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Chapter 1: The Trip

"You guys have a great trip! Take pictures and videos for us!" Michael said as he gave his two friends/coworkers hugs.

They both smiled, "Oh don't worry I know Andy here is going to turn into goo when she meets Lynn," Ethan said jokingly at his best friend. 

"Shut up Ethan!" She said and gave Michael one more hug before they got into her blue Tacoma truck.

They both tossed their hats in the back and took on last look at their work, "So long pizzas!" Ethan yelled out of the window when Andy was pulling out of the parking lot. 

The red and white glow from the sign was put behind them as Andy turned onto the main street and started to drive the twenty minutes towards their apartment. 

"I can't wait for this weekend. These hours are killing me," Andy said as they came up to a red light and rested her head on her hand as they waited for the light to turn green.

Ethan nodded, "I couldn't agree more. It's supposed to be slow season and yet we're still getting our asses kicked!" 

Andy nodded as she ran her fingers through her short black hair. Her tired brown eyes looked out onto the road and started to drive as soon as the light turned green. This was a much needed get away. Even though it was only a five hour drive, they both needed a small break. Their big boss even said that the two needed a break from their sixty hour work weeks. 

But they were so short handed it was impossible for them to even get one day off. That was until Andy discovered that her one of favorite bands was playing in a city five hours away during the month of October. The day before her birthday. She jumped at the chance to get the tickets in June. 

She got the "Meet and Greet Experience" where they would get t-shirts, a poster, a lanyard, and a picture with the band. She didn't care about the price for the two tickets. She just knew she needed to get them fast. As soon as she got her e mail confirmation, she went into work and put her and Ethan's name down for the days they were going to be away. 

That night she went home got on her laptop and booked a hotel for two nights. Everything was set to go and now all they had to do was do some last minute packing and they were off first thing in the morning. Little did she know she was about to have the night of her life. 


"Thank you Nashville! You're beautiful! Can't wait to come back! GOOD NIGHT!" The crowd roared as Lynn, Alex, and Brian ran off the stage after their encore song. Everyone backstage clapped and cheered for them. The three best friends smiled and thanked everyone. 

"Okay guys, got a long drive ahead, let's get going," Mark their tour manager said as he came up to them and started to lead them towards their bus. Once they got on the bus the three collapsed on a seat. 

"Man, I still get chills every time I hear them sing our songs," Alex said as he started to take off his shoes. 

"I really didn't think they would know EVERY ONE OF THEM!" Lynn said with a small laugh as she laid down on the couch. 

"That rush never gets old. Especially when we play stuff off our first record," Brian said as he sat back in his chair. The three of them were going back and forth about the show and talking about the next show  and the next city. 

After they released their second album it was time for them to tour again. The two years before it was rough especially on Lynn. She was in a relationship for about two years and then things ended. She turned to music and started to write.  Not too long after they started to record their second album. Once it was ready, it was time to set tour dates and start promoting it. Then, it was back to the crazy life.  What the band wasn't counting on, was that two people were about to come into their lives and change their world forever. 


Andy grumbled as she reached for her phone to turn off her alarm. She looked at her phone and it read, 4:30 A.M. She tossed her blanket to the other side of the bed and swung her legs over. She sighed and rubbed her face with her hands and then turned on her lamp to have some light in her room. She was already wearing her black sweat pants that she was gonna wear for the trip. She walked over to her dresser and then looked at her reflection in the mirror. 

She saw the dark circles under eyes, and she saw some new bruises and cuts from work, "Of course," she whispered to herself. She put on a sports bra and then a t shirt that she had laid out. She grabbed her socks and her duffel bag with everything she needed besides her toothbrush and toothpaste. 

That would be packed last since she would brush her teeth before she would eat or drink anything. She turned off her lamp and made sure she had everything. Going through her personal checklist she looked around her room and then closed the door. She heard things moving around in the kitchen and saw the light was on. She was confused, because Ethan told her to wake him up since he has a hard time getting up in the morning. 

