Security Check

BY : LazyNinjas
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This story never happened in real life. It was written for entertainment purposes and never happened. I don't know Nina Dobrev personally and I make no money off this story

"Security Check" 
By: LazyNinjas
Celebs: Nina Dobrev
Codes: (MF, Oral, Creampie) 
Disclaimer: This story never happened in real life. It was written for entertainment purposes and never happened. If you want to comment on this work or check my updates, go to this thread


Nina Dobrev was seriously stressed out lately. With her schedule being flooded with time on sets doing different movies and all of the things she had to do in her personal life, she was glad that she had her first work free week in what seemed like months. Luckily, the week she had off was also the week of Coachella. Nina decided to the perfect thing to do to have some fun was to take a trip with her best friend Hannah and go get some weed and enjoy some cool music. Nina packed all her things and met Hannah in the airport. Nina and Hannah got their bags checked in and were now waiting to go through security. 


"When is this line going to move already?" an irritated Nina Dobrev said to her friend Hannah as the line seemed to go on for miles. 


"Relax babe. Everyone in this terminal is going to Coachella too. We'll get there and you'll be able to have fun and enjoy your off time," Hannah assured her nervous friend. 


"You're right. Sorry I'm being so uptight," Nina replied. 


"Plus, I have some edibles in case you get air sickness," Hannah said much to the shock and anger of her friend. 


"Wait, you have fucking edibles on you in an airport? Are you fucking stupid! You can get arrested and get me on the news!" Nina said as she tried to control her volume. 


"Relax, they're hidden away in a place no one can find them," she explained to Nina. Nina got a confused face and almost wanted to ask what she had meant by that but used her better judgment and decided not to ask. 


After 20 or so minutes of waiting, Nina and Hannah made it up to the front of the line. The airport security sent Hannah to the scanning machines on the right while they sent Nina to the ones on the left. Nina placed her bag on the x-ray machine while she passed through the metal detector. After airport security gave Nina the okay, they sent her on her way. 


She waited at the end of the line for her friend but couldn't see her anywhere. After 10 or so minutes standing and waiting for her friend to show up, she was nowhere to be found. While waiting for her friend to finally show up, a security guard approached her. 


"Are you Nina Dobrev?" the security guard asked.


"Yeah, I'm Nina Dobrev," she responded. 

“Sorry to bother you miss. My name's Marcus Whitmore. I work with airport security. Can you please come with me to the back room?” the security guard asked as she stood in line at the Las Angeles airport with idiot friend who thought bringing his own weed to Coachella was a brilliant idea. Not wanting to make a scene that could possibly get her noticed by any of her adoring fans or the paparazzi, Nina quietly followed the security guard. As they walked into the back room, Nina examined the physical appearance of the security guard. 


The security guard was pretty nice to look at. He was tall, had some good muscle and was the perfect height. He was dressed in the typical security guard outfit. He didn't have a gun on him like some security guards did but he did have a pretty big nightstick that Nina knew no one would want to get hit with. She continued to follow along with where the buff security guard until they approached a locked door. Marcus swiped his identification card through the lock and entered through the restricted area with Nina in tow. 


“Is there a problem here Mr. Whitmore?” she asked, glancing at his ID tag. 


“Look Miss Dobrev,” he said looking down at her passport. "I'm going to be upfront with you. We might have a problem;can you just wait here for a minute? 


"Yeah, that's totally fine," Nina said as she did her best to keep her cool and remain calm. 


"Thank you for your patience Miss Dobrev, I'll be right back,” Marcus said as he left Nina alone in the windowless room. Nina felt like she was waiting for hours, with no clock in the room she had no idea that she was not in the room for hours like she thought but only twenty minutes ago. Nina was starting to fall asleep when she heard the knob of the door start to jiggle.


The door swung open and Marcus walked into the room before closing the door behind him and sitting down in the chair across the table from where Nina was sitting. 


"You're back. I was thinking you had almost forgotten about me," Nina said as she tried to crack a light-hearted joke to ease the tension that felt like a dense fog clouding the closed off room. An awkward silence filled the room. 

"So, is everything okay? Am I good to go or what?" Nina asked as her heart started beating faster every second that went by in that lonely. 


