Motherly Love:

BY : VladimirHarkonnen
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Disclaimer: The author does not know Anne Hathaway. No profit is intended to be made by this story, which is a work of fiction.

Anne Hathaway's life was profoundly changed following a trip to the beach. She'd gone there herself, her husband away, and herself visibly pregnant at near seven months. The water was much colder than she expected and when she left it her nipples were visible and erect. Not at all flushed or shamed, Anne had walked through the water and then enjoyed the chance to swim a bit out into the ocean. The ocean and the beach were always peaceful for her, and as she exited the water, relieved and content, she toweled herself off. Not bothering to dress any more than she was, she smiled.

Husband was on the other side of the Pacific and here she was in Hawaii, not a care in the world. She placed the seatbelt around her, ensured her sandals were strapped up, and drove to her beach house. Unknown to her, she'd had a stalker spying out her house for a couple of days. The stalker had found her keys and let himself in while she was at the beach, reasoning that since she didn't know she'd hardly mind and after he got done with her, she'd hardly care that he'd eaten some of her food and drunk one of her beers.

Anne pulled and entered her beach house, content. And then she heard someone clearing their throat and turned with a startled yelp to see someone stepping out of her living room with an evil grin on their face.

Looking her up and down, she heard the man as he approached her with an evil grin say "Well, I sure do love pregnant women." As he closed in on her and pinned her to the door, he grinned as one of his hands reached down and rubbed her belly, smirking as her eyes filled with tears and her face flushed.

"Just a perfect lot of women." Her rapist was white, of average height, with a pornstache and a goatee, and he was crowding her. Her breath came in gasps as he leaned and pressed his lips to hers, pinching her nipples hard so she let him do it. She hesitantly returned the kiss, and from this all else would follow......

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