Study day

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Britt Robertson and I do not make money from this writing.

A/N: Just to let you all know, in this story Britt Robertson is not a celebrity, she is just a regular girl. Enjoy!

Study day

Britt Robertson was the hottest girl in school. Blake had been in love with her since they were in the first grade, and while he was friends with her she never seemed to notice him in a sexual way. He wanted a chance to show her that he was a good guy and they could be a great couple together if she gave him that chance or if that was impossible he wanted to at least fuck her once in his life.

Blake knew he had to make a move on Britt and find a way to be alone with her. On Friday, during lunch he went over to her when she was at her locker.

“Are you ready for the big test on Monday?” he asked her as he leaned against the locker next to hers since her locker was opened as she placed her books inside of it.

Britt laughed “I will never be ready, looks like another C for me”

Blake felt bad for her, for him getting an A in every subject was a piece of cake. He would look at his books for an hour the day before the test and get 90% or higher on it. His mother always told him if he was more serious he could get perfect scores, but he had better things to do than study. Britt on the other hand was the opposite; she would study her brains out all week for the test and usually get 65% if she was lucky.

“Maybe not” said Blake “How about you come to my house tomorrow and I can help you study for the test?”

Britt’s face seemed to light up, she looked so cute. “You would do that for me?” she asked him

“What are friends for” he said to her “I have to study a little anyways so it will help me too” In more ways than one he thought to himself afterwards. He would make a move on Britt. He didn’t know if it would work, would she give in to her sexual desires or would she be strong enough to say no? Only time would tell.

“Thank you so much” said Britt and she hugged him “You’re the best”

Blake smiled I could sure get used to this he thought.

The next day

It was the perfect day to get Britt in bed because Blake’s parents were out of town, they went to visit his grandma, but he couldn’t go because he had to study for the test and he promised to help his friend study too. His mother forgave him because since he was helping a friend and therefore studying more, he could ace this test. She longed for her son to get a perfect score on a test.

Just past noon, the doorbell rang. Blake hurried to open the door. Britt stood there with her school bag over one shoulder, she wore a light red blouse and white shorts since it was starting to get warm outside as the final exams were coming up soon. The test on Monday was the last test before the finals which meant if Britt failed or barely passed, she would need at least an 80% on the final exam to pass her year.

Blake let her inside and took her to the living room, so it didn’t look weird. He wanted to help her pass the test, but once the boring studying part was done, he was going to get Britt in bed with him.

“Let’s hit the books” said Britt “I really need to pass this test”

Blake and Britt studied for most of the day. Blake knew most of the material; in fact he knew it so well he wasn’t even going to look over his notes before the test. He went over everything with Britt, since the test was all what they learned since the last test, there wasn’t too much material to study for. However Britt really wanted a good grade on this test, so they went over everything at least three times.

“Thanks a lot Blake, I feel a lot better now” said Britt as she put her books into her bag, it was close to five in the afternoon, the sun was still in the sky, but she had to get home or her parents would start to get worried about her. But this was the moment that Blake was waiting for. He stopped her from leaving.

“I want to show you something before you leave” he said to her

“Um…okay, I guess as long as it doesn’t take too long, my mom is waiting for me in 15 minutes” Britt told him

“If it takes longer you can call her” said Blake

He took Britt to his room and closed the door behind him. He could have kept the door open since no one was home and therefore no one could catch them in bed, but he wanted something that would make it harder for Britt to run away, even if he wasn’t going to force her into having sex with him.

“What did you…” Britt started to say as she turned around to face him. Blake had already taken his pants off, Britt looked at her friend with his boxers on and there was a bulge in them. She might be a virgin, but she was no fool, she knew what it was.

“Pretty big huh?” said Blake “It’s even bigger if I take them off”

Britt didn’t say a word.

“You want to see it?” he asked her.

