Harmony and heartbreak.

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Disclaimer: I don't know Harmony Korine, Chloe Sevigny or anyone among the Kids cast. No money or profit is made. This story is a work of fiction, centered around my fictional OC, Amanda Leeland.

 New York, 1994. I was standing in front of the Ward Preparatory, holding a flyer in my hands. It was a casting call flyer for an upcoming movie, Kids.

„Looking for real NYC kids. All backgrounds and colors. Guys and girls 13 – 19 years old..”

 Pretty interesting. I definitely am a real NYC kid – I thought. I was 16 at the time. Speaking of my background, I was pretty privileged. I was your typical preppy, elite Upper East Side girl. Rich parents, rich friends, posh prep school, anything you want.

I couldn’t wait to turn up at the audition and show them what I’ve got. Heard that, the director was young and hot, so I decided I would be wearing a button up shirt, and flash my boobs at him, if necessary.

Me and my friends were hanging out at the Central Park and joked about the auditions.

- Amanda, my advice is to turn up at the audition naked! – said Drina laughing.

- Way to go, honey! Success guaranteed! – said Lauren.

- Why don’t you just sleep with that superhot director?

- Because I have no idea, who’s that? – I replied jokingly.

- He has some weird name. – Drina pondered – Har…., Harlan? I don’t know, but I’m sure his first name starts with H!

- Okay, I swear I’ll blow Mr. H. away! – I said rolling my eyes.

- Or just blow him! – said Lauren and we all burst out laughing.

  It was about time. A day before the auditions I picked my outfit: white button up blouse, black A – lined skirt, black stockings, and a pair of black Mary Jane – s. Next day, I turned up at the auditions in excitement. As I was strutting through the hallway, I saw a hot young man with jet black hair, talking to an older man. I glanced towards his direction seductively and flipped my long, dark tresses. The young man glared at me provocatively. Yeah, that’s it! I totally turned him on.

 I sat down, waiting for the audition to start. From what I heard, they want this movie to be diverse. Well, I, myself am mixed: half white, half hispanic. And one of my female ancestors was an arabic woman. They wouldn't find anyone more exotic than me. I was calm and confident.

 Later, other candidates turned up as well. Most of them didin’t seem to be rich prep school kids, to put it mildly. They looked pretty edgy, actually. Tattoos, piercings and all that stuff. Or they were just plain ordinary. Not to be elitist, or something. Some of them were glaring at me in outrage, or they were shocked. They were like, what the fuck is that posh bitch doing here? Especially, a short, boyish haired, tomboyish looking blonde girl was staring at me suspiciously.

 Others were flashing their pierced tongue towards me, expecting that I’d be turned on by that kind of stuff. They were obviously wrong. The directors finally appeared. And oh my God! One of them was the hot, jet black haired stud, who I was flirting with. He introduced himself. His name was Harmony Korine. Harmony! Sure, a weird name. But totally suited him.

 The auditions started, and I became more and more anxious. I can’t make it. I would be beaten to the ground. Okay, Amanda calm down. Maybe I really should flash my boobs. Harmony would totally love that. I started to think about, how can anyone be so hot like him. Jet black hair, full lips, huge doe eyes. My dream man. I already saw us lip locking.

 I opened my eyes, and everyone else was laughing at me, cause I was pouting my lips into the air, which was totally awkward. I was waiting anxiously. Finally, I heard my name. I entered. The air was full of tension. I couldn’t wait to leave the room. When I left, I couldn’t hardly breathe. Later, when I saw Larry and Harmony passing down the hallway, I hollered at them.

- Hey, directors! – and I unbuttoned my shirt, flashing my boobs in a purple, padded bra. The other candidates were laughing and catcalling.

- She totally nailed it!

- Hey, hottie, flash at me too!

- Slut!

 I didn’t care about the girls’ outrage, I was proud of myself. Larry couldn’t hardly breathe, and Harmony was scratching his head. Awesome! I went home cheerfully, and relaxed. I was waiting for them to inform me. Weeks passed, and I was getting more and more impatient.

 Finally, I got a notification letter, about that I wasn’t cast in the movie. Fuck them! Fuck all those slum rats, fuck Harmony, fuck Larry! Fuck all of them! Fuck everyone! I was totally mad. I even showed them my boobs. How could they? How can I tell my friends this shameful story? Drina and Lauren will talk shit about me behind my back. I knew them well. They were my friends, but they were convinning backstabbers as well.

 Later that day I was hanging around the hated building, where I made a complete fool out of myself. Suddenly someone tapped my shoulders.

- Hey, Boobies!

I turned around, and I saw Harmony standing behind me.

- Well, hey there! – I was embarrassed.

- I knew it was you! – said Harmony cheerfully.

- Okay, just don’t tease me! And don’t call me Boobies!

- Not gonna lie! That was pretty memorable!

- My boobs were in a bra remember!

- Yeah, but that was still hot!

I chuckled.

- Glad, you liked it!

- I bet your boobs are more interesting, than your personality!

- Excuse me? – I frowned.

- Just kidding! Don’t get upset!

- Oh, okay!

He probably was kidding, but he was obviously staring at my chest as well. And I felt my nipples getting hard.

- My point is – he came closer – I’m really curious for you, Amanda!

- Really? – the situation became kinda disturbing. He was so close, I felt his breath on my neck, and around my ears. I thought, he was about to kiss my neck. But he wasn’t.

- I’d like to meet you again. – he stated.

- Sure! – I replied.

- Let’s meet here, tomorrow!

- That would be great! We might have a coffee as well!

- Great idea! – he leaned closer again. – You know, I’m not interested in your boobs only!

- You’re way too nice!

- I’m interested in your entire body!

He really turned me on with his attitude.

- See you then, hottie!

- See ya!

 He officially gave me the chills. He went ahead, and I saw him talking to someone. I focused and I recognized, who he was talking to. The short, blonde haired tomboyish girl was that. She was staring at me, like she was about to kill me with her eyes. Probably, she was the one, who called me a slut, at the casting. Oh, no! This bitch kissed Harmony, on the lips. They were a couple. Nice! He had a girlfriend, yet he still wanted to mess with me. Well, fine by me.

They went ahead, and I saw Harmony staring back at me and slightly blew a kiss in my direction.

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