Book Signing

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson and I do not make money from this writing.

Book Signing

Chapter 1= Starr plus G, Lisa plus J

Shane parked his car outside of the book store, his girlfriend Starr sat next to him and in the backseat was Starr’s younger sister Lisa. The weather outside was cloudy and the clouds in the sky were black showing signs that it might start to rain at any moment.

“Are you sure they are still here?” asked Shane as he looked over at Starr. He was a lucky man to have a girlfriend like Starr; she had huge tits, black hair and green eyes, her younger sister by one year had a smaller chest, the same green eyes and blonde hair, she would dye it blonde as her real hair color was black.

Starr looked over at Shane “It says that they will be here until five, so we still have ten minutes. We would have gotten here sooner if someone” she looked in the rear view mirror to eye Lisa “wouldn’t have taken two hours to get ready”

“Hey, I didn’t take two hours to get ready” Lisa defended herself

“Close enough” said Starr “you know you seem super desperate, like if J will give you a second look”

“He might like me, unlike you I’m single” said Lisa

Starr and Lisa started to fight like usual and like usual Shane was caught in the middle. He never saw the sisters get along, even if Starr swore to him that Lisa was her best friend in the whole world, so when she asked him if he could drive her and Lisa over to the local book store where Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson were signing copies of their new book he had told her “no”, because he knew that she and Lisa would act this way.

The only reason he said “yes” was because Starr promised that she and Lisa would not fight and she gave him a handjob

Shane had enough of this, he just knew that he would go deaf one day because of how often the two of them fought, which was every single time he saw Lisa. He pressed the horn of his car which snapped the girls out of their fight.

Starr glanced at him, she was a little angry with Shane because she felt that she was winning the fight and Starr had to win at every single thing that she did in her life.

She sort of scared Shane at times, he swallowed hard. “It you don’t hurry…you might miss them” he said in a small voice, hoping that he wasn’t Starr’s next victim to yell at.

Starr smiled “Your right, I’ll deal with my little sister later”

Starr, Lisa and Shane walked into the local book store. The store was rather large and had two levels. The first floor had magazines and newly released books with a few unpopular sections like History. The second floor had everything else like the children’s section, manga and fiction.

The moment the three of them walked in they saw a table with Jack G and Jack J Shirts on it. One shirt was red and had a picture of Jack G on it and said “Jack Gilinsky is my future husband” the other shirt was green and had a picture of Jack J on it and said “Jack Johnson is my future husband” the shirts were folded and they had a few of each size.

“I have to buy one of those shirts” said Lisa as she ran towards the table and started to search thought the green shirts for one her size.

Shane sighed “I’ll be in the manga section” he told Starr and went upstairs.

Starr went over to her sister “We can look at the shirts later Lisa, we have to get G and J to sign our books before they leave”

“Oh, yeah. Your right and I have to score a date with Johnson” said Lisa

Starr couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her sister; there was no way that Lisa would go out with J. Starr liked G more, but she knew that she had zero chances with him.

The girls headed to the back of the store because that was where the writer’s would be when they came over to sign there book. They also knew because there was an arrow that pointed them in the right direction. As they neared the back, the two of them saw Jack G and J sitting at a table. There were many copies of their book on the table.

G and J were talking among each other since there were no fans around. Starr felt her heart start to beat faster as she got closer to him, she was in a relationship with Shane for almost two years, but Jack Gilinsky was her true love. She never got naked with Shane, the most risqué thing they did was when she gave him the handjob a few days ago.

Starr approached the table, she was so nervous. She never felt like this before in her life. She tried to say something to her long time crush, but nothing came out of her mouth.

“Hello” said Jack G as he waved to his fans; he checked his watch, showing that there was three minutes left before the clock hit five “cutting it rather close”

“Someone…” Starr started to say

Lisa cut her off “I love you J” she said to him.

“Do you girls need a book?” asked J as he picked up a fresh copy. Lisa shook her head and pulled out her copy from her purse and placed it on the table.

“My name is Lisa, but you can call me Princess or sweetheart or whatever you want to call me even if it is degrading” she said

Starr didn’t know how her sister was so chatting when the guy she would masturbate to in the shower was standing right in front of her. Starr was just standing there acting like an idiot.

