Cassie Scerbo's first time

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Cassie Scerbo and I do not make money from this writing.

A/N: Just to let you know in this story Cassie Scerbo is not a celebrity, she is just a regular girl. Also I am posting this on March 30th which just so happens to be Cassie Scerbo's birthday. Enjoy!

Cassie Scerbo’s first time

There was a loud knock at the front door. Cassie Scerbo ran from her bedroom towards the door. She stopped by the door and fixed her hair in the mirror, she wore a short skirt and her leather jacket. The knock at the door came again; Cassie walked over and opened the door for her friend Bob.

“It took you long enough” Cassie told him as she moved aside to let him enter.

“I’m sorry” said Bob “I was with my mom”

“At least you made it at a decent time” Cassie said as she went towards her room, when she looked back, she saw Bob go into the living room, she walked over there and saw him sitting on the couch. Cassie crossed her arms “What are you doing?”

“I’ll just wait for you here” said Bob

“I have something that I have to show you in my room” said Cassie

“I shouldn’t go in your room” said Bob “Your parents aren’t home”

Cassie sighed; Bob’s mother was over protected of her son. She wanted her son to stay a virgin until he got married to a girl he would meet in college. Bob’s mother never liked Cassie, but Cassie didn’t like her as well, so they were even. She was uptight, rude and would crew her food like a cow. Cassie couldn’t stand being in the same room as the women, the only reason she would put up with her when she had too was because she was friends with Bob since they were in the second grade.

Cassie had planned this whole day, her parents were out of town for the day and she had been dreaming about losing her virginity since her mother had the sex talk with her. Most of her friends at school have already had sex and she wanted to do it as well. Now she never really had an interest in Bob sexually since she would tease him and call him a nerd in math class when he got a perfect score on the most recent test, but she knew that if she didn’t do it with him now, there were high chances that Bob could die a virgin, since she and his mother were the only girls he ever talked to in his life.

Did Cassie really want to lose her virginity to Bob…no, not really. There were a lot better looking boys at the school, but if she slept with any of them then everyone at school would think that she was easy.

“If you’re not going to come in my room then I’ll have to show you right here” said Cassie. Cassie took hold of the zipper of her leather jacket and slowly pulled it down, pulling the jacket from off her shoulder and let it fall to the floor. Bob’s jaw almost hit the floor as Cassie stood in front of him with her tits exposed for him to see.

“Cassie…you forgot your bra…and um, your shirt too” said Bob

“I didn’t forget them” smiled Cassie

Meanwhile across the street from where Cassie lived there was an old pervert who lived there. Every day he would take his binocular’s and look in the various windows of the rooms that belonged to the teenage girls who lived on the street. He had caught one blonde making out with her best friend, even if he knew they both had a boyfriend. He also caught a brunette having sex with her man even if he knew she broke up with him two months ago and has since started seeing a new guy.

Unfortunately today was a slow day. There wasn’t even one girl changing into her swimsuit. Then his eyes passed in front of the windows that lead into Cassie’s living room and he saw her boobs in the open air as well as Bob sitting in front of her.

“Jackpot” he said to himself as he kept his gaze on her breast. As long as Cassie didn’t close the curtains the old pervert had a front row seat to her first time. The girls never thought somebody would be watching them from the outside; they were more worried about daddy on the inside.

“What do you mean by that?” asked Bob inside of Cassie’s house.

Cassie slowly walked over to her friend and passed her hand through his brown hair. “Isn’t it obvious?” she asked him

Bob shook his head “No”

Cassie sighed again “Let me show you” she told hm. She took his hands into her own and brought his hands over to her boobs and placed them there.


“Touch me Bob” said Cassie

“I shouldn’t…”

“Mommy ain’t here Bob” Cassie told him “No need to be shy”

“Alright” Bob told her, he pressed down and started to move his hands over her boobs. Cassie moaned as she felt the touch of a man on her body for the first time.

The old pervert was watching her very closely; he was excited for the best part to begin. He worked on his pants with his free hand to get his cock ready for when Cassie and Bob started to bang.

Inside of Cassie’s house, Bob brought her breast over to his lips and started to lick her boobs. Cassie moaned again as she felt his tongue pass over her nipple. She wanted to get to the part where she lost her virginity, but maybe a little more foreplay won’t hurt.

