Happy Birthday- Outlaw Style

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Disclaimer: I do not own Black Veil Brides- They own themselves. I am merely a huge fan who loves them and loves writing about them. I make no money on these stories. I do not know Ashley Purdy and this story is a complete work of fiction. Thank you.

Happy Birthday- Outlaw Style


“The Stolen Hearts Ladies’ Lounge” Micki said to herself as she read the sign out front. It was her twenty fifth birthday and she was spending it alone. No friends, no boyfriend, just herself. She hadn’t long moved to Las Vegas, and really knew no one there, so she was on her own. She’d decided that she would hit a bar to have a little fun and then head on back to her small apartment. She wondered why the sign said it was a Ladies’ lounge. What was the difference. Curious, she went in through the entrance and stepped into a huge semi dark room with tables set up and a bar along one wall. There were neon signs on the walls as well as blinking lights in the ceiling that looked like a starry night other ambience lighting. Then she saw the stage. It was lit up with round footlights and had three spotlights trained onto it that reflected off the backdrop. The place was about half full of women, mostly in groups, of all ages.

She sat down at one of the tables down near the stage and looked around before looking at her phone to see why it had beeped. Suddenly she heard a sexy, male voice say “What’ll ya have, beautiful?”


A bit startled, she looked up and into the sexiest dark eyes she’d ever seen.  He had on snug leather pants and no shirt. Long dark hair and gorgeous cheekbones. His arms were tattooed sleeves and across his gorgeous abs read the word OUTLAW.She thought at first that a man this luscious couldn’t possibly be talking to her. Micki wasn’t what you would call a skinny bombshell. She had curves, lots of them. “I um…” Was all she could get out.


He smirked.. “I’m Ashley and I’ll be your server. What ever you need..just ask.. “He winked sexily which caused Micki to gulp slightly.


“I um… I’d like an Orgasm, please…” She got out, then blushed, because even though that was the name of the drink she liked the most.


His eyebrows went up and he slowly licked his lips before responding with ..”Multiples?” and a naughty smirk.


Micki thought she would have to fan herself. Ashley could see that he was getting to her and smiled..”Ok, sure, I’ll be right back!” And he retreated, leaving her sitting there staring after him.


Ashley headed towards the bar to get her drink when the  cute little blonde stage hand stopped him and said..’You’re on in 10, stud..better go get ready!” He gave her a sexy wink and headed to get his customer’s drink before he got ready for his dance. He wasn’t only a server but also one of the bars dancers, as were most of the men who worked there.

Stolen Hearts was a male strip club. There were ten buff and ripped men who worked there for the many ladies who patronized the place. Of all of them, Ashley ...or The Outlaw as he was known as onstage...seemed to be the most popular of the bunch. Sure, there seemed to be a dancer for every woman’s taste, but most women couldn’t wait to shove their dollars in his black g string.


Ashley headed back to her table and set her drink down.. “Enjoy, beautiful!” He said with a sexy wink. Micki said a quick thank you and he was gone. She watched as the stage lit up and a man dressed  as a cop took the stage. It was then she realized what sort of lounge this was. Grinning, she watched, figuring watching a few men shake their asses wasn’t too bad of a night. Before his dance was over, she made her way to the ATM just inside the entrance and withdrew some cash to use for tips and by the time she was back at her seat right at the stage, his dance was over and she heard over the speakers.


“You lovely ladies doing alright tonight? Let me hear ya scream!” And a few half drunk women screamed for his benefit. The DJ continued…”And now the one you all have been waiting for..the deviant, the club bad boy, the club stud… THE OUTLAW!


The spotlight trained on him at the back of the stage, his silouette casting a sexy sight on the backdrop. When he danced forward,Micki could see that he had on black leather chaps, a black cowboy hat and black aviator sunglasses. He began a hot, grinding dance to the song So Hott by Kid Rock… and his sunglasses were the first to go. Micki was wide eyed when she recognized him. He danced to the edge of the stage, then off came the  velcroed chaps, leaving him in just his sexy cowboy hat and a black barely there g-string.


Mouthing the chorus to the song, he went down on his knees right in front of her and practically shook his dick in her face.


You know you’re

So hott

I wanna get you alone

So hott

I wanna get you stoned

So hott

I dont wanna be your friend

I wanna fuck you like

Im never gonna

See you again…


Micki’s eyes widened even more and her jaw dropped. She did not know how one man could be so damn sexy as he was. But he wasn’t finished with her yet. He came down off the stage and danced right in front of her, with his crotch not even 6 inches from her face. Micki couldnt help seeing that he filled out that g-string very well. ‘Touch me’ he mouthed. She knew in most places you couldnt touch the dancers, but he took her hand and ran it down his chest and stomach.  Micki damn near had a real orgasm right there. It was all she could do to remember to shove money in his g string but she managed to.


