Wounded Wolf

BY : Squeaky
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Disclaimer: This is not a true story. I don't know Charles Manson and am not affiliated in any way with the California Corrections Department nor any hospital. I am making no money from the story. Let the good times roll!

September 1984

When I walk into the bright hospital room for my next patient, I'm shocked and nervous. I see a man cuffed, burned badly and reeking of some sort of solvent. His orange jumpsuit says "Vacaville" on it, and there are guards on either side of him. He has a thick beard and a swastika tattooed on his head. Oh great, I think, another Neo-Nazi. I'm pretty new, but I know those Aryan Brotherhood guys are a dime a dozen. They give me the creeps, but I have to care for them whenever they come in; it's my duty as a nurse!

Somehow, I feel like I know this con from somewhere... But how? I hope I'm not right, glancing at my messily assembled papers. I see his name and my heart skips a beat. Charles Milles Manson. ​​​​​​ I have no choice but to help him; after all, I swore an oath. I set about assisting in cleaning, caring for and bandaging up his seared flesh. He winces and flinches at times, but he doesn't let out a sound.

Maybe this patient assignment won't be so bad. He's under watch, and besides, all the Sharon Tate business has always seemed fishy to me. However, I can't deny that he already has me under a certain spell. Who knows what he's capable of? I notice him trying to look down my shirt as I apply some ointment to him. Once he's steady and fixed up with a proper amount of pain meds, I leave the room. But I just can't get him out of my head!

Over the next few weeks, we grow closer. Bathing him has allowed us some measure of privacy, and we talk extensively about his history. One day, I'm just gently sponging his leg when I accidentally graze his hard on. He smiles the widest grin I've seen from him, his missing bottom teeth strangely adorable in this situation. I blush bright red and quickly leave, returning the next day to equally lewd staring from Manson.

I'm starting to want him.

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