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     My name is Lacey, Darren was 4 years older than me, he was a senior when I started my freshman year in high school, we became an item quite fast, and even though I was worried what my parents would think because he was 19.  But my parents accepted it.. Then in may he graduated and left for Michigan in August. 
We have been together for 10 years, He is 29, I am 25 and we just got married. 

We arrived in Kaiwi the morning after our wedding.  We were so tired that we crawled into bed and were both out. I woke at 4 that afternoon and rolled over into Darren's arms. "Are you hungry?" I asked as he kissed me on the forehead.  I removed myself from his arms and rolled out of bed. I walked to the seaside doors of our villa and breathed in the ocean breeze. I felt his arms go around my waist. "have I ever told you how much I love you Lacey?" He said pulling me to his chest. 

We went to dinner, then ended up back in our room watching movies.  Things were perfect, around 2 am, I shut off the TV and went into our bedroom, and pulled out  my pajamas. I felt him come up behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist. I smiled, but soon the smile faded when I realized he had taken his clothing off, I knew what he wanted, He turned me to face him.  
I took a deep breath, and shook my head approving of his suggestion, even though he hadn't said a word.  He rolled off me 20 minutes later, I knew I never wanted to do it again.  It hurt something awful, I held back the tears, as I rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom. After using the toilet, There was blood when I wiped.. It scared me.   
We didn’t speak of it, when we arrived home at the end of the next week, I didn’t know how to act. 
I was one hundred percent completely willing the first time, but now I'm not, I didn't want him touching me, I didn't want to feel that pain again. Being with Darren for as long as I had been, I got to know his glee co stars quite well, and was friends with most of them, so when Amber and Lea came over, they took one look at me and drug me into the office/guest bedroom. "So how was Hawaii? How was the beach, was it pretty?" Amber asked not skipping a beat. "It was pretty, the sunsets were amazing." I said straightening out the blankets on my bed. "You're quiet, you should be happy, you're married, to your high school sweetheart, and he adores you." Lea said. "I don't want to be nosy, but all of us girls wonder what he's like in bed." Amber asked. I didn’t say anything at first. "It hurt really bad, my first instinct was to push him off of me, but I knew it would cause a fight." I said pulling my legs up under me, before I continued talking. "I don't want to do it again, But I don't know how to tell him that Sex is out of the question. All I felt was horrible pain, I don't think I can lay down and allow him to do that again. I can't." 
I said trying not to tear up.. 
Later that night after we ate dinner and cleared up the table, I thought Darren was going out with the guys, when I came into the bedroom, he was sitting there in his boxer shorts.. I cringed, and shivered "I thought you were gonna go out with Chord and Chris?" I asked, looking for my night shirt.  "I overheard your conversation with Amber earlier." Her  said making me stop in my tracks. "then I don't have to repeat myself." I said grabbing for my shirt, he pulled it out of my hand. "You never told me that you hadn't, I assumed when we split up during your sophomore year of college that you and your college friend had." He said his hand gently caressed my face. "please don't push the subject, Sex is out of the question, you consummated our marriage, and I'm done talking about this." I said starting to walk away, before I could exit into the bathroom, he reached for my arm.  " I'm sorry the first time was painful, it only gets better." he said before pressing his lips gently to mine. 

I pulled away, and went into the laundry room. My heart was racing, I was sick to my stomach. 
I exited into the bedroom, he was laying on his side of the bed with his back to me.  I crawled into bed,  and laid right at the edge of my side.  Soon he reached to shut the light off,  and then he reached for me.   He pulled me close to him, nuzzling my neck, arm loosely laying across my stomach, elbow resting against my hip,  he went from nuzzling my neck to sucking on a pressure point, before he gently pulled me underneath him.  " Stop Darren." I said trying to use my legs to push myself out from under him. 
"We're going to try, I need you, I waited 10 years." He said again pulling me under him. "I'll be gentle."  
he mumbled as he reached down to pull on my underwear, but I quickly reached for them too... "Let go Lacey, it won't hurt like the first time." He said again, trying to pull at my panties. "Darren, stop." I said  
I worked up enough strength to roll out from under him, he laid with his face buried in my pillow a few minutes before he reached for me. I was angry, and walked into the master bathroom, I stopped in my tracks, he had fixed up the air bed. I turned to exit the bathroom, he was standing behind me.  "Lacey." He said pushing me into the bathroom, and closing the door behind him. "No." I screamed before he took me down on the bed. "I love you Lacey, I need you to see this is best for us, I know it isn't what you want right now, but it will get easier." He said reaching for my panties, he pulled on them, I reached down and tried to stop him.  
He brushed my hand away, again pulling at my panties, this time pulling them down with ease. I struggled against him, he outweighed me by 60 pounds.  I managed to push him off of me, sliding to the corner, he grabbed for my feet, sliding me back underneath him, his body weight restraining me, pushing me into the bed.  I struggled under the massive weight, his movements were quick, before I could fight anymore he pressed his knee between my legs, and started to fumble around, positioning himself. "No." I cried, I started swinging at him, I put in new effort to struggle under him, he reached for my wrists, , placing one above my head. "Lacey, I'm your husband, 10 years, You were so willing 4 days ago." He said burying his face in my hair. I felt the pressure of his anatomy pushing up against mine.   
"I hate you, let me up." I screamed "You don’t hate me Lace, you're temperamental, and frustrated because I'm the only one who has ever attempted or even done anything outside your comfort zone, Its going to get better, but before it does, you have to trust me like you did the first time." He said moving from my hair to placing his lips on my forehead before he searched for my own lips.  In one last attempt to defend myself, I hit him open handed across the face with my free hand. 

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