Swift Justice

BY : LazyNinjas
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Disclaimer: This story is 100 percent fiction. None of this has ever happened and sadly never will happen. I don't know Taylor Swift or Victoria Justice personally and I make no money from any story I write. 

Swift Justice
By: LazyNinjas
Celebs: Taylor Swift, Victoria Justice
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Disclaimer: This story is 100 percent fiction. None of this has ever happened and sadly never will happen. I don't know Taylor Swift or Victoria Justice personally and I make no money from any story I write. 

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"I cannot wait for our relaxing day at the beach babe," Mike said to his girlfriend Victoria as he finished packing the bottles of beer into the cooler.

"Me neither baby. Spending a romantic day at the beach with you is gonna be amazing," she replied. 

"I'm gonna go put the rest of the stuff in the car," Mike said as he picked up the cooler. 

"That's fine babe, I have a work call and then I'll lock the house," Victoria said grabbing her phone off of her dresser. 

"Okay, see you in the car baby. Love you," he replied as he gave Victoria a quick peck on the lips. 

"Love you too baby," Victoria replied. Victoria anxiously waited until she heard the front door slam before picking up her phone and calling who she was really calling. 

"Hello?" The voice asked over the phone. 

"Hey T, It's V," Victoria replied. "We are on our way to the beach. Is everything in place?" 

"Yeah totally, he has no idea I'm here and we'll be ready to catch him on our trap once you get here," T replied. 

"Great. Step One has officially commenced," Victoria said before she hung up the phone, a wicked smirk faintly appearing on her face before leaving her apartment. 

[b][u]The Night Before[/u][/b]

"I'm so sorry I can't go to this benefit dinner with you tonight babe. I just got a lot going on at work right now," Mike said through the closed door as Victoria finished getting ready. 

"Don't even worry about it babe," Victoria replied while trying to apply her mascara. "It's just a charity benefit dinner, I'll have to do a lot of networking anyway." 

Victoria was definitely only saying that to be nice to her boyfriend. She enjoyed every moment that the two of them spent together, but both of their careers made them spent a lot of time away from each other. 

"I'll make it up to you when I get home okay babe?" Mike asked. Victoria had a cute little smirk when she thought about how he was going to make up for tonight. The sex they have been having for the past couple months was not the best Victoria had ever had in a relationship, but Mike knew what he was doing with his package as Victoria put it. 

“That’s fine with me babe,” Victoria replied through the door. 

“Okay see you later tonight babe!” Mike replied. 

Soon after hearing Mike say his goodbye, Victoria heard the front door slam shut, knowing she had her wonderful apartment completely to herself now. She stepped out of the bathroom now that she had what she called her “impress people for work” face on, which was light makeup except for mascara and eye shadow. Victoria stepped into the hallway and walked down to where her room was. 

Opening the door and stepping inside her room, she let her towel fall onto the floor, not a single article of clothing now touching her smooth delicate skin. She walked over to her underwear drawer and pulled it open. She had to dig her way through her underwear drawer for a little while before she found exactly what she was looking for. 

The push up bra and thong set that she was now holding in her hands was a gift from Mike for their six-month anniversary that they celebrated a few weeks ago. The bra and thong were made of black silk that felt incredible against her smooth sensitive skin. Victoria figured that wearing this set for Mike under her dress for the evening made her feel like Mike was with her in a way she considered a little weird but still romantic. 

Victoria started putting on the special underwear by placing the bra on the bed and held the thong in place while she slowly put in her left leg and then putting her right leg in next. Victoria let out a small giggle as the smooth silk slowly slid up and tickled her well-tanned legs until the elastic rested comfortably against her hips. 

"Well guess it's time to put you on," Victoria thought to herself as she grabbed the black lace push up bra from the bed. She quickly slid her left arm in quickly followed by the right arm. She pushed the cups up to her breasts which made them look at least a bra cup bigger. 

Reaching behind her back and snapping the bra straps together was a breeze for her. After making a quick adjustment so she was one-hundred percent comfortable, Victoria was ready to put on her dress. 

The dress that Victoria had decided to wear for the evening was a beautiful black see-through dress that she had bought at a store in Hollywood boulevard. The fabric was also smooth silk that Victoria loved the feel of against her skin and the design of the dress made Victoria feel elegant and incredibly sexy all at the same time. 

Victoria slowly slipped herself into the beautiful yet revealing dress carefully in order to not damage it. Once she adjusted the gorgeous gown, she grabbed a pair of knee high black heels to complete her look. 

Victoria heard a beep from the limousine that was supposed to pick her up for the event and quickly ran over to her clutch purse to make sure she had everything she needed before leaving her apartment. She had a pack of gum just in case she had bad breath, her keys to the apartment, and an emergency make-up kit just in case of a fashion emergency.