Cassie pushed herself away from Bob. He whined in disappointment at the loss of her near him. Cassie sat next to Bob, placing her hands on his cheeks; she moved forward and planted a kiss on his lips. She felt his tongue poke her lips and she opened her mouth to allow him access. She had no idea that Bob had it in him to be a beast like this when it came to sex.

Cassie broke the kiss; saliva connected their lips to one another. Cassie took his shirt in her hands and pulled it off over his head. She looked at his bod, it was clear that Bob was not the type of guy who went to the gym often. Cassie didn’t really care as she wasn’t in a relationship with Bob, if she was it would be another story. She passed a hand over his chest and brought her mouth over to it and started to lick around his torso.

“Oh Cassie” Bob moaned with his eyes closed as her tongue slowly moved across him.

Across the street the old pervert started to slowly stroke his cock as he watched Cassie licking her friend. It made him think back to the time he caught the blonde (the one who was kissing her BFF) giving a blow to some guy she just met in her backyard while her father was taking a nap inside the house; no less than six feet from where she had a huge cock down her throat. It turned him on so much.

In Cassie’s house, Bob took her face in his hands and brought her over to his face, where he kissed her. Not only her lips, but her cheeks and her nose and her eyes and her neck, he even kissed her ears. Cassie had a feeling that maybe Bob was starting to fall for her and that she should tell him that this was just a one-time thing.

“Bob” she moaned out to make sure he didn’t get the wrong idea about what was going on between them.

“I have a great idea” he suddenly said to her, as Cassie saw him unzip his pants and quickly pull them off and took his cock out. Cassie was surprised by how big he was. She had seen bigger dicks in porn, but she always pictured Bob having a tiny penis. She was glad that she was wrong. “Now you’re going to suck it” Bob told her

“What? No way that’s disgusting” said Cassie

Bob acted like he didn’t hear what she said as he grabbed a hold of her blonde hair and forced her down onto his cock. Cassie found her throat being filled with Bob’s dick; she closed her eyes and felt his public hairs on her teeth and nose as she gagged on his cock. She couldn’t stand the smell; it made her feel dizzy as she took in his musky scent.

“That feels great” said Bob as he moved his hips up and down as he thrusted into Cassie’s mouth as if he was fucking her. He had a good grip on her hair and kept Cassie in place, so she couldn’t pull away.

When he lets go, I am so killing him thought Cassie as her mouth was used by Bob.

Across the street the old pervert started to increase his speed in the stroking of his member. He had no idea that Cassie was sucking cock against her will. He thought she wanted to do it like the blonde did in her backyard. He was so thankful for all the sluts that lived on the same street that he did.

Back in her house, Cassie moaned loudly on Bob’s dick. Her tongue started to lap at his cock on autopilot and she feared that this was only making Bob get more of a wrong idea at what this was all about. Making her plan to lose her virginity wasn’t the best plan that she ever came up with in her life. As her tongue rolled in circles on his cock, Bob moaned as Cassie felt precum on her tongue. Her reflex told her to pull away, but Bob was stronger than he looked and kept her mouth pinned to his dick as he ejaculated into her mouth.

Cassie’s mouth was flooded with Bob’s jizz.

Bob let go of her hair and Cassie pulled away from his dick as fast as she could. She was forced to swallow most of his cum and a small amount stayed on her lips. She used her arm and wiped it off and just looked at her friend as he smiled to himself at his first ejaculation.

“I didn’t want to suck your cock!” Cassie almost shouted at him.

“Oh really?” asked Bob

“I told you before you forced my head onto your penis” Cassie shouted, she knew she should keep her voice down since it would be bad if the neighbours found out about her sexual adventures in the living room.

“I thought you were only fooling around” said Bob

Cassie crossed her arms under her boobs “Well, I wasn’t”

“Look, I’m really sorry” said Bob

“Just forget about it” said Cassie “Let’s just do what I called you over to do” She flipped her skirt over to reveal that she didn’t wear any underwear under it. Cassie went onto Bob’s lap, he felt her hand on his cock as her body went down and Cassie aimed his cock at her pussy.

“Oh shit” yelled Bob as his cock went into her. She felt so tight.

Cassie shut her mouth tight and tried hard not to scream.

The old pervert arched his head back as he had his release and shot his jizz on the wall of his house. He kept on watching Cassie as he saw Cassie move her hips and start to bounce on Bob, he started to stroke his cock again. The scene was too hot for the old pervert to not stroke his cock. This was like the time the brunette was banging her new man and her brother walked in as her man reached his peak.