She walked into the kitchen and was surprised to see Ethan, with tired eyes making them coffee. 

"Okay, who are you and what have you done with my best friend?" she asked as she put her duffel bag by the front door.

Ethan looked up and smiled, "Well I figured since you're doing all the driving I decided to get up a little bit earlier and make you some coffee. It's not as good as yours but, least I could do." He said and put down a thermos in front of her. She smiled but was still confused as to why and how he got up without her. She walked to the bathroom and started to brush her teeth. 

"I'm gonna start loading up the truck!" He called to her and she muffled an "Okay," back. The night before they packed a small cooler with drinks, and some sandwiches so that way they wouldn't spend too much money on food. They pretty much did what her family used to do on road trips. Make sandwiches, buy the variety pack of chips, and buy the drinks a day before the trip. Then, all they would truly have to do is buy ice at the gas station while one of them would fill up the truck with gas. 

Andy finished brushing her teeth and rinsed off her toothbrush. She walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. She grabbed a zip lock bag and put her toothbrush and toothpaste in it and then placed in her bag. She  grabbed her wallet and keys off the counter and looked around the apartment going over her checklist as she put on her checkered black and red VANS. 

"Ethan! You have everything?!" She called from the stairwell of their apartment complex.

Ethan turned around, "Hold on, I'm gonna do a quick check don't lock the door!" He answered back.

Andy adjusted her duffel bag and started to walk down the stairs just as Ethan was walking up, "Awesome! Make sure you lock the door." 

"I got you."  Andy opened the back passenger side of her truck and put her bag behind the driver seat. She closed the door and opened up the driver side door and waited for Ethan. She didn't have to wait long, she heard a door slam and then saw him coming down the stairs with something in his hands. He opened up the passenger side and handed her a plastic bag, "Almost forgot the CDs," he said with a smile. 

Andy's eyes went wide, "Oh my God! I can't believe we almost forgot those!"

Ethan chuckled and put the plastic bag in the glove compartment, "So we don't lose them." 

Andy nodded, "Good call," she started to put on her seat belt and looked at Ethan, "Are you ready?" 

"Let's get it," he said and they fist bumped each other. This was going to be a great weekend. 


"Is there any damage to your truck?" The state trooper asked Andy looking at the back of her truck where they were hit from behind. 

Twenty minutes into their road trip they were rear ended, and when they were able to finally pull over three other cars were damaged. They just got the tail end of it.

Andy shook her head, "It doesn't look like it. The tail hitch saved the day." She said with a nervous laugh. 

This was not the way she wanted to start the road trip. Out of the three cars Andy's truck wasn't damaged at all. The trooper smiled at her and Ethan,  "Just sit tight and we'll get you out of here." 

"Oh my God dude! Are you okay?" She asked looking at her best friend?

He nodded, "Yeah I'm good, are you good?" 

"Just a little shaken," she answered. She couldn't believe this happened. At least this wasn't her fault, but still she couldn't believe this how the road trip started. All she wanted to do was have a nice birthday weekend with her best friend, meet and see one of her favorite bands and then head home. 

Another state trooper came up to them, and gave them all the information they needed in case they needed to report any damage that they couldn't see right then and there. They thanked the trooper and were still waiting for one of them to come back with her information. 

After another twenty minutes they finally gave her back her information and told them that they were free to go. She called her dad when they got back into the truck and she told him what happened. He told to that when she gets to the hotel to take pictures of where it was hit and the information the trooper gave her. After they talked for a few more minutes they hung up then she and Ethan got settled. 

"Okay let's go," she said as they started their road trip again. 


"I'm still getting a lot of feedback," Lynn said to the sound guy. They made it to their next city early and which was good, because they needed to do a quick soundcheck before the Meet and Greet. Lynn waited for the sound guy to give her the signal to talk into the microphone. Alex was tuning his guitar, and Brian was tuning his bass.

Then, a loud noise came from the speakers. Everyone covered their ears and looked at the sound guy, "Sorry, my bad, didn't mean to do that. My fault," he yelled to everyone. 