G looked at her and her hot tits “Do you have a book?” he asked her

“Um…yeah” said Starr as she took out her copy of the book. She had read it at least five times since she got it the day it was released. She handed the book over to G and he took a pen out.

“Your name?” he asked her

“It’s…Starr” she said, it was an adventure for her to say those two words.

“That’s a very pretty name” G said to her as he wrote on the first page of her book. Once he was done, he closed the book and handed it back to her “I hope you liked it”

“I sure did” she was somehow able to say “It’s my favorite book”

“That’s nice to hear” G said.

Starr and G looked in each other’s eyes for a moment, until Lisa touched her older sister on her shoulder “Come on Starr, let’s go get our shirts”

“Um…yeah” said Starr as she looked at G one last time before they headed towards the table with the shirts on, Lisa stopped a few feet from the table and opened her book.

“Look what J wrote in my book” she said, it read To my princess Lisa his name was signed next to it, even if Starr couldn’t make it out. “What did G write in your book Starr?” Lisa asked her

“I didn’t check” said Starr, she took her book and opened it to the page, it said To a beautiful shooting Starr again his name was signed next to it and again Starr couldn’t make it out.

“Aw, that is so romantic” said Lisa as she looked at what G wrote in her sister’s book.

Meanwhile Jack G and Jack J got up from the table they were sitting at all day. They even had to eat their lunch while signing copies because there were too many fans, only at the end of the day did the crowd die down.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” J asked his partner

“You still thinking of that last girl?” asked G

“Yeah, her name is Lisa”

“I’m still thinking of that girl called Starr with the huge boobs” said G

“Maybe we can ask them to hang out with us” said J “They must still be in the book store somewhere”

“Find them” said G “I’ll get the room ready”

“Alright” J told him.

J didn’t have to look far in order to find the girls; they were by the table with the silly shirts they made quickly to score some more cash. He walked up to the girls “Hello” he tried to act causal like if it was normal for him to chat with fans who were planning to buy shirts.

Lisa was the one whose eyes lit up “Johnson!” she was so excited or super desperate for love.

“G and I were wondering if you girls would like to hang out with us?” he asked them

“Would we ever!” said Lisa

“I’m not sure” said Starr

“Why not?” asked Lisa

“Shane might be waiting for us” Starr said, of course she would love to hang out with G, but this sounded too good to be true and she was never that lucky.

“As if” said Lisa “your boyfriend can spent hours in the manga section”

Starr had to agree with her sister; Shane did spent three hours in the section once in the past.

“We can hang out with G and J for like half an hour and then come get our shirts and Shane will still be in the manga section right where he told you he would be” said Lisa

Even if she hated it, she had to agree with her little sister “Alright, we’ll go hang out with them” said Starr, her heart started to beat fast again. She was going to see G again.

“Great, come with me” said J. Starr and Lisa followed him to the back of the store.

J took them to a room, inside there was G. The room was rather small and had a couch which G was sitting on and a chair which J sat on along with a small table in the center of the room. In the corner was a box filled with copies of G and J’s book.

“What is this place?” asked Starr

“The book store gave us a room in the back where we can relax before and after our hours” said G “Come sit next to me”

Starr felt her heart flutter as she heard him say that. She didn’t think twice and sat next to him.

“Come over here Lisa” said J, she walked over to him.

“There’s no room for me to sit” said Lisa and she did a pout

“I see a spot” J smiled


“On my lap” J said

“REALLY!” Lisa said with wide eyes, J nodded and Lisa jumped onto him, wrapping her hands around his neck. “I love you” she said again

“You’re pretty hot yourself” J told her, he placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her.

“Like oh my gosh!” cried Lisa as their lips parted

On the couch G looked over towards Starr “Do you want to kiss me?” he asked her

“I have a boyfriend” Starr told him

“That’s nice, but I’ll ask you again…do you want to kiss me?”

“Yes” said Starr, she knew that by doing this she was cheating on Shane, but Shane and G couldn’t be compared, she liked Shane, but she would always love G more, she felt like she knew him for years with all the times that she read his book.

G moved forward and Starr did too, their lips pressed together. Starr felt his tongue enter her mouth, normally she would find this disgusting, but with G she really couldn’t care less. She wrapped her tongue around his and melted into the kiss that she shared with him. She and Shane never kissed this way, she liked it, loved it and wanted every kiss that she had for the rest of her life to be just like this.