In her house Cassie wrapped her arms around Bob’s neck and closed her eyes in pleasure. It was a bit painful as Bob did her and there was also the fact that she bleed at the very start, but after a couple of minutes it started to feel good. No wonder all her friends were talking about how good it felt; now she knew and Bob knew as well. She had a feeling that he liked his day.

“This is incredible” Bob said as he felt Cassie’s pussy move all the way down on his cock before she moved back up and out of it.

Cassie looked at her friend. Sure he made her mad when he used her mouth the way he did, but in the end he would always be her friend and she would always love him even if it wasn’t in a sexual way. Bob looked right back at her; they looked in each other’s eyes. Something came over Cassie at that moment. She moved her lips over to his and kissed him. She felt his hands on her bare back as he accepted her kiss and didn’t try to push his tongue into her mouth, even if Cassie could tell he really wanted too.

Cassie broke the kiss for a moment. Their mouths were inches apart. “I love you” she whispered to him

Bob laughed “Too bad I’m not that much into you”

“You jerk, I gave you my virginity” she said

“I’m just joking with you” said Bob “I always had feelings for you, but I never acted on them because of my mother”

“Then maybe it’s time you stop doing everything that mommy tells you to do” said Cassie as she kissed her friend and soon to be boyfriend once again. The kiss was passionate and hot.

Across the street the old pervert found himself on the edge of coming again, he couldn’t handle the heat of the scene that Cassie was having. It was burned into his mind, it was so bad that he would recall it every time that he would see her, just like how it was with the blonde and the brunette who were the sluts of the street.

The old pervert tried his best to hold his cum inside because he wanted to see how this scene would play out. He always hoped that somebody would walk in on the couple doing it because he found it hot for young girls to get caught in the act. He couldn’t hold his release and shot his second load at the exact same place where he shot his first one.

The old pervert fell back and landed on his bed, he was out of breath. He would sleep well tonight and dream about Cassie and Bob having hot sex in her living room.

Back in her house, Cassie knew that it was only a matter of time before Bob shot his load inside of her vagina. The couple broke the kiss and Cassie started to bounce faster on her friend.

“Do it Bob!” she shouted, not caring if her neighbour heard her right now.

“I’m so close” said Bob, he pumped up into Cassie a couple of times and shot his head back against the couch as he had his second release of the day. Cassie held onto Bob tightly as she closed her eyes and accepted his seed inside of her. Her mouth was wide open, but not a sound came out of it.

20 minutes later

Bob pulled up his pants and looked at Cassie who was still completely naked on her couch.

“That was…it was great” he told her

“It was better than great” laughed Cassie as she jumped to her feet and hugged Bob, he relaxed as he felt her bare breast against his body.

“So are you like my girlfriend now?” Bob asked her

Cassie moved away a little so she could place her hands on her hips “After what we just did I hope so” she said to him

“Sweet” said Bob, he checked his phone and saw that he had 30 missed calls from his mother. But one look at Cassie and all the fear that was inside of him vanished “I hope we can do this again”

“We will” said Cassie “and next time I’ll even suck your cock out of my free will” she winked at him and blew him a kiss as he headed for the front door.

Bob placed his hand on the door and looked over his shoulder to see Cassie standing there and waving her fingers towards him.

“It’s so hard to walk away from you” he said to her

“You’ll see me at school” said Cassie “and after over ten years of friendship you’re not going to lose me easily”

Cassie headed towards her room to get dressed before her parents returned and Bob opened the front door and walked across the lawn to the sidewalk. He saw a blonde and a brunette walking across the street holding hands and it seemed like they were into each other even if he knew from school that they were both in a relationship with a guy. The brunette’s man was a dude in Bob’s English class and her ex was in Bob’s math class and he was depressed after their break-up until recently since the brunette started to sleep with him again on the side. As for the blonde her boyfriend was ten years older than she was and her parents did not approve of the relationship.

The old pervert was on his front lawn watering his wife’s plants after having recovered from his two ejaculations from before. He waved at Bob and Bob came over to talk with him.

“Did anything interesting today Bob?” asked the old pervert

“I had a really great day grandpa” said Bob and the old pervert smiled knowing exactly what Bob was talking about.

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