inn had to offer.  It had an old time, rustic charm that made you feel as if you had stepped back into the 50’s in the best way.  The only modern things about the place were the machines.

    Once they reached the shiny, metal elevators, the brunette was reaching forward to press the button for him; doing her best to avoid his friendly gaze.  A sudden hand on her shoulder very nearly caused her to jump up to the ceiling, her heart jumping into her chest and making breathing difficult.  “You still seem a bit out of sorts.  Are you sure you don’t need a lay down?” came a gentle rumble by her ear, making her core pulse pleasurably.  Swallowing thickly, Jade licked her lips before even making an attempt to answer.

    “Yes, I’m fine,” she assured in a voice that was far too breathy, his raised eyebrow not lost on her.  In fact, she could see the wheels turning in his head as he gave her an assessing look.

    Thankfully that was when the elevator arrived, saving her just in the nick of time.  Giving the famous chef her best smile, the young woman led him into the tiny elevator.  Then the metal doors closed, trapping her in the small space with a man she had a crush on and smelled far too good.  To top it off, he was still giving her that look from earlier.  Then it seemed to click, his eyebrows disappearing into the frosted curls that rested over his lined forehead as the elevator stopped at the floor his suite was on.  “Er, you’re at the end of the hall there.  Would you like me to accompany you?” she asked, feeling heat flush her cheeks as a strange warmth filled Ramsay’s sky blue eyes.

    “If it’s not too much trouble luv.  I would like to look over the room with you present,” he rumbled, his accented voice doing pleasant things to her insides.  She could almost forget they were being followed around by a man with a camera.  In fact, he had been so quiet she already kinda had.

    “I can assure you that, while we may not have the largest staff, who we do have makes damn sure everything is in top shape,” the twenty-eight year old assured, ignoring the man carrying what looked like a high-def, handheld camera as she began to lead the way to the room.

    Opening the door with a keycard, Jade turned on a light to reveal a large but homey feeling room.  The bed looked like something found in a cabin and the floor was mostly hardwood, the only carpet being a large circle under the king size bed.  There was even an electric fireplace for the colder months, making the room feel all the more rustic.  “Wow, this is just stunning,” he gushed before going into inspection mode.  Just seeing such a famous man scrutinizing the best room they had made her feel uneasy and she almost held her breath as he made his rounds.  Thankfully he found nothing wrong, something that seemed to surprise and delight the Scottish born Brit.

    “Not even so much as a speck of dust,” Ramsay whispered, his azure gaze moving to her before briefly flicking to the cameraman.

    Feeling a bit confused, Jade turned just in time to see the cameraman nodding and leaving; shutting the door behind him.  Licking her suddenly dry lips, she turned back to the chef with an unsure smile.  “Mr. Ramsay?” she asked in a far too small voice, a strange, pleasant heat building up between her legs.

    “Gordon please, luv,” he replied, his eyes watching her closely as he murmured one of his platonic expressions.

    Jade was unable to help the shiver that raced up her spine as her cheeks flushed.  “Er, yes.  I hope you, uh enjoy your stay and, uh, I’ll w-wait for you downstairs,” she squeaked out before making a mad dash for the door.  Only a tight grip on her wrist stopped her motion and she reluctantly looked back to see the blonde male giving her a rather intense look.  Before she could even ask what he was doing, the T.V. star was taking her lips in a searing kiss; his free hand moving up to grip in her brown hair.

    “I’d have to be blind not to see what my presence does to you but there’s something else.  Something that I’m saying that makes the most irresistible blush cover your entire body.  When I find out what it is, I intend to exploit it later tonight.  Come see me after dinner, no matter how much I scream,” he urged, his accented voice a rasp that made the heat gathering in her core turn into a hot coil of desire.

    Only able to give him a small nod, the petite woman skittered out of the room and made a dash for the elevator.  On the way down, she took the time to compose herself.  Gordon would be down soon to sample their menu and she had to make sure the kitchen was on their ‘A’ game.  Though, knowing her luck, Anton would be late and she would have to have Sara and Beth cover for waitress and front desk.  That would leave her alone in the kitchen, cooking for not only Ramsay but the entire restaurant; a prospect that was intimidating to even the most seasoned of cooks.  She was just someone who could cook a home cooked meal.  “Anton, please be here today,” she hissed, making her way to the kitchen  and cursing the man the entire way.

