The Fox and the Hounds:

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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Disclaimer: The author does not know Megan Fox or Olivia Wilde. This is a work of fiction not intended to produce any kind of profit.


When she'd announced publicly that she was pregnant with her third child, Megan Fox had smiled and even gotten back together with Brian Green. She was actually deeply grateful for this, but not for the reason anyone except Brian had a good reason to suspect. In truth, it was perhaps his finest hour and moment in their relationship and a reason for them to get back together. Megan was humiliated to think to herself that she'd end up with three kids by two parents, and in truth still more humiliated at the idea that she'd have to ask about fifteen people for a paternity test. Still more humiliated at that at the person behind it all.

Once she'd said she'dve killed a mountain goat to hump her bones, but now......

When she saw her face on TV she threw a shoe at it and then cursed and screamed and the string of F-bombs was sufficient to make Brian arch an eyebrow and then hug her as she cupped her belly.

She sighed. Out of all the ways for her to have ended up gang-raped and impregnated, the idea that that woman would betray her so efficiently while calling herself a feminist on TV was the worst obscenity of it.

She cupped her belly and then Brian moved one of her hands to clutch his iron-hard dick. As he grinned he said "That is a good look on you."

She blushed and then he guided her to the bedroom.

As she lay on her back, slipping out of the thin dress she wore, he slid out his cock and tapped her as she smirked.

"You're always insatiable, Megan."

She grinned and looked at him.

"Especially when it's you."

Licking her lips he then leaned down to kiss her and started jackhammering into her, bringing her off to an orgasm just like when they'd been together before. Even as she sweated and shuddered and groaned to orgasm after orgasm and heard his grunt of pleasure as he satisfied himself in her her mind at times flashed back to cocks and the smiling face of the sinister Irishwoman who'd so efficiently baited her. When he pulled out of her and rolled on his side and slept, she stared at the back of her eyelids until the mocking voice of the sinister figure who had once been in her erotic dreams and now haunted her nightmares.

She dozed off into an uneasy sleep interrupted by a single scream in the wee small hours of the morning when she'd seen a tall and terrifying armored figure seated on a throne with a dish-shaped face and hair of a brilliant blonde that had a sheen of gold about it. The thing had smiled and flashed to her a bejeweled gauntlet and she'd awakened and screamed in fear. Then she'd slept more soundly and dreamlessly and the nightmare, while recurring, lasted for ten nights and then seemed to fade...

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