Seeing all the items in her purse she quickly threw the strap of the purse onto her left shoulder and scurried out the door. She quickly turned back and locked the door to her apartment. She jiggled the door knob to make sure it was completely locked before quickly going down the stairs and through the front door of the apartment complex. 

Victoria stepped down the steep steps of the stairs of her apartment complex and walked down the street where the limousine that she ordered was eagerly awaiting her. She knocked on the driver’s side window and saw an older gentleman as the window finally rolled all the way down. 

Victoria took a moment to inspect the driver. He seemed to be an older gentleman, probably in his late 50’s or very early 60’s by her best guess. He had green eyes and thick eyebrows. His beard was white as snow and he had a decent amount of hair on his head for someone his age. 

“Hello there! Are you Victoria Justice?” the driver asked. 

“I most certainly am!” Victoria replied with a cute little smile. 

“Great. I’m Sal. I am your driver this evening. Get in and we’ll get you to your destination,” Sal said back. 

“Thank you very much for the ride,” Victoria replied as she began walking towards the back of the limousine. 

“No problem Miss Justice,” Sal said back. Victoria opened the door of the limousine and put on her seat-belt before Sal dropped the partition. 

“Do you know the address of where you’re supposed to be going?” Sal asked. 

“I do. One second, I have it on a piece of paper here,” Victoria replied as she 
opened her purse and searched through it until she found the tiny piece of paper. 

“Here you go.” 

“Thank you, Miss Justice,” Sal replied. “We should be there in about a half hour. I’ll put down the partition and let you have some time to yourself.” 

The partition slowly rolled up until it was completely closed, leaving Victoria completely by herself. She grabbed her phone and headphones out of her purse, hoping that some music could comfort her while she made her way to the benefit dinner. 

She placed the headphones into her ear before sticking the other end into the headphone jack. She opened the music app and placed the songs on shuffle before she felt the car slowly begin to leave from where it parked. She looked out the window and watched the gorgeous Los Angeles scenery pass her body as she slowly began to get lost in her thoughts. 

Although Victoria had told Mike that she was completely fine with him missing the benefit dinner to get some extra work done at his job, she really was not fine with it. She knew that Mike was an assistant to an executive at one of the many major television networks that were set up in Los Angeles and knew that was not a job that had exact set work hours, but she felt that Mike was spending more time at work than he needed to be. Victoria started to wonder why he was at work more often now than he was at the start of their relationship. 

“He didn’t mention anything about a possible promotion and it’s not like doing more of just being an assistant will get you promoted to doing something that actually has any meaning,” Victoria thought to herself. She continued to rack her brain of reasons why Mike wasn’t home as often. 

“Is he just trying to do as much as he can for his boss so that he has good standing with him? No that can’t be it. Maybe it is just because his boss wants him to work more hours since he has actual experience being an assistant now or maybe Mike is just really invested in his work.” 

Victoria kept thinking about things at Mike’s work that would cause him to not be home as often when she felt the car jerk forward before slowly stopping. That sudden stopping off the limousine scared the shit of Victoria. The limousine started to drive again when Victoria had an enigma. 

“Oh my god! I know why Mike’s always at work now,” Victoria realized. “I bet he is avoiding me because our relationship is getting boring for him.” 

Victoria thought she had a good point about Mike being bored with their relationship. They had a wild and exciting beginning to their almost six-month romance that was full of fun adventures to foreign locations, dates that set the nights on fire with how romantic they were, and some of the most incredible sex that Victoria had ever experienced during her 24 years on this planet. 

Now, they were well past the honeymoon phase of their relationship and were spending most of their time together just co-existing or watching a movie together snuggled up on the couch before one of them fell asleep on the other. They have continued to have sex but the passion that was present during the beginning of their relationship was not there. 

“How could I have missed such an obvious sign?” Victoria thought to herself as she worried about how bad of a girlfriend she had been to her man lately. She couldn’t believe that she had let her relationship get this far gone without keeping it interesting. 

She began to start moping in the back seat of the limousine before she realized that this wasn’t set in stone. She could reignite that spark in their relationship. All she had to do was put in the effort and soon enough Mike would be running back into her arms.  

“That’s all gonna change when I get home tonight. I’m gonna put on some sexy lingerie for Mike when he gets home and I am going to give him a night he won’t forget,” Victoria thought to herself as she planned to get her relationship back on track. Victoria suddenly felt the limousine come to a complete stop. She looked out of the side window and saw that she had arrived at their destination. Sal came around to her door and opened it for her. 

Sal took Victoria’s hand as she used the other hand to momentarily shield her eyes from the bright flashing lights of the paparazzi’s cameras. Victoria told Sal what time to come back to pick her up before she began walking the carpet for the benefit dinner. 

Victoria usually did not mind walking the carpet to an event since she has been a celebrity for a while now, but she was annoyed by them tonight. Mainly because she did not have someone to walk down the carpet with. The paparazzi usually let you slip through with minimal trouble when you had a non-famous significant other, but Victoria was by herself tonight, which meant it took a while before she got through the doors and into the event itself. 

