Take Her Home

BY : LazyNinjas
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This story never happened in real life. It was written for entertainment purposes and never happened. I don't know Dove Cameron personally and I make no money off this story

Take Her Home 
By: LazyNinjas
Celebs: Dove Cameron
Codes: (MF, Oral, Cons)
Disclaimer: This story is fictional. None of this has ever happened or ever will happen. If you want to comment on this work or check my updates, go to this thread http://www2.adult-fanfiction.org/forum/topic/65705-lazyninjas-thread/



Tonight was going to be a long night. I could just sense it. Doubling up as Dove Cameron’s personal chauffer and bodyguard was not always easy. People thought Dove was a prefect little angel who did nothing wrong. That's was the way she acted when the cameras were on, but she acts like a completely different person behind the scenes. There was a chance I could potentially lose my job every night with how crazy she acted when she got some freedom. 

I guess I'm pretty good at my job since I've been her chauffeur/bodyguard for almost three years now. At this point, Dove felt like my rebellious teenage daughter, but I also couldn’t help but noticed how well her body had developed since I took up this job. She had certainly developed into the quite the young woman. Her face wasn’t the face of a girl anymore. She had become a beautiful young woman. She was also a curvy woman. Her tits were the most impressive thing that had changed as she aged. 

They were huge and looked as smooth as butter. Her ass was no slouch either as she had developed quite the bubble butt. I know it was wrong to think things like this about someone I considered like a daughter, but I was a heterosexual male who knew a beautiful young woman when he saw one. The only job I was supposed to do for Dove today was drive her over to her boyfriend Ryan’s house, where they would normally have an at home date which mainly consisted of watching movies on the couch and just snuggling up together. I never went inside of Ryan’s house but I knew he would never lay a finger on Dove with bad intent.

I felt like something about tonight was off putting though. It was not something I could describe, but it was just one of those weird feelings you get from time to time. My sense that something was up seemed to be correct when I noticed Dove was leaving, which was something she never did this early. I get out the car and see Dove coming out of Ryan’s place crying.

“What happened Dove?” I asked the crying blond as mascara starts to run down her face.

“Nothing. I swear it is not a big deal at all,”

“What happened in there lovey Dove?” I asked her, hoping my cute little nickname I gave her when we first met would get her to open up to me.

“It’s nothing. Ryan and I just had a little disagreement and decided it was better if we just saw other people,” she told me as the tears really started running down her face at this point. I open my arms wide and like she always did when she was upset about something, ran into my arms and used my shirt as her own personal snot rag. I could tell she was very upset. I knew she cared a lot about this guy and thought she would want to go home and deal with this breakup.

“Do you want me to drive you home kiddo?” I asked as I rubbed her head, trying to give her some sort of comfort in this trying time for her.

“No Jeff. I don’t want to go home. Can we go to The Vibe on 42nd street?” Dove asked as she looked up at me. I was shocked when Dove asked me to go to The Vibe of all places. The Vibe was one of the dirtier clubs in the city of Los Angeles. Usually no one with Dove’s kind of fame would want to go there.

“You sure you want to go to The Vibe?” I ask her, making sure that was where she really wanted to go. Dove nodded her head yes in response.

“I just want to get a little drunk and have a good time,” she said as I walked her to the back of the car and opened the door for her. She got in the car and I closed the door. I got in the driver’s seat and set the GPS to The Vibe.

Now I knew the reason she wanted to go to The Vibe now. They never checked ID for drinks and Dove wanted to get drunk. I know that Dove is underage to drink, but I wanted her to live a little bit and I would be there to protect her in case anything went wrong. After a 15-minute drive, we got to The Vibe and I helped Dove get out of the car. I handed my keys over to the valet and we walked inside. As I walked in, I could not help but take in the smell of people’s sweat and the terrible aroma of bad colognes and perfumes mixing in the air.

