Liv Tyler's Unexpected Valentine's Day:

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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Disclaimer: I do not know Liv Tyler in real life in any way, shape, form or fashion. This is fiction, and there is no profit to be made from the writing of this story.

Chapter I:

Liv Tyler in hindsight wondered why the sheer absurdity of the situation she'd gotten herself into didn't occur beforehand.

I mean granted, she was engaged and all, but she probably should have though through the implications of one, going clubbing when pregnant.

Two, doing so wearing a transparent shirt that showed off her bra, and doing so while clearly intent on enjoying herself as if she were relatively single still. I mean granted, too, it was her second child and she wasn't exactly inclined to be frumpy insofar as any Tyler ever was, but still.

Three, doing so while grinding against someone whose boner was clearly poking at her ass, and doing so in a way that showed she was clearly only turned on. Which she was. It was heady, it was reckless....and she was pregnant and engaged and like Hell she'd actually cheat on anyone she was engaged to or even chance such a thing. But nonetheless that was where it all started.

Then her dance partner grabbed her arm, and quietly walked off with her. Of all the nights to give her bodyguards time off, it would be Valentine's Day. She swore like a sailor when she checked her purse and realized she'd left her cell phone at home. Then realizing what this kind of escorting meant she suddenly found herself all too grateful, lest her phone lead to any.........hints....that anything that might happen actually happened.

Her fears/suspicions grew when he roughly shoved her into his car, and then buckled the seatbelt to a point that it was firmly between her tits. An attempted squawk at protest earned her a sharp slap to the face. It was then that she got a good look at her captor, a dark-haired man with brown eyes, a slight paunch, a pornstache, and a neckbeard.

"I don't know who you think you are, but this isn't going to-" another slap and she decided she'd best quit while she was behind and shut up. So she did. Glowering as she knew her cheeks were stinging red, the man got into the car and drove off, leering at her.

"You know, I have a thing for pregnant women."

She blinked. Then cursed again, somewhat louder.

He laughed.

"Quite the potty mouth, but I guess with a rock star for a dad you don't exactly give a fuck about cursing, do you?"

Liv cursed again.

"You're kidnapping me asshole, what the fuck do you want me to do?"

He leaned over and licked her face, enjoying that it was a red light.

"You'll find out, sweetie."

She glared again and as the implications of the licking sank in her face went from anger to fear in a beautifully slow transformation that rippled through her person.


He laughed, it was really a beautiful look at human facial expressions from a certain point of view.

As he drove into his garage, he then sprang out to the car door and unbuckled Liv, who looked at him and did so while gripping the car's handrests with a grip of iron and white knuckles.

"Come on, bitch. You were grinding against me. You want it. Engaged, pregnant, I already told you that just makes me hornier."

He yanked her out with sufficient pain she actually yelped and then he pushed her against the wall, his boner poking against her pussy, his face close enough to hers she could smell his (garlic-flavored as she winced in disgust) breath and feel the heat on her face. She whimpered in disgust and feebly tried to fight as he reached with one of his hands and caressed her right tit, lovingly and gently squeezing it. He laughed, too, as her fighting meant they were actually dry humping.

"I knew you'd want it, whore. Rock star babies are all whores. Every last one of you."

As he opened his door and pushed her in, he held her even more roughly so she didn't fall and then pushed her to her knees. He smiled as her face was level with his boner and the look of fear and disgust on her face meant she knew exactly what he was about to say.

"Yeah, I knew those stories you were dumber than a box of hammers couldn't be right. You're smart enough to know what a boner is. Now use them lips for what God wanted them to be used for."

She hissed "Fuck you."

He leered.

"That's the idea, slut. Now you can do this with just a few bruises, or...." as he whipped a switchblade out of his belt and held it right next to her face and her eyes went even wider he said "you can get a few new scars to explain to your fiance and you still put out. What'll it be, slut?"

Liv's hands trembled and she caressed her belly, and it was at that point her child kicked and her eyes flooded with tears. She couldn't risk her child's life. She'd do this, she'd betray her fiance, prove this monster right when he called her a slut, but that child.....she reached with trembling hands to his fly, and worked out his cock and leaned forward, hollowing her cheeks as she gave one of the best blowjobs she'd ever given, the knife still pointed prominently at her face. As she worked her mouth, he hissed "Good bitch. Goood bitch. This is what you're made for."

She cried now, tears falling and her pride no longer able to withstand the blows assailing it. For his part the boner was spent fairly rapidly in a few minutes of Liv Tyler BJ and he came inside her mouth with a snakelike hiss "Swallow it, whore." She did.

Then he yanked her up by her hair and told her "Either strip yourself fully nude now or I do it for you."

As he withdrew his grip she trembled and indeed began to throw her clothes off, forgoing sexiness, though the captor fortunately didn't give a damn.

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