She walked into the venue and gazed upon the crowd of people also attending. She began to worry when she looked through the crowd of faces and didn’t see anyone she knew personally. These events were torture if you went alone and if no one you knew personally also went. Victoria started to make her way through the crowd, hoping that she could find someone there to help her keep her mind off her relationship for the evening.

Out of the corner of her eye, Victoria was finally able to spot someone she had at least met before, and that person was none other pop superstar Taylor Swift. Taylor was sitting in the top left corner of the room all alone, minding her own business and texting away on her cell phone. 

Victoria wasn’t sure if she should go over there and bother Taylor but it seemed like the blond superstar was the only other person she was gonna know at this benefit dinner. Victoria took a deep breath to calm and relax herself before making her way through the crowd until she was in front of Taylor. 

“Hey Taylor,” Victoria said to the blond who was looking at her phone. Taylor heard someone talking to her so she looked up and saw Victoria Justice. 

“Oh my gosh Victoria! It’s been so long! How are you?” Taylor said as she put her cell phone in her purse before standing up and giving her somewhat good acquaintance a formal hug. 

“I’m doing pretty good,” Victoria said, lying through her teeth. “Sorry if I was interrupting something on the phone there.” 

“No, don’t worry. You weren’t interrupting anything at all,” Taylor replied. “It’s just me worrying about my new boyfriend. He’s trying to get this big promotion at his work so he bailed on me tonight.” 

“Oh, so you’re not dating a famous guy,” Victoria replied, hoping she didn’t sound rude. “I just mean it’s nice to get a chance of pace from these Hollywood guys you know?” 

“Girl I am just about done with these Hollywood guys too,” Taylor giggled. 

“So where does your boyfriend work? If you don’t mind me asking?” Victoria asked. 

“I don’t mind. He works as an office assistant for one of the higher ups over at Paramount Pictures on the west side of town,” Taylor replied, which caught Victoria’s attention. 

“No way! My boyfriend works over at Paramount too!” Victoria replied, surprising Taylor. 

“That’s so cool! Maybe our boyfriends work together!” Taylor added. 

“Maybe they do. Do you have a picture of your boyfriend? I wanna see if he’s one of the work buddies that he’s brought over to our apartment,” Victoria asked. 

“Yeah,” Taylor said as she grabbed her phone out of her purse and opened the camera app on her phone. She selected a picture of her and her boyfriend giving a cute little peck on the lips together. She handed the phone to Victoria, who looked at the picture before her heart sank to her stomach. 

“What’s wrong?” Taylor asked as she saw her friends cheeky smile quickly turn into a depressed frown. 

“Taylor, this is you and Mike,” Victoria replied. 

“Is he one of your boyfriend’s work buddies?” Taylor asked. 

“No, Mike is my boyfriend too,” Victoria said before pulling out her phone and showing pictures of her and Mike making out, the date on the photo showing that the photos were taken recently. 

“That fucking piece of shit! I can’t believe we both got played by the same guy!” Taylor said with pure rage in her eyes. While Taylor was beyond pissed, she could tell Victoria was about to start bawling her eyes out, so she put her anger aside and took Victoria into the bathroom. Taylor grabbed some paper towel and tried to keep Victoria’s tears from ruining her makeup. 

“I’m such an idiot!” Victoria cried as the tears rolled down her face. 

“No, you are not Victoria, he is gonna pay for cheating on us,” Taylor said as the gears began to roll in her head, trying to come up with a perfect plan of revenge. 

“How? We break up with him and he moves onto the next girls?” Victoria replied. 

“No, no way we’re gonna let this slime ball get away with this,” Taylor said trying to help Victoria not waste her tears on a pathetic loser like Mike. As she continued to comfort Victoria until a brilliant plan popped into her head for revenge. 

“Victoria? I think I know how we’re gonna teach Mike a lesson,” Taylor said with a confident but terrifying smile. Taylor looked around before she leaned over into Victoria’s ear before telling her how the plan was going to go step by step. The more Taylor went into detail with the plan, the more Victoria liked how twisted it was. 

“So. Are you in?” Taylor asked before holding out her hand to Victoria. 

“Hell yeah! I’m in,” Victoria said as she took Taylor’s hand and shook on it. 

“Great, I’m going to text the directions to you on how to get there,” Taylor replied as she pulled out her phone and sent the details. 

“Now let’s teach this cheater a lesson,” Taylor said before her and Victoria left the bathroom to rejoin the benefit dinner. 

[b][u]The Next Day[/u][/b] 

“What made you want to go to the beach today babe?” Mike asked from the passenger’s seat of Victoria’s car. 

“I’ve been thinking about us lately and I realized we’ve lost a bit of that magic in our relationship. A friend of mine recommended me to a spot on the beach no one else knows about. It will just be you and me, having all the time in the world to ourselves,” Victoria replied. 