    Lo and behold, when she got to the kitchen it only held the overworked Beth and Sara.  The pair were around her age and saw the elderly couple who owned the place as grandparents.  “Where is the useless sonuvabitch,” Jade snarled, feeling a headache start to build due to her irritation.

    “Take a guess,” sighed the red haired Beth, making a joint holding motion with her right hand as she rolled her blue eyes.

    “Ugh.  Is Carlos at least here?  He could help back here while you two cover up front,” the desperate receptionist asked, begging any deity up there that the sous chef had anticipated his boss’ laziness.

    “Of course he is.  He was just checking our food storage and throwing out the expired stuff.  Are we doing the usual?” Sara asked, brushing a lock of her black hair behind her ear.

    “Yep.  You already know the drill.  I’ll go tell Carlos.  If either of you see Anton, send him to me.  Just because he’s their son doesn’t mean he gets to blaze while at work,” sighed the harried brunette before she headed to the back where the freezers were.

    There, standing in the door with a clipboard in hand, was a barrel shaped man with a full on beard gracing his face.  Upon hearing footsteps, the rather gruff looking man turned to glare at the intruder until he saw who it was.  “Ah, Jade.  I thought you’d be back here soon.  I’m almost done, then I can come up to help you,” he assured, setting her at ease greatly.

    “Thanks Carl.  Mr. Ramsay is here by the way.  He’ll be down in a moment to order from our menu,” she announced before moving back into the kitchen to prep for the lunch rush.  She had seen enough of ‘Hotel Hell’ to know word of Ramsay’s presence would spread quickly, creating a massive rush that would be hard to handle.  Hopefully the rush would hold off until dinner, when Anton was more likely to be around.

    Unfortunately her hopes proved to be in vain as the woefully understaffed kitchen was swamped up to their eyeballs in orders as soon as lunch hit.  “Carl, please work on orders one through ten.  I have eleven through twenty,” she ordered, taking the tickets that kept pouring in from a worried looking Beth.

    “Jade, Mr. Ramsay is asking for you.  He’s wondering where you are,” the redhead whispered, drawing a ragged sigh from the rushing female.

    “Take my place here Beth.  Orders eleven through twenty.  Eleven and twelve are already started,” she sighed, changing places to run out into the swamped room.  Immediately her gaze landed on the world famous chef and she began to make her way to his table when she was stopped by a harsh grip on her wrist.

    Jolting in surprise, the frazzled woman turned to see an angry Anton glaring her down.  The taller, thinner male had sandy brown hair tied back in a ponytail and a long goatee on his chin.  His blue, bloodshot eyes were narrowed in outrage and his breath reeked of pot.  Tottering slightly, the obviously impaired male leaned toward her to mutter, “You didn’t fucking tell me Ramsay is here,” in a downright accusatory tone.

    “You’re in no state to cook.  Please, for the sake of your parents, go back upstairs,” she whispered, not noticing said celebrity heading for them at a fast clip.

    Before the much larger  man could respond, Gordon was tearing the impaired cook away from her and placing himself between them.  “Is there a problem?” the Scottish born male snarled, his own sky blue eyes shining protectively.

    “No Mr. Ramsay.  This is just our cook Anton.  He’s in no condition to be in the kitchen and I was just trying to escort him back upstairs,” Jade assured, only getting a curt nod in response.

    “I see, would you mind waiting for me at my table luv.  I’ll take care of him for you.  Looks like he’s rather inebriated,” the pissed looking TV star urged before taking the still fuming Anton by the arm and dragging him bodily out of the crowded restaurant.  A couple of men that she assumed were security of some sort appeared out of nowhere to follow close behind, taking the thin male from Ramsay and scooting him upstairs.

    Once that was taken care of, the blonde chef was turning back to her and returning at a fast pace.  His intense eyes roved over her body, as if to check for injury.  Then he was pulling out a chair for her and urging her to sit down.  “I’m fine really.  I don’t have time to sit here right now.  I have to go back and help the kitchen.  If you would just give me your order,” she asked in a stressed sounding voice, getting out of the seat despite heavy protests from Ramsay.