Britt couldn’t speak; she had never seen a real penis before. Now Blake was asking her if she wanted to see his. She didn’t know what to say, she knew that she should just run pass him and go home, but he did help her a lot for the test that was coming up, for once in her life Britt was sure that she could get a high score on the test. If she pissed Blake off, he might not want to help her for the final exam and she knew that she would need his help. Slowly she nodded her head.

Blake pulled down his boxers. Britt’s eyes zoned in to the monster he had between his legs. It stood straight up once it gained freedom. Britt had no idea how a guy’s dick could be that size. Still her voice was lost.

“This is what happens when I think about you Britt” said Blake “even when I see you, I can’t help it” he walked towards her and put his hands on her shoulders “I want to fuck you so badly”

“I…I don’t know” Britt said, she sounded like an idiot. She couldn’t think straight with that huge cock in her vision.

“I wanted to be with you forever” said Blake as he started to kiss her neck

“Oh, Blake” said Britt as heat filled her, her hand went over and wrapped itself around his huge penis and slowly Britt started to stroke it. She had no idea where that came from, what had compelled her to do this with Blake, she never saw him as boyfriend material.

“That’s good Britt” he said to her as her hand moved up and down his penis. Blake moved some of her blonde hair that had fallen over her eyes out of the way, pushing it behind her ears.

Then he kissed her, his lips were pressed against hers. It was her first kiss, Britt melted into the kiss, her free hand went behind his neck as she pushed her body against his, she didn’t want this moment to end.

Of course, it ended. “Whoa” she breathed out as their lips parted her hand was still stroking his cock. She didn’t even know she was still doing that. “I need a moment” she said quickly and ran out of the room and to the bathroom.

First she washed her hands since Blake’s cock was in her hand. Then she washed her face to cool down. She was so hot with touching him and kissing him it wasn’t even funny. The thing was that she wanted it to happen again. Then she took out her cell phone and called her mother. She told her that Blake had asked her to stay over for supper and they were going to do some extra review after they ate. It was a little white lie, but it made her mother happy and it made her happy because she was going to have sex with Blake and lose her virginity.

When Britt returned to his room, Blake was now fully naked, having removed his shirt while waiting for her.

“I called my mom and I can stay over” said Britt.

Blake sat on his bed and moved his hand forward, Britt took it and kissed it, he moved his hand towards him and she followed it. Reaching him, Britt placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him with love. Somehow, the man that she saw as less likely to be her lover would be her first lover.

Blake worked on her blouse, he looked at her and she nodded her head, he opened her blouse and tossed it with his clothes in a neat pile in the corner of his room. Britt then took her shorts off and her panties. Blake worked on her bra; soon she was as nude as he was. This was the first time that somebody saw her naked.

“You’re so beautiful” Blake said to her as he passed his hands over her stomach and her breast.

Britt wrapped her hand around his cock and started to stroke it again. Blake grabbed hold of her hand, stopping her.

Britt looked up at him. “Use your mouth” he said to her

“My…my mouth? On your penis?” she asked unsure

“Trust me” he said and winked at her “It will be good, not just for me but for you too, I promise you Britt”

That made her heart flutter, she dropped down to her knees still holding the cock in her hand, she gave it one stroke and brought it to her lips, taking it all in her mouth. Of course the cock was too large to fit it all in, but Britt took what she could and started to move her mouth back and forth along his cock. Blake closed his eyes and moaned as Britt blew him; her throat was amazing, her hand that was stroking him before found its way to his balls and played with them. Britt moved her head along his length, leaving her drool in her wake. It drove Blake crazy and he knew that if Britt kept touching him like that and blowing him like that he wasn’t going to be able to hold on for much longer. He tried to keep it inside because he didn’t want Britt to stop doing this to him.

“Shit Britt” he said as he bucked his hips forward, pumping into her mouth slightly as he had his first release. It took Britt by surprise and she gagged loudly on his jizz, as he forced her to swallow every drop.

Britt kept his cock in her mouth and looked up at him with wide eyes, she slowly moved her mouth back and forth along his dick, Blake moaned as she did so. Then Britt pulled away, she was surprised that he was still so large and hard.