“That sounds absolutely incredible babe. And another thing that is incredible is how you look in that bikini,” Mike said as his hungry eyes openly admired how amazing Victoria looked in her brand new blue bikini. The top was tight and framed her breasts up perfectly giving them that full round look. He also enjoyed how small the bottoms were and how the back side of the bottoms barely covered her ass. 

“I was hoping you’d like it,” Victoria said with a cheeky grin. Victoria continued to drive down the Los Angeles freeway until she found the exit that Taylor had told her to take in her text. She put on her blinkers and slowly turned into the exit. 

When they got to the secluded part of the beach Taylor told Victoria about, she parked in the abandoned parking lot while Mike grabbed their things out of the back. 

“Hey babe? Do you mind if I pick where we set things up?” Victoria asked. 

“Not at all baby. Lead the way,” Mike said as he followed Victoria across the beach. Victoria looked around the beach until she found the large rock that Taylor had described in her text. 

“Why don’t we set up near that big rock?” Victoria asked, pointing at the huge rock. 

“Sounds good to me,” Mike said as he took everything over to the rock and laid it out on the beach. 

“Oh, shoot I forgot my sunglasses! Wait right here okay baby?” Victoria said before running away to get her sunglasses, or at least that’s what Mike thought. After setting down the cooler full of drinks and the towel down on the sandy shore, Mike laid down on the towel while waiting for Victoria to catch up. 

Once Mike couldn’t see her, she signaled for Taylor to make her move. Mike heard footsteps as he was laying on his back and figured Victoria returned from fetching her sunglasses from the car.

“You never did tell me who told you about this place,” Mike said. 

“I told her about it,” a mysterious and yet familiar voice said to Mike. He turned around to see none other than the Taylor Swift, standing over him in black knitted bikini. His heart began to sink into his stomach as he realized what was going on. 

“Ladies let’s just relax before we do anything we’d regret,” Mike said before Taylor spoke. 

“Cut the shit Mike, we know you’ve been seeing the other girl behind our backs,” Taylor said as she crossed her hands over her chest. 

“We found out about your sneaking around last night and we wanted to tell you one thing,” Victoria said as Mike prepared for the beating he thought he was going to receive. 

“We just wanted to let you know that we are so into it,” Taylor said, making Mike’s mouth drop from the bomb the blond just laid out on him. 

“Wait what?” Mike asked in total confusion. 

“She said that we’re okay with you seeing us both at the same time,” Victoria said with a cheeky smile. “In fact, we talked it over and we want to date you together.” 

“You’re messing with me,” Mike replied. 

“No, we really do. Why would we bring you to the beach to fuck if we didn’t want to?” Victoria asked rhetorically. 

“Wait, you brought me here so I could fuck both of you?” Mike asked, hoping he wasn’t dreaming. 

“Of course. It’s private and romantic,” Taylor replied. 

“We wanted to show you how serious we were,” Victoria said before turning her head towards Taylor. 

“And what better way to show you then by doing this?” Victoria said before she grabbed Taylor’s face and began to shove her tongue down the leggy blonde’s throat.

Mike eyes stayed focused on the two women as they began to kiss and touch up and down the other’s body. They continued to make out and rub their hands against each other until they could tell that Mike couldn’t keep being teased anymore. 

“Oh Tay, we shouldn’t be just enjoying this on our own. Mike is our man after all,” Victoria said seductively as the sexual tension was clearly in the area. 

“What should we do about it then?” Taylor asked. 

"You should give Mike a better look at that wonderful body of yours. Don't you think?" Victoria said as she looked up and down the blonde's beautiful form. 

"You mean right now?" Taylor said looking to see if any other beach goers were around. 

"Of course, I mean right now silly," Victoria replied as she tapped Taylor's arm in a joking manner. 

"You're being serious right now?" Taylor said, faking worry. 

"I'm one hundred percent serious. Give our man a treat. Let him see that glorious body of yours," the Puerto Rican actress said as she went behind Taylor and quickly undid the straps of her bikini top. Taylor could feel the garment slipping off her body, so she quickly grabbed it and held it against her 32B sized bust. 

"Come on Tay, stop being a tease and let him see that sexy body of yours," Victoria moaned in Taylor's ear as she reached her hands around Taylor until she grabbed the waistband of her bikini bottoms and slowly tugged them down the blonde's long smooth legs. 

Still faking that she was not one hundred percent down to fuck at the moment, she made the decision to let her bikini top fall to the ground in an attempt to grab her bottoms, but like the girls mentioned while planning out this operation, let them both fall to the ground, leaving Taylor's naked from for Victoria and Mike to see. 

"See Tay? Mike can't keep his eyes off you," Victoria whispered in the blonde's ear as she looked at Mike and saw what she was saying was completely true. 

