Convention days

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Convention days

“Murdoc, you have five god damn seconds to grow the fuck up and come out of your damn room!”

“I told ya I ain’t fuckin’ going!”

“You promised 2D that you were coming so you’re coming!”

“I promised fuck all!!!”

Noodle smirked to herself as Russel’s and Murdoc’s argument echoed through their apartment, the guitarist fixing the last of her make up before inspecting herself in her large wall mirror, Horror-con had come to London again and upon hearing the news 2D had insisted that they all go with enough childish enthusiasm that even Murdoc had agreed to go just to make him shut up, a fact that the bassist was now adamantly denying as the drummer hammered on his door

Setting down her make up brush after adding one final touch up Noodle deemed her outfit near enough perfect for the convention, the guitarist having decided to go as a Zombie girl to correspond with 2D’s love of Zombie movies wearing a ripped vest that was torn in the right places to show skin but not the good stuff along with a ripped pair of jeans torn for the same effect, for the skin that was exposed she had carefully discoloured it using makeup to give the opinion of the dirt and decay befitting of a Zombie

To finish it all off she painted the skin around her right eye a blood read to mimic a wound perfecting her look “Toochie is gonna love this” she grinned to herself before pulling a mock Zombie stance in the mirror making herself laugh before a loud crash made her jump



Smirking at the sounds of Russel physically forcing Murdoc out of his room Noodle gave herself one last inspection in the mirror before heading out of her room towards 2D’s room, the guitarist expecting him to have put as much effort into his costume as she had into hers

Letting herself into 2D’s room Noodle was far from disappointed as she found the vocalist had gone with Bela Lugosi’s Dracula for inspiration, the lanky man dressed in tight black suit pants, a white shirt with a sleeveless black dress jacket as well as a long black cape fastened around his neck

At first 2D didn’t seem to notice her entrance which Noodle quickly figured out why when she noticed a small hand mirror in his hand and a makeup brush in the other with white face paint on it “focus…focus…” she heard him mutter as the brush shook in his hand, the vocalist trying to finish off the remaining bits of skin around his eyes without stabbing himself in them with white face paint

Watching for a moment as he brought the brush close to his face several times only to chicken out every time Noodle decided to take pity on him “need some help there Toochie?” she asked making 2D jump and shriek with shock at the sudden sound of her voice, the sharp almost girly noise he made making the guitarist giggle as she shot her hand out to catch the brush as it flew out of his hands

“Jesus luv, you coulda knocked!” 2D exclaimed as Noodle sat herself down in front of him

“Oh don’t be such a baby” she playfully scolded him grabbing hold of his face by his chin and pulling him closer with it “now don’t’ move otherwise I’m gonna give you new pupils” she warned him as she began to fill in the finishing touches to his make-up leaving his face a perfect deathly white befitting of a Vampire “there, perfect! Bela himself would be proud” Noodle then declared before leaning in for a quick kiss, happy to find the paint around 2D’s mouth dry so that it didn’t stain her skin

“Bella? This ain’t no Twilight bollocks luv” 2D commented making Noodle almost face palm

“No Toochie, Bela Lugosi, the original Dracula actor”

“Oh really? Aww I was goin’ for Christopher Lee!” the vocalist complained making Noodle titter when 2D’s door suddenly burst open and Murdoc stepped inside the room

“We fuckin’ goin’ or what?” the bassist grunted not sporting roughed up clothes and even a black eye showing that he had put up that much of a struggle against Russel that the drummer had to beat him down “ya look like a poof” he then scoffed at 2D as if trying to reaffirm his masculinity before turning and walking back out of the room

Watching Murdoc leave 2D mockingly mouthed his insult back at him whilst mimicking speech with his hand making Noodle giggle “come on Toochie, we had better get going before he throws a hissy fit and Russel has to fuck up his other eye” she stated to which 2D agreed, as funny as it sounded he knew that Murdoc had the only car at that moment and refused to let anyone else drive it so if he refused to go none of them could go

Hurrying outside to Murdoc’s car they found the bassist already in the driver’s seat clutching the wheel hard enough to make the rubber creak, knowing better than to sit next to him when he was in such a mood 2D and Noodle opted to squeeze into the back with Russel who like Murdoc had gone without a costume, mainly because no one made Halloween costumes remotely in his size

