The Portrait

BY : Sven_Igornov
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! I do not know Ashley of Jeremy, and I do not profit from these writings.

"Hey Jeremy, you can draw right?"

Ashley and Jeremy had just finished doing a read for The Know. Jeremy had been looking for things to do all day since the rest of the Achievement Hunter Office was out on the Friday Afternoon, and Off Topic was pre-recorded.

"Well, kinda."

"No, I remember that one Always Open; you were very good at drawing."

Jeremy felt flattered, but also puzzled. "Thanks. Why did you want to know."

"Actually, I was wondering if you could draw something for me tomorrow?"

Now Jeremy was curious. "Like, draw something life like?"

"Yeah, just a quick sketch of something in the house. I want something a little bit artsy, and I think you can do a good job. I'll pay you, too."

"Well, I guess I'd be honored then." Jeremy was a bit hesitant, but ultimately couldn't say no. He had been wanting to keep up his drawing, and he figured this would be a good way to go about it.

"Perfect, come over around 1. I'll get everything ready for you before then."


Jeremy pulled up to the house just after 1pm. It was a nice sunny Saturday, but a bit too windy to be outside. He got out of his car, grabbing a sketchbook and a pencil case as he exited, and he walked up the driveway to the front door. Ashley opened the door and ushered him in when he was still only halfway up the path.

"Hey Jeremy, come on in!"

Jeremy entered into the residence and the door closed behind him. The first thing he noticed was the immediate silence in the house.

"Quiet morning today?"

"Yeah, Burnie's out of town and the boys are at their mom's. It's been a pretty good lazy morning."

"That sounds awesome. My asshole cats woke me up at 7."

"Oh that sucks. Can I get you a drink? Water? Coffee?"

"I'm okay, actually. Um... can we just get to the drawing?"

"What, are you nervous?" Ashley teased. She poked Jeremy's arm and it seemed to set him at ease, somewhat. "Come on, I have it set up in the bedroom."

Jeremy followed the blonde upstairs and into the master bedroom. There was a stool and temporary table there.

"I have you set up here. Feel free to get comfortable."

Jeremy sat at the stool and set down his supplies. He opened his pencil case and took out a handful of pencils of various widths and shades, as well as an eraser and a pencil sharpener if he needed them. Jeremy tried to recall the last time he took out his artist's pencils, and pin-pointed it to sometime in his senior year. He felt deep in thought for so long that he just realized that Ashley had left the room for a few minutes.

"Hey Ash?" He began to ask. "What exactly am I drawing?"

"Well..." Ashley appeared from around the corner and shut the door. she was no longer wearing the jeans and t-shirt she answered the door in, and was now covered by just a short bathrobe, her bare legs being uncovered from mid thigh to her feet. She also appeared to have a bit more makeup on than when she answered the door. "If it's alright, I thought you could draw me."

Jeremy was now very nervous. "I mean... I guess..." Jeremy's voice was very tight at this point, and he began to sweat down the back of his neck.

"If you're worried about anything, Burnie won't mind. In fact, he won't even see it. This is just for me."

Jeremy's mind began to race. He started picturing all the scenarios that could possibly occur from him doing this, but no matter how bad it got he knew he would regret not doing it.

"No." Jeremy readjusted his voice. "No, it's alright. Let's get started."

Ashley shot Jeremy a coy smile and moved to the edge of the bed. She sat at the edge and crossed he legs, giving Jeremy just a peak if he was willing to take it. She then adjusted her robe down past her shoulders, showing a deep cleavage and just barely covering the important bits. Once she was settled with her bosom, she opened the bottom of the robe to show off her belly button and toned abs.

"This isn't too much, is it?"

Jeremy took a moment to stare at his subject and examine her from head to toe. He felt his bulge begin to grow and quickly adjusted his seating position to not give anything away, although he was more than sure that Ashley knew of the situation.

"That's perfect. If-- if you're comfortable, that is."

"I'm good." Ashley put on a bit of a smolder for her artist, and tried to stay as still as possible.

Jeremy got to work immediately. He started on a blank background, making sure the draw in the edge of the bed, a couple pillows behind Ashley, and some small details on the wall. He made sure to make enough space that the blonde could fill, and started with her face. He first made an outline of her hair, head, and shoulders, knowing that he would have a lot to fill in. From there, he did his best to capture every detail of her face, from the mood of her seductive pout to the look in her eyes. From there, he continued to fill out the body, drawing Ashley's natural curves first, and then the robe over top. He then captured the position of her arms, bare above the robe and holding down the fabric just under her bosom. As he drew this last part he could feel himself growing, but was too captivated by the work he was doing to pay it any more attention.

Jeremy continued drawing Ashley's legs and started to connect the background to his subject. Looking up, he saw a sun beam from the window landing on Ashley's face and body, and began to shade around the light and its source. He filled in the details of her hair, hands, feet, and the other more difficult parts of the portrait. He looked between his subject and portrait one last time and felt that it was as good as he was going to get it. He began to finish up some of the background details.

"Okay, I think it's about done. Want to come take a look?"

Ashley got up from her place with little care for her dress. She circled to the back of Jeremy to look over to she the painting, and place both hands on her shoulders. "Wow, Jeremy! That's amazing! Way better than what I could have thought it to look."

Jeremy looked back over his shoulder to respond, and caught a glimpse of Ashley's open nipple as he did so. "You think? I still feel like my technique was a bit rusty."

"No, no, it's perfect!" Ashley's hand began to slowly run down Jeremy's back. "Can you sign the corner for me?"