Starr moved and sat in G’s lap as she continued to kiss him. She knew that she was against coming in the back with the Jack’s but she was so glad that Lisa talked her into it or else she would be missing out on no doubt the best moment of her entire life. How many girls can say that they kissed their celebrity crush? Now both she and Lisa were able to say that.

While they kissed G opened his eyes and looked over to J. J also had his eyes open. He nodded his head slightly.

G and J each broke the kiss that they shared with the girls. Each of them used their muscles to move Starr or Lisa off of them so that they could stand in front of the girls.

“Why did you stop?” asked Lisa as she looked up at J

“We think we should do something else” J told her

“Like what?” she asked

“You’ll see soon” G answered as he worked on his belt and dropped his pants in front of Starr. J did the same for Lisa.

“What’s going on?” asked Starr

“We just think that this would be better” said G as he pulled down his boxers and his cock sprang free from inside. Starr got wide eyes as she saw his length, the first time that she saw a penis was when she gave Shane the handjob, he was decent, G was a lot bigger than her boyfriend.

J pulled his boxers down in front of Lisa. His cock was large as well. Lisa just looked at it; she had never seen anything more beautiful in her life.

“Suck it bitch” J said to her

“I’m not sure, this seems a little dirty” said Lisa

G looked down at Starr “Are you going to suck me shooting Starr?” he asked her

Starr couldn’t answer. She knew that she shouldn’t suck G; she should stand up, slap him across the face and walk out of the room. But the kiss that she shared with him was so hot and so right, that she wanted, needed to feel his lips on hers again. Starr looked up at G with her green eyes, taking a breath she went forward, opening her mouth and taking him inside of her. She placed her hands on his hips as she moved her mouth back and forth along him. G took a handful of her hair as he closed his eyes at the feeling of her mouth on his cock.

“Yes, Starr. Suck me like that” he told her

“Starr?” Lisa was surprised that her sister would actually do this. It sounded gross, to put a dude’s dick in your mouth. Lisa didn’t know if she could do it, Starr was always more brave than she was.

“Come on put it in your mouth already” said J; he wanted to feel her drool on his penis

“O…Okay” stuttered Lisa as she slowly opened her mouth and took him inside of her. She heard J moan as her tongue rolled over him, she started to move her mouth back and forth along his length, leaving her drool behind. J closed his eyes as pleasure filled his entire body. He stroked her blonde hair as she blew him.

Lisa found it was gross, but for J she could do anything.

Starr knew she should find this disgusting, but strangely she found it so hot. She had G’s dick in her mouth, how many girls could say that?

The Jack’s just stood there and let the girls do all the work. Starr was moving her head back and forth along G’s length, while Lisa used her tongue more than her older sister. Both of them were virgins in every single way.

“I need to feel more of you Starr” said G, he started to thrust into her mouth as if he was fucking her. Starr opened her eyes wide as she felt G take control of what she was giving him. Her head was pressed against the head rest as G got onto the couch in order to have better access to her mouth. He started to thrust inside of her faster than he was going before, with her black hair wrapped in his hand, Starr couldn’t pull away. It would be tough to do even if G didn’t have her hair caught because she was in the middle of G’s dick and G’s couch.

The force of his fucking her mouth drove Starr crazy. Even if this was slightly against her will, she found it was wild. Her friends were always telling her she had to be more open and while she knew this isn’t what they meant, she sure felt free at this very moment. As G continued to assault her throat, Starr let go. Even if she wasn’t in control anymore, she started to use her tongue on the huge dick that was going down her throat. G moaned as he felt her start to please him again. He knew that it was only a matter of time before he had his release.

Meanwhile close by Lisa was still in full control of what she was doing. She pulled her mouth away from his dick for a couple of seconds.

“I’ll blow you, but you…you have to tell me before you shoot your stuff” she said to him

“Deal” smiled J. Lisa went back and started to suck him once more, she moved slowly from the tip of his dick all the way to his balls, however inside her tongue was rolling over his meat, not leaving a single inch untouched by her. Lisa knew that she could only do this for someone like J, someone that she loved more than anything or anyone else in the world, except for her darling older sister Starr. Anyways if Starr could blow G, then she should blow J, it was only fair.