    “What do you mean?  Are you cooking back there?” the celebrity asked, grasping her wrist in an effort to stop her movement.

    “I don’t have much choice.  You saw Anton.  It just me, Carlos and one reception woman, one of which who isn’t all that confident in the kitchen when we’re this swamped.  So, please, just give me your order so I can go back and help push these out,” she pleaded, not liking the gleam in the chef’s eyes as she pulled away from him.

    With a surprisingly small amount of fuss; Gordon put in an order for an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.  Thanking him profusely, Jade ran off to the kitchen to trade places with Beth again.  As soon as she entered, she was greeted with unmitigated chaos.  The poor receptionist was doing her best to keep up but had fallen disastrously behind on orders.  It would take a massive amount of gumption to push through the weeds and get back on top.  Whisking the petrified looking red-head back out into the main room, the determined brunette rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

    Slowly but surely, with the help of Carlos, the harried front desk woman was getting the kitchen out of the mudhole the well meaning temporary waitress had gotten them into.  She had to have many dishes cooking at one time but she was pulling it off through sheer grit.  On top of that, she made damn sure what she was sending out was quality.  There would be no point in any of this if the food she was giving her customers was utter crap.  “Alright Carl, put on twenty-eight through thirty-five.  Nineteen through twenty-seven should be done soon.  I’ll run quality check while you get that going,” she ordered, feeling exhausted and overheated but no less determined to get through this like a professional.

    “Where do you want me chef?” came a very familiar voice that stopped her mid-step.

    Feeling as if reality had frozen around her, Jade turned her head slowly to see Chef Ramsay looking at her with deep concern on his face.  “Ch-chef!  I couldn’t possibly!  This is our first day of evaluation.  You’re supposed to see what we can do by ourselves,” came out of her breathlessly, the world seeming to tilt as dizziness briefly washed over her.  It was then a pair of arms wrapped around her, steering her to the door that lead out the back of the kitchen.

    “And I have.  You’ve done splendidly so far but you’re on the verge of collapse.  Just sit out here and get some fresh air luv.  The lovely girl at the front desk will be here momentarily to give you some water.  Let me and Carlos take it from here,” the world class cook insisted, his jaw set in a hard line while her forced her into a plastic lawn chair they had out here for breaks.

    As soon as she was settled, the blonde male turned to leave; stopping when she darted out a hand to grab the sleeve of his white chef’s jacket.  “Did you hear where we are?” she asked, determined to be a team player until the very end.  Giving her a warm smile, the intimidating man turned to clasp her hands in his as he knelt to look her in the eyes.

    “Yes, you remarkable woman.  Don’t fear.  You’ve done your job more than well.  You’ve gone way above and beyond what is expected of you,” rumbled his accented midtone, his lips brushing her knuckles.  Then he was leaning forward, giving her cheeks a european kiss before straightening.

    “Now I just want you to relax and trust me.  Don’t even think of coming back in there until I come get you,” he ordered, pinning her to the spot with one of his infamous glares before turning on his heel and going back inside.  Jade could only shake her head slightly, chuckling as she looked over at the ever present cameraman.

    “That man certainly knows how to get his way,” she sighed with a smile, that smile only widening when the man began to laugh along with her.

    It was only a few minutes after she had been exiled that Rebecca came to give her the water she had been promised.  “You okay?  Everyone in there seems worried for you,” the dark haired femme whispered as she handed the other woman the cool glass.

    “Yeah, just overworked.  Its been like a madhouse.  Always is when the people hear someone like him is coming to a restaurant.  They’re either hoping the food will be amazing, to see him flip out or just to be on the show,” Jade sighed, rolling her emerald eyes to the sky as she took a cautious sip.

    “At least it tapered off.  Also there haven’t been any complaints about the food.  Just that service is a bit slow,” the younger woman replied, giving her back a pat before heading back inside to do her job.

    Left alone by the cameraman who had gone inside to film Ramsay, the exhausted twenty-eight year old closed her eyes.  It had been a long time since she could rely on anyone but her small group to keep this place above water.  It was nice to know Gordon wasn’t about to let all of her hard work go to waste.  Taking in a deep breath, she allowed herself to relax for the first time in a long time.

