Pokimane x LilyPichu

BY : Cornello
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Disclaimer: I do not know and am not associated with Pokimane, LilyPichu or the Offline TV house.I do not own the character Roy Mustang. This is fiction. There is no money or profit made from this story.

Lily laid on her bed looking through rule34 of Roy Mustang on her phone. The way fan artists imagined his body and his dick was incredible. Her fingers couldn’t resist anymore. She had to satisfy her swelling pussy. Closing her eyes, her fingers went down her sweats until she felt the comforting warmth of her crotch seep into her fingers. She started gently at first, imagining Roy eating her out. His tongue would work magic like the fire that came to his fingertips. She thoroughly felt every fold of her vagina until finally, one of her fingers slipped in. Roys dick would slip in. Her fingers slowly starting moving in and out. She could hear him whispering in her ear that he was going to cum inside her. Her fingers quickened. Just as she was reaching climax her ears picked up  footsteps outside her door. Lily yanked her hands out of her pants and shut off her phone as Poki opened the door. But it was too late.

“Hey Lily do you know where- Oh my god! What are you doing?”

“Nothing!” Lily said quickly in an innocent voice.

Poki’s eyes were wide. She could hear the panic in Lily’s voice, “I did not just catch you masterbating right now.” Poki said through surprised giggles.

“Stop!” Lily whined, “I wasn’t doing anything.”

“WOW. Come on Lily. Everyone masturbates.You don’t have to be shy about it. Just be glad it wasn’t Scarra or -- god forbid Yoona.”

Lily stayed quiet. Her mind was racing with pointless worries.

Poki looked down at Lily with longing eyes. Ever since she got a hold of Lily at mini golf she wanted a piece of that tight Asian pussy. Maybe, just maybe this was her chance.

Lily just wished Poki would leave and forget she saw anything.

“Lily?” Poki said innocently, channeling her ASMR skills. She made sure to talk slowly so Lily’s ears twitched at every word she said.

“Can I see what you were masturbating to?”

Poki crawled onto Lily’s bed as she spoke, getting closer to Lily’s ear. Lily could barely resist that voice. It was impossibly soft and sensual.  Through sheer willpower Lily stayed quiet, for the moment. Poki reached over to Lily’s phone which was gripped tightly in Lily’s hand. “Let me see.” Poki said, still whispering. Lily reluctantly let Poki take the phone from her grip. Poki stifled a laugh as the phone screen lit up to pictures of a naked Roy Mustang. “Hey!” Lily whined again, snatching the phone away from Poki, “Stop making fun of me! Maybe you should just go back to whatever you were doing and leave me alone.”

“I’m not making fun of you. I was just thinking...” Poki’s voice trailed off. She stared at Lily who pouted and looked away towards a wall.

Poki looked Lily’s body up and down, licking her lips, imagining what was underneath those sweats and oversized sweater. Could she possibly make Lily do it? Poki fell back to what she knew Lily would give in to eventually. ASMR.

“I know you’re a virgin, Lily, but have you ever even got kissed?” Poki said as sexually as she could.

Lily closed her eyes, she wanted it to be over so badly so why was her pussy getting wet?

“I know you haven’t.” Poki was inches from Lily’s face now. “Can I give it to you?”

Lily turned to face Poki with pursed lips. “What if Scarra or someone comes in.” she said hesitantly.

“They’ve all gone out to film a video. They won’t be back for awhile.” Poki said, “Now let me give you one little kiss.”

Lily closed her eyes and Poki closed the distance, sweetly pecking Lily on the lips.

“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?”

Lily shook her head no. In fact it was... satisfying.

“I’m going to give you another.” Poki said breathily as she leaned in for another kiss. Lily let her but this time Poki snuck her tongue through Lily’s tense lips into her mouth  

Lily’s eyes grew wide and jolted her head back, covering her mouth with her hand.

“Oh my god no! That’s disgusting.”

“Come on Lily.” Poki said devilishly, gaining more confidence, “I know you like it. If you don’t let me kiss you I’m gonna have to tell all the boys what I caught you doing.”

Lily stared at Poki’s delicious lips as Poki slowly gripped Lily’s wrist and pulled it from her mouth. Poki locked lips with Lily once again but this time Lily let Poki run her tongue over hers.

It was warm and slimy. Disgusting but intoxicating. Lily was helpless. What could she do? She couldn’t have the entire house knowing her secret. She would never live it down and inevitably it would somehow slip out into the world to all her viewers.

Lily closed her eyes. Soon her tongue met Poki’s movements, she didn’t know what spit was hers anymore. Her panties were soaked.

Poki let Lily’s tongue go, she was horny as ever.

“Now what were you doing with your hand Lily?” Poki asked quietly, “Show me.”