J didn’t know how much longer he could hold his jizz inside.

“Lisa…I’m close” he told her just like he promised that he would do.

However Lisa didn’t hear him. Her mind was focus just on his cock, she couldn’t think of anything else. J’s dick was her world right now, the meaning of her life was to suck him all day and all night if he wanted her to, she was his sex slave; she would be there for him when he needed sex for the rest of her life.

“Lisa…did you hear me?” J asked her again. He was trying to hold his load inside of him until she would pull out, but she was asking the impossible, he couldn’t hold back forever, this was killing him.

Lisa moaned around his cock. It sent J into over-drive.

“Fuck!” he said as he had his release in Lisa’s hot mouth. He filled her up with his seed and she accepted it. Once he was done shooting it out, Lisa pulled away and opened her mouth, J’s cum was inside and she slowly swallowed what he gave her.

“Thank you” she said

“For what?” he asked her

“All the cum you gave me” Lisa smiled

Meanwhile on the couch, G was pumping fast into Starr’s hot mouth. She could feel him move deep inside of her throat, nearly all the way in which made her gag once in a while and then he would pull nearly all the way out in which only the very tip of his penis was still inside of her mouth. It turned her on so much.

“I’m going to cum Starr” G said, “can I shoot it down your throat” of course Starr couldn’t answer him, but as he looked into her green eyes, he knew that the answer was yes, even if the answer was no, he was going to shoot his cum in her throat anyways, so he didn’t really care.

However in her head Starr thought Please, shoot it down my throat…I want your seed G

“SHIT!” he let out as he went forward once more and shot his jizz out of his cock and into Starr’s waiting mouth. She felt his thick cum coat her tongue, pass over her perfect and smooth teeth, she swallowed what she could, feeling it go down towards her belly. Starr closed her eyes as she relished in the taste of G. It was definitely the best moment of her life.

When G finally pulled out of her, Starr took air in through her mouth. His face fucking her was amazing and wild and turned her on like never before, but it was also hard for her to breathe with his public hairs getting in her nose.

“So what do you think?” G asked her

“That…was…amazing” said Starr as she tried to wrap her head over what happened, she really gave a blowjob to Jack Gilinsky and from what she could tell her little sister Lisa gave one to Jack Johnson, she thought that Lisa wouldn’t have it in her to go all the way like she did. But even if they both gave blowjobs to their celebrity crushes, she also knew that nobody would believe them.

“Hey, G do we have time for a little more?” asked J

“I think we do” said G.

Starr suddenly thought about Shane, she had no idea how much time had passed since she and Lisa followed J into this room. She checked her watch quick, it had only been 20 minutes give or take. She knew that Shane wouldn’t be looking for them for at least an hour.

G sat next to her and took her chin into his finger and looked into her green eyes. “Do you want to have sex with me?” he asked her.

Sex? Starr and Shane had talked about having sex, but she never felt ready to reach that level with him. She told him that when she was ready she would let him know, now G was asking her to have sex with him, she knew that she should say no to him, but how could she turn down sex with G?

Starr didn’t say a word, she simply nodded her head. G kissed her and then took his shirt off and lied down on the couch. He waited while Starr stripped from her clothes, removing her top, bra, skirt and panties until she was as naked as he was.

Starr got on top of G, she didn’t think about using a condom, her mind was in sexual overdrive that the thought didn’t even cross her mind. She used her left hand to find his mighty rod and moved it, directed it to her pussy. G slipped inside of her, Starr closed her eyes and shut her mouth tight as she felt how big he truly was. It was a little panful, but she knew that it would feel better soon.

“Are you alright?” asked G as he saw her face

Starr opened her eyes and opened her mouth slightly as she looked down at him; she placed her hands on his tanned chest and started to move her hips with her new lover. “I’m fine” she told him and she couldn’t believe that she was talking to and making love to Jack Gilinsky. This was really a dream come true. “It just hurts a little, that’s all”

“I’m sorry” said G “The last thing I want to do is hurt a fan”

“It’s just because it’s my first time” said Starr

G smiled when he heard that “I’m glad that I’m your first”

“Me too” smiled Starr as she used a hand to push some of her black hair over her ear. She continued to move her hips over him, loving how great he was in her and how skilled his cock was at making love to her.