    Motion was what woke her up, her brain not realizing she had fallen asleep in the first place.  Looking around with bleary eyes, the confused female began to shift in the hold of whoever was carrying her.  “Shhh, its only me darling.  You’re safe,” assured a soft, British voice from above her.

    “Mmmnnnh?  Chefff?” she muzzed, still more asleep than awake.  The scent of cologne wasn’t helping her state either, luring her deeper into the comfort of slumber.

    “Gordon, luv.  I’ve got ya,” hummed the voice, soft lips dancing across her forehead as he jostled her slightly in his arms; shifting her weight as one of his arms lifted.

    “Okay Gordon,” sighed out of her as her eyelids fluttered and her breathing evened out.  The last thing she was aware of was the sound of a door opening and the feeling of a mattress under her.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Some Time Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Stretching along the sheets, Jade let out a content sigh.  Whatever she was lying on was much softer than her normal bed.  The strong arms wrapped protectively around her were also nice, a pleasant, musky scent filling her nose.  Fairly purring from how comfortable she was, the worn out professional cuddled into the muscular frame that was curled around her.  It was then her eyes shot open as realization dawned on her.

    Licking her lips as her heart began to race, the frozen receptionist began to cautiously feel the body behind her with shy fingertips.  Planes of muscle greeted her touch, the musky scent from before intensifying as her bedmate stirred slightly.  Just as her hand made it to the crest of his hips, the man was letting out a hot breath onto the back of her neck.  “Awake my darling girl?” purred from behind her, the voice familiar under the roughness caused by deep sleep.

    Memories rushed back to her all at once, drawing an embarrassed groan from her as her entire body heated from mortification.  This wasn’t some stranger that had drugged her and taken advantage of her.  This was Gordon Ramsay, a man who had taken her to his room after she had so unceremoniously passed out from overworking.  “Oh chef, I’m so sorry!  I wasn’t even aware I had fallen asleep!  I should leave before...,” spilled out of her in a rush as she moved to get out of bed.

    The only problem was, the strong celebrity had an arm wrapped rather tightly around her waist and didn’t seem inclined to let go any time soon.  He had also interrupted her guilty spiel, his lips taking hers while he arranged her more securely against his built body.  “I don’t want you going anywhere Jade.  You’ve had a hard day and you need your rest.  I’ve never seen anyone even attempt what you managed today,” rumbled from behind her, their closeness alerting her to the fact she had refused to absorb from her touches.  Chef Gordon Ramsay was naked and, from the feel of it, was beginning to get aroused.

    “I’ve never been as impressed by anyone as I was by your drive.  You were determined to feed everyone quality food despite falling into a slump.  You pushed hard and kept going despite having no experience in the restaurant.  Most contestants on Hell’s Kitchen don’t have that amount of hunger,” continued his voice, sounding deep, raspy and holding an edge that made her skin prickle.

    As he was talking, his hands had moved to rest just above her pubis; his breathing becoming faster as he pressed a kiss just below her left ear.  “If you want this to stop just say so but I have a couple conditions for continuing,” sighed the TV personality, moving his lips from her neck to her cheek.  Jade could only stare into the darkness, her heart pounding while her body buzzed with lust and a touch of anxiety.  This wouldn’t be her first time with a man but she didn’t have sex casually.  When she chose to pursue adult relations with someone, it was always because she was in a deep relationship with them.  They had to be someone she trusted her heart to, knowing she wouldn’t have the strength to withstand a one night stand.

    Now she found herself faced with something she had never wanted to do.  Yet, she was having trouble just saying no.  She’d had a crush on the man for years, religiously watching his shows any chance she could get.  Now the same man was asking for a night with her, something any sane woman would leap at the chance for.  Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she rolled in the tight embrace to face the Michelin level chef.  “What are your conditions?” she whispered, using this moment to calm her heart rate.

    “Number one, no more of this chef nonsense.  Call me Gordon.  Number two, I want you to stop over-extending yourself.  I know you feel as if its your duty but you can’t help anyone if you kill yourself,” rumbled the absurdly reasonable conditions, the hands on her lower back twitching slightly as her gaze rose.

