How To Cure Jealousy

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Disclaimer: I do not own Black Veil Brides. They own themselves. I do not know Andy Biersack or Ashley Purdy, I am just a fan. This is a complete work of fiction and I make no money from it. Thank you.

Lexi had been the assistant for Black Veil Brides for months now. It was her job to make sure they got where they were supposed to be during the shows and handled their clothing changes during the shows. She’d went to a show one night and was waiting at the bus with a small crowd for the after show meet and greet and over heard Yanni talking about how the guys needed a stage assistant. She spoke up and told him how much she needed a job and that she would love to travel with the guys and be their stage assistant. After that night and many months since, thats what she did.


She practically lived on the bus with the guys and they were always flirting with her and she with them but nothing had ever come of any of it. They partied together, got drunk together, went out together but they were just all friends. She had a thing for Ashley but she tried not to let on that she did...and Andy too. In fact, she loved them all for different reasons. They were just as amazing as she had imagined they would be before that fateful night that she became part of their lives and even moreso after.


One night, Andy, Ashley and her were in Ashley’s hotel room having a few drinks and playing poker. She laughed and flirted with both of them and suddenly a half drunk Ashley piped up..


“Why dont we make it interesting and play strip poker?”


Lexi’s jaw dropped…”Really Ash? You want to see my boobs that bad?”


“Sure we do, sweetness..” A tipsy Andy put in with a wicked grin.


She was suddenly blushing and looking down but then looked back up with her own wicked smirk. She was pretty toasted herself, so she stood up and pulled off her ripped BVB shirt, which left her in a black mini skirt and panties.


“Oh shit!” Andy laughed.. “Take it off!”


Ashley suddenly felt himself scowling a bit and quickly stopped. He had a thing for her, and he wasn’t sure he liked it that Andy was coming onto her too. Lexi, however, did not miss that scowl and wagged a finger at him, saying..


“Whats with the scowl, Purdy boy? No scowling...we’re supposed to be having fun. You’re not jealous are you?”


Was it so obvious? They weren’t dating. She wasn’t his. She had every right to be with Andy if she wanted to be, but he also knew she had feelings for him too. Alot of the one on one conversations they had had together told him that, even if she tried to hide it. So what if she was sitting there topless and wanting to have fun with them. THEM… not just him. He felt that jealous twinge come back and frowned.


Lexi frowned too and said softly.. “OK thats it. If we’re all going to have fun here, I’m going to have to cure you of your little jealous streak, Ashley. I love you, you know I do. And I love Andy and the rest of the guys too. I don’t want any of you guys being jealous of each other because of me. You’ve all been best friends and like brothers for years before you ever met me. I don’t want to come between any of you.”


“So how do you think you’ll ‘cure’ me, then?” Ashley said quietly.


She smiled and leaned over to kiss him softly. Ashley pulled her into his arms and deepened the kiss. When it broke, she stroked his cheek and then turned to Andy and kissed him the same way, crawling into his lap.


“Ok this is what we’re going to do. I’m going to give Andy a fan-fucking-tastic blow job and you’re gonna watch. Only you arent allowed to touch me OR yourself, got it? If you do, none of this..” She spread her legs breifly.. “For you”


Ashley started to roll his eyes and say fuck it, let Andy have her and kick them both out of his room, but the idea of watching her get his best friend off while he had to watch and couldnt do anything suddenly excited him. Maybe it was what he needed to get rid of the stupid jealous twinge he kept feeling. As for no Lexi for him..fuck that. He wouldnt force himself of course, but he’d make her want him by driving her crazy with lust. In fact, he could do that anyway. She hadn’t said he couldn’t talk.


He snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed that Andy and Lexi were heavily making out right in front of him and starting to take their clothes off. He moved over to help Lexi take hers off..she wasn’t going down on Andy yet, so he could touch her. Lexi moaned at the feel of two sets of male hands on her but then remembered her plan.

She slowly eased away from Ashley and kissed him lightly…


“Over there, Purdy good now..” She cooed with a cheeky grin and then turned to Andy.


She gave Ashley a sexy wink over her shoulder and then began to kiss Andy again. Her lips moved from his lips, to his neck to his chest. His head went back and he licked his lips. He wasn’t putting on a show..her mouth really did feel that good. Ashley watched as she kissed Andy’s stomach and imagined what it would feel like to have her trace his OUTLAW tat with her tongue. Just the thought made his cock harden more and a soft groan escape.


Lexi heard it and moaned softly herself knowing he liked the show she was putting on. She finally reached Andy’s now hard cock that was right in her face and looked up at him and licked her lips. She softly licked the taut head and he hissed, hand going in her hair.


“Oh yeah...suck his dick, it good..” She heard from a voice that was not Andy’s. She looked back at Ashley to see a sexier than fuck smirk on his face.


