Breaking the habit

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Breaking the habit

Noodle chewed her lip as she struggled to stop staring at the smoking cigarette between 2D’s lips, having had a doctors check-up for the first time in years she had been told that her lung capacity had dropped significantly since she had last been examined as a child prompting her to make the drastic decision to give up smoking

In doing so however she quickly learned the fact that she lived in an apartment with three smokers made her decision complete and utter torture

Taking a deep drag of his cigarette to finish it off 2D then flicked the butt of it over the side of the balcony to the streets below as he exhaled slowly, Noodle’s eyes following the smoke trail before noticing that 2D was staring at her “you doin’ alright luv? Cravings ‘itting you ‘ard?” he asked smiling sympathetically at her, knowing all too well what it was like to try to quit smoking several times only to fail horribly each time

Letting out a heavy sigh Noodle nodded resisting every urge to beg him for a cigarette as 2D reached into his pocket pulling out a pack of gum “’ere, should take ya mind off it” he said offering the gum to the guitarist who eagerly took it, pulling a stick out and tearing the wrapping off before starting to chew, her mood elevating slightly as the gum eased her cravings ever so slightly

“Thanks Toochie” she sighed with somewhat relief leaning up on her toes to give the vocalist a kiss on the cheek, the pair having entered a somewhat relationship since Noodle had decided to show her attraction towards 2D by essentially jumping him and riding him into his mattress and whilst it wasn’t the stereotypical ‘true love’ relationship that most artists liked to publicly display themselves as the pair had enough feelings for each other to make their relationship meaningful, despite this they kept it a secret though mainly to keep Russel from ripping 2D in half

“No worries luv” the vocalist smiled back “now we betta get to practice before Murdoc gets pissy” he then sighed checking his watch having excused himself from practice to have a cigarette ten minutes earlier and knowing Murdoc he was most likely ready to drag 2D back into the studio by his throat

Sighing in reluctant agreement Noodle spat out her gum before opening another stick having chewed the flavour out of the first one in under a minute as she fought through her craving, how little the gum helped her proving the fact of just how addicted she had gotten to cigarettes, never realising how she would go through an entire pack on a stressful day which were quite numerous when it came to sharing an apartment with Murdoc

The moment they reached the recording room Noodle was immediately reminded of why she smoked so much, an empty lager can hitting 2D square between the eyes the moment they walked in followed by Murdoc’s slightly slurred shouts about them being late which in turn was followed by Russel’s bark for him to shut up as him being pissed was just making it worse

After a mere hour of rehearsing, well trying to rehearse as Murdoc seemed to forget every single note that he was supposed to play in Saturnz Bar Noodle decided that she had had enough, having chewed through the entire pack of gum that 2D had given her and now biting down on one of her spare picks

When Murdoc missed his final note and cursed loudly once again knocking 2D and Russel off rhythm Noodle outright dropped her guitar to the floor “fuck it! I’m out!” she exclaimed before making a quick exit whilst the other’s stared at her with dropped jaws, whilst they were equally as annoyed at Murdoc’s fuck ups neither 2D or Russel had it in them to outright bail on a recording session so early

“Well if Noods is out I’mma call it quits too, no point trying if you’re too drunk to even play properly” Russel stated heaving himself up from his drum set before muttering something about getting started with dinner ignoring Murdoc’s protests about needing to keep the practice going

As Russel slammed the door behind him making 2D jump a little Murdoc turned his attention to the singer, his blood shot eyes glaring at him as if daring him to bail out before letting out a sigh “ah fuck off dullard, ya know ya wanna” the bassist sighed acknowledging that that practice session was a total bust “I need another fuckin’ drink”

Having wanted an excuse to leave without incurring Murdoc’s wrath 2D took the chance to run whilst he had it, nearly smacking into the wall as he ran for the door and tripping as he left crashing into the adjacent wall to the sound of Murdoc growling “fuckin’ idiot” behind him

Picking himself up rubbing the new bump on his head 2D then set his focus on finding Noodle to check if she was doing ok, the last time the guitarist had stormed out of a recording session she ended up breaking Murdoc’s door down to vent frustration leading to a fortnight long argument between her and the bassist

Luckily upon walking by the bassists room on his search for Noodle he found his door still standing allowing him to breathe a sigh of relief “at least she’s not that pissed” he commented as he then headed towards Noodle’s room

Strangely enough however when he opened the door to the guitarists room she was still nowhere to be found “what the ‘ell? Where is she?” 2D pondered starting to worry that she might have stormed out of the apartment since Noodle wasn’t the best person to be in public when she was pissed off

Since it was the last room she could possibly be in 2D checked his own room finding Noodle on his bed wrapped up in his sheets playing video games “there ya are luv” he smiled with slight relief as he entered the bedroom shutting the door behind him to blanket Noodle back in the comfortable darkness of the room save for the light coming from his TV

Giving a small grunt of confirmation that showed she knew 2D was there Noodle kept her eyes on the screen letting the vocalist climb onto the bed with her and leaning back against him as he sat behind her winding his lanky frame around her “first day’a quittin’s always a bitch” he commented as he rested his head upon Noodles

“I can see why you kept messing it up, this is torture” Noodle sighed resting her head back against his chin “I just have the urge to just BITE everything!”