"Oh, sure!" Jeremy set the pad down on the table and grabbed a thick pencil in order to sign the corner darkly. As he move his arms to write, he could feel Ashley's hands trail down his sides and towards his legs. "Uh... what are you doing?"

"Well, I have money for you, but I though a job this good deserve some extra compensation." Ashley's hands began to rub up and down Jeremy's thigh, and he could feel himself want to escape his now tight jeans.

Jeremy quickly stood up and tried to turn around. "I can't. I mean, Burnie, and Kat, and..."

"They don't need to know. Besides, I know you've wanted to for a long time." Ashley pushed Jeremy back towards the bed. Her robe dropped to her sides as she began to push him to a laying down position.

Jeremy resisted and managed to flip himself on top of Ashley. Both their legs were hanging off the bed, and Jeremy could feel himself pressed against Ashley's body. Even through 2 layers of clothing he could feel hot wet Ashley had gotten from the whole ordeal. He tried thinking to himself again, but the blood rushing away from his head was betraying him.

"Ah... fuck it."

Jeremy pressed his lips to Ashley who quickly reciprocated the act. She started to pull off his t-shirt and tank-top, and shoved her tongue into Jeremy's mouth while her hands got busy. Jeremy broke the kiss to remove his tops and re-initiated the embrace, pushing his chest against Ashley's breasts. Her nipples were already rock hard, and he boobs felt firm under his weight.

After a few minutes, Jeremy started to get more comfortable. He pushed Ashley up the bed to wander his mouth down to her nipples. He began to squeeze on one breast with his hand while his tongue fondled the other, causing Ashley to moan with delight. Ashley's hands moved to rub his head as he switched his mouth and hand to the opposite sides of the blonde's gorgeous bosom.

From here, Jeremy began to trail his mouth down Ashley's stomach and towards her thighs. He re-positioned himself comfortably just off the bed and pulled Ashley by he legs towards he mouth. Jeremy's left hand wrapped under Ashley's leg and reached up for her breast, as his right hand began to penetrated her wet hole. Jeremy quickly move his tongue onto her clit, alternating between random movements on the pressure spot and slurping up the extra wetness between her labia. Ashley's left hand met Jeremy's and forced him to grab her boob more firmly, while her right and pushed the bald head further between her legs. Her legs began to shake with anticipation, and Jeremy could feel the moment she came to pleasure by the extra tightening of her hands. Jeremy kept at it until Ashley's hand pushed his head away and she had a moment to stop shivering.

"Get your cock in me, now!"

Jeremy wasted no time standing up and undoing his belt almost simultaneously. He immediately dropped his entire covering, revealing a thick, eight inch member, throbbing in anticipation. He began to slowly push in to Ashley when she quickly drew him in with her feet. Jeremy felt the tip of his shaft hit the end of Ashley's vagina and begin to push deeper as the blonde moaned in pleasure from the sudden insertion. Jeremy started to thrust slowly, but soon started to match the quicker rhythm that Ashley seemed to desire. Ashley reached up and locked lips with Jeremy, wrapping her legs around him tightly as she went airborne. Jeremy's hands moved to support her ass as the thrusting continued.

Jeremy and Ashley began to wander around the room as the passionate intercourse continued, and Ashley's mouth alternated between kissing Jeremy's neck and audibly panting in pleasure. Jeremy's panting grew harder as he wandered back onto the bed, sitting down and burying his face in Ashley's cleavage. Ashley pushed him down and maneuvered her legs so she was fully riding him, and Jeremy's hands move to grab her hips. Ashley bent down to Jeremy's ear.

"Let me know when you're about to cum."

Ashley went back to upright as Jeremy began to moan. She moved her right hand behind her and began to play with Jeremy's balls, and her left hand started rubbing her clit. She began to ride him more slowly, but more deeply, and Jeremy could see her eyes begin to roll back with each continued thrust. Both her hands suddenly stopped moving as she let out a short screech. While the moment was fleeting, it felt in Jeremy's mind to go on for hours. Ashley flopped back over and locked lips with Jeremy, beginning to move her hips more rigorously. Jeremy could feel himself reach his limit and his panting started to become more and more audible.

Ashley took her cue and pulled herself off of Jeremy, her pussy dripping onto his member as she lifted herself away. She fell back the same way as Jeremy did before, rubbing her breasts across his erection before shoving it into her mouth. She gave a small sound of enjoyment as she tasted herself on the tip of Jeremy's shaft, and her right hand began to pump up and down his shaft. It took only seconds for Jeremy to seize up all over his body, and he began to shoot his load straight into the blonde's mouth. Ashley's tongue danced around Jeremy's tip to extend the orgasm as long as she could, and Jeremy felt himself shake as he threw his head back in pleasure. Ashley continued to like Jeremy clean before moving off his mouth and swallowing his load. She then went back to lick his still hard member, pushing it as far as she could into her mouth before finally letting Jeremy rest. Ashley moved herself back up and wiped at her mouth before giving Jeremy another long kiss.

The pair laid still for minutes, panting off the experience. After awhile, Ashley moved lifted her head from Jeremy's chest and looked him in the eyes, her hand dancing playfully across his bare chest.

"That was amazing." Jeremy broke the silence first.

"So you're satisfied?" Ashley asked in response. "I mean, if you don't think that was enough extra payment we could always go again."

Jeremy held his breath for a second in thought, but almost immediately felt his spent manhood beginning to grow hard again. He tilted his head up slightly to look up and down Ashley, and recognized the same seductive smolder that he had transferred to his sketch. Jeremy's eyes move to Ashley's pulsating bosom, then to her playful hand, and then down to his now almost erect penis. He sighed and laid his head back down for a moment.

"Fuck it." And he grabbed to blonde in for a long kiss.

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