All grown up

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All grown up

“Mornin’ baby girl”

“’Ello little luv”

“’Ey Lass”

It was the same every morning as Noodle headed into the kitchen for breakfast, the rest of the band greeting her the same way they had ever since she had arrived in the fed-ex crate fifteen or so years earlier

Normally their greetings barely phased her but now that she was a young fit age of twenty five they kinda grinded on her nerves, like they still saw her as the little girl she once was

Russel could be forgiven for it because he had always been a father figure to her and he had even once stated that she’d always be his little girl so his words barely affected her as she had long since began to see him as her actual father

Murdoc on the other hand was anything but fatherly, from the moment she had grown to the age of consent any paternal passion in Murdoc’s eyes was quickly replaced with that of lust, despite the fact that he had never tried anything with her, most likely knowing that she could dislocate his arm and shove it up his arse without removing it from his torso if he made a pass at her, it didn’t stop him from eyeing her up every chance he got making her skin crawl every time he ogled her

2D however was something else entirely, the lead guitarist openly welcoming any little pet name the vocalist gave her, his soft singing voice always sending her hear racing a little faster with every word and despite loving the almost brotherly tone of his voice he was the one that she wanted to see her as an adult most of all

Over the years of being part of the Gorrilaz Noodle’s feelings towards 2D had changed a lot, at first he was just her caretaker as she took a while to grow close to any of her band members at first, after a few weeks of warming up to the others Noodle came to see 2D as an older brother figure/best friend as despite being over a decade older than her he had the same kind of humour as her and was immature as her to play with her and help her with pranks

When puberty hit though all thoughts of 2D being her big brother went straight out of the window as more carnal feelings and fantasies about the black eyed singer filled her mind, regularly having wet dreams and masturbation fantasies about 2D and even resorting to listening in whenever he brought a girl home, imagining it was her that he was fucking instead of the random groupie

And then the plastic beach incident happened as the band was forced to disband for several years and throughout those years away, four of them being in literal Hell, Noodle only found herself longing to be around 2D again, Russel would have been nice as well whilst Murdoc could go die in a ditch for all she cared and the moment she laid eyes on 2D after several long years away she had to fight the crippling urge to tackle him

As the band settled down for breakfast and to discuss their recording plan for the day Noodle was making plans of her own, she had suppressed her urges and desires for long enough and now that she was undeniably an adult she aimed to prove that she should be treated as one

Quickly eating Noodle then left to get dressed whilst the others headed to their recording studio to get set up, the guys much more comfortable than she was working in their underwear and night clothes

Not that she was planning on wearing anything conservative though, she had seduction on her mind and knowing 2D’s type she couldn’t get in his pants if she completely covered herself up selecting a pair of extremely small denim short shorts and a torn up vest that she had cut up even further to make it even smaller, the clothing only just covering her chest leaving her midriff completely exposed

“Let’s see him resist this” she smirked taking a moment to imagine his reaction to her attire before picking a guitar and heading off towards the recording studio

Upon entering the recording studio Noodle got an immediate reaction but not exactly the one she had been wanting, Russel’s pale empty eyes widening and Murdoc’s jaw dropping at the sight of her clothing as she moved to sit on her amp connecting her guitar to it “baby girl, what the hell are you wearing?” the drummer gasped in shock, his paternal instincts flaring “go change immediately!”

“Russel, I love ya but I’m a grown woman, I can dress how I like” Noodle retorted without even looking up from her guitar as she tuned it

“Yeah come on Russ, Noodle’s a big girl now, if she wants to show off what she’s got more power to ‘er I say” Murdoc added in a barely disguised lecherous tone only to immediately change it when Russel glared at him and growled “actually Russel has a point pet, maybe you should go cover up” he quickly corrected himself feeling Russel’s angry eyes burning into the back of his skull making him swallow thickly

Smirking as Russel made Murdoc come as close as possible to shitting himself Noodle glanced at 2D to see his reaction, subtly biting her lip as she hoped to find him gawking at her with his jaw low