Lynn, Alex, and Brian looked at each other and chuckled a little bit. She looked around the venue they were about to perform in a few hours. It wasn't too big and it wasn't too small, just how they liked it. They still couldn't believe how far they've come in such a short time. Their fans were dedicated and they were so amazing and they were the reason they did what they did. 

"Okay, let's give that a try," the sound guy called over to them. Lynn nodded at her best friends and they started to play their opening number. 

The staff of the venue started to set up this privacy curtain for the Meet and Greet Setting up the tables for the bands merchandise, the security guys going through their routine to make sure things go smoothly. Mark was going around making sure everyone was doing their job. He wanted to keep his band safe from harm. The last few shows went smoothly and he wasn't about to have a show go wrong. Not on his watch. 

PVRIS did a few more songs and everything sounded perfect to them. They walked off stage and started to get ready for their meet and greet with their fans. 


"I told you we should have left at three, look at this!" Andy said a little irritated. They pulled up to the venue and saw the line to get in. They made it to the hotel yesterday afternoon and just relaxed. The only time they left was to get dinner from one of the fast food places and then back to the hotel to eat and then relax.

Andy made sure she brought her medicine because if she hadn't she would be missing the concert. 

They both woke up this morning and decided to order in some lunch. Well, Ethan fell asleep and didn't wake up until 4:30 which pissed off Andy, but it didn't matter because she had Meet and Greet tickets. 

They pulled into the parking garage and she found a parking spot. Once she was parked she made sure they both had their CDs so that the band could sign them. 

"Did you bring your brace?" Ethan asked as they got out of the truck.

"Yeah, I made sure I brought it, give me a sec to put it on." She took her knee brace out of the truck and closed the doors and then turned on her alarm. She tore her ACL a year ago and this brace helped make sure that it doesn't happen again. 

Once her brace was on they started to walk towards the venue and every step she took her heart was pounding. She didn't know why. Maybe because every time she met some one famous she would freeze up. But this time was different and she couldn't explain it. She went up to the window and gave the lady her name and the credit card and her license so she could pick up her tickets. 

The nice lady gave her everything back and told her that the meet and greet line was the closest to the their building. After thanking the lady she walked over to Ethan and stood in the line that the lady told her to. 

Not long after getting in line a guy was coming over checking IDs and putting on wristbands on those that were of age to drink. When he came up to them Ethan asked if the line they were in was the Meet and Greet line. He asked to see their tickets and Andy showed them to him and explained that she paid for the Meet and Greet Experience. He told them to talk to another lady that was coming by with a clipboard. 

She asked for Andy's name and she gave it to her. There it was right there on the list. She walked Ethan and Andy up to the checkpoint where the security people would check to make sure they didn't have any weapons on them. Andy did inform the guard that she had a brace on. 

Once they were finished the other guard walked them up to the doors and opened it for them. Once they were inside there was another line going around the main floor. Andy assumed it was for the band. They checked in again with another person and he asked for their shirt sizes; gave them the shirts, then a poster, then a lanyard and told them to stand in line and they'll meet the band shortly. 

Andy couldn't catch her breath. She was about to meet not only her crush but her favorite band. She had to grab onto Ethan once they got in line, "Do you need a drink drink?" he asked motioning with his hand. She shook her head, "Do you want anything to calm down?" He asked. 

She looked at the bar and saw the Red Bull cooler, " The Red Red Bull," she said. 

Ethan smiled and shook his head as he walked over to the bar to get them drinks. While she was waiting for him a guy came up to her and said that they were holding a raffle for backstage passes for when PVRIS comes on stage. Andy's eyes went wide and just nodded, she wrote down her name and she wrote down Ethan's name. The guy said that she was able to bring one guest if she wins and if her friend wins he could bring a guest too. She smiled and thanked him as he walked away and Ethan came back and gave her the Red Bull she asked for. 

"What was that about?" He asked.

"I just put our names in for a raffle to get backstage passes for the concert!"

