Olivia's Wilde Ride:

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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Disclaimer: The author does not know Olivia Wilde. This is a work of fiction without any profit intended to be made from the writing of this story.

Chapter I:

The last thing Olivia remembered before she woke up was a sudden sense of crushing heaviness and blurred vision following a trip to a bar where this extremely handsome man with what almost looked like a pornstache had given her a drink. She'd flirted with him, telling him, "Thanks sexy," and blew him a kiss before taking the drink and then as that sense hit, she'd vaguely heard, "Come with me, you'll be OK." Now she was awake in what looked like someone else's apartment and bedroom, and as her vision cleared, she saw very clearly and with a sudden wide-eyed gasp of fear that she was surrounded by at least a dozen horny and eager men, all with huge boners that her eye was drawn to.

Afraid, Olivia tried to run and realized her hands were handcuffed to the bed.

"Hello, Olivia." The first of the dozen men around her to go to her was the one who'd approached her in the bar. She saw him very clearly, and he was tall and well-built, with dark hair and dark eyes, grinning at her evilly.

"So you know, I called Jason when you were coming out of the bar. I told him you got really, really drunk and I'll be taking very good care of you." He grinned.

"Well, if wrecking your holes counts as caring for you, that is."

Olivia considered herself a feminist, and someone who was on the cutting edge of sexuality and the idea of representing beauty in women. But she was also aware that no matter what happened here in this apartment and on this bed, she was in serious danger and that if her husband knew she was in someone else's place, that unless by some stroke of luck she could call the po-she felt a tongue lapping at her folds and her eyes widened, but before she could scream, another of her rapists tapped her mouth with the head of his dick, telling her, "C'mon, slut. Open wide." This man was a redhead, a bit stouter than the first, and his cock really did look like a third leg.

Refusing to comply with her own rape, Olivia gritted her teeth as she sought to avoid moaning as her first rapist was eating her out with extreme skill. Clearly he'd been with women before, and a part of Olivia wondered if he was someone who'd only raped women or if he had an actual girlfriend. The third rapist, a man with a slightly pudgy belly, bald and clean-shaven, pinched her nipples hard enough that she yelped only to feel the cock entering her mouth, and as the first rapist brought her to the brink of an orgasm, her hips bucking, and then he deliberately withdrew his tongue, as the other man shot his cum straight into Olivia's mouth. As she, with her nose held and his cock deep down her throat, gagging, swallowed it to avoid drowning on cum, actually made a disappointed kind of sound that she was denied an orgasm, the part of her not ruled by her cunt felt winter coming to take roost in her heart.

She realized then that no matter what else happened, these rapists had proven something to her. The body really was stronger than the mind, and while her mind raged and seethed at being put into this situation, felt an intense kind of bitterness at Jason for not even questioning that she was taken to someone else's apartment after getting unusually drunk in a bar (not knowing that her rapist had told Jason that she'd drunk the equivalent of three bottles of vodka, and that he was just going to make sure she was OK and would call him afterward), her body was quivering, her pussy clenching without a cock in it, and that part of her was absolutely delighted when her rapist without further foreplay slammed into her balls deep, his balls smacking against her as another one, this one a relatively short and wirey and nerdy-looking black man took her mouth and held her head down as she felt balls on her chin at about the same pace as the cock in her cunt.

Two more cocks were shoved into her hand, and she felt her hands moved near her tits. Jacking off the cocks without needing to be told what to do, Olivia realized with a sinking feeling that if she was going to get out of this, she'd need to do the best acting of her entire career, pretending to be an easily available slut and hoping that the men would be willing to let her go afterward if she pretended to be. Thus she, with a deliberate eye to acting, started angling her throat so the nerdy black man could take her and add to the spurts of cum that were going down her throat into her belly. Olivia realized, too, she'd become very used to the taste of cock and cum, but the priority was to 1) survive, and 2) try to be sure she could get out.

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