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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, it did NOT happen. I do not know, nor have I ever met Emma Watson and, I make no money from the distribution of these stories.


The following is a work of fiction. It is not, in any way, intended to reflect reality. It is purely a fantasy originating in the deepest recesses of my mind. While real people do appear in this work, I, the writer of this work, in no way wish to see these individuals actually put in any situation contained therein. Furthermore, I do not, in any way, shape, or form, condone rape, kidnapping, violence, or any of the other questionable acts that appear herein. This work is not intended to endorse or condone anyone who would perform such vile acts. Anyone who would do any such a thing to a real-life person deserves punishments reserved only for those in the deepest circle of hell. In addition, I do not know, nor have I ever met Emma Watson. The versions of her that appears in this story is fictional and purely based on her celebrity persona. I apologize if that offends you. My intention is only to entertain. Finally, I make no money from the distribution of this work.

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February 2018:

“Em, can you explain this to me, please? Is this someone’s sick attempt at photoshop because it looks pretty real to me.” Oliver Clarke had been Emma Watson’s agent for five years now. He knew what kind of reputation she wanted to maintain with the public, knew that she wanted the world to see her as an upstanding, virtuous figure, a champion for women’s rights and as a sort of good girl, pristine and moral. She based all her role choices and most of her public stances on maintaining this image. For the most part, as far as he knew, she lived her private life this way too. Which was why what he held in his hands shocked him so much.

“Well…” she said, dutifully studying the dark mahogany wood of his desk.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He placed the photo on his desk and slid it across to her. The picture showed Emma leaving the back alley exit of a sex shop called The Hole in the Wall. She was wearing a hat and big dark glasses, but despite that, it was hard to mistake the girl in the photo as anyone but Emma Watson.

“What you’ve got to understand about that is… it’s not my fault…”

“Not your fault that you led a paparazzi photo hound to some seedy smut shop known for its private back room shows…” He sat down in a huff, angry, but resolved to fix this. “Ok then, if its not your fault, please explain this in a way I can understand and preferably in a way I can sell to the public when, not if, but when this photo hits the Internet.” He ran his hands through his graying brown hair, muttering, “…if it isn’t there already.”

“Ok,” said Emma still looking chagrined and flush with embarrassment at the top of Oliver’s desk. “You remember that road trip I took my last year at Brown?”

“Yeah, you and your friends went to Daytona for spring break.” He replied, running his fingers through his hair and sighing in exasperation. “What does a road trip you took three years ago have to do with this picture?”



March 2015:

It was Emma’s last year of studies at Brown University. She’d been having a bit of a rough time. She’d recently had to take two semesters off in order to work on a movie. The result pushed her schedule, and she was now under pressure to finish this semester or risk not graduating before further filming commitments would again occupy her time. Midterms had been rough and one of her exams had not gone well. Needless to say, she was stressed out and was very much looking forward to spring break.

She and her friends had the entire week all planned out. They were going to Daytona Beach on a good old-fashioned road trip. Being a World-renown celebrity meant that Emma didn’t get to do a lot of things like everyone else. But all she wanted to do this spring break was go to the beach and do a little partying like a normal college girl. Normal college girls couldn’t afford to fly and they certainly couldn’t afford a suite at a five-star resort. So the plan was to drive down in her friend Mady’s boy friend’s car and stay in a small hotel. Emma hoped that between the crowds, the drunkenness, and her acting ability, she could stay under the radar.

The day of the trip arrived and the five of them piled into Derrek’s 2001 Dodge Dart. It was a small little car, with a tiny trunk and barely enough room for them inside. The Dart, as Derrek called it, was kind of beat up. It was missing the passenger side mirror and the doors on that side were a different color from the rest of the car because of an accident two years ago. But other than that, it was in good shape. Emma had sprung for new tires, an oil change, and a full inspection for the trip because she wanted the college girl experience, not the abducted on the side of the road experience.

Because of the small trunk, everyone packed light. Emma only had a single bag with two swim suits, a pair of slacks, a couple tee shirts, a blouse, in case they went somewhere nice, some sandals and trainers. Mady and her other friends had packed even lighter. They didn’t get on the road till the afternoon, as Mady had one last exam that morning. It was an eighteen-hour drive and the only breaks they had planned were for gas.

The problem was, Emma said to Oliver, was that plans usually fall apart at some point.

“I can take a turn driving.” Emma insisted.

“And risk driving head long into on coming traffic, no thanks.” It was a running joke on the trip that Emma was sure to crash should they let her drive, “because Brits drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the street.”

They had been on the road for fifteen hours now. It was very early in the morning and they were well enmeshed in back woods of Georgia. Mady and her other friends were all passed out in the back, from the exhaustion of being crammed into the small car all day. So, besides Emma, only Derrek was awake as he was again back at the wheel.

“There is no on coming traffic,” Emma laughed, “Its four in the morning. Let me have a turn, please, before you crash us.” She was amused it was true, but her request was also out of concern. It was the third time Derrek had swayed into the wrong lane.

“I’m fine,” he said yawning heavily.

“Well, can we at least stop for gas