Ethan's eyes went wide, "Did you put my name in too?" Andy nodded and took a big gulp of her Red Bull, "Whoa, calm down there," Ethan said jokingly. 

"I'm sorry bro, but each step we take my heart pounds louder and louder. This is different from went I met Chris from TRAPT." She took another big gulp of her Red Bull. 

"Look, calm down, you got this, just be chill, and don't say anything stupid. You always say something stupid in front a cute girl," he said as he took a sip of his vodka Red Bull. 

Andy nodded, "Yeah, you're right, I just need to calm down," she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She let it out and opened her eyes and saw that they were three people away from meeting PVRIS.

She grabbed Ethan's arm, "Oh my God! Oh my God!" 

They finished their drinks just as two girls came from behind the curtain and they were crying.  Ethan tossed his cup and her Red Bull can in the trash just as the person in front of them went behind the curtain. 

This was it, they were next, and Andy was shaking so much she didn't know if she could hide it. She didn't know why. They were just like them, regular people, only that they were famous and they were on covers of magazines and doing interviews on TV and selling albums. 

Before she knew it, the man standing next to the curtain smiled at them and told them that they were up. She took a deep breath and walked in first, she locked eyes with Lynn for a second and she couldn't help but feel her heart pound even harder. 

"Hey, how are you?!" Lynn asked. 

"I'm so nervous!" Andy confessed. 

"Aw don't be nervous!" Lynn said in a comforting tone. 

"We got into an accident on our way here!" Andy blurted out before she could think. 

"Oh wow, it seems like everyone is getting into accidents," Lynn said. 

"Is everyone okay?" Alex asked with concern. 

"Oh yeah, tail hitch saved the day!" Andy again blurted out and started to mentally kick herself. 

"Do you know who you like?!" Brian asked Ethan. 

"No, who do I look like?" Ethan asked with a big smile. 

"You ever watch Penny Dreadful?"

"Can't say that I have." Ethan said still smiling. 

"You look like the guy that plays this character Ethan." 

"Oh my God! That's his name too!" Andy again blurted out. 

"I don't know who that is. But I would say he looks like a Dorian Gray," Lynn said with a smile. 

"Alright let's get a picture," the photographer said smiling. 

Alex was by Lynn and Lynn had her arm around Andy and she had her arm around Lynn, and her other arm around Brian and Ethan was next to Brian. 

"Thank you so much!" Andy said. 

Lynn smiled, "No, thank you."

"Hey are your posters signed?" The photographer asked. 

Again Andy was mentally kicking herself. As they were signing their posters and CD she blurted out, "I saw you guys two years ago opening for  21 Pilots." 

"Oh really? I think that was the show where our equipment broke," Lynn said as she signed the CD as well.

Andy nodded, "Yeah you said, 'Sorry guys we're having technical fucking difficulties.'" 

"Wow that's amazing," Alex said as he signed her CD. 

"Yeah I have the video on my profile!" She said looking at Alex as Brian signed her CD. 

"I'm so sorry, I'm so nervous." Andy blurted out. 

"Oh you're fine." Lynn said with a smile and she looked at her again and they locked eyes again. 

"Thank you so much." Andy said with big smile. 

"Oh, thank you." Lynn said as Andy and Ethan started to walk away. 

"Want that drink now?" Ethan asked as he put his arm around his best friend. 

"Oh God yes!" She said as they walked towards the stage. 


"Can you believe that she remembered that show?" Lynn asked as they were about to go on. 

"I know that was such a long time ago. You had that maroon blouse," Brian said with a small laugh. 

"Oh my God, yes you did," Alex said with a big smile. 

"Shut up!" She said playfully hitting her friends. There was also something about that girl that she couldn't get out of her mind. She wasn't sure what it was but, she had to shake it off and get ready to go on stage. 

The opening acts were done and it was time for PVRIS to go on stage. While the crew was setting up for them, the guy that came up to Andy earlier took the stage. He walked up to the microphone and looked out into the crowd. 

