The Orb of Janus

BY : Mal
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction; it did NOT happen. I do not know Maisie Williams or Sophie Turner, nor have I ever been Lord Eddard Stark. Also, I make no money from the distribution of this story.


The following is a work of fiction. It is not, in any way, intended to reflect reality. It is purely a fantasy originating in the deepest recesses of my mind. While real people do appear in this work, I, the writer of this work, in no way wish to see these individuals actually put in any situation contained therein. Furthermore, I do not, in any way, shape, or form, condone rape, kidnapping, violence, or any of the other questionable acts that appear herein. This work is not intended to endorse or condone anyone who would perform such vile acts. Anyone who would do any such a thing to a real-life person deserves punishments reserved only for those in the deepest circle of hell. In addition, I do not know, nor have I ever met Sophie Turner or Maisie Williams. The versions of them that appear in this story are fictional and purely based on their celebrity persona. I apologize if that offends you. My intention is only to entertain. Finally, I make no money from the distribution of this work.

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Dr. Morgan Price looked down in awe at the sight before him, a vision which just a day earlier had been the lone province of his masturbatory fantasies. Before him, on their knees and gazing up at him in what could only be described as unadulterated lust, were Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams. They were in a cast trailer on the season 7 set of Game of Thrones and the girls were dressed as their characters Sansa and Arya Stark. He looked at each in turn, knowing they would now do whatever he asked. “Sansa,” Morgan said, gently cupping Sophie’s chin, “your sister looks sad. Don’t you think she could use a kiss to brighten her spirits?”

Sophie looked over at her good friend, seeing only the sister she knew as her character. “Yes, Father. I think that would help.” She smiled and gently kissed Maisie on the cheek, causing the petite brunette to smile back at her ‘sister’ and then up at Morgan in new-found happiness.

“Not like that, my dear,” Morgan gently chided, trying to keep his voice as even as possible, which, given the circumstances, wasn’t easy. “Kiss her as you would a boy you like, on the lips and with your tongue.” Morgan felt his dick leap inside his simple brown slacks. This would be the real test to see if he could control the power of the orb. He quivered in anticipation as Sophie again looked at Maisie, this time with the same longing desire in which she was looking at him.

Licking her full lips, Sophie leaned forward. Pausing in hesitation before the young girls’ lips could touch. Halting her actions, not because she wasn’t now hopelessly attracted to her ‘sister,’ but because of the moral dilemma before her. “But, Father, wouldn’t it be wrong, kissing Arya like Jamie and Cersei do?” Sophie turned her amazing green eyes toward Morgan, seeing, thanks to the orb, her father, Ned Stark. She bit her lip coyly, the look on her face suggesting she desperately wanted a way to do exactly what he suggested, while remaining the ‘good’ girl she knew her character to be.

Morgan looked at the orb in his hand, concentrating on it. As he focused, it flared to life, shining with an intense bright light while reflecting a thousand different colors from deep within its core and casting a million rainbows across the room. He poured his will into it, using the immense power it contained to reflect the reality he wanted Sophie and Maisie to see. The light within the orb died down a moment later, returning it to a dull innocuous state. Morgan returned his gaze to Sophie. “No, my dear, it wouldn’t be wrong at all. In fact, it’s what two loving sisters should do with each other.”

“Of course, Father. You’re right.” Sophie again turned from Morgan to look at Maisie, who was gazing at her ‘sister’ as she would a lover. The two girls leaned forward and their lips met in passion. Sophie gently took Maisie’s head in hand, pulling the other girl closer. Maisie’s mouth opened in response, moaning into the kiss and accepting Sophie’s gently probing tongue. The kiss lasted several long minutes, as Sophie sucked on Maisie’s tongue all while believing herself to be Sansa Stark and the girl she was kissing to be her sister Arya. The younger brunette then enthusiastically pushed her own tongue into Sophie’s mouth, likewise believing the redhead to be her sister. Maisie then sat forward, climbing into Sophie’s lap and clutching her close as the kiss continued to deepen, all while Morgan looked on in quiet awe.

“It worked,” he whispered. “It really worked.”


