The dark angel of lust

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Disclaimer: This is work of pure fiction as none this never happened in real life. I do not know Angelina Jolie. Any similarities or relations to anyone living or dead is completely coincidental. I do not get profits for this.

It all happened when Cory went to Los Angeles but to this day no one knows what really happened to him until now. But first let's start at the beginning, Cory was back in his hometown of Lehighton Pennsylvania USA. Cory at this time was 23 years old and since he graduated high school life has been a living hell for him. He had a family that didn't care about him and when his father lost his job they lost pretty much everything else. Debt was piling up finally the old man got a new job but by then the damage was already done. Cory had no choice but to get a job as a cashier in a fast food restaurant. He couldn't afford college no matter what he did. He knew that he would spend the rest of his life living on minimum wage and we all know you can't live on that forever. Not to mention that Mcdonald's doesn't offer health benefits to any of their employees. Cory had no choice but to sign up for welfare. They wouldn't give it to him of course that's just how it was back then. They even refused to give him food stamps ironic isn't it that they say that the people who need welfare can get it but in reality if you're a white American you don't get welfare simple as that. Cory lived a hard life he prayed he hoped he wished for better things to come he tried everything but alas it was to no avail. Cory couldn't get out of the hell his father left him in things only got worse. Cory got laid off from his job and whatever he had was spent by his father Cory was broke! He had nothing not even a friend to lend a hand he fell through the cracks and the darkness came. Cory then by mere coincidence managed to win a free trip to Los Angles where he went for a vacation. He needed a break no offense. He packed his bags and flew to Los Angles California USA. Cory hoped to meet some famous celebrities like all people but he didn't get his hopes up because he had a feeling he wouldn't find any but he was wrong. When Cory went back to his hotel room and checked his email he found an unusual letter in his spam folder telling him to come to the public library. Cory loved books so he figured it would be a nice change of pace. So he went downtown to the library where he met a book salesman. The librarian told Cory to pay the salesman no mind but when the salesman told Cory that there was something he should know about what's really going on in hollywood. Cory couldn't resist, the salesman that all of his questions would be answered by a mysterious black book that was hidden in the library. At first Cory thought the man was crazy trying to send him on wild groose chase for nothing. But Cory was intrigued so he looked for the book. Oddly enough after an hour of almost giving up he found what seemed to be it. The book just happened to appear before his eyes. While Cory was sitting on a chair about ready to leave he looked down and saw a cabinet door fly open suddenly and inside it laid a mysterious black book. He reached over and picked it up, the book had a mysterious black cover on it with a strange symbol in the center and at the top written in Latin said, "The secret of Hollywood".

Cory knew it had to be it the book appeared to be old but in good condition. When Cory opened the book he noticed it never was stamped by a librarian meaning it was hidden here on propose. But why just leave it here you would think that someone would want something like this wrapped up tight. Cory hid the book in his pack and went back to his hotel room to learn more about it. But was that a good idea?  

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