Mike's eyes were open wide as he took in her body in all its uncovered, natural glory. He started at the top, taking in Taylor's beautiful eyes before his eyes wandered south and focused on her curvy figure, her sexy stomach and her perfect breasts that were topped by hardened nipples. His eyes continued to move lower across her shaved pussy and the long lean legs that he loved so much. 

"Well, he might be getting an eyeful of me but I think he's dying to see your body more," Taylor said as she walked over to Victoria and embraced her, pushing her bare chest against Victoria's still covered chest until they rested against each other. Taylor reached behind Victoria's back and quickly undid the tie of Victoria's bikini top. 

"Wow! Just look at those titties!" Taylor said as she grabbed both of Victoria’s tear shaped breasts in her hands and jiggled them up and down. Taylor made sure to pay attention to Victoria's nipples as she fondled the Puerto Rican girl's flesh. Taylor didn't want to tease Mike forever so she quickly focused on getting Victoria as naked as she was. 

Before Mike could take in the image of Taylor Swift groping Victoria Justice's breasts, Taylor lowered her head down and took one of Victoria's nipples in her mouth. While her mouth was busy covering Victoria's nipples in her saliva, Taylor's hands were moving up and down Victoria's amazing body like Taylor lost something important on her. 

Her hands finally found the straps of her bikini bottom. She slid her hands in between the tied strings of the bikini bottoms and Victoria's skin and slid the article of clothing down onto the sand, leaving both girls as naked as the day they were born. 

"Oh my god! Victoria your body is so amazing!" Taylor said. 

"Well thank you Tay-Tay. You're fucking hot as well," Victoria replied back as she did a little shimmy for Mike. 

"You look so good I bet you're driving Mike crazy!" Taylor said as she turned her head to look at Mike, who was completely in shock. Taylor couldn't help but smirk as she saw Mike was playing right into her trap. "Show him that sexy ass of yours Victoria!"

"Whatever you say Tay!" Victoria said as she turned away from Mike and bent over to point her cute ass out for Mike. She shook her cute tight booty back and forth, hypnotizing the cheating bastard as his head followed every movement her ass made. Taylor looked down at Mike's lower region and saw his cock head slowly start to emerge from his swim trunks. 

 "Look at what you are doing to Mike, Victoria. You're making him so hard. It looks like he's about to bust out at any moment," Taylor said as she pointed to the tent being pitched in Mike's trunks. Victoria looked at Mike's cock and back at Taylor. Their eyes met and reading each other's minds, moved forward with their plan. 

"Why don't we have some fun while he gets warmed up Tay?" Victoria said with a wink before turning her head to face the blond singer. The two women looked at one another before they kissed mere feet away from Mike's. He could feel his cock trying to burst through his pants. 

The two celebs pushed their tongues into the other's mouth, trying to make their make out session look as erotic to Mike as it could possibly be. Their tongues wrestled in each other's mouths while their hands grabbed at the other girls naked flesh. Both girls took quick glances at Mike while they were passionately making out and they wanted to laugh about how easy it was to get him aroused. 

Seeing Mike's jaw look like it was about to fall off at any moment, the girls split apart and giggled, before Victoria lowered her lips to Mike's and kissed him while Taylor lowered herself down to his crotch to spring his cock free of his swim trunks. Victoria was so happy that everything was going according to plan. She couldn't wait until she and Taylor showed this loser that no one cheats on her or Taylor Swift.

While Taylor was busy releasing Mike's member from his tight swim trunks, Victoria pressed her lips to Mike and shoved her tongue into Mike's mouth, which caught him off guard. She was usually very reserved and let him take control of their sexual escapades, but Mike was seeing a new aggressive side to her that he was loving. He figured the reason she was being so upfront in this particular love making session was because she didn't want him to think that Taylor was the better lover and wanted to prove she could out love any woman they brought into their now polygamous relationship.

Mike audibly grunted into Victoria's mouth as he felt the blonde superstar slowly push down his swim trunks, leaving his erect 8-inch cock exposed to the warm air and the California sun. Now that Mike's throbbing member was out of his trunks and open for both girls to use, Taylor and Victoria looked at each other.  

"Who should have the honor of getting his cock first?" Taylor asked Victoria as she gave Mike her most seductive look. 

"Why don't you get the first Taylor? You deserve it first," Victoria replied.

"You are so selfless Victoria. So glad you're willing to share your man with me."  

"His cock is too good to not share," Victoria said seductively looking directly into Mike's eyes. With Victoria's blessing to go first, Taylor lowered her head down to his pulsing member and slowly licked his sensitive tip with her tongue, sending a strong chill of pleasuring coursing throughout his body. After teasing his cock with her tongue, Taylor took her hand and slowly jerked his meat rod up and down. Slow enough to tease him but hard enough to keep him wanting more. 

 The feeling of Taylor's fingers coiled around his shaft like a boa constrictor made Mike grunt in excitement. He had no idea how he ever got this lucky. He had pop superstar Taylor Swift completely naked and playing with his dick while passionately making out with actress Victoria Justice. 