"Hey guys, who's ready for PVRIS?!" The crowd roared with cheers, screams and applause. 

"I'm sure they're ready for you! But before I bring them out it's time to announce the winner of the raffle!" The crowd roared with cheers again. 

"Now, now, there's something else. Not only will the winner and their guest get to watch from backstage, they will also hang out with them on the bus for a few hours!" The crowd roared even louder. 

"Okay let's see who won! Let's bring PVRIS out for this!" The crowd went wild when Lynn, Alex and Brian walked out on stage. 

"Alright who wants to do the honors?" he asked as he held a bag out in front of them. Alex and Brian pointed at Lynn. She laughed and stuck her hand in the bag and started to move her hand around. When she finally settled on a piece of paper she gave it to the guy. 

He opened it up and smiled, "The winner his Ethan Chandler! Ethan Chandler you and your friend go over the right side of stage and I'll meet you and your guest there!" 

"Ethan! Let's go!" Ethan stood there and couldn't believe his name was called. 

"It was a one in a million shot! How did this happen?!" He yelled over the crowd as Andy was leading him to the right side of the stage.

The guy met them there, "Oh hey! I just need to check your ID to make sure it's you." He said, and Ethan took out his wallet and gave him his ID. The guy took out his small flashlight and looked at the ID and then back at Ethan. 

He smiled and gave him back his ID and then he gave them two lanyards and started to lead them to the side of the stage. "I'll come back for you after the show. They're gonna exit on the other side. Once the show is over I'll come escort you to their bus with their tour manager!" He yelled over the loud cheers. Ethan and Andy nodded and gave him a thumbs up.  They hugged each other and started to watch the show. Tonight was going to be the best night Andy and Lynn would ever have. 


"Charlotte! Thank you so much! Can't wait to come back! You're amazing! You're beautiful! Thank you!!!" They rushed off the stage again after their encore and they were met by Mark. 

"Again amazing show as always! Rick is gonna bring the two lucky fans to the bus in about fifteen minutes. We're not leaving here for another five hours. So they can leave whenever they decide to. I'll go meet with them as well as to make sure they won't like kidnap you," he said jokingly and they all chuckled. "I'll see you guys in a few. Great show tonight!" 

The three said thank you to Mark and they made their way to their bus and Mark walked across the stage where he saw Rick talking to Ethan and Andy. 

"Alright you two are the lucky ones huh?" He said with a smile and shook their hands.

"This is Ethan the winner and this is his best friend Andrea. But everyone calls her Andy." Rick said with a smile. 

"Awesome, if you'll follow me I'll give you some ground rules and we'll get you on that bus." He said smiling as they started to walk across the stage and towards the exits where the buses were. 


"Now just remember be yourselves and have a good time. I remember you two from the Meet and Greet. So you met them earlier now you're just gonna hang out. Just be yourselves and have a good time," Mark said as they got to the bus. He opened the door and gestured for them first. This time Ethan went in first then Andy right after. Mark closed the door and started to make his way back to the venue to make sure everything was again running smoothly. 

Ethan walked up the steps and when he reached the top he saw Alex, Brian, and Lynn standing there with smiles on their faces.

"It's the Penny Dreadful guy!" Brian said with excitement and walked up to him and gave him a hug, then gave Andy a hug. She still couldn't believe she was here. Alex and Lynn also gave them both a hug. But when she hugged Andy the both of them felt a small shock. Both not wanting to acknowledge it because they both thought it was just the atmosphere and the fabrics of the clothes just rubbing together. 

"Did you guys enjoy the show?" Lynn asked sitting across from them. Andy just nodded and Ethan started to speak. She was so nervous and shy she didn't want to blurt out anything again like she did before. While they were all talking the opening acts came onto the bus and again hugs were given and the atmosphere was jolly and merry. But Andy couldn't help but feel even more nervous. 

Alex gave Andy a drink and she took and smiled at him and gave him a small thank you. He looked at her, "Are you okay?" 

"Yeah just a little nervous. My birthday is in an hour and this all just a dream come true." She took a sip of her drink. 