"I'm afraid not. Your friend you were in line with was caught with a couple ounces of marijuana in his shoe," Marcus explained. "I'm sorry for asking you Miss Dobrev but I'm going to need to take a look through your carry on." 


"Okay that's no problem at all," Nina replied as she grabbed the strap holding her purse on her shoulder and lightly placed in front of Marcus on the table. Marcus put on some latex gloves before he dumped all of the contents of Nina's purse onto the table below.


Nina was a little mad he didn't just rummage through it because she had everything perfectly organized and arranged in her purse, but if she just complied with the security guard, the quicker she could go enjoy herself at Coachella. 

Marcus looked through all of the various items that were located in her purse. There was not much that Nina had packed in her purse. The only major things she kept inside her purse was her passport and her wallet with three hundred dollars in cash, her California driver's license, and her multiple credit cards. The other stuff in the purse were the basic beauty products. Some lipstick, some lip gloss, eyeliner, and some mascara. 


"Okay, Miss Dobrev," Marcus said before Nina politely interrupted him.


"At this point you can just call me Nina," she said with a cute smile.


"Okay Nina. I'm going to need to pat you down to make sure you don't have any banned substances or weapons on you. Can you please put your hands on the wall and allow me to search you?" Marcus asked. 

"Sure, no problem," Nina replied as she got up from the metal chair and walked over to the padded wall where she placed her and spread her legs slightly at his request. Marcus put on another pair of latex gloves and walked over to Nina, where he started to do the full body search. Nina was startled by the cold feeling of latex as it he patted down her arms and down her back.


Marcus used his back hand to pat down her ass, where she felt a slight tingle of pleasure to his touch. He knelt down and patted down her legs until he reached her ankles. 


"Can you please turn around and put your hands in the air so I can inspect your front Nina?" 


She once again obeyed the officer's commands and turned around with her hands going as high as she could reach. He started patting down her arms again and slowly went down the black haired girl's lengthy arms until he got to her torso.


Marcus used the back of his hands again to touch her chest area. He found nothing there but was shocked a little when he felt Nina's hard nipples against the back of his hand. He quickly left her breasts and patted his way down her stomach until her reached her lower abdomen. 


Using the back of his hand again, he did a few quick pats before move on from that area and patting down her legs. Nina felt slightly disappointed when she heard the smack of the latex glove coming off and his strong hands leaving her body.


"Okay you appear to be clean of any drugs on you," he said to Nina.


"So does that mean I can go?" She asked as she hoped she could finally go free and have the fun she desperately needed at Coachella. 


"Unfortunately I cannot let you go at this time," he replied. 


"What? WHY?" Nina asked, clearly disappointed by the answer the security guard gave her. 


"Even though you're clean yourself, your buddy who you were traveling with was carrying enough on her that it could be considered drug smuggling, I have to keep you both here until the police get a word with you," he explained to the frustrated girl. 


“You have got to be fucking kidding me? This is such bullshit,” Nina moaned as she could see the fun and relaxation she needed at Coachella slowly drifting away. She needed this break after her hectic work schedule lately. She didn't want to have to resort to this, but she was going to use her body and her natural sex appeal if it meant getting out of the room and getting on her flight. 


“I’M SORRY miss, but I'm just doing my job.” 

"Is there anything I could to possibly change your mind?" Nina whispered in a seductive tone as her hands glided up and down her exquisite frame. Seeing Nina was clearly trying to fuck her way out of this situation was something that Marcus dealt with all the time as a security guard. He had never give into that temptation before today but the way Nina looked at him just made him want to break the rules this one time and see what Nina looked like without the clothes on.  


Okay, I’ll let you and your friend walk out of here on one condition: I’m going to fuck you in any way I want. When I say to do something you do it," the security guard offered. 


"Anything you say officer," Nina responded without giving it a second thought. She thought Marcus was handsome and if she got fucked and got to go to Coachella to get fucked up, even better. Marcus took a seat in his metal chair. 


"Then why don't you give me a little show as you take off those clothes?" 


"Whatever you say officer Whitmore," Nina cooed as she quickly took off her boots. She started moving her hips to the exotic music that was playing in her head. As her hips swayed to the imaginary music she brought her hands to the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, leaving Nina's torso only covered by a see through white bra that held up her cute average sized luscious mounds of flesh.