An hour ago, Dr. Morgan Price had been nothing but a skinny, geeky, glasses wearing, twenty-six-year-old archeologist, fresh out of school and on his first real dig. He was in Rome, in a newly discovered vault beneath the Ianus geminus, or as the tourists would have called it, The Temple of Janus. Janus, the two-faced God had province over many things including, gates, boundaries, duality, even time. The ancient Roman god was often seen as a guide, as he could see into the past and the future. He was also the god of new beginnings and transitions, and that was the key to Morgan’s research. His theory was that Janus might have served a greater role in Roman mythology than was first thought. Janus already held a special place in Roman mythology, as his name, his very presence, served as a gateway to the other gods. But, since he could see into the past as well as the future and could affect beginnings and transitions, could he have held power over reality itself?

Morgan always wondered what the ancient Romans believed of the two-faced god. He had been fascinated by him since his years in undergrad and yearned to learn more about him, which is why he focused his doctoral thesis around better understanding the god’s role in Roman society. Morgan’s biggest discovery was a reference he found while working on his dissertation. This clue was the reason he was granted the right to excavate beneath the temple, it was why he had been given a huge grant to fund it and why he was now deep underground in a cramped little cave with three other archeologists. In his work, Morgan discovered a mistranslation of an ancient scroll. The correct interpretation of this scroll referenced a reliquary or vault beneath the Ianus geminus, a place that before his discovery no one knew existed. But, perhaps the most interesting thing the scroll said was that this vault was supposed to contain the power, no, the very essence of Janus himself. As a scientist, Morgan didn’t believe he was going to find the power of a god. He only hoped he might prove the questions speculated upon in his dissertation.

It had taken them weeks of tedious digging and excavation, but Morgan and his team finally found what they believed to be the long undiscovered vault of Janus. It was a tight, cramped area barely ten meters across and a meter tall. Everything was covered in thick layers of dirt so they had to be meticulous in their movements or risk stirring up so much dust that they’d have to abandon the room till the next day. One of his colleagues was inspecting a crumbling mosaic on the floor, while another carefully cataloged the pieces of an ancient ceremonial tablet.

Morgan however, was searching what he believed to be an altar of some kind. It had long since collapsed under the weight of debris and time, but curiously an undamaged figure sat atop it. This figure was an ivory and ebony carving of what appeared to be Janus. However, it was odd in its representation. Normally, the two faces of Janus looked away from each other, one looking to the past, the other to the future. But here in this statue, they faced one another. In a further oddity, balanced between them on a small stone pedestal was an orb roughly five cm in diameter.

The orb appeared to be made of plain brown clay. But rather than having a smooth rounded surface, it had a thousand tiny, distinct facets. Morgan tentatively reached out to pick it up so he could inspect it further, when suddenly, the earth shifted. There was a loud rumbling, as dust fell from the ceiling, then with a crash the cave collapsed all around them. As the earth shifted, it tossed the orb into the air. It landed in Morgan’s outstretched hand, and everything around him slowed. Time, came to a halt.

The orb flared to life, casting its multitude of colors all about. Somewhere, in the vague corner of consciousness, Morgan heard his colleagues scream as they were crushed under the weight of a thousand tons of rock. The debris however, passed right through his body, leaving him completely unscathed. Power unlike anything he had ever experienced rushed through his body. It was like being struck simultaneously by a thousand bolts of lightning. He reared his head back to scream as the sensation overwhelmed him. The orb burned in his hand, it threated to consume him. He felt his skin burning to ash and his eyes melting in their sockets as the rainbow-colored light burst from every pore in his body. Then, everything went black.

An eternity seemed to pass. The pain died away and Morgan was able to open his eyes. He still had eyes… He felt different somehow, changed, connected. That was it. He felt connected to everything all at once. Past, present, future, they were all the same. Every moment in time, all realities, he could see them all simultaneously. He reached out a hand, his rainbow-colored vision could see the orb in all its magnificent glory, still balanced on his palm. “Am I dead?” he asked in quiet awe.

“Not dead,” came a soft, masculine voice in reply.

It was a response that Morgan both expected and did not. “What’s happening then? Where am I?”

The voice again sounded in Morgan’s head. “You are in between. Traveling. You can go where ever you chose.” Vaguely, he recognized the voice, and did not. It was complicated. But it was clear, the voice was his own.