"Your birthday is a midnight?" 

Andy nodded, "Yeah but please, don't make a big deal out of it. Just coming here and seeing you guys play again was all I could ever ask for." Alex smiled and gave her a small hug. He went back to everyone else. He walked up to Ethan and the two started to talk. 

Andy looked to her right and saw an acoustic guitar, thinking no one would mind, she put her drink on the table, sat down on the couch and took in her lap. She did tuned it up and strummed it. She played a few cords and when it was to where she wanted it to be she began to play one of her favorite songs. 

"Your kiss, your smile, your mind
You're sunlight in my eyes
I miss your breath on my neck
When we whisper in the night

Brian was the first to hear the soft music play. He turned around and saw Andy strumming the guitar and singing. He tapped Alex and nodded in Andy's direction.

Didn't wanna want you
Didn't wanna need you so bad
Didn't wanna wake up 
And find that I was falling so fast
Didn't wanna need you
Didn't wanna need anyone
Now look what you've done

Alex looked at Brian with wide eyes, "Wow, she's was just telling me she was nervous."

"Well maybe seeing the guitar put her at ease," he said just as Ethan turned around and saw his best friend playing the guitar and singing.

"She hasn't played in a while," he said taking a sip of his drink. 

Now I can't go on without you
I'm naked, I cant fake it.
I'm not that strong without you
Never thought I could love you the way I do.

Alex felt some one stand next to him and it was Lynn. He looked at her and then he made eye contact with Brian behind her. The two of them haven't seen that look in a long time. Not since her ex girlfriend from two years ago. 

Your touch, your skin, can't believe the way you let me in
Don't rush tonight, I need you like the ocean needs the tide.

"I haven't seen Lynn look at some one like that in a couple of years," Alex whispered to Ethan just as Brian came over to them.

"This song was pretty much about Andy's last relationship. It ended about a year or two ago. They were together for five years. After they broke up this song was on repeat. It tore her apart," Ethan explained to them. 

Lynn couldn't help but over hear what Ethan had just said. She could hear the pain in Andy's voice, the loss, the heartbreak. All she wanted to do was go over there and hug the girl that was singing so beautifully, and she didn't want to let her go. 

Didn't wanna want you
Didn't wanna need you so bad
Didn't wanna wake up 
And find that I was falling so fast
Didn't wanna need you
Didn't wanna need anyone
Now look what you've done

Andy's eyes were closed and she couldn't see everyone watching her. This was always her go to song when it came to her being shy or nervous and she didn't know why.

"Andy ended up tearing her ACL back in August of last year and that was just icing on the cake for her. The break up, not being able to work, and just not being able to be herself. She had a rough couple of years. She would have this song, any TRAPT album, and your White Noise album on repeat. Then, when you came out with your new album, it was a mix of the three." Ethan explained as everyone just watched in awe. 

Now I can't go on without you
I'm naked, I cant fake it.
I'm not that strong without you
Never thought I could love you the way I do.

Lynn took a step closer to Andy. She didn't want to interrupt her at all. But she was drawn to her by some force that she couldn't explain. All she knew was that she had to get close enough just to take in the voice, and the melody and to just get lost in it. 

I always thought I would stand on my own
Climb a mountain top all alone
Relying, depending on no one
Now look at what you've done

"Looks like some one is in a trance," Alex whispered to Ethan and Brian. The two guys nodded in agreement.

"I've never heard this song before," Brian whispered. 

"It's really good, remind me to give you the artist before I leave," Ethan said. The two guys fist bumped and turned their attention back to Andy. 

Now I can't go on without you
I'm naked, I cant fake it.
I'm not that strong without you
Never thought I could love you the way I do.

At this point Lynn was on the floor sitting with her legs folded under. She was getting lost in Andy's voice, she didn't know why. 

Never thought I could love you
Never thought I could need you
Never thought I could want you
The way I do

The only time Andy would open her eyes would be to check and make sure her fingers were hitting the right cords. She had her blinders on. She was almost done with the song and she was ready to apologize if anyone saw her take the guitar and started to play it. 