Dove had never been the kind of girl to go to the clubs and party out of her mind, but her fight with her boyfriend was the only reason we were even at the club tonight. She wanted to drink her problems away and I was in no place to judge her. Dove got the attention of the bartender with a twenty-dollar bill and ordered two shots of vodka, which she slammed down her throat as soon as she got them. I kept an eye on Dove while checking things on my phone and such. Before I even noticed, we had been at The Vibe for almost two hours now. Looking up at Dove, I could tell the shots of vodka were already kicking in. I decided that I should get her out of here and back to her place so she doesn’t embarrass herself in her drunken state.

“Dove, I really think you and I should be heading home now,” I said to the beautiful busty blonde. I tried to get her off the high bar stool she was sitting on, but it was pretty clear she was not going to leave that high barstool unless she wanted to go.

"Oh come on Jeff! Let a girl have a little fun for once. Let me have a good time. As long as you are here to protect me, I’ll be fine," Dove said to try and calm my nerves. Dove got the attention of the bartender and asked him if she could get another shot of vodka. The bartender poured her the shot and she threw her head back and took another shot of vodka. She made a grossed-out face as the bitter taste of the vodka went down her throat and into her system, but she threw her shot glass up in her hand and continued to party like she did not have a single care in the entire world.

“Fine. One more half hour and then I’m taking you home,” I told her before she gave me a hug and went out on the dance floor. The way she was swinging her hips and shaking her body to the loud electronica music was mesmerizing to watch. The way Dove was shaking it, she was going to get some attention. That attention finally showed up when a man that looked to be in his mid- 20’s started hitting on Dove. I moved in closer to Dove to make sure this guy wouldn’t be a problem. I heard the conversation the two were beginning to have.

“You’re a pretty sexy little lady,” the man said as his eyes went up and down Dove’s nimble body.

“Thanks. Nice of you to notice,” Dove said as she hoped the man would just walk away and know that she was not interested. 

“That’s a pretty looking smile you got there,” he said as he tried to continue the conversation.

"Thanks, my dentist says I have a little mouth,” Dove says as now the alcohol was really getting to her head.

"I know something that could go into that little mouth of yours," the man said as he got closer to Dove, making her feel a little scared. Still being scared but not enough to ask him to leave, she made it worse by commenting on the man’s penis.

"Like what? That little tic-tac in your pants?" Dove commented as she almost fell over. I knew there was going to be trouble once she said this.

“What the fuck did you say to me bitch?” He said as the anger really started to show on his face. He grabbed Dove by the arm and that was when I sprang into action. I walked over to where Dove and the man where and got Dove out of his grip.

“Do not touch her ever again or you are going to pay for it,” I said as I forced him to get his dirty hands off Dove.

“What the fuck are you going to do about it?” he asked. Before I could even answer, the man made his hand into a fist and tried to swing it at me. I could see it coming from a mile away, so I grabbed his hand and twisted his arm around his back. I forced him to the floor, where he squirmed around in pain, trying to get his hand free. I lean down and whisper in his ear.

“If you don’t want to go to the hospital with a broken arm, I suggest you get up and leave the lady alone. Got it?”

He nodded in agreement. I got off him and let his arm go. He ran off to wherever losers like that run off to.

“My hero!” Dove said as she reached her arms around my neck and gave me a hug.

“Okay Dove, I think it is time I took you home now,” I said as I grabbed her by the hand and lead her out of the club. The valet got my car and I buckled Dove into the back. I tried to concentrate on the road but Dove was making that very hard as she was being very distracting.

After a thirty-minute drive, we got back to Dove’s apartment. I parked the car and got her out of the backseat. She was half asleep, so I picked her up in my arms and carried her into her apartment and into her bedroom. I set Dove down on her bed and I was about to leave for the night when Dove got up out of bed.

“Wait. I want to thank you for tonight,” Dove said as she started to approach me. I was shocked when she started to kiss me. I pulled back from the kiss and Dove looked upset.

“What’s wrong Jeff?” she asked with those big puppy dog eyes of hers.

“I’m sorry Dove but I can’t kiss you. I’m your chauffeur and bodyguard and that’s it,” I said as I tried to stop her from continuing to kiss me.