Marcus's eyes looked down her body. He admired her sexy abs as she brought her hands down to the buttons on her skirt. Marcus could not believe that such a sexy young woman was stripping just for him.


She made quick work of the buttons on her skirt. She knew she had Marcus right where she wanted him. She turned around and slowly shook her ass back and forth as the skirt fell down to the floor. Nina quickly threw the skirt off to the side and revealed she was wearing a black lacy thong that make her butt cheeks look amazing. She pushed her butt out towards Marcus to show off her amazing firm butt for the officer. She looked at him and started to see his little friend sticking out of his pants. She decided to tease him a bit. 


"You getting a look at my cute little butt officer?" Nina asked as she gave it smack, causing the skin to ripple like when a rock is thrown in a calm pond. Nina continued to tease him by shaking he ass, making the security guard salivate with anticipation. 


Nina turned around so Marcus could get a good look at the front of her amazing body that she worked hard to obtain. Marcus could help staring at the tremendous body that was in front of him. There were no flaws which he could find, she was utterly perfect. 


"You like what you see?" she asked, running her hands up and down her wonderful curves. Marcus couldn't take any more of the teasing, his rod was going to break through his pants if he didn't make his move now. 


"I'm going to need you to disrobe so I can check your body for any illegal contraband," he ordered as he got up out of the chair moved up behind Nina. 


"Yes Mr. Officer," Nina said as she reached her hands behind her to where the the strap of the bra was.  She placed her hands on the strap and unhooked her bra, letting it slide down her shoulders and onto the floor. Marcus was immediately greeted by Nina's erect nipples, which were tiny and brown in color. 


"Don't forgot the bottoms miss," Marcus said as he continued to play along with this fantasy. 


"Silly me how could I have forgot?" Nina replied. Nina slowly turned around and gave him another eyeful of her glorious ass.  Marcus watched as Nina slid the thong back down her legs and step out of them. She turned around and gave him his first look at her moist pussy. Marcus looked at her cunt as he noticed it was perfectly smooth down there. Looking at her pussy itself, it was a light brown color that made him want to go down and get a taste for himself.


He gently picked her up and propped her up on the table. Chills spread throughout her entire body as he laid it on the freezing table. He bent down and locked lips with the naked star. Marcus puckered up and locked his lips with hers. Sparks were felt by them both as their tongues danced around inside each other's mouths.


Nina could not believe how much this was turning her on. It was sudden it was adventurous, and something she'd never do if she wasn't so desperate to go to Coachella to enjoy her off time. She was amazed that her day went from getting ready to board a plane to go to Coachella and somehow end up with herself naked on a metal table about to be fucked by the security guard.


 It was a situation that only seemed to happen in a porno or some sort of fan fiction. Her crotch was starting to blaze and burn with anticipation as Marcus kept plunging his tongue down her throat. She had kissed many different men in her lifetime, but the way Marcus was kissing her now was definitely her best kiss by far. 


Marcus was also enjoying the sweet and sensual make out session that he was incredibly having with the one and only Nina Dobrev. He loved how soft and kissable her lips were. It was like he was kissing pure silk.  He was loving the taste of her grape lip gloss as they continued to passionately press their lips together. He continued to kiss the sweet television star, but he wanted to start stimulating her other sensitive areas. 


While continuing their passionate lip lock, Marcus brought his hands up to Nina's bare and luscious breasts. Taking a hold of one in his hands, he began gently squeezing and kneading the soft tit in his hand. He made her moan into his mouth as he pinched her tiny protruding nipples, feeling them become even harder than before in his palms. Nina was enjoying the hell out of this situation. It was just so exciting and new to her. She wanted to do anything she could to entertain and pleasure her one time lover for making her feel this way. 


Even though they were both enjoying their kissing, Marcus broke off the kiss and moved his head down. He left little tiny kisses on Nina's neck that made her giggle. Seeing the beautiful actress giggling and smiling because of his kisses let him know that he was heading in the right direction. 