This was a lot men's fantasies to be in a situation like this, but Mike was actually living it and loving every single moment of it. While continuing to make out with Victoria, Mike felt a strong sensation that forced him to break the kiss. 

"Holy fucking shit Taylor!" Mike cried out when Taylor took most of his length into her warm wet mouth. Mike took the hand that wasn't on Victoria's back and held onto Taylor's short blond hair, keeping her in place where she was on his cock due to the incredible sensations he was feeling. 

Taylor had at this point taken half of his cock into her mouth and was giving him the kind of blow job that would only be seen on the set of the nastiest hardcore porn film. He had no idea Taylor could do much more with her mouth and throat besides sing but he was quickly proven wrong. 

"I love this cock. So thick and meaty, plus it fits well in my mouth," Taylor said as she softly kissed his cock head before taking Mike. 

"I love his cock too," Victoria chimed in. "It's better than the best dildo on the market." 

Victoria noticed that Mike was becoming too preoccupied with the blow job that he was receiving from Taylor so she decided to give him something else to focus his efforts on. Mike barely noticed when Victoria stopped kissing him and straddled his chest, ready for Mike to put his lips and tongue to use on her cunt. 

"Hope you don't mind if I take a seat here babe. There's no room anywhere else," Victoria moaned before she got up off the sand and readjusted herself. She slowly lined up her lower body up with his face before she slowly lowered her wetting pussy onto Mike's lips.

"Come on Mike! Show me how good that mouth of yours is baby!" Victoria cried out as she began to hump her lower body into the lucky man's face. Her whole body bounced as she pushed back and forth against Mike's mouth. 

Mike moaned in approval as he started to furiously lick away at Victoria's glistening wet folds. He had gone down on Victoria on numerous occasions so he knew exactly what to do and what spots to focus his efforts on.  Victoria groaned as she placed her hands behind Mike's head and pushed him deeper into her crotch area so he could get his tongue deeper inside of her. 

Victoria had never felt this promiscuous before in her entire life. Her hair was flying back and forth into her face and her breasts her bouncing up and down on her chest but Victoria didn't care. She just wanted to use this human sack of shit to get herself off. All Mike was good for was getting her and Taylor off, she had no emotional connection left to a man that would cheat on her, the only thing she would ever feel from Mike again was the next orgasm he gave her. Victoria decided it would add more to the experience if she gave him a little pep talk. 

"You're loving that slutty pop singer's mouth on your cock don't you babe? Almost as much as you love this pussy in your mouth huh baby?" Victoria taunted Mike as she continued to thrash her pussy into the cheater's waiting mouth. 

Mike let out another cry of passion into Victoria's love canal when he felt Taylor's soft hands began to with my balls. Mike was completely lost in all the pleasure he was feeling from both sections of his body being stimulated. Nothing else mattered to Mike but cumming and making his new girlfriends cum.  

"Oh Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Yeah!" Victoria squealed out while she thrusted her lower half against Mike's mouth. Victoria took a moment to look at Taylor. They both shared a knowing glance and realized they needed to skip the foreplay and get straight to the hardcore fucking. 

Mike heard a loud popping noise when Taylor popped her fantastic wet mouth off his dick, leaving his member begging for more stimulation. She flashed him a cutesy, almost innocent looking smile before she grabbed his pulsing member with her hand and lined it up against her pussy, guiding it while slowly lowering herself onto his thick shaft. 

As soon as Mike's cock made contact with the inner parts of Taylor's pussy, he moaned loudly into Victoria's lower lips, creating a strong vibration against her clitoris, which sent a little jolt of pleasure coursing throughout her veins. Taylor on the other hand was loving how full Mike's cock made her feel as she slowly lowered her lower body further and further down on his love rod. 

She loved the way her inner walls wrapped tightly against his cock as she continued to slowly take inch after inch of the no-good two-timer's cock further and further into herself.  Taylor didn't have sex with many people before Mike, so she was still very tight down there, which gave them both incredible pleasure as their genitals pushed in and out of each other. Once Taylor sunk down on his cock as far as she could go, she began to slam her lower half down on his cock. Now Mike had Taylor Swift riding on his dick while Victoria Justice continued to ride his face. 

"Holy fuck! This cock feels so good!" Taylor moaned loudly as she slammed her cunt up and down on Mike's member. Taylor could feel her inner walls holding on tightly to his cock, trying to move and control it a way that made the thick member hit the sensitive spots inside her. She was in a state of pure bliss as she rode him. It had been a while since she and Mike had sex and it was showing by how badly she wanted him to continue ramming his dick inside of her. 

Every second that Mike pushed his cock back and forth inside her drove her crazy. His fingers dug into Taylor's tight little butt while she blonde friend rode his cock for all it was worth. Taylor felt the big moment was coming at any second now so she gave it her all in effort to get herself off. His cock hit a sensitive spot in Taylor's cunt which caused pleasure to ripple throughout her body as she began to orgasm. 