    Gentle, worried blue eyes met hers, his callused hand moving from around her waist to cup her face.  “I know this fast my love.  Trust me, I’m not in the habit of sleeping with every cute girl I come across.  There’s just something about you.  Has been since I first saw you behind the front counter,” Gordon whispered, urgency tinging his tone as he rested his lined forehead against hers.

    “I don’t normally do anything like this either,” she confessed, burrowing her head into his slightly hairy chest with a sigh.  Protective arms wound around her, a pair of lips resting in her soft hair.

    “But... I can’t really say no to you.  Just... don’t hold it against me if I say something embarrassing during sex.  You see, I tend to only have sex with men I... feel a great deal for and I might...,” she began, only to be interrupted by a firm hand coming up to grasp her chin.  Then his mouth was covering hers, stopping any further conversation.

    “Whatever you say won’t matter to me darling.  Besides, that’s usually the case for me as well.  Now lay back and allow me to reward you for your hard work today,” sighed the gruff accent that made her ache inside.

    With a deft motion, the blonde chef had Jade on her back; affection filled blue eyes locked on hers as he hovered over her.  “I don’t think you realize just how stunning you were.  The Dotellos are blessed to have such loyal staff,” he murmured, his voice sounding like sin itself as he leaned down to punctuate his words with kisses.  Large, yet gentle hands raised the hem of her shirt to her breasts, stopping as he pulled back slightly to ask permission.

    “Please... Gordon,” husked out of the woman below him, her words making something dark and predatory shine briefly in the cook’s eyes.  Then he was removing the article of clothing, showing off the fact he had removed her bra some time while she had been asleep.

    “I thought not having that blasted thing on would be more comfortable.  I didn’t take advantage of the situation, I assure you,” Ramsay whispered, his wrinkled brow furrowed even deeper with concern as he kept his gaze locked on hers.  Shame shone in his deep azure eyes but his focus remained on her.

    “I know.  I’m... a bit of a fan,” came an unwitting confession that halted her heart in her chest.

    Gordon, on the other hand, seemed all the more pleased by her admission; leaning down to give her neck a small nip.  “I know luv.  I could see it all over you.  You also seem to quite like the little pet names I use,” vibrated against her neck as he rested himself along her body.  A muscular thigh parted hers, allowing him to press his erection into her clothed junction.  Soft moans leave her against her will, her hands coming up to rest on the defined planes of his back.  Years of soccer as well as continued exercise had left him ridiculously built for a man in his position.  Strength radiated from every line of his fit body and yet his touch was so gentle, feeling more like that of a lover’s.

    “Lift your hips my lovely,” husked out of him, drawing a submissive noise from her as she complied.

    Already, an ache was building between her legs; building into a ball of writhing pressure in her lower body.  She both wanted to hide from the sensations as well as just give in to them, moaning quietly when her wet womanhood was exposed to the slightly cold air.  Callused fingers gently dipped past tight curls, hooking into her quivering sheath to gather her nectar on the talented digits.  “So wet luv.  Is this all fer me?” cooed a satisfied burr from above her, sounding slightly more Scottish than she was used to.

    “Y-yes Ch..., Gordon,” gusted out of her, some twisted quirk making her almost respond like one of his contestants on Hell’s Kitchen.  A fact that both seemed to amuse and irritate the man between her legs.

    “Well, if tha’s th’case then t’would be rude o’ meh no’ t’sample it,” Ramsay husked, his voice nearing a brogue as he slowly slid his fingers free.

    His eyes dilated slowly as he took in Jade’s reaction, his frosted bangs hanging slightly in his captivating eyes while her brought the appendages up to his face.  Closing his expressive orbs, Gordon inhaled the scent of the fluid coating his fingers deeply; as if savoring the perfume of a fine wine.  Darting out his tongue, he took a quick sample; humming slightly in approval as he seemed to roll the substance around in his mouth.  Letting out a soft breath, he opened his eyes once again to lock gazes with her as he ran his tongue over the long digits.  “Simply exquisite,” he sighed, his roots clinging to his voice and giving him an interesting sound.

    Sucking his index and middle fingers into his mouth to get the remnants off, Ramsay took in a shuddering breath; his chest expanding before he was giving her a look full of fire.  “If you will allow me, darling, I’d like t’sample such magnificence fresh from th’source,” rasped the chef, both his accents fighting for dominance as every muscle in his body seemed to shudder.  Licking her lips as she felt a raging fire begin to flare in her veins, Jade knew it was far too late to stop now.

    “It would be an honor,” she whispered, her heart racing while the coil inside her pulsed slightly.

    The blonde wasted no time, placing his mouth against her aching slit and licking slowly up the opening.  The flat of his tongue covered the entirety of her nethers, his tip squirming into her entry and drawing a gasp from her as her back arched.  Hands tangling in his messy hair to hold him against her, the receptionist moaned out his name while he sucked her awakening clit into his hot mouth.  Low, soft growls issued out of the TV personality, one of his hands pressing down on her lower belly to hold her down.  His other hand was propping her right leg open, his tongue curling and flicking her sensitive bud as he intensified his motions.

    Keens of his name as well as his title flooded out of her as she felt the pulsing knot tighten tighter and tighter.  Then she was exploding, vision flashing a myriad of colors while she felt his tongue still moving against her.  Before she could push him away from her sensitive flesh, he was pulling back on his own; the deep lines on his face giving him an almost animalistic appearance as he licked his lips slowly.  “Five stars, my compliments,” growled the talented male, crawling his way up her to lock lips with her.

    Something sweet and tangy exploded on her tongue as he invaded her mouth, something pressing against her opening.  Then he was entering her, causing her to gasp into his mouth.  “Gewd gel.  Wrap yer arms ‘round an’ hang tight,” hissed his unsteady brogue, his Scottish heritage in full form as he stopped moving to allow her to adjust.  Arms rising of their own accord, Jade placed her forehead against Ramsay’s left shoulder as she did her best to relax.

    “Ready lass?” rumbled his voice in her left ear, his arms wrapping around her back to hold her against him.  All she could do was nod, a cry of pleasured pain leaving her when he began to thrust, hard.

    “Oh God, Gordon!” she gasped, fireworks seeming to go off inside her as she just did her best to hang on.

    “That’s it darlin’, let ‘em know jest who’s pleasin’ ya,” the British Scotsman snarled, the sound of his hips hitting hers loud in the empty room.  Hissing, the front woman ran her nails down his back as she felt a hook bury deep into her womb and tug.

    “Thas a gel.  Come on naow.  Cum fer meh,” he growled, reaching below her to play with her sensitive button.

    Body going stiff, the brunette screamed out the star’s name; vaguely aware of him joining her with a roar of her own.  Then something hot was spilling into her womb, hot breaths leaving Gordon’s broad frame as he gently laid her onto the mattress.  Rolling next to her in the next motion, the Brit wrapped an arm loosely around her waist before nuzzling her neck.  Sighing as her own body wound down from the tidal wave of pleasure, Jade rolled to face her famous lover; her heart aching with what she couldn’t say.

    Looking into his sky blue eyes, Jade reached up to cup his cheek; tears rolling unnoticed down her cheeks as her heart cramped in her chest.  Just as she had feared, this experience had only deepened her feelings for this incredible man.  None of this was helped when he reached up to wipe away her tears before pulling her into a hug.  Burrowing her face into his chest, she breathed in deeply as she allowed herself to cling to him; if only briefly.  “I love you...,” she whispered into his pecs, hoping the muscles would be enough to muffle what she had said.  She had no illusions of him feeling the same or even wanting a relationship.  He was from a different country entirely and had to leave soon, it would be foolish to expect him to return the feelings she had developed over her time as his fan.

    Thankfully, he acted as if he heard nothing at all; whispering soothing things in her ear as he pet her.  Between his scent, the sound of his raspy voice and the feeling of him petting her; she was beginning to fall asleep.  Yawning, she snuggled into him and closed her eyes; her breathing evening out as she gradually drifted off.  When he was sure she was asleep, Ramsay was pulling away to look at her sleeping face.  A look of absolute adoration was written all over his wrinkled but handsome features as he kissed the tip of her nose.  “I love you too Jade.  I promise to tell you that before I leave,” he murmured, closing his own eyes and allowing himself to drift into a deep sleep.

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