Lily looked timidly down between her legs.

“Was it like this?” Pokis asked.

Poki slowly crawled her hand down Lily’s loose sweats. Her fingers tip-toeing down Lily’s stomach, tracing the lines of her abdomen down until the tips of her fingers brushed Lily’s pussy

All Lily could do was nod and hold her breath as Poki started slowly rubbing her clit with two fingers.

“You have such a small pussy don’t you.” Poki said seductively.

Lily whimpered.

“A tight. Little. Asian. Pussy.”  Poki started moving her fingers faster and Lily squealed from the pleasure.

Lily wasn’t imaging Roy anymore. She was being fingered by Poki and she didn’t want her to stop. Poki moved her fingers in between the folds of Lily’s pussy and felt around the smooth walls of Lily’s vagina.

Poki watched Lily’s lips quivering, “Mhmm, you like it don’t you?”

Lily nodded.

“Your lips have gotten enough. I want to give your pussy some kisses too.”

Lily didn’t protest as Poki moved to the foot of her bed and slowly pulled her sweats and red panties off her slender legs. A tidy black bush peeked out from her panties as they passed.  

“You keep it tidy. I like that.” Poki whispered. Lily shivered in anticipation.

Poki moved down Lily’s body, kissing it as she went, her hands trailing behind, fondling and squeezing Lily’s breasts until her lips met Lily’s pussy. Poki stuck out her tongue and slowly licked up Lily’s pussy folds, putting pressure where it mattered the most. She spread Lily’s pussy as far as it would go with her fingers. Lily’s vagina was a bright rosy pink and shined with the sweet juices that hadn’t stopped seeping out since Poki had kissed her. Poki marveled at how ripe Lily’s pussy was before delving her tongue as deep as it would go. Poki ravaged Lily’s pussy using every technique she knew, making sure to slurp up all the liquid that poured from it.

Lily squealed as Poki’s tongue worked magic inside her, she pulled at the sheets on her bed to keep her body in control. Poki’s tongue hit all the sensitive parts of her walls that Lily only thought she could ever know. How did Poki know her body so well?

Poki had become too excited for her own good. Her breaths were short and her own panties itched at her pussy, begging to be torn off. Poki sat up from her meal and tore off her shirt and pants. Lily marveled at Poki’s big perky breasts as they fell from her lacy white bra. They were better than anything she could have imagined was behind that shirt. Lily squeezed her own ample breasts as she watched Poki peel off her matching panties.

“Lily, I need your pussy on mine. Now.” Poki demanded.

Poki spread Lily’s legs apart and straddled her own legs between them, smashing her clean shaven pussy into Lily’s. The pressure and sensation of Poki’s pussy made Lily almost go insane. She squealed uncontrollably as Poki roughly bucked her hips back and forth, grinding on Lily’s pussy. Poki couldn’t control herself, she was panting like a dog. Poki was so horny she didn’t care if anyone heard them or not.

Poki threw her head back, “Oh my god. Yes!” she screamed.

Poki still couldn’t get enough and increased her pace even more, she felt her pussy swelling, the juices were building up inside her. Finally they were unleashed.

“Fuuuuuck!”, Poki’s voice peaked in a high pitched squeal and her pussy started squirting uncontrollably over Lily’s legs. As Lily felt Poki’s legs shaking against hers she took a deep breath. She felt her own orgasm coming over her.

“Poki I want more!” Lily whined, “Im gonna cum soon.”

“I want more too”  Poki panted, “Give me your cum Lily.”

Pokie started rocking back and forth methodically with her hips.

“Give me your cum okay?” Poki demanded, “Here, feel my tits.” Poki grabbed Lily’s hands from the sheets and pushed them onto her luscious breasts.

Lily was having a sensory overload, Poki’s soft tits and erect nipples in her hands, the pressure and juices on her own pussy, she couldn’t take it anymore, “Oh my god!” Lily squealed.

“Ooooo, oh, shit!” Poki yelled, “Cum for me Lily!” Lily’s own pussy started squirting but Poki didn’t stop grinding until she had gotten every last drop from Lily. The two girls moans echoed through the empty house. Poki could hear Lily’s sharp breaths, recovering from the euphoric orgasm she just experienced. Poki had to gain control of her own breaths. It was better than anything she could’ve asked for.

Poki leaned down and ran her tongue against Lily’s one more time, giving her a sloppy kiss, before pulling back. Lily’s eyes were still closed, not wanting the moment to be over. Poki got up from the bed and collected her clothes, “Your welcome Lily.” Poki said jokingly.
Poki started back where she came but stopped at the door, “You better clean up before the boys get back.”

But Lily didn’t hear her. She was still on cloud 9.

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