“I know how you look at me Jeff, I’m not the little girl you knew anymore. I am a woman now, and a woman has needs Jeff,” she said pulling me in for another kiss. I didn’t pull back this time. She did have a point. She was a woman now and it was her choice if she wanted to kiss me, but I just felt so conflicted. I pulled away from the kiss to ask her a question to clear my conscience if she responded the right way.

“Are you sure that this is what you want from me Dove?” I said as we both made eye contact with each other.

"Please fuck me Jeff. I need your cock deep inside me,” Dove said as I could see the pure lust in her eyes. 

I stood up and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, taking it off and throwing it on the floor. Dove dropped to her knees and her hands went for my belt. She took the belt buckle and undid the buckle part. She proceeded to pull my belt out of the holes in my jeans before finally getting it out of my pants and tossing it on the floor.

She reached for the button on my jeans and took it out of the hole. Her other hand reached for the zipper and slowly pulled it down all the way. After those were both taken care of, she grabbed my jeans and tugged them down my legs until I stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor. Dove then grabbed the waistband of my black boxers and tugged them down the same way she tugged down my jeans. Having my boxers on the floor, Dove took in the sight of my 8-inch cock being freed from my boxers. 

“Holy shit. That cock is so beautiful,” Dove gasped as her eyes really focused on my hardening cock. She licked her lips like she was just waiting to get her mouth on my tasty meat shaft.

“I guess it is my turn to get naked now,” Dove said as she reached behind her blue dress and undid the zipper, letting the dress fall to the floor, revealing Dove wearing a matching tan push up bra and tan barely there thong.

“Do you like what you see Jeff?” Dove said as she modeled her body for me. She took her hands and pushed up her bra covered tits, showing off even more cleavage that the push up bra provided. She quickly turned around and showed that the thong part of her underwear was barely there, basically showing off her whole ass. Dove bent over and took a hand full of her ass cheek in one hand while she smacked the other bare butt cheek with the other hand.

“Is this turning you on stud?” She whispered seductively as she ran her hands up and down her amazing body. Dove looked at my rock-hard erection and immediately knew the answer to that question. 

“Then I guess I should keep going then,” Dove said as she stopped her seductive tease to reach behind her back to get at the bra straps that were keeping her big firm tits contained. After taking a second to balance herself, she was able to get the bra off and onto the floor where it belonged. She grabbed her thong and took it off, leaving her body completely bare for my eyes to behold.

I could see her incredible naked body in full for the first time. My eyes were drawn to her succulent breasts. She had the cutest pink little nipples that were poking out right at me. My eyes wandered down her tight little body, going down and seeing her soft little stomach. I could tell that all that time she was spending at the gym lately was really starting to pay off.

My eyes finally wandered down to her pussy. I had no idea that Dove preferred a little blond landing strip down there. It was hot to see someone finally not shave off all their hair down there. Her pussy lips were enlarged and clearly wet, seeing all her female excitement escaping down her legs. Dove got down onto her knees and moved over to me so that her face was only inches away from my cock.

I watched as she slowly opened her mouth, waiting for me to insert my love stick into her eager and wet mouth. I grabbed my cock and carefully guided it into her mouth slowly. As inch by inch went into Dove's wet waiting mouth, I felt her tongue begin to coil around itself around my length. She reached down and grabbed my dick firmly in her hands. She started to jerk my cock with her hands while her tongue worked its magic on the head of my penis. 

She began to make loud slurping noises as she licked my cock like she was trying to get to the center of a tootsie pop. I was quite surprised by how much of a little cock-sucker Dove was. By the way she was working my shaft in her mouth, I could tell that this was not her first time giving excellent head. She continued to suck my cock for the next couple minutes until she took her mouth off my cock and looked up at me.

“This is fun and all, but I think you know what I want Jeff,” Dove said in a teasing manner as she looked at up and me and gave me her cute little begging look, completely with cute little frown and puppy dog eyes.

“You want me to fuck you?” I asked her as my cock stood at full attention for Dove, almost taunting her with my nice 7-inch shaft. She nodded her head up and down in approval.