"Oh god! Oh god! I'm cumming! I'm gonna fucking cum!!!!" Taylor shrieked out in pure ecstasy and bliss as her inner walls tightly gripped Mike's penis while her fluids leaked onto his cock, down her thighs, and dripped onto the sand below them.  

Victoria and Mike couldn't help but stare at her beautiful face as she threw her head back with her mouth wide open as she moaned until the effects of her incredible orgasm subsided.  Mike somehow found the will to hold onto Taylor's legs to keep her in place while her orgasm devastated her body. 

Victoria on the other hand was getting ready to blow her lid. Mike wasn't missing a beat as he continued to furiously lap away at her insides. She could feel herself produce juices at a ridiculous rate, feeling like she was going to drown the cheating bastard in her love juices. 

Mike's tongue kept working hard inside her cunt until he hit a soft spot that caused Victoria's body to start her orgasm. Victoria shivered as the raw ecstasy ran through her body. With one final breath, Victoria screamed as she began to cum. 

"Holy shit! Holy shit! I'm fucking Cumming! Oh shit! your tongue is amazing!" Victoria shouted as she exploded all around Mike's tongue. 

Victoria's cum began to leak from the sides of her thighs onto Mike's face. He thought Victoria had a lot of juice when he made her cum before, but the amount of juices that flowed out of her cunt today was overwhelming. She absolutely drenched his face in her cream, making his face shine in the California sun.

Victoria looked down and saw she had absolutely creamed Mike's face with her love juice. She smiled to herself looking at her accomplishment and feeling good that she had used the cheating scumbag's mouth to get her off. She felt like she had achieved getting some of her revenge against Mike, but knew there was still a lot more work to do. 

After the last of Victoria's orgasm escaped her body, she needed a moment to catch her breath. She rolled off Mike's face and watched as Taylor regained her energy and began taking Mike's penis in between her lips again, keeping him hard so they could continue their plan of revenge against this asshole, but also to make sure Victoria got the chance to get her rocks off from his cock like she did moments ago. 

After giving Victoria a minute or two to regain her breath, Taylor popped her mouth of Mike's cock again and looked up at her two partners. She gave Victoria an all-knowing smile and moved up from his cock until she was up at his chest like Victoria was. 

"I think it's time you got some of that cock for yourself Victoria," Taylor said as she gave way for Victoria to take over pleasuring Mike's cock. She put her hand out like she was offering Victoria a luxury dining experience. Taylor could tell the Puerto Rican across was ready for Mike's hard member by the look of lust in her eyes and the way she was provocatively licking her lips. 

"Sounds like a plan to me Tay," Victoria said as she gave both of them a wink and made her way down to his crotch. Victoria licked her lips and slowly pushed her mouth down onto his rod, tasting the juices that Taylor coated it with in her orgasm. The sweet tangy mixture hit her taste buds like a pile of bricks. She grabbed his cock with her hands and sucked hard on it 

"Why don't I give you a view that I'll know you will enjoy?" Taylor teased Mike as she turned around and planted her wet pussy down onto his face, giving him an up close and personal view of her tight little ass that she knew he loved so much. Mike couldn't help himself as he took a deep look at Taylor's cunt. He loved how her pink folds opened for him as she slowly wiggled his tongue in between them. 

"Oh yeah. Right there, Mike. That hits the spot," Taylor moaned as she bucked her back against Mike's tongue. Mike loved the sight of Taylor's gorgeous little ass bounce in front of his face as he ate out her delicate and delicious peach. 

Taylor continued to let out low moans as Mike continued to use his tongue to pleasure herself. Victoria looked up and saw Mike was getting lost in Taylor's pussy. She needed to show him that even though Taylor's pussy was great, it was her pussy that was the real prize. 

"Hey, don't forget about me," Victoria said to them both before she popped her mouth of Mike's member. She positioned her cunt above Mike's pulsing member before she grabbed it and slammed herself down onto his cock. 

"Holy fucking shit Vic!" Mike screamed as he felt his member slam into Victoria's inner walls inch by inch, causing massive waves of pleasure to course throughout his veins.  

"Glad you like baby!" Victoria replied as she took him as far into herself as she could before she lifted herself off him, only to slam down onto his meat rod again. 

Victoria bounced up and down on his hard cock like she was a jackhammer. Mike could feel the Puerto Rican girl thrashing down on his cock. He was worried about her falling off due to how violently she was slamming herself down onto him. In order to keep the fast pace going, he held onto Victoria's hips as he guided her up and down on his rod, helping her stay on his man sword while she fucked him violently. Mike decided that he needed to keep up with the pace that Victoria was fucking him at so he began to ram himself in and out of her womb as hard and as fast as he possibly could. 