“Take me somewhere safe.”

The orb dulled as its rainbow light was reabsorbed into its surface. Looking around, Morgan took in his surroundings. He found himself in a familiar place, the basement of the home where he grew up. His family had moved away years ago, and he’d heard the building had been torn down so some company could build a string of apartment buildings. But, the room was exactly the way he remembered it. Looking around, Morgan saw his little bookshelf, and the cupboard which held compounds for his various experiments, and the chest which contained his favorite toys. It was the safest place he’d ever known. A place of solace and comfort before the world became complicated by girls and bullies. Before he was overburdened by work and relationships. A time when life was simpler.

Part of him knew the orb had done this, that he had done this. That he could, using the orb, alter reality, change it so that his home had never been destroyed. He couldn’t help but wonder, looking around at the perfection that was the reclamation of his childhood home, if the orb held this much power, what else could it do?

“The orb makes you a god,” he replied to himself. “You may use it to affect your own, or any reality.” There was an ominous pause as Morgan try to comprehend something that was beyond understanding. “Know that gods may affect the mortal realm without repercussion. But, should you try to alter the flow of time, rearrange the heavens, or bring harm to the gods themselves you will be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly.” Somehow, Morgan knew that had been the fate of the previous owner. The Janus before him had tested the other gods with his power and they, in their fury, had confined his power to the orb and buried it in the temple. He was contained, until moments ago when Morgan again stumbled across it.

“So,” he said to no one, to himself, laughing as he spoke and running a nervous hand through his hair, “what happens now?”

He heard the response in a low dignified voice. It was his own voice but changed, wizened. “You may do whatever you like with the mortal realm. But know that the other gods have their own little games. Trifling in their affairs, by bringing world peace, or feeding all the starving children in Africa might anger one, while bringing you favor with another. Tread carefully in any changes you make.”

“So, what can I do without pissing in Poseidon’s Cheerios?”

“Look, and you will see.”

That was vague, Morgan thought, glancing around the room in confusion and seeing nothing enlightening. “Hmmmm.” Looking down, Morgan saw the orb in his hand. He concentrated on it, trying to look through it.

The orb flared, filling his vision with rainbow colored light. It was like looking through a long rainbow tunnel. He didn’t know what he was searching for, only held the idle question “what did the ancient gods do with all their time,” in his mind. Suddenly it occurred to him, as the tunnel slowly narrowed in on a set trailer far away, the ancient gods spent almost all their time fucking. There were, hundreds, thousands of stories about gods fucking mortal women. It was a bit of reoccurring theme in mythology. The epiphany cleared Morgan’s vision, centering it and he saw what lay beyond the end of the tunnel. It was Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, the targets of so many of his masturbatory fantasies, sitting in that far off trailer and chatting animatedly. They were in their Game of Thrones costumes, and he knew with the power of the orb, they were awaiting a call to the set.

It would take next to nothing to alter their reality a little.

Morgan laughed, “I think I’m going to enjoy being a god.”

“Careful,” he responded. “Just as the gods play their petty little games, they often lay claim to various mortals. Be sure any women you intend to bed, have not yet been claimed by one of your fellow deities. While doing so is not strictly forbidden, you might anger another god should you, even accidentally, bed a mortal he or she has laid claim to.”

It was a simple matter, using the orb to see through the tunnel and determine if Sophie or Maisie had been claimed by another god. Thankfully, Morgan saw no influence marked upon their essence, claiming them as another god’s property. “Well that settles it,” Morgan said to himself. “Let’s give this god thing a try.” He pulled himself through the tunnel which linked his vison to the set trailer. The shift from one place to another, from one reality to the next, was nothing. Like walking through a doorway. He stepped from the tunnel, coming out in front of the gorgeous young celebrities, causing them to both yelp in surprise.

“Who are you?” Maisie demanded, standing to plant fists on hips.

“Yeah,” Sophie chimed in, standing as well, “you’re not supposed to be in here.”