He continued to work his tongue down past her stretched out neck and collar bone until he his face was directly in front of her tits. He moved his mouth to her right breast and placed a few kisses on it, causing a shock wave of pleasure to pass throughout her body.


“God, I love your cute perky tits!” he exclaimed as his mouth latched onto her nipple, sucking and nibbling on it. He switched to her left breast, his hands resting on the starlet’s smooth thighs. 


“Do you like it when I suck on your tits like this Nina?”


“Fuck your mouth feels so good on my tits baby. Please keep going,” she blurted out in pure bliss as the movements of his sloppy tongue on her sensitive breasts caused her to giggle and writhe around. 


A tingle shot through his entire body, his cock throbbing more and more from the sensations and stimulation of seeing Nina obviously being pleasured by every single thing he was doing to her body. He knew he was doing a great job pleasuring her right now, but it was time to go on to the next level. 


“If you love that, you are going to love this baby. Lie down and relax baby. I'll do all the work,” he replied as he took his mouth off of her tits with an audible popping sound and proceeded down her tight tummy. Nina did as Marcus asked of her, easing herself down and lied her back the table so Marcus could operate and work his magic. He bent down and continued to move his tongue down the length of Nina's incredible body. 


Nina moaned as his tongue made its way down her taunt little body. He went further and further down her body, making his way past her hips and pelvis before finally stopping at  the inside of her tender thighs, finally reaching his goal, and inhaled the sweet smell. Nina felt him slowly spread her legs open further as he lowered his mouth down to her sweet honey pot that was glistening with her feminine juice. 


Not waiting a single moment longer, Marcus ran his tongue up and down the bald lips of her pussy. Nina responded with an audible moan as his warm tongue lightly flicked all over her clit. Not wanting to continue the foreplay, he parted Nina's pussy lips with his hand and darted his tongue inside her, tasting the sweet nectar she was producing.


"Oh fuck baby! Your tongue feel so fucking good down there baby," Nina moaned as she could feel his excellent tongue wiggling its way around her inner walls.  From how well Marcus was using his tongue in her cunt, Nina figured he was very experienced in the art of peach eating. She squirmed and groaned as his tongue lashed against her inner walls. 


Nina thought it couldn't possibly get better until Marcus took his tongue out of her pussy and started licking away at her clit. As Marcus stimulated her clitoris with his tongue, Nina knew she was about to cum at any moment. 


"Oh fuck keep going! I'm going to cum!" Nina screamed in pure ecstasy as she felt the pleasure continue to build up in her body. Marcus took the hint that Nina had given him and went harder and faster against Nina. After a couple seconds, Nina knew she couldn't hold it in anymore.


"Fuck I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Nina screamed at the top of her lungs as her whole body started to twitch and spasm from the pleasure that had just been released. Nina's pelvis kept thrusting upwards in the air as squirt after squirt of her lady cum shot of her pussy and onto Marcus's face. Nina continued to spas and twitch for another minute before she came down from her high.  


"I think it's time you returned the favor i just gave you Nina. Why don't you come over here and help me out with this problem?" He said as he pointed down to his penis, which looked like it was ready to burst out of his pants. Nina took the hint and got off the metal table. She got on her hands and knees, crawling over to him in order to give him a show. 


She went up to the security guard so she her face was directly in front of his throbbing member. She undid the belt buckle and unzipped his pants. After that was done, she took the waistbands of his pants and boxers in her hands and slid them down to the ground, causing his penis to pop up right in front of her face. She was pretty impressed by the size of his member. It looked to be about 8 inches in length from her guess and it was big enough for her to know it was going to fill her up upon entry. 


“What do you want to do with that big cock Nina?” 


“I want to put this big fucking cock in my mouth,” Nina said as she licked and wiggled the tip of her tongue in the slit of penis.  


"What are you waiting for then? Suck it." 


Nina didn't need to be told twice as she used both her hands to jerk his dick back and forth while taking the whole mushroom tip inside her mouth. She worked his dick like a pro, taking more and more of it into her mouth and she slobbered on it and guided her tongue across every inch of his pulsing member.


Nina took more and more of his shaft into her mouth as her tongue started licking across the base. She brought her mouth back up a bit, spitting and slobbering on the dick to keep it nice and wet. Her hands continued to work up and down his shaft until she swallowed the as most of his cock as she could and moved her head back in forth. 