Never thought I could love you
Never thought I could need you
Never thought I could want you
The way I do

Part of Lynn just wanted to reach out and touch her. But she knew if she did that she would disrupt this beautiful music that was being played. She paid close attention to Andy's face. Again she could see the hurt, the loss, the heartbreak, and the pain, that was coming through. She wished there was something she could do to take the pain away. 

I love you
I need you
I want you
..the way I do

This last part was always hard for Andy. It brought back a lot of memories and sometimes she couldn't make it pass this point. But tonight she was determined to do so. 

I love you
I need you
I want you
..the way I do"

(Song and Lyrics by Marcos Hernandez)

Andy ended the song and wiped away a stray tear that seemed to escape from her eye. She put the guitar down and kept her head down not wanting to look up just yet. She had to calm herself down for a second. Before Lynn could reach out and touch her, Ethan rushed in and put his arm around her, "It's okay, it's over, you're okay," he kept whispering pulling her into a warm embrace. 

Lynn stood up and walked over to her two best friends. "Wow," she said.

The two agreed, "At the meet and greet she was so nervous.Then, she comes in here and plays the guitar so wonderfully and sings so, I can't even describe," Brian started to say. 

"Heavenly?" Alex asked and Brian snapped his fingers, "Yes, heavenly!" 

Ethan walked up to them, "Sorry guys she just needs a minute." 

Lynn walked over to Andy and kneeled in front of her. She put a hand on each knee. Again there was a jolt of electricity, but this time they both acknowledged it. Only because this time it was their skin touching. Andy looked up and when her brown eyes met hazel eyes the both of them just stared at each other. 

No words were spoken, as if they knew what each other was saying.  Everyone was watching this exchange and Alex and Brian exchanged looks. Alex looked at Ethan, "Hey give me your phone," he said and without hesitation Ethan gave Alex his phone. When he took it he put his number in it, then he gave to Brian, "Put your number in, I have an idea," he said with a smile. Brian smiled and he put his number in Ethan's phone, and gave back to him. 

Lynn just leaned in and wrapped her arms around Andy. Nothing was stopping Andy to let Lynn in and she returned the hug, "You are so talented, you shouldn't hide it," Lynn whispered. 

"Thank you, but it won't pay the rent," Andy blurted out. Again she began to mentally kick herself. 

Lynn pulled away and looked at Andy, "You will do amazing things. Maybe not in music, but I know you will do amazing things," she said.

Andy was about to say something when Ethan shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" 

"It's your birthday?" Lynn asked and Andy nodded sheepishly. Lynn stood up and held out her hands for Andy to take. She looked up at Lynn for a moment and placed her hands in Lynn's and stood up. The two bands that opened up for them came in with cupcakes with lit candles on them. 

"This the only thing we could come up with at the last minute," Alex said.

She looked confused and Ethan smiled, "They might have sneaked out while you were playing, after I told them." 

"This is perfect thank you," Andy said with as smile. She noticed that Lynn didn't let go of one of  her hands. 

Everyone started to sing Happy Birthday and Andy couldn't help but laugh. When every one was done, Lynn leaned over and whispered, "Make a wish." 

"How can I? This is a wish come true already," She said. 

"Well make another one and we'll see if that one will come true." 

Andy smiled and closed her eyes and made her wish. She blew out the candles and everyone cheered. Andy and Lynn looked at each and each of them were trying to figure their feelings. But right now they were going to just enjoy this moment. 


Andy took one more look around the hotel room, "Okay I think that's everything." She started to walk out of the door as Ethan was doing a final walk through. They had a long drive back and after last night they didn't get much sleep. But they had to check out before noon. 

Ethan offered to pack up the truck while she checked out. When they got out of the elevator they started to walk over to the front desk. Ethan took their bags and the keys and started to walk out of the door. 

He was just about to open the truck door when he heard his name being called. He turned around and saw Lynn running towards him.