They looked outraged, startled and afraid all at once and turned to flee from the trailer, when time stopped. Well, stopped wouldn’t be correct. Stopping time would require more power than even he possessed. To be more accurate, time slowed, nearly to a halt and allowed Morgan to alter the girl’s reality before they could flee or call for security. The orb flared and before they could take a single step for the door, Sophie and Maisie stopped, turned, and dropped to their knees in adoration.

They looked to each other, then up at him, their gaze filled with unadulterated lust. Sophie bit her lip coyly, now believing herself to be the ‘good’ girl, Sansa Stark, and he her Lord Father. Maisie, also looked upon him in hungry longing, her gaze filled with mischievous desire, a sight more in line with her own character, Arya Stark. “What may we do for you, Father,” she asked, batting her long dark eyelashes, and looking sad that she was yet unable to please him.


“It worked,” Morgan whispered. “It really worked.”

Maisie sat in Sophie’s lap straddling the taller redhead and pressing their bodies tightly together. Sophie wrapped the younger brunette in her arms, holding her close, while Maisie gently cupped her friend’s head between her hands. The petite brunette was gently grinding herself against Sophie’s thigh and had her tongue plunged between her lips. The two girls, who now believed themselves sisters, rocked back and forth in heated passion, kissing and groping one another through the thick lining of their costumes.

Morgan felt his cock surge in his pants. The vision before him was almost as unbelievable as becoming a god. “Girls,” he said trying to sound stern but wise, like Ned Stark. Although the power of the orb ensured they would never questioned their new reality, it added to his fantasy to think he made a passable Ned. “Wouldn’t you girls be more comfortable out of those heavy clothes, and on that bed back there, instead of the floor?”

Their kiss broke, and both girls were breathing hot and heavy. They turned and looked up at him, a single thin strand of saliva connected their lusty lips. “Yes, Father.” Sophie responded, breaking the thread while looking embarrassed as she tried to catch her breath.

“Of course, Father. Anything you say.” Maisie said, standing and helping her sister to her feet.

The two enthralled celebrities stood before him. They gazed at him longingly and dutifully began to strip off the heavy layers of their costumes. Just a few moments later, they were naked. Sophie had a trim body with nice sized breasts. Her nipples were pink and puffy and begged to be sucked. While her toned, athletic legs were clean shaven and her pussy was as smooth and bald as a baby’s behind. She gave him a shy nervous smile, embarrassed, as her character would have been if naked before her Lord Father. Maisie on the other hand, looked every inch the naughty rule breaker her character Arya was. Her tiny pink nipples stood firm and erect on her small breasts. Her legs were shaven and she had a thin little landing strip for pubic hair, but glistening at the base of that hair was a small shining ring of metal, pierced through her clit. Furthermore, as she took Sophie by the hand and led them all toward the bed, her small round ass, shook and swayed in perfection and Morgan could see the faintest hint of her pussy through the gap in her thighs as she walked.

The petite brunette paused at the bed’s edge, turning to face her ‘father,’ and holding the hand of her naked sister. She licked her lips in unabashed lust, as her grey-green eyes traveled up and down Morgan’s body. “What would you like of us now, Father?” she spoke in a sweet, almost innocent voice, but with that look on her face, anyone could tell what she really wanted.

Morgan looked them over. Maisie swayed back and forth as she studied his body, while Sophie by contrast looked at the floor in embarrassment, occasionally stealing a shy glance up at him. “Arya,” Morgan chided, “your sister was nice enough to give you a kiss. Perhaps it’s time you return that favor?”

“Shall I kiss her on the lips, Father?” Maisie asked, looking up at Sophie and biting her lip in lust.

“I think that would be appropriate, don’t you?” Morgan asked, as he studied the shy redhead.

Maisie turned toward her sister, arching up on her tiptoes and embracing her as she prepared to reengage the hot lusty kiss they shared moments ago. However, before she could plant the kiss, Morgan took her shoulder in a firm grip, pulling her back to her feet. “Not those lips my dear.” He then gently guided Sophie down to the bed and spread her legs wide. “These lips,” he said, running his finger along the delicate folds of Sophie’s tight young pussy.

Sophie hid her face in shame, “Father are you sure this is a good idea?”

Morgan paid her no mind, pushing her onto her back and looking down at Maisie. “Arya, show your Lord Father that you can be a good girl too and you might earn my favor.”