“I need it from you so badly Jeff. Please fuck me,” Dove moaned as she jumped onto me, forcing me to fall on my back and on to her bed. She got on top of me and hooked her legs around my waist and trying to pull me deep inside her. I lined up my stiff rod with her pussy and started to poke into her vagina.

“Yes. Please fuck me with your big cock.” Dove said as she moaned, feeling my shaft enter her pussy inch by pleasurable inch. 

“I love your big fucking cock Jeff. Please fuck my slutty little cunt,” Dove pleaded as her eyes bounced back and forth between my face and where my cock was penetrating her special love tunnel. 

Finally stopping from playing around with Dove, I started with slow and sensual thrusts into her. With each thrust I made into the blond bombshell’s needy cunt, I felt the passion and pure lust between us get stronger and stronger. Her moans were getting louder and more persistent as her hands moved to her chest to play with her nipples. Dove’s lips quivered as pleasure coursed through her body. After playing with her nipples for a bit, I move my hands down to her hips and hold them in place. The look of pleasure that was on Dove’s face made me so much harder than I already was.

“You like my cock, don’t you?” I asked, continuing to push forward until I felt her insides stop my forward progress with just a little bit of my cock, probably less than an inch, still outside of her.

“I fucking love that huge fucking cock of yours,” Dove moaned, clearly overwhelmed by the whole situation. Hearing Dove tell me to fuck her with my big cock was completely at odds with the sweet, adorable girl that I had come to known since taking this job. Of course, that made it even hotter. She was totally off limits, or at least had been, and never had I even entertained the thought that I would have her in this position.

“Holy fucking shit Jeff,” Dove whimpered as she was felt her inner walls stretch out farther than she thought they could. It was giving her a brand-new level of pleasure that playing with herself or even fucking her ex-boyfriend Ryan had never gotten her to experience in her young life.

“You are so fucking tight Dove. Tightest pussy I have ever gotten to fuck,” I grunted as I felt her inner walls held on tightly to my cock. I continued to pound away at Dove’s insides. I was having the time of my life with Dove. I had never experienced sex as great as the sex I was having with Dove right now. I didn’t care about the consequences that came in the morning. It was all worth it to get to fuck Dove.

“You are so fucking great at sex Jeff, I have never been this wet before,” Dove sighed as I slowly slid a few inches out of her, only to push back in with a lot of force. I didn’t know it but I had just hit Dove’s very sensitive g-spot.


“Oh, my fuckin god,” Dove started to moan as she started to feel like her horny pussy could not take any more of the stimulation I was giving to her sensitive lower region.

"Holy fucking shit! Here it comes!" she wailed as her pussy began to spasm and squirt her feminine juices all over my cock. I felt Dove’s warm lady fluids begin to completely coated my cock in her liquid love. The warmth of her fluid sliding down my shaft had gotten me to the point I was about to blow my load at any second.

"I'm going to cum soon Dove. Should I pull out?" I asked as I tried to hold back as long as I could so I didn’t let out my sperm where she does not want me to cum.

"Holy fuck! Get your cum inside me Jeff! I'm on the pill just fill me already," Dove cried as she felt all of my warm seed squirt into her pussy as I had finally reached my climax.

Dove was panting heavily as both tried to catch our breath for our intense love making session. I was not as exhausted as Dove appeared to be, but I would be lying if I didn’t say it was a pretty good workout. By the time I had finished getting my clothes back on, Dove had finally passed out from all the alcohol her body had consumed. I cleaned the floor of our mixed fluids and put on Dove’s underwear for her. In case if Dove forgot that we had engaged in sexual intercourse and wanted to know what happened, I decided I was going to tell her that she started stripping in the back of the car, passed out before we got home, and that I carried her and her dress back into her room. 

I pulled the covers over Dove and kissed her on the forehead before turning off the light and headed home. There was a pretty good chance that she would forget that we had sex, but if her calling me her best lover was true, I am sure I would hear all about it in the morning.

The End.

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