"What are you doing here? I thought you guys were supposed to be on the road to Philly!" 

"It's okay I booked a flight." 

They stood like that for a moment not knowing what to say.

"How did you find us?"

"Oh Alex said this was the hotel you were staying at. Also, we started to follow you guys on social media."

 Ethan just nodded, but he also need an answer, "Uh, so why are you here?" 

Lynn looked at him confused and then shook her head, "Oh yeah, sorry, um, do you think you could give me Andy's number?" 

"Why didn't you get it from her last night?" He opened the truck door and started to put the bags inside. 

"I was so caught up in her song and her voice. Hearing you tell her story about last year. I don't know, I got lost. That hasn't happened to me in a while. I tossed and turned last night because all I kept thinking about was her." 

Ethan sighed and closed the truck door, "Alright, but just so you know she won't believe it's you unless you call her or video chat with her," he said as he pulled out his phone. He held out his hand and she looked at him confused, "Your phone," he said. 

"Oh, right, sorry," She reached into her back pocket and gave to him. He put Andy's number in her phone. 

"We have a five hour drive. If you want to talk to her wait until after your show, she might believe it's you then." 

She took her phone back and smiled, "Thank you!" She gave him a hug, "I'll call her tonight," she said and then ran off towards the car that was waiting for her. 

Ethan watched her get into the car and watched it drive away. Andy came up to him and wasn't paying attention to what he was looking at. She was checking her pockets to make sure she had everything. 

"You ready?" she asked.

He was brought out of his trance and looked at her and smiled, "Totally," he gave her the keys and they got into the truck and started their way back home. 


"FINALLY!" Ethan said as they walked through the door of their apartment, he dropped his bag and went straight for his room. "Good night best friend and happy birthday! We'll go out tomorrow! You're gonna get swasted BITCH!" He closed his door and turned started to get ready for bed. 

Andy shook her head and started to look through phone. She had a lot of text messages, notifications, and missed phone calls from everyone wishing her a "Happy Birthday." She would call her parents in the morning. Right now she was beat. She went straight to her room and turned on her lamp. 

She turned on her laptop and started to set up the mediations to help her sleep. She took off her shoes, her shirt, and her sports bra and then turned off her lamp, and then got comfortable in bed. She checked her phone one last time and posted a "Thank You" post on her profile. She set her phone on her night stand and was getting ready do doze off, when her phone started to ring. 

Not looking at the number, she answered it, "Hello?" 

"Andy?" the voice said. 

"Yeah, who's this?" 

"It's Lynn. Lynn Gunn from PVRIS."

"Yeah fucking right! Like Lynn Gunn from PVRIS has my number," She said with a laugh. 

The other end was silent, "Okay if you're Lynn Gunn, what was the show that your equipment didn't work?" 

"When we opened for 21 Pilots." 

"Okay that was too fucking easy. IF you ARE Lynn Gunn, what did we do last night?" 

"We hung out on our tour bus. You were shy at first and then you started to play the guitar and started to sing. Ethan was talking about your last relationship and how you tore your ACL. I told you that you had an amazing talent and that you shouldn't hide it. You said that music doesn't pay the rent. Then, everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to you and I told you to make a wish. You said that what you wished for already came true. I told you to wish for something different and maybe that one would come true. 

After that you blew out your candles, we had a cupcake fight and then you and I talked for a few hours on top of the bus. We talked about you coming out to your parents, a little bit about your childhood. Your job, how I got started, how I came out to my parents. How my last relationship was and that it was a learning experience for me."

Andy shot up in her bed, "One second," she said and put her phone down. 

"FUCK YOU ETHAN!" she shouted. 

Ethan smiled in his sleep. This was the best weekend EVER!


A/N: Okay this was kind of rushed! I'm sorry but I had to get through a lot of this just so I could get to the next stage. Bare with  me. I know I have other stories I need to update. But this story came to me out of no where and I had to get it out before I lost it! Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I used the song "The Way I Do" by Marcos Hernandez I do not own it, I do not make money off of it.

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