Maisie knelt on the floor in front of the bed. Sophie’s long legs splayed to either side of her petite young body. She gave Morgan one last questioning look before diving in. Gripping Sophie’s thighs, she lowered her head between her legs. It was clear she was turned on by the prospect, but also that she’d never done anything like this before, as her first lick was long and tentative. It started at the base of Sophie’s delicate folds and ended just above her clit.

Sophie too was obviously aroused, because despite the almost robotic, experimental lick, she let out a long low moan: “Oh, Arya.”

Morgan whispered into the embarrassed redhead’s ear. “Tell your sister what feels good. Give her some encouragement and she’ll give you what you want…pleasure.”

Maisie took another long lick, and Sophie, bolstered by her Lord Father’s request moaned as her sister’s tongue pressed against her tender, blood engorged clit. “Arya,” she said in deep gasping breaths, “right there. Please don’t stop.” The redhead gripped the sides of the bed and her breathing became deep and ragged. “Your tongue feels so good.”

Needing little encouragement, Maisie sucked the little pink nub between her lips and began to suck and lick on it. Sophie began to moan and writhe beneath her sister as she worked on her sex. Directing her and supporting her with helpful directions through her gasps and sighs of pleasure. “Keep sucking my clit, just like that.” She wrapped her legs around Maisie’s shoulders, and ran her fingers through the young brunette’s hair, gently cradling her head and looking down into her sister’s passion filled eyes. “Do you like eating your sister’s pussy? I bet it turns you on, you were always such a naughty girl.”

Maisie, meeting her sister’s gaze as she diligently sucked and probed her pussy moaned in response, as she trailed a hand between her own legs. With deft fingers, Maisie began to stroke her sex. Soon she was gently humping her hand and devouring her sister’s cunt between her eager lips.

Morgan took a step back to removed his clothes watching, enraptured, as Maisie pleasured her sister. Soon, Morgan too was naked, and the redheaded ‘good girl’ was bucking and moaning in orgasm, as she gripped her sister’s hair and moaned out her name. “Arya, you dirty girl, make sissy cum, please, just like that!” Sophie’s whole body shuddered and all the while Maisie continued pleasuring her. Morgan watched as she flited her deft tongue across the other girl’s clit before sucking it back between her lips. He watched as Sophie road the orgasm wave again and again, till she was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and could hardly move.

Morgan put a tender hand on Maisie’s shoulder. “You’ve done a fine job with your sister, Arya. Why don’t you give her a kiss and tell her how much you love her?”

Maisie climbed up her sister’s still shuddering body, kissing her way across the tender folds of Sophie’s taut, sexy stomach. Briefly pausing at her breasts, to kiss and suck each of her puffy pink nipples into her mouth and causing the redhead to softly sigh in pleasure. She let Sophie’s nipple trail from her mouth as she rose to look her sister in the eyes. Both girls smiled in genuine love as their gazes met. “I love you, Sansa,” Maisie said with tears of joy in her eyes.

Sophie returned the smile, also tearing up at the emotion surging through her. “I love you too, Arya.” They both leaned into each other, lips meeting in a soft gentle kiss. Sophie clutched the younger girl in her arms and Maisie gently cupped Sophie’s head between her hands. Their lips parted and, for several minutes, all Morgan could do was watch as the two sisters shared a deep, loving kiss.

Eventually, they remembered their Lord Father, and the girls turned to look over at him. Morgan stood near the foot of the bed, his cock at full mast, hoping they hadn’t forgotten about him in their journey of self-discovery. Sophie grinned, seeing Morgan’s fully engorged cock and looking much less shy now that she had put on such a show. “Arya, look, our Lord Father must have been enjoying our little performance. We shouldn’t leave him out, now should we?”

“Of course not,” Maisie said as she crawled off her sister, her eyes fixed upon her father’s thick pulsing prick. Once she was standing, she helped Sophie to her feet. Then, hand in hand, the two girls of Winterfell approached their Lord Father.

They knelt before him and spoke in unison, “how may we serve you, Father?”

Morgan practically blew his load right there. He took their heads tenderly in either hand and gently pulled them toward his member, positioning them to either side of it. “Your Father wants to see his girl’s beautiful eyes as they serve, so keep those eyes up, or you’ll displease him.”