Marcus couldn't take any more of the amazing blowjob that Nina was giving him. He felt like his balls were going to explode or bust at any minute. He was seriously contemplated if he wanted to just nut in her mouth and watch her swallow his seed, but he needed to know what it was like to fuck Nina Dobrev for real.


"Get back on the table, I want to fuck you real good baby," Marcus commanded. Nina looked sad that she couldn't suck on his member anymore, but knew what Marcus wanted. After giving a goodbye kiss on the tip of rod, Nina got off the floor and got back onto the metal table, lying on her back with her legs spread wide in the air, giving Marcus a good clear view of her wet snatch. Marcus took off his shirt and approached the horny actress. He got closer to her until her throbbing cock was mere inches away from her her awaiting hole. 


“Tell me what you want me to do Nina,” he commanded. 


“I want you to fuck me with that big cock,” Nina moaned as Marcus teased her by putting the tip of his dick near the folds of her pretty pussy.


“I'm sorry. What did you want me to do?” Marcus replied like he didn't hear her the first time. 


“Fuck me now! I need that big fucking cock in my now! Please fuck me!” Nina screamed as she just wanted him to fucking stick it in already.


Marcus stopped teasing her and slowly guided his dick into her aching pussy inch by pleasurable inch. Nina moaned louder and louder as each new inch entered her opening womb. Nina took her legs and wrapped them around his waist so she could keep him somewhat inside her. Marcus started to pump himself into her faster and faster. 


Marcus loved how tight Nina's pussy was. It was holding onto his dick like a vice grip which only made the sex they were having even more mind-blowing. He could feel Nina's inner walls close themselves around his cock and drench it in her fluids as he continued to pound away at her cunt.


Nina moaned loudly as she could feel his big balls smack against her ass. She took her jiggling tits in her hands and played with her nipples while he continued to pound away inside. Nina threw her head back and moaned in pleasure as she felt another orgasm starting to slowly but surely arrive. 


"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum again!" Nina said as she used all the force she could to keep him inside her while her orgasm trickled out of her body. 


 She threw back her head and arched her back as her body began to convulse. Marcus kept up the pace he could go at with Nina holding him in so tightly. She was took her hands off her tits and took a second to breathe while Marcus slowed his pace to let her breathe. Marcus kept looking at her breasts as the sweat covered flesh rose and fell with Nina's heavy breathing. 


"Ready to let me finish?" Marcus said jokingly. 


"Ready when you are," she said as they got back to the pace they were originally fucking at. It didn't take them very long to get back to the passionate but intense fucking that they were doing before. They kept going harder and harder until they were both smacking their bare skin on the metal table. 


While the fucking was great, Marcus could tell that his time with the beautiful actress was almost over. He wanted to make every second count so he pushed his rod harder and faster into her than ever before. Nina's fluids that were emulating from her pussy were now being splashed on both of their thighs. 


"Nina I'm gonna cum. Where do you want me to cum?" Marcus asked as he pulled out his dick and started jerking it. 


"Shoot it in my mouth or on my chest! Fucking spray all over me baby!" Nina screamed as she opened her mouth wide and grabbed her tits so they were ready to receive his seed. Marcus aimed for her face as his climax finally happened. He shot rope after rope of cum into Nina's mouth while some of the load got onto her chest.


Nina swallowed the semen in her mouth with a loud gulp and licked her tits of the semen that was left over. Marcus was turned on so much by the sight of Nina slurping his cum off her chest. Marcus took a breath and sat down on the medal chair while Nina caught her breath as she laid on the table.


"That was a lot of fun," Nina said, still recovering from the sex session.


"And you still have time to make your flight," Marcus added, which put another big smile on the actress's pretty face. 


After taking a few minutes to breathe, they both god dressed in their clothes and went to get her friend out of his holding cell. Nina was about to leave for the terminal when she turned around and gave the security guard a peck on the cheek. 


"Here take this, it's my number for when I get back," Nina said handing him a little card. She quickly ran back to her friend who stared at her in amazement. As Nina and her friend walked off to the terminal, Marcus smiled. 


"I'm so calling her when she gets back." 


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