The drive to the convention was filled with a stony silence as Murdoc glared back at 2D and Noodle whenever they tried to start a conversation but when they arrived the awkward drive was made completely worth it, 2D jumping out of the car the moment they parked with the glee of a child despite being nearly forty, the sight making Noodle giggle, Russel smirk and Murdoc slam his head against the steering wheel muttering “I don’t fuckin’ know ‘im”

Jumping out to follow her lover Noodle was surprised as to just how big of a turn out Horror-Con had attracted as the line to get into the convention was beyond huge and a good nine out of ten people in the line was in costume “this is fuckin’ amazin’” 2D buzzed bouncing on his heels as he took in the grand scale of the convention

“Yeah but waitin’s gonna be an ass ache” Russel sighed as he mentally counted the people in line, stopping when he got passed ninety “gonna take hours to even reach the door”

“Yeah about that” 2D replied as he reached into his pocket, pulling out four tickets “we won’t be waitin’ at all, got four line skip passes” he beamed with a broken grin

“What? Toochie these cost a fortune!” Noodle gasped as 2D handed them each their ticket

“Yup, saved up all year for ‘em” 2D smiled proudly as they took their tickets “now come on! I wanna go inside!” he then added, his childlike excitement refilling him as he took off towards the front of the line leaving his bandmates to catch up

Upon entering the convention the band was further taken back by the grand scale of it “a’right, I take it back, this place ain’t ‘alf bad” Murdoc commented as he took in the sight of the costumed women and girls that wandered around the venues “I’m a…gonna be over here for a bit” he chuckled lecherously before wandering off in the direction of the cosplay girls

“Ah damn it, I’mma go after him, make sure he doesn’t make a total ass of himself or get the police after us” Russel sighed pinching the bridge of his nose “dumbass cracka, you two go have fun” the drummer added before lumbering off after Murdoc as the bassist had already earned his first slap of the day within two minutes of starting

Smirking at the sight as Russel took off after Murdoc Noodle turned to find 2D had wandered off, not having to look far to find him getting his picture taken with someone dressed as Van Helsing “I think I’d have less trouble controlling a five year old” she sighed wearily before heading after him

“So who’s your friend?” she teased as the Van Helsing finally walked away “did he ask for your autograph too?” she asked expecting that to be the main reason 2D was approached

“Huh? Nah he just wanted a photo with Dracula, took a few actually” the vocalist replied

“Wait? So he didn’t want an autograph from the singer for the Gorillaz? That’s kinda refreshing”

“Yeah, I don’t think he knew who I was”

“Huh, hold on a second” Noodle told him before wandering off towards a couple of costumed girls who were talking nearby, 2D watching as she proceeded to talk to the girls seemingly asking them something to which they shrugged and shook their head

When she came back 2D couldn’t help but ask what she had said to them “I asked if they knew who I was and they had no idea, they couldn’t recognize me under my makeup”

“That or they’re just not fans of us” 2D suggested to which Noodle shrugged

“Yeah I guess, it’s kinda weird not being recognized though, usually we can’t go anywhere without someone at least commenting” Noodle stated before a small smile graced her features “it’s kind of nice not getting recognized actually, we can do whatever we want now”

“We could always do what we wanted luv”

“Yeah but this is different, we can REALLY do what we want now and it won’t be in the tabloids tomorrow” Noodle explained before a realisation came to her, they could do ANYTHING without risk of being identified, a realisation that sent a dirty idea to her mind and a jolt of excitement to her core “come with me” she then told him with a broad grin grabbing her lover by the wrist and dragging him into the crowd without explaining herself

Dragging him past the crowd Noodle quickly found a back entrance to the staff area in the back of the venue and taking a quick glance to make sure the door wasn’t alarmed and that no one was looking she dragged her lover through “what’re we doin’ back here luv?” 2D asked glancing around nervously, he had saved up for so long so he didn’t want to risk getting kicked out and potentially banned from future events