“Yes, Father,” they again said in unison, each taking a side of his cock between their lips and looking up into his eyes as their tongues darted forth from their mouths. They kept their eyes dutifully locked upon their father’s as he began to slowly pump his hips back and forth. His cock slid between their lips and their tongues swirled up and around its thick base as he fucked their lips. Soon, Morgan was pumping his hips, rapidly sliding his entire cock through the folds of their lips. Thick strands of drool trailed from his daughter’s mouths, as they worked, leaving trails of saliva down their naked bodies.

Morgan shuddered, only sheer willpower kept him from blowing his load while he watched Sophie and Maisie’s eyes as his dick slid between their lips. He pulled back some, thrusting the head between their shared lips. “Kiss each other, as you did before, but this time around the head of your father’s cock.”

The girls moaned like whores as they kissed one another around the pulsing head of their father’s thick member. Their tongues passed back and forth into each other’s mouths and they sucked hard on the tip, all the while staring at him, their gazes filled with lust. It was more than Morgan could take. Pulling his dick free of their mouths he said, “open up, let your Lord Father see those tongues.” Sophie and Maisie pushed their heads together, cheek to cheek. They opened their mouths, looked up at him, and laid their tongues out like a welcome mat.

Morgan furiously stoked his cock, looking down on his ‘daughters’ expectant faces. “Cum for us, Father,” Maisie said, as she reached up and gently stroked the sensitive patch of skin between his balls and rectum. Sighing in pleasure, Morgan blew his load. The first thick rope of jizz, landed on Sophie’s outstretched tongue. It rolled back into her mouth, but she kept her tongue out, hoping for more. The second caught Sophie and Maisie across their cheeks, with a few drops landing in Maisie’s mouth. The third, fired off like a shotgun, blasting to the back of Maisie’s mouth as Morgan groaned in ecstasy. He had one last load, which he deposited into Sophie’s mouth by shoving his cock back between her lips.

When he was finished, his dutiful daughters moaned in pleasure as they took him back between both their lips and worked diligently to suck any remaining cum into their collective mouths. He took a short step back when he could take no more. The girls pressed their lips fully together and kissed each other with passion. They passed his load back and forth between them as their tongues darted back and forth. In the end, Sophie sucked the jizz from Maisie’s mouth and swallowed it down. They then turned their gaze back to him, and the sultry redhead, with cum on her lips said, “did we do good, Father?”  

“You girls have made your father very happy. But we’re not yet done.” Morgan concentrated and willed his dick back into service. Being a god was a good thing, as it took less than ten seconds for his prick to surge back to full mast. His cum covered daughter’s eyes widened as they looked on it in awe.

Maisie bit her lip coyly, “Father,” she said turning her gaze from the impressive reanimation of his cock to again look into his eyes, “how can we serve you now?”

“Up on the bed, Sansa,” Morgan commanded in response, “your Lord Father has plans for your sister’s sweet arse.”

“Yes, Father,” Sophie said, climbing onto the bed. Once there, Morgan pulled her to the edge, positioning her so her head hung off the side.

“Arya, stand over your sister’s head and bend over. You have my permission to kiss those luscious lips between her legs.”

“Of course, Father” Maisie cooed, as she positioned herself so she stood over her sister’s head. Once there, she bent over as instructed and began to gently rub the redhead’s clit between her fingers. Sophie too, wasted no time, plunging her tongue into her sister’s tight, unused, cunny lips.

“Sansa, spread your sister’s tight little butt cheeks. Your Lord Father wants to see her puckered little rosebud.” Sophie, still lapping at Maisie’s delicate folds, gripped her sister’s tiny ass in either hand, spreading those cheeks to reveal her tiny puckered shit hole.

“Father, what will you do with her?” Sophie asked, momentarily turning her gaze from the pussy in her mouth to look Morgan in the eye.