After his dance was over, she thought about leaving since she was sure none of the other guys could top his dance.  Just as she was about to leave, a different server came and brought her a note. She read it as he stood by, waiting.


Dear Micki-

Couldnt help but notice when i saw your ID that its your birthday. You’ve got a free private dance on the house, beautiful. Dylan will show you where to go.

The Outlaw


She gasped and looked up at the server who must be Dylan waiting to take her to wherever this private dance was going to be. He led her to a dimly lit room with ‘stars’ on the ceiling like the main club. Inside was a small bar and a black leather couch.


“Sit here and enjoy..” Dylan said, directing her to the couch. He gave her another mixed drink and was gone.


About a minute later, she heard the door open, then close and lock and then the opening notes of the song ‘Pony’ by Ginuine  started. She watched as he stalked towards her out of the shadows. This time he was only in his gstring and hat. She watched, biting her lip as he moved towards her, and with a slow grind of his hips, put his hand behind her head and pressed her face to his torso. She couldnt help wanting to lick that sexy Outlaw tattoo on his stomach and did just that. Ashley hissed softly, since that was what he had wanted her to do. He kept dancing so sexy, grinding his body against hers. Micki wanted to kiss him so bad that she was nearly about to lose her mind. Ashley knew it too, because he wanted to kiss her too. She was a gorgeous woman and how in the hell she was alone, he didnt know, but he was going to see to it that she had a very happy birthday.


He took her hands in his and stood her up, then pulled her into his arms, rubbing himself against her and finally he coaxed a moan from her. That was when he couldn’t resist any longer and kissed her. Micki moaned into his mouth and kissed him back hungrily. Her reaction made him hotter for her than he already had been, and he had been since he first laid eyes on her. He ran his hands over her body, slipping one up under her skirt to squeeze her mostly bare ass and make her moan again.


The kiss broke and he said… “I gotta fuckin have you, beautiful. I set up the private dance so I could get you alone. You want me too, I can tell…” Then he licked her lower lip sexily and ground his hard on against her.


“Yesss… ever since I laid eyes on you. I’ve never seen a man so sexy on all my twenty five years…” She said breathlessly, running her hands over his chest.


“Oh yeah, thats it, touch me…”He groaned.


With in minutes, Micki had sat back down and pulled off his sexy g string and hungrily shoved his gorgeous cock into her mouth. Ashley’s eyes rolled back and he bit his lip , groaning as he felt her hot mouth suck him so good. His hand went into her hair. “F-fuck...you do that so good...uhnnnn….”


He didnt want to come in her mouth though. He wanted to please her. He gently pulled back to get her to stop and sat down on the couch beside her and slowly took off the top and sexy, lacy bra she had on. He groaned when her lush, big breasts bounced into view. He loved women’s beautiful breasts to near obsession and could spend hours sucking, caressing, nuzzling and loving them. He finished helping her undress and then began his lustful loving of her breasts first. Micki maoned and caressed his hair, thinking surely she’d wind up coming just from that. But knowing he had a time frame, Ashley left them so he could tease the rest of her.


“Oh my god you feel so good!” She cried out when she felt his hot mouth on her body and then the naughty lick of his tongue between her thighs. He licked and tasted and teased her until Micki thought she would lose her mind. She thrashed and whimpered and moaned as she felt herself about to explode. And then she did, coming right in his face. Ashley groaned and licked every inch of her before sitting up on his knees and quickly protecting them.


He looked down into her lust filled eyes and teased her by rubbing the hot, hard length of him up and down her soaked core.


“Please...fuck me...I want you so much!” She moaned.


He could not wait any longer and entered her with a smooth thrust. “Oh fuuuuuck…” he got out, and began to slowly fuck her. They started out kissing as they moved together, but then she pushed her tits into his face. Ashley smirked sexily and began to kiss and suck and practically worship her breasts as he pumped into her.


Micki was in heaven. She moved with him, moaning how good he felt and begged him not to stop. She hadn’t been with a man in awhile and this one was so hot and sexy that she just could not get enough of him. They both were barreling towards a mutual orgasm. Then it hit, hard. They kissed as they came together and he slowly collapsed on her. They lay like that a few minutes, faces buried in each other’s necks.


Finally he raised up and looked down at her and caressed her cheek.


“Happy Birthday, Beautiful…”


The End

***Song lyrics taken from the song So Hott  by Kid Rock


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