G moved his hands over to her wonderful breast, they were finally freed from her tight bra and they seemed even bigger than they were before. He had longed to touch them since he signed her book for her. He wanted to touch her and bang the shit out of her so badly and he was glad that J felt the same way towards her younger sister.

Starr moaned as G touched her, she had a lot of trouble finding a boyfriend, since almost every single guy at school wanted to date her, but only because of her hot tits. It took her a while before she started to date Shane, she liked him a lot, but she didn’t love him. She loved G. Shane had the chance to touch her a few times, since she didn’t want to have sex, she let him touch her boobs, but she always kept her shirt on. The last time he touched her, she took her bra off, but she made sure that her shirt didn’t come off of her body. G was the first man to see her tits in their full glory and the first man to see them while his hands passed over them.

“Gilinsky” she moaned as he touched her.

Meanwhile close to Starr and G, J went down to his knees and looked into Lisa’s green eyes. He moved over and kissed her.

“Fuck me princess” J said to her

Lisa wasn’t sure if she should lose her virginity to J, but after thinking over it for a minute; she knew that the answer was simple. She should lose her virginity to J, she loved him more than anything and if she would want to be his sex slave then she would have to have sex with him at one point. She knew that after this little fling they had in the book store was over, that she would never see him again, it would be a dream come true for her to have sex with him. She masturbated in the shower so many times thinking of this moment.

“Of course” she told him. She stood from the chair she was sitting on and took her clothes off. She pulled her shirt open and she heard a button fall to the floor, she didn’t care, she could sew a new one on it tonight or tomorrow. She let her shirt fall off her shoulders and unhooked her bra at lightning speed. Her breast were not as large as her sister who had the great nickname “Miss Mega Tits” but they were still a decent size for a man to enjoy playing with them. She pulled her skirt and panties off in one quick motion. She sat on the floor and then lied down on it ready for J to take her and make her his.

He came over her, his cock in his hand as he aimed it in front of her pussy. He then went inside of her. Lisa shot her head back at the pain that came when he penetrated her. She never felt something as painful as that in her entire life. She thought that having sex was suppose to feel good for both of them?

J started to thrust inside of her. It was painful and Lisa sort of regretted her decision to do this with him, if she knew how painful it was, she could have asked him to stick it up her ass instead. However after some time passed, the pain started to vanish and the sex started to feel good for Lisa too, with how great it felt, Lisa was happy that she was doing this with the only man that she could ever love.

“What am I going to do without you princess?” J asked her

“I don’t know” said Lisa “I’m going to miss you too”

“I really want to fuck you again” he said to her

That made Lisa feel very happy. J placed his hands on her hips as he started to move inside of her faster than he was doing so before since he saw that Lisa was no longer in pain. She moaned as she felt him fill her with his amazing cock. He moved his mouth over to one of her boobs and licked her nipple with his tongue. Lisa shivered as she felt his damp tongue move over her soft skin.

After licking her nipple, J moved his lips to her mouth and kissed her again. It was hot and it was wet and it made her think that he licked her nipple just before kissing her. It was almost as if she licked her own boob.

The kiss lasted longer, then J pulled away from her, a trail of saliva connected their lips a moment longer. J returned to her other breast that he didn’t lick and gave it some attention. Lisa moaned as she felt his tongue roll around her nipple, he felt so amazing and so skilled as he did this. She had to wonder, did he have sex with other fans or was she the first one? She didn’t care if he did sleep with other fans before because this was her dream, he was her one and only true love and she knew that she had something special with J that nobody else could have.

After licking her breast for a while, he returned to her face and licked along her cheeks. He licked over her nose and over her eyelids. J licked every inch of her beautiful face.

J whispered into her ear “Where do you want me to cum?”

“Just shoot it inside of me” Lisa said to him, she didn’t care right now, her mind was filled with lust.

J took a couple of more thrust inside of her, holding onto her hips tightly as he shot his head back as he had his release. Lisa felt it enter her pussy, his sticky jizz coating her inside. She moaned as she felt him cum in her, it was amazing, this was amazing and J was amazing. How could she ever have a normal boyfriend like her sister after what she just went through today?

J smiled at her and Lisa smiled back and they shared one last kiss.