“Don’t worry my dear, she’s going to enjoy this.” Morgan popped his index finger into his mouth, briefly wetting it. He then carefully pushed the first digit of his index finger into Maisie’s tight, unyielding asshole. The tiny Brit tensed and moaned as it entered her. But she trusted her Lord Father, not that she had the power to stop him, and said nothing. Morgan used the power of the orb, even though it was safely secured in the pocket of his pants, to alter reality and pump copious amounts of lube through his finger into Maisie’s tight, virgin rectum. When he withdrew his finger, it dripped from her tiny anus and trailed through her taint. Some of the thick cherry flavored liquid ran down her thighs, while the rest ended up in Sophie’s eager mouth as she continued to munch on her sister’s sex.

Morgan then stood, positioning the head of his rock-hard dick at the entrance of Maisie’s anus. He gripped her hip tightly in one hand and, with the other, grabbed a handful of her dark black hair. “Tell your Lord Father what you want,” he said pressing the head inside her.

Maisie moaned as her back arched from Morgan pulling her hair. Her whole body tensed as she felt the huge invader pierce her ass. “Father,” she sighed, as every muscle in her body went rigid. “By the old gods and the new,” she groaned, “that’s amazing. Morgan pushed harder, pulling her hair, and holding her in place as he slid the first half of his massive cock into Maisie’s tiny little hole. Sophie was still licking and sucking on her pussy, and the young brunette began to shudder all over. “Fuck me, Father, please.”

Morgan released her hair and Maisie fell limp as the first orgasm took over her body. He pushed the rest of his cock deep inside her, and his youngest daughter with the help of the oldest began to cum. Gripping her hips in both hands, Morgan began to grind in and out of Maisie’s tight, but well lubed asshole, even as she was squirting girl cum all over her sister’s face. “Father,” she groaned, “your cock is so big. It’s stretching my little hole to its limits.”

Neither he nor Sophie let up, and soon Maisie was little more than a slave to the sensation washing over her body. Morgan gripped her hips tightly as he steadily worked his prick in and out of Maisie’s tiny little butthole. She couldn’t move, other than shudder and moan as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably, spraying thick cum everywhere. “I’ve been a bad girl, Father, fuck your daughter’s naughty little shithole.”

Morgan offered his bad little girl a healthy slap on her ass. A loud “Whack” reverberated around the room and Maisie’s ass clenched down tight on her father’s member. “You have been a bad girl. Maybe your Lord Father should turn his attention elsewhere?”

“No, Father, please.” Maisie pleaded as her head bounced back and forth. “I’ll be your good little girl, promise.” Morgan, spurred on by hearing his little girl beg to be fucked, slammed his cock in and out of her ass. Soon, thick wet slapping sounds could be heard as Morgan’s hips collided with his daughter’s thighs.

The only other sound was Sophie’s groaning and breathing as she continued pleasuring her sister’s other spasming hole. Her tongue darted in and out of the brunette’s hot wet love tunnel, then flitted up to press against her throbbing clit as a torrent of salty sweet fluids spayed out. They covered the young redhead, even as she worked to suck up every drop.

The sensation of Maisie’s spasming pussy and her asshole clenching and unclenching as she orgasmed again and again was soon more than Morgan could take. Again, he reared his head back and moaned as he blasted the young brunette’s insides with a huge salty load of jizz. But, with his tender, twitching cock eager for more, he reached down between Maisie’s legs, pulled Sophie’s face away from her sister’s still shuddering sex, and shoved his cock unceremoniously down her throat.

He thrust himself into her mouth and began to hump eagerly against her face. Groaning in pleasure as his dutiful daughter wrapped his lips around his member. Eagerly, she slobbered and sucked the cum and ass right off his dick. The feeling of his daughter degrading herself by greedily slurping down her sister’s ass juice was beyond belief. He drained his balls into her throat, filling it with three more intense explosions of cum. The slender young redhead gulped it down even as a mixture of his and Maisie’s thick viscous cum dribbled down and covered her face.

Morgan wasn’t done yet. A feeling of euphoria rushed through his body, a high like he had never experienced before. He yanked his dick free of his daughter’s mouth and slapped it across her forehead for good measure, having never felt so strong, so in control in his whole life. Shoving an exhausted Maisie off to the side, he growled “off your sister, whore.” Maisie rolled to the side of the bed whimpering like a defeated dog. Then, with a grunt of power, and feeling like the god he now knew himself to be, flipped Sophie onto her stomach. “Father, what are you doing?” she exclaimed, alarmed and scared that all pretense of romance had vanished.