"Oh yes Mike! Fuck! Just like that baby! Fuck!" Victoria moaned as he continued to pound his member harder and harder into her wet aching cunt. The sex that she was having with Mike right now reminded her of the sex they would have when they first began dating. It was hard it was rough and it had intense passion.

She hated that having a threesome with the cheating bastard and the woman he cheated on her with was the only way she could recapture the magic she once had, but she overpowered her mind and just allowed herself to enjoy the pleasurable sensations she was feeling. Taylor saw how hard Victoria was fucking Mike and decided she needed to quicken her pace to match their pace. 

"Come on baby! I'm so fucking close! Lick me and make me cum!" Taylor moaned as she leaned her upper body forward a bit and spread her legs wider in order to give Mike easier access to her cunt. She pressed her backside harder into his face so his tongue could reach deeper into her cunt. 

Mike's eyes were focused on Taylor's ass it sat there bouncing right against his face. His favorite part of Taylor's incredible body was her tight ass so watching it bounce up and down in front of his mouth while hearing the ass skin smack against each other. Each bounce was driving them both closer and closer to orgasm. Once his mouth began sucking on her throbbing clitoris, Taylor knew it wouldn't be long until she had her second orgasm of the day. One quick lick of her clit from Mike's tongue sent the blond superstar over the edge. 

"That's it. Here it comes! I'm fucking coming!" Taylor screamed at the top of her lungs as her fluids released from her body and slowly leaked onto his face. Taylor's body jerked as her fluids rushed out of her aching cunt. She had not came this hard in years and it took a toll on her body. After she finished cumming all over Mike's face, she got off him and turned to watch Victoria ride his rod. 

"Oh fuck! I missed having your huge cock in my fucking pussy. Come on! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Victoria moaned as she started to become completely lost in the pleasure that was beginning to rock her body. She was loving the feeling of being full of Mike's cock. Feeling the big-girth member against her sensitive inner walls was driving her insane with lust and arousal. 

"That cock of his is amazing, isn't it?" Taylor asked. 

"It's so fucking good. It's gonna make me cum at any second!" Victoria roared in response. Mike wanted Victoria to cum so he put all his remaining energy into thrusting as hard into her as he possibly could. With one giant thrust upwards into her cunt, Victoria let out an ear-piercing scream. 

"Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" Victoria growled in pure lust as she held herself down onto Mike's throbbing rod, wanting to feel his cock twitch inside her when the fluids began leaking out of her. 

Victoria slouched over as her fluids began to splash onto Mike's member. Victoria climbed off Mike's member and finished having her orgasm on the sand. Feeling Victoria's tight cunt pop off his cock along with the rush of her warm liquids that coated his cock made his balls begin to tighten up and ready to cum.  

"Fuck I'm gonna cum!" Mike shouted as he felt the familiar feeling of the pleasure of the sexual tension ready to be released from the depths of his balls. 

"Cum on us babe!" Taylor ordered as she got on her knees, reading to receive some of his seed.  

"Yes! Cum all over us! That would be so fucking hot!" Victoria says as she and Taylor open their mouths wide, waiting to receive their prize for all the hard work that they did. Mike grabbed onto his cock and jerked it off in front of the two beautiful women until the first jet stream of cum escaped the tip of his shaft. The jizz flying out of his cock his both girls right in the face while the spurts of cum that came after landed on their chins and ran down onto their chests. 

"Oh shit! You fucking drilled us baby! "Victoria shouted as she felt the warm white goo slowly rush down her face. 

"He drenched you in cum Vic!" Taylor added. "Here, let me help you clean up." 

Taylor grabbed Victoria's face in her hands and licked the cum right off Victoria's face and the little drops that landed on the Puerto Rican girl's tits before showing Mike the cum that had been collected by her tongue and swallowed it down. Mike laid back on the beach towel and watched as the two girls kissed and licked his cum off each other's bodies.  Victoria returned the favor and cleaned Taylor's face and chest of Mike's warm gooey cum. 

The erotic sight made Mike think how awesome it was going to be having two incredibly sexy girlfriends such as Victoria and Taylor whenever he wanted. Mike slowly lost consciousness as his body tried to recover from the incredible sex session he just had. 

Mike slowly opened his eyes as the sun began to shine down on his face. 

“Man, I must have fallen asleep. I hope the girls found something to do while I took a nap,” Mike chuckled to himself. He got up and looked around when a look of shock came across his face. 

Everything was gone. The beach towel, the picnic supplies, his swim trunks, and the girls were all gone. The only thing left over was a post-it note that attached to his chest. He ripped off the sticky note and read the message. 

[i]“You’re a damn idiot if you really thought we were gonna to be in a three-way relationship with you. Hope you enjoyed our little threesome because that’s the last time you’ll ever see either us. You’re a fucking cheater and now you’re gonna learn why it’s bad to cheat on Taylor Swift and Victoria Justice. Good luck trying to get home without any money or pants!” 

Taylor and Victoria[/i]


The End.

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