“Sorry about cumming in your mouth” he said to her.

“Don’t mention it” said Britt as she got to her feet and sat on the bed next to him, she kissed him. All that they had done so far was amazing, her touching his cock, her giving him a blowjob that he would remember forever. There was one more thing that she wanted to do today and she knew that Blake wanted to do it with her too.

“Make love to me” she said to him “now”

“I will” he told her. Britt fell on the bed onto her back and Blake came over her and kissed her, Britt felt his hard cock pressed against her stomach, it felt so good there and it drove her heat into overdrive. She would remember this for the rest of her life. Blake took his cock in his hands and aimed it to her pussy. He would be the first to enter her.

He slipped inside of her and moaned at how tight she was. Britt moaned too since he was so huge and hard, it was painful, but still so wonderful. Blake started to move inside of her, going deep in her and pulling out nearly all the way. Britt didn’t dare look down because she was sure that she would bleed and seeing blood always made her enter some sort of panic mode, even if she knew that her life was not in danger here. She was with Blake and he would make her feel better than ever before.

“Your very tight” he said to her as he kissed her and pushed inside of her, Britt felt his tongue push against her lips, and she opened her mouth and allowed him access inside of her. Their tongue rolled over each other.

“Please cum inside of me” said Britt

“But we aren’t using a condom” he said to her

“I don’t fucking care right now” said Britt, she moaned as he increased his speed inside of her, Blake knew that he was close to ejaculation as he continued to pound Britt with everything he had.

“I’m close baby” he said to her

“I want it so badly Blake!” she yelled.

Blake went inside of Britt one final time and shot his head back as he shot his seed into Britt Robertson. He had finally fucked her, his life was complete. He stayed there for a while; Britt noticed that he was still hard and huge after the fucking of her life that he gave her.

Wow, this guy is a catch she thought to herself, she would have to tell all her friends about Blake and what took place between the two of them on Saturday.

Blake pulled out of Britt and rolled next to her. “That was great” he said to her, without even thinking about it, Britt’s hand went over and started to stroke his rock hard cock again. “Britt?”

“What can I say my hand is in love with your penis” she laughed.

Blake was a little nervous “About that last shot…”

“I know” sighed Britt “I shouldn’t have asked you to shoot it in me. I was on a sex high, but we’ll handle that if it happens”

“Deal” he said to her and then he kissed her while she stroked his cock for a few extra minutes.

20 minutes later

Britt pulled up her shorts and fixed her hair in the mirror of Blake’s bathroom. She took her schoolbag that she dropped in  his room and headed to the front door to head home, Blake followed her, just as she was about to leave, she turned and went to him. Blake took her in his arms.

“You know I’m going to need a lot of studying for the final exams” said Britt

“I think I can help you” Blake told her

“Good, I think we should start right after this test is over” Britt said to him

“Right, you can never study too much” Blake said to her

“And” Britt continued as she placed a hand over where his cock was under his pants “I can help you with this monster after our sessions”

“It’s a deal” he said, they shared one last kiss before Britt had to leave, if she didn’t get out soon she would find herself in bed with Blake again. Not that she would mind, but her mother sure would if she got home too late.

Britt left and closed the door behind her. Blake couldn’t be happier, he had finally fucked Britt and she was going to come over again and again and this time she was the one that wanted to sleep with him. Things couldn’t get any better for him right now.

Once she got home, Britt went in her room and stayed there for a moment thinking about the events of the night she had. She had given Blake a handjob, a blowjob and made love with him which lead to him shooting and her asking for his cum inside her. She sure hoped that he didn’t get her pregnant because her mom would snap if Britt told her she was pregnant, she would have to go on the pill before Tuesday because Blake was going to help her study for the finals and she was planning to have A LOT of sex with him as a way to thank him for his hard work.

Britt didn’t mind, she was planning to have A LOT of sex with Blake just for fun after the finals were over anyways.

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