With the barest moment of concentration, Morgan again willed his cock back into service. He grabbed his daughter’s long auburn hair and hissed into her ear, “you’re my breeding bitch now.” Then thrust himself into Sophie’s warm wet twat. “Soon, Sansa, you will swell with our child.” Sophie grunted as her father’s hard dick pierced her to the hilt and began to grind in and out of her.

“Father, please, not so rough.” She pleaded, but it was to no avail.

Morgan cared not that there were tears of fear and humiliation in her pretty green eyes. He held her down as she fought against the demeaning way he was treated her, fucking her like she was a just a bitch to be bred. With both hands, he gripped her hair, and pushed her face down into the mattress. He lay across her body and thrust his hips forward as he ruthlessly fucked her tight young pussy.

“You’re hurting me,” she grunted. But, as Morgan looked down, there was drool pooling at the corners of her mouth, and her eyes were rolling back in her head. As if that wasn’t enough of a tell, her pussy was sopping wet and gripping his dick like it never meant to let go. Sophie might have been hating it, but Sansa was loving being her Father’s little fuck slut. “There’s no reason to be so rough.” But, as she spoke, there was a tiny little grunt of pleasure, and he felt her body surrender.

Morgan rutted inside Sophie, enjoying the clenching fight she put up in her attempt to stop the inevitable. She sobbed and cried as he fucked her harder and harder. He noticed though, that the harder and more degrading he made it, the more she yielded. Soon he was slamming his cock in and out of her, and she bit her lip to keep from moaning in pleasure as she laid there and took his hot pounding cock. Morgan sighed in pleasure, feeling the power wash over him again. His back and arms bristled with sweat as he held his daughter down and fucked her with all his might.

It soon became more than she could take and Sophie began to grunt in pain and pleasure as he approached the end. Her pussy clenched and began to spasm around his dick. Then his little redheaded fuck slut came. Her hot cunt exploded, spraying thick girl cum all over the bed. At that same moment, feeling her yield to his might, Morgan blew his load. He came, filling her insides with his seed. Rope after rope of hot virile cum poured into his daughter, Sansa, Sophie. It made no difference, soon she would swell with his child.

Morgan pushed her away, and Sophie crumpled to the floor. She drew her knees to her chest and continued sobbing uncontrollably. It had been a degrading experience, but he knew that she would enjoy it, and so she did. Though at the same time, she hated it, and would have much preferred a sweeter, more caring version of her father. He stood over them. Maisie exhausted and passed out on the bed. Sophie crying like a babe on the floor. Both victims of his might. He took a moment to survey his victory, taking a deep breath and feeling that sensation of power. Pure unadulterated power. He was a god and knew this wouldn’t be his last conquest.

With a thought, he was clothed again, the orb secure in his pocket. He could see into his daughter’s futures, and it was a grim sight. Maisie would end up in a padded room, convinced she was Arya Stark. She would die alone, the laughing stock of the world. Sophie would use everything at her disposal to hide the events of today, or at least the specifics of it. She would swell with his child and would go into hiding to raise it far away from the tenants of man. In the end though, she too would die alone. But not until her demigod child left her abandoned and alone.

The part of Morgan that was still man felt bad for them. The orb could change their fate. The only question was, did he care enough to do so? He could make it so they remembered none of this. He could even remove nearly all the evidence that he had been here at all. Sophie would carry his child regardless of what he did, ever wondering how she came to be pregnant despite being on birth control.

He decided to fix it. These girls did nothing wrong, in fact they gave him exactly what he needed when he needed it most. They showed him what he truly was, what he had always been and what he would always be: the two-faced God Janus, The Lord of gates and boundaries, duality and time. The bringer of new beginnings and transitions.

Morgan used the orb and it was done. The room was returned to order. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams sat waiting on a call to the set, talking and not seeing the god standing in the bedroom door. He took one last look around. Today had been a good day. It had always been a good day. He would have wondered what tomorrow might bring, but he already knew. Smiling, as rainbow colored light filled his vison, Dr. Morgan Price, also known as Janus the two-faced god vanished from the trailer.


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