“Oral fixation, doctor told me it’s one of the worst parts of quittin’” 2D replied “I went through five packs of nicotine gum during the first two days when I tried quittin’ for the first time and after that I nearly chewed by fingers down ta the bone” the blue haired man explained as Noodle began idly chewing on her own finger, not even noticing until a tooth dug in too hard making her hiss and pull the digit away “the best thing ya can do is just distract yerself”

Leaning back harder against 2D Noodle just nodded but what could she do to distract herself from the near crippling cravings? Nuzzling her head back against the vocalist’s chest Noodle breathed in deep relishing his warm smoky scent, the smell of cigarettes on him calming her slightly prompting her to lean up and nuzzle her cheek against his jawline affectionately making him chuckle “only you can go from pissed off to frisky this quickly luv”

“You said it yourself, I need to distract myself” Noodle tittered back as she turned around to face him running her lips along his jawline “and right now I need the biggest fucking distraction I can get” she then purred huskily as she reached down to cup 2D’s groin, already feeling him harden in her grasp making her bite her lip “I really need your dick Toochie”

As Noodle began to undo his pants 2D realised that he was in no position to argue with her, not that he was planning on doing so that is as he pants went to her shirt lifting it up, forcing Noodle to release his belt buckle for a split second to raise her arms to let him remove her shirt before quickly getting back to work in undoing his pants whilst 2D fiddled with the clasp of her bra

Lifting his hips to help Noodle pull down his pants and underwear in one go 2D finally rid the guitarist of her bra leaving them both half naked to which he moved his hands to her face pulling her into a deep kiss, the action making Noodle simper and moan against his mouth able to taste his last cigarette on his tongue, one of her hands moving to wind her fingers into her hair whilst the other gently stroked his cock

A few moments into the kiss however the cravings for nicotine came back hard reminding Noodle of the main reason for doing this prompting her to shove 2D back onto his bed as she stood up, hurriedly undoing her pants and sliding them down her legs along with her panties kicking off her shoes as well in the process

Now adequately naked Noodle all but dived on her lover knocking the wind out of him as she pinned him to the bed, 2D’s eyes wide with surprise as she grabbed hold of his wrists pinning them down whilst teasing his cock with her tight little slit “oooooh yes Toochie, so hard, all for me” she breathed as she ran her wet little cunt along the length of him, adoring the feeling of his heat and thickness against her folds before angling her hips to slide her cunt all the way down his dick

Throwing her head back with pleasure as 2D filled her to the brim, his cock head pressing snugly to her cervix sending a jolt of ecstasy straight up her spine “oh fuck Toochie, this is what I needed” she moaned gyrating her hips as she squeezed her pussy tighter around his cock, the overwhelming pleasure of the penetration easily suppressing her nicotine cravings

Moving her hands from his wrists to his chest to balance herself Noodle rode 2D harder and faster making his mattress creak and shake beneath them, 2D’s hands now free to move up to cup her chest making her hiss with pleasure at the feeling of his rough palms against her sensitive breasts

“Jesus Luv…so tight…” 2D groaned as it felt like Noodle was trying to snap his dick off with every movement, her riding pace erratic and almost crazed as she gave into the overwhelming pleasure of the act, the guitarist a little too happy to be finally rid of the crippling nicotine craving she had been suffering all day feeling her orgasm building up already

Feeling Noodle getting tighter and wetter around him 2D then rolled them over pinning the guitarist under him making her keen with delight as his cock pushed in deeper with the new position “ah yes Toochie! I’m cumming!” Noodle cried out as she wrapped her legs tight around the vocalist’s narrow waist, digging her heels hard to his lower back as she came hard around his cock

As she got even tighter around his manhood 2D was forced to stall his thrusts and wait out her climax, lowering his head to capture her lips in a heated kiss making her moan and simper as she tasted the smoke on his tongue again

Eagerly kissing him back as she rode out her orgasm Noodle moaned louder against his tongue as she felt him throb inside of her to which she broke the kiss and pushed against his shoulders “Toochie…let me suck your dick…I want to taste it…” she panted unwinding her legs from around his waist to let him pull away and sit back on his knees to which she promptly rolled onto her front facing him hungrily taking his cock into her mouth

The moment his cock passed her lips and rested on her tongue a wave of satisfaction and almost relief washed over Noodle as her oral fixation was appeased near instantly, the guitarist humming and moaning loudly around his shaft as she bobbed her head along it, barely taking a minute to make her lover cum hard straight down her throat as he groaned her name

Falling back onto his elbows 2D panted heavily for breath as Noodle continued to suck on his dick even after he had stopped cumming “ease up there luv…little sensitive right now…” he panted to which Noodle shook her head without taking his cock from between her lips, sucking harder on him making his back arch before pulling back for a few seconds to breathe and speak

“No…I’ve found the…perfect cigarette substitute” she moaned before taking his manhood back into her mouth making her cheek bulge out with it, drooling heavily around him before pulling away again “you lucky bastard, every time I need a cigarette you’re gonna get a blowjob” she promised before going in to deepthroat him again sending another wave of almost painful pleasure through 2D’s system, making him wonder if he’d even survive how long it would take for Noodle to completely quit

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