“You never wanted to fuck a hot Zombie girl before?” Noodle breathed brazenly cupping his groin making him stiffen and hiss “come on Toochie admit it, you wanted to bend me over and fuck my brains out the moment you saw me in costume” she breathed turning around to grind back against him, able to feel his heart hammering against her back

Gritting his teeth as Noodle began to grind her arse hard against his groin 2D found his resistance to the idea melting away, Noodle always knew what got him going and the idea of a sexy Zombie girl hungry for his dick instead of his flesh was incredibly tempting to him especially as she bent over to grind her arse back harder against him whilst looking over her shoulder biting her lip at him

“Alright luv, just try to keep quiet, I don’t wanna get caught” the vocalist husked as he reached around her to start undoing her shorts making the guitarist giggle lustfully

“I’ll try” she purred as she wiggled her hips helping 2D pull her shorts and underwear down, her groin and arse the only parts of her body clean of the body paint she had lined herself with “you’ve always dreamed of having a little Zombie slut haven’t you? Go on, fuck me like you’ve always dreamed of it” she breathed looking back at his groin with a hungry glint in her eye

Undoing his pants 2D freed his hardening erection sliding it deep into Noodle’s waiting pussy, the guitarist letting out a moan of almost relief as his length filled her completely “oooooh Toochie, so deeeeep” she slurred as she reached back to grasp at his forearms to help balance herself, grinding back against him as his cock head pressed against her cervix

Groaning as Noodle pushed her arse back hard against his groin 2D began to slowly buck his hips gently thrusting into her making her eyes cross for a moment “Jesus luv, you’re going so tight” he panted as Noodle bucked back harder against him making her arse clap against his groin

“You’re just so big Toochie” Noodle moaned back digging her fingers harder into his forearms “feels so good”

Gritting his teeth as Noodle bucked back harder against him 2D glanced around every few moments to make sure that they were still alone, despite Noodle’s insistence that no one would recognize them he was sure that there would be someone that could see passed their makeup and he really didn’t want it plastered in the news that two members of the Gorillaz had been arrested for public indecency

Feeling the guitarist squeeze even tighter around him 2D broke free from her grip before reaching under her to grasp at her clothed breasts, squeezing them firmly as he pulled her back up, making her stand upright as he bit down on her shoulder making her gasp breathlessly, the perfect mixture of pleasure and slight pain setting off her orgasm

As Noodle started to cry out with pleasure 2D snapped his hand up to cover her mouth, muffling her scream of pleasure whilst the rare show of dominance only turned her on even more, the guitarist pushing herself up on her toes as her body shivered with delight

Riding out her orgasm Noodle sucked two of 2D’s fingers into her mouth letting her hook her mouth open as he continued to thrust into her, his cock starting to throb signalling his release “cum Tooshie…” she slurred as she drooled on his fingers “wanna feelsh…your cum…” she pleaded squeezing even tighter around him making him choke on his breath as his climax hit him hard

Noodle’s eyes rolled back as 2D’s cum flooded her needy hole, her toes curling again in her shoes as she reached back burying her fingers in her lovers’ hair, loving every hot spurt of cum he dumped inside of her “Tooshieeeeee…..soooo goood….”

When 2D’s released ended Noodle slid herself off of him pulling away from his grasp before dropping to her knees in front of him, eagerly taking his cock into her mouth to suck him clean, humming and moaning around his shaft as she sucked up every drop of cum he had left in him before releasing his manhood from her hot little mouth “never thought a Vampire would be the one getting sucked” she joked before giving his cock one last loving lick and doing his pants back up “come on, Russel might be looking for us”

Nodding dumbly as Noodle pulled her pants back up 2D let her drag him back out into the venue to which she got a text upon re-joining the crowds, pulling out her phone she found the text to be from Russel “baby girl, Murdoc got his dumb ass kicked out and since I was with him I got curbed as well, tell me when you want me to pick you guys up later, I’ll just steal the dumbasses keys, have fun”

Shaking her head at the text not feeling the slightest bit of surprise that Murdoc had caused enough trouble to get kicked out Noodle just pocketed her phone “come on Toochie, I think there’s a venue screening new horror movie trailers over there” she told her lover, she had had her fun at Horror-Con, now it was time to make sure 2D enjoyed the real reason why he came

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