Grinning, she turned her attention back to Andy and slowly sucked him into her mouth. She let her tongue play along his cock as she sucked with firm pressure.


“Fuck...ohhhh fuuuuckkk…” Andy groaned, raising his hips. His fingers tightened in her hair and she began driving him wild with her mouth.. “Goddamn Lexi!” he all but yelled.


Ashley couldnt pretend it wasn’t driving him nuts that he couldn’t touch her or himself, because it was. He wanted to slip behind her and shove his cock into her as deep as he could and fuck her until they were both insane with lust and coming together.


It was all Andy could do to not cum in her mouth. He wanted to fuck her so bad that he was shaking with it. Her mouth was driving him crazy. Finally he managed to get her to stop sucking him and guided her up to kiss her. Lexi moaned into the kiss when she felt him sit her right down on his hot, throbbing, freshly sucked dick.


Ashley watched her, transfixed, biting his lip then he started talkming dirty to her again.


“Oh yeah, thats a good girl...ride that cock good… you like it, don’t you..” He said with a nasty smirk.


Lexi looked over at him.. “Mmmm yeah I do...and I can’t wait to ride you hard either, Purdy man…” her words faded off into moans and then an “Ooohhhh’re sooooo...fucking...GOOD!”


“You’re gonna make me cum, Lexi...I’m so fucking close..”Andy panted, his hands on her hips as she rode him hard and he pounded his cock deep up into her.


She looked down at him… “MMmmm Andy..” And leaned down to kiss him. They kissed hotly and she felt his cock throb inside her. It set off her orgasm and she cried out into his mouth. “Fuck…” he got out against her lips. She jumped off him and sucked him back into her mouth, sucking him hard and fast until Andy shuddered and cussed and came right down her throat.


She took it all and then licked his hot cock all over before finishing with a kiss to his cock head. Then she moved up and kissed him and then turned her attention to Ashley.


“Come here, Ashley baby…” she said softly, going into his arms.. “You’ve been such a good can do whatever you want to me…”


Ash said nothing just began to kiss her passionately, as his hands roamed her body. Andy had recovered by then and was watching them.


“Ohhh Ashleyyyy…”She crooned as she felt his hot mouth on her breasts and then a hot lick down her still wet pussy with his tongue.


He ate at her as if he were a man starving and unable to get enough. Aly squirmed and moaned and thrashed. Andy leaned over and started kissing her and that was when she shudderd and came right in Ash’s face due to his hot tongue lashing between her thighs.


“Ohhh my gahhhh! Yes!” She moaned and then her words were cut off again by Andy’s kiss.


“Fuck…” Ashley choked out with emotion. God, he’d waited so long to finally fuck her and now he was going to get to. It might be the first and only time as far as he knew, so he was going to make it good.


Andy moved as Ashley moved up to mount her. Lexi looked up into his gorgeous eyes and saw something other than mere lust in them. She pulled him down for a kiss as he thrust deep into her.


“Omg...Ash…” She moaned and panted, wrapping her legs around him.


They fucked just like that, wrapped around each other until Lexi just couldn’t stop. She came so hard that she shuddered in his arms. Andy had gotten so hot watching them that he’d been touching himself..


“Fuck...Ohhh fuck...I’m gonna cum..”Ashley groaned...and then pulled out.Together, he and Andy finished on Lexi’s tits as she jerked both their hot cocks.


“Mmmmm… you guys are soooo hot!” She moaned.


They lay there for a few moments, to catch their breaths, then the guys led her to the shower since she was covered in their jizz.


Once in they began soaping her behind her and one in front. Their hands all over her turned Lexi on so much that she was squriming and moaning in no time. Andy and Ash sat her on the bench in the shower and took turns eating her until she was cumming again..then she in turn bent over the bench.


“C’mon sexy boys...give it to me..” She moaned.


Ashley entered her from behind first…”Oooh..Ash….yessss...fuck meee..” She cried out, stroking and squeezing Andy’s cock to keep him ready for her.


Ashley pounded into her… “God your pussy is so good, Lexi baby...ohhh fuck!”


It wasn’t long before he was hissing and cumming.. Then he realized in the heat of the moment, he hadn’t pulled out.. “Shit”


“ dont worry...Im fixed…” She panted….then looked at Andy with lusty eyes who took his place behind her..


“OOOOh yessss...fuck me, Andy….”She moaned when he thrust into her.


“God youre so tight and hot...fuck!” Andy groaned and within moments he too was cumming deep inside her welcoming pussy.


Spent and tired, they finished their shower and then all crawled into bed together..Lexi snuggled close in between them. They were all on their sides.. Ashley facing her and her snuggled into his chest and Andy holding her snuggled into her from behind.


“Night boys…” She mumbled, kissing one, then the other.

“Night Lexi…”They answered, holding her tight between them.


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