Meanwhile Starr and G were still making love to one another. Starr moved her hips and her body up and down over her lover’s manhood, while G worked his magic hands on her supersize tits. Starr also used her hands as she passed them over his hot abs that he had from those years of working out in the gym like he talked about in his book. It was her favorite chapter because Starr always pictured him working out shirtless and that made her mouth water and now here she was making love to him and having her hands on that shirtless bod that made her mouth water the 17 times that she read about it.

“Your incredible Starr” G said as he removed his hands from her nice tits and moved them over to her hips as he felt like he was close to cumming inside of her.

Starr noticed this and understood. She wanted to feel his chest against her chest and she knew that G would love that as well. She moved her body down, wrapped her arms around her lover’s neck, G moaned as he felt Starr’s boobs mashed against his wonderful abs. Starr kissed him on the cheek.

“This is too much shooting Starr” G moaned, just feeling her nipple against him made his dick ready to explode inside of her vagina.

“I’m ready for you” said Starr; she knew he would cum inside of her soon.

“Starr!” he cried as he ejaculated inside of her womb

“Gilinsky!” she shouted once move as her body accepted his seed.

Both of them stayed on the couch as they breathed heavily after the intense fucking session that they shared. Both Starr and G stayed there in each other’s arms, his dick slipped out of her and she whined needed her pussy to be filled by his manhood that made her feel like she was the most special girl on earth.

“That was wonderful” Starr told him as she kissed his lips. She felt G’s hands pass over her ass. She moaned into his mouth at the excitement.

G didn’t say a word for a while then he told her “You better get dressed”

Starr looked at him, she didn’t understand “Why?”

“It’s five minutes until six” he told her, “your boyfriend might be wondering where you are”

Starr was about to say that she didn’t care about Shane and that she would much rather date G, until she remembered that he was a celebrity and she was a normal girl who just happened to have huge tits and was just lucky to have a chance to suck his cock and have sex with him. She knew that nothing would develop from the events that took place in the book store.

“I guess your right” said Starr, saying those words broke her heart.

Starr and Lisa got back dressed as G and J sat on the couch and stroked their cocks at the sexy bodies in front of them. They could have gone for a lot longer, but they knew that the girls had a time limit.

Once they were both dressed, Lisa and Starr said good-bye to G and J and headed to the door. When they were just one foot in the hall, G came over. He handed Starr a card.

“What’s this?” she asked him

“It’s our phone number” said G “Please don’t share it with anyone else. J and I decided that we had so much fun tonight and that we would like the fun to continue. So if you’re ever in the need for some love, you can call us and we’ll be right over to fuck you silly”

“Really!” said Starr with wide eyes, she knew that Lisa must look the same way

“Of course, did I ever lie to you” said G, he was still stroking his cock and Starr saw that he was getting big again maybe it was because he was talking to her boobs and not to her face, but she couldn’t give a fuck right now.

“Never and don’t worry” said Starr “I don’t want to share you with my friends” she winked at him and then she and Lisa returned to the book store.

The place was nearly empty since they were closing in about half an hour. Starr and Lisa went over to the shirts that were on the table right when they came into the store. Lisa found her size and Starr had to look a little longer for her size, but she found one. Starr was also happy that the G version of the shirt was red, which was her favorite color. Her sister Lisa took the J version of the shirt of course.

The girls payed for their shirts and Starr went upstairs to look for her boyfriend Shane. She found him in the manga section. She went over to him.

“Are you ready to leave?” she asked

“Sure” he looked at his watch “Whoa, it’s been over an hour!”

“Yeah” said Starr “G and J stayed longer and talked with us, we sort of lost track of time. Sorry”

“It’s alright” said Shane “That was nice of them. I hope you had a good time with them”

“It was amazing, wonderful and incredible” said Starr in a low voice. She knew that she should tell Shane that she would always love G more than she loved him and …well; he didn’t need to know all the details. Starr had to face it however that G wasn’t going to date her, G and J must have done it with fans across the country on the book tour and the only reason they got the card was so that the Jacks could fool around with the sister’s more.

G was amazing in bed and Starr knew that she would have a lot of fun with him when she would use that number. But she knew that the man she would marry would be Shane and not G.

Shane looked back at her “Sorry, I didn’t hear you” he told her

“I said it was…very good” said Starr. She knew that she couldn’t tell Shane that tonight was the best night of her entire life.

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