Only to find him reading a comic book whilst he waited for Russel and Murdoc to get ready, hell he probably didn’t even notice her entering the room “shit!” she cursed internally before clearing her throat to get the vocalists attention, borderline posing on the amp and biting her lip as she cocked her head slightly waiting for his reaction

“There you are luv, you’re dressed up nice, ya going out after this?” he asked with a brotherly cheeky grin “if ya bring a guy back I’m gonna have to interrogate him, can’t ‘ave anyone ‘urting my little luv”

Noodle’s heart both fluttered and clenched at the singers words, both greatly appreciating how protective he was of her but on the other hand at that moment she’d honestly rather him punch out any man she brought back and take her for himself, not that he ever physically could though as the only fight 2D had ever won was because the guy who had taken a swing at him was so drunk that he had miss and fallen forward smashing his head in on a nearby table but honestly it just added to 2D’s charm for Noodle

Deciding not to push it any further for the moment in case she accidentally turned Russel’s paternal wrath onto 2D Noodle focused on her music, silently planning to try again the moment the session was over

After four long hours of mainly Murdoc shouting at 2D for mistakes that only he could hear the band called it a day much to Noodle’s relief, the constant stopping and starting with Murdoc barking at 2D every few verses had been greatly grinding on her nerves and at that moment what she needed the most was a drink and a cigarette

Luckily for the guitarist 2D had the same idea as he pulled out his pack of smokes muttering about going outside for a bit to which Noodle promptly invited herself along, eagerly following the vocalist as once again he mistook her actions as innocent

Heading outside onto their flats balcony thanks to Russel’s new ‘no smoking in the damn house’ rule 2D took a smoke between his teeth before offering Noodle the pack to which the guitarist leaned forward using her tongue and teeth to pull out a cigarette, an action that seemed a whole lot sexier when she planned it in her head but unfortunately 2D once again barely batted an eyelid over it, simply taking out his lighter to light his smoke before proceeding to light Noodle’s

Taking a deep inhale each they both let out a content sigh, the warm smoke filling their lungs easing the stress of the disastrous recording session greatly lifting their moods, reclining back against the wall Noodle watched as 2D leaned back against the balcony barrier, his jet black eyes staring into space as he lost himself in his thoughts again allowing Noodle to let her eyes wander

“He probably still thinks of me as his kid sister, I wonder how much he’d freak out if I just went down on him right here and now” she thought to herself as she eyed the vocalists groin, thanks to his penchant of walking around in his underwear first thing in the morning before fully waking up she had a general gist of what he was packing and honestly she was impressed especially for his build

Rolling her cigarette between her teeth watching how 2D exhaled smoke through his nose Noodle decided to go through with her place “hey Toochie” she purred to get his attention before taking out her cigarette and stubbing it out on her tongue hoping the action would be in some way attractive to him

“Hm? Yeah luv?” 2D asked wondering why Noodle had stubbed out her smoke two minutes after lighting it, the guitarist able to see her reflection in his inky black eyes as she took a step towards him

Before she could even remotely bend her knees though the door to the balcony burst open making them both jump “Face ache! Lighter! Now!” Murdoc barked holding out his grimy green hand, his own cigarette dangling from his teeth as he harshly snatched 2D’s lighter from his grasp

“Awright Jesus! Don’t ‘ave to be a dick ‘bout it” 2D complained to which Murdoc glared at him

“The fuck you call me pissant?!” the bassist snarled roughly shoving 2D nearly making him fall straight over the edge of the balcony if it wasn’t for Noodle making a mad grab for his arm “you don’t talk shit when you ain’t shit yourself!”

“Hey back off asshole!” Noodle snapped shoving Murdoc hard in the chest as she pulled 2D upright, the sudden movement making Murdoc slam back against the door hard enough for it to open sending him sprawling out on his ass

Grunting as he landed hard Murdoc growled as he glared up at Noodle, his yellow bloodshot eyes glaring daggers at her only for her to simply shut down any aggression from him with a sharp glare of her own, realizing that he was just digging his own grave Murdoc got up and staggered up muttering under his breathe about 2D being a cunt leaving the pair alone on the balcony again

“Fucking prick” Noodle sighed annoyed that her plans had once again been foiled “you alright Toochie?”

“Aye I’m good, you know ‘ow ‘e is without his whiskey” 2D drawled back pressing a hand to his chest to try to will his heartrate to slow having genuinely believed that Murdoc was going to push him to his death “fucker stole my lighter” he then added with a sigh “can’t even ‘ave another fag, fuck me ‘ead” he grunted as his hand flew to his temples, one of his many migraines coming on strong from the stress

Scowling darkly Noodle ushered 2D back inside telling him to go lie down and wait out his migraine whilst she went to go get his lighter back making a beeline straight for Murdoc’s room, knowing that’s exactly where he’d have skulked off to as 2D staggered off to his own room clutching his head as he did so

With the vocalist safely out of the way Noodle stormed over to Murdoc’s room, ignoring the ‘do not fuckin’ disturb’ sign and kicking the door near off of its hinges “’ey! Can’t ya read?!” Murdoc snapped not realising who had burst into his room until it was too late, Noodle kicking him in the back of his knees sending him down onto them before grabbing his left arm and twisting it behind his back with enough force to nearly dislocate it

“2D’s” the guitarist growled putting more pressure on the bassists arm making him exclaim in pain

“Ah fuck! Awright awright awright! Just leggo me fuckin’ arm!” Murdoc quickly relented fishing out the lighter from his pocket handing it over to Noodle to which she released his arm “the fuck’s wrong with you? Without my arm I can’t play! The band would be fucked!” he berated her but she couldn’t care less, simply strolling out of the bassists room slamming the door behind her leaving him in his darkness

Heading straight for 2D’s room Noodle then found herself standing outside of his door playing with his lighter, this would be the perfect chance to really put on the seduction but on the other hand the vocalist was suffering hard with a migraine so her coming onto him would probably just stress him out more

On the other hand however what better cure was there for pain than pleasure? A sly smile growing on her face Noodle popped the button open on her short shorts so that they were literally just hanging off of her hips before quietly entering the room, she and 2D having had an open door policy with each other ever since the band had reunited after the Plastic Beach incident

As she stepped inside Noodle found the room to be nearly completely dark save for a few streams of light that snuck around 2D’s curtains “Toochie? You alright in here?” she asked into the darkness only to get a low grunt in response, her eyes adjusting to the low light to find 2D sprawled out on his bed, one arm draped across his eyes to block out more light whilst a packet of painkillers hung in his other hand, three missing from the pack showing that he had taken a fairly large dosage “I got your lighter”

Moving his arm at the sound of her voice 2D gave her a weak smile “cheer Noods, what would I do without me little luv?” he smiled up at her reaching out to take the lighter from her, quickly pulling out a cigarette and lighting it before taking a deep drag of it, the calming effect of the smoke nursing his migraine to the point that he risked sitting up “much better”

Smiling as 2D visibly relaxed Noodle felt her heart clench again at his brotherly tone “he stills sees me as his little sister” she sighed internally as she watched him smoke and calm himself “looks like I’m going to have to go all out to show him how much I’ve grown” she decided biting her lip “hey Toochie, I could help with the rest of your migraine if you want”

“Hmm? How’zat then?” 2D asked raising an eyebrow up at her “I’ve taken all the meds I can right now and the smokes are helpin’, ya don’t need to do much”

“Just lie down and close your eyes” she told him to which he just shrugged and complied, reclining back on his bed draping his arm over his eyes to which Noodle set her plan in motion, using the darkness in the room and 2D’s already poor vision to hide the fact that she was stripping as she tossed her clothes aside, the simple act of being naked in front of 2D making her cunt drip with desire as she then slowly climbed onto the bed “now just lie back and relax”

Honestly expecting a foot rub or something 2D let his mind wander, numbing his body to the point that he barely felt Noodle undoing his belt and jeans or even when she pulled his boxers down “holy shit!” she gasped as his manhood was freed, even in the dark she could tell that he was hung and that he hadn’t had chance to shower that morning as his musk hit her hard making her a little dizzy

“Oh my god Toochie” she breathed as she gently wrapped a hand around his shaft, the action finally making him realise what was going on, the vocalist sitting bolt upright and tearing the curtain open to flood the room with light ignoring the pain in his head to stare down at Noodle in total shock

“The fuck are you doing luv?!” he exclaimed to which Noodle snapped a hand up to cover his mouth

“Shhhh Toochie, you don’t want Russ to hear you” Noodle hushed him whilst gently stroking his cock, grinning sultrily up at him as she then lowered her mouth to his cock eagerly taking it inside letting out a low hum of arousal around his shaft making 2D gasp at the sensation

Any resistance 2D had over Noodle’s actions quickly melted away as she worked his cock with her lips and tongue, the guitarists eyes fluttering closed as she relished his thick masculine flavour which betrayed his ‘beta male’ personality, her tongue working magic on his length making him momentarily wonder how the hell she got so good at it before pushing those thoughts away not wanting to imagine Noodle having sex with some random guy

Taking him deep down her throat Noodle then quickly pulled back with a slight cough “fuck your dick is so big, how do you hide this in your skinny jeans?” she panted genuinely curious as to how he could hide such a thing without obvious bulging

Not waiting for an answer Noodle gave his cock a heated lick from balls to tip before moving onto the next part, her cunt aching for him as she clambered onto his lap and sat up on her knees, her small hands grasping at his length to guide him inside of her as he stared wide eyed up at her, the little girl that had come to them in a fed ex box had certainly grown up and only now did he truly see it

Happy that 2D wasn’t resisting her Noodle slowly eased herself down on his cock, throwing her head back with a gasp of pleasure as she eased every inch of his length inside her hot snug cunt “yessss Toochieeeee” she moaned feeling him fill every inch of her insides to the point that his cock head pressed against her cervix, there was no way he could possibly see her as a little girl now and as an added bonus she got to act out her suppressed fantasies with him

Resting her hands on his chest to support herself Noodle slowly rolled her hips, letting out soft pants and moans with every slight movement she made “you feel so good inside me” she breathed as she arched her back with another sharp cry of pleasure, her perky breasts bouncing as she made the sudden jerky motions

Watching in awe as Noodle rode him 2D found himself completely stunned by her, how could he have not noticed her like this before? Yes he knew she was gorgeous, hell he even told her himself when she had once casually asked how she looked one morning but now he was seeing her on a whole other level, she wasn’t the bands little Noodle anymore

She was a fucking woman and she was taking what she wanted

Riding 2D was several minutes more Noodle then screamed his name in ecstasy, forgetting her own advice of keeping quiet to 2D as her body exploded in orgasm, her pussy constricting so tight that 2D couldn’t help but fall over the edge with her which only prolonged Noodle’s orgasm with the feeling of his hot cum flooding her

When it was over Noodle collapsed back causing 2D’s cock to fall out of her cum packed pussy, the guitarist panting heavily as she and 2D stared at each other, the vocalists expression being mainly of shock making her titter “where the bloody ‘ell did that come from luv?” he asked finally finding his voice again

Shrugging Noodle just smiled “I dunno, just have been wanting to do that for a long while” she admitted feeling a little relieved to have finally said it which made her feel silly after the fact that they had just fucked “plus you guys always treating me like I’m still some little kid was a big part of it though, if I couldn’t convince you with words that I’m all grown up now why not actions?” she explained as she got up and started to get dressed “plus you’re a good lay so that was a bonus, we’ll have to do this again sometime” Noodle then added giving 2D a flirty wink as she pulled on her top and headed out leaving him in the room

Laying there for several moments staring at the door completely dumbstruck 2D eventually just smirked, she definitely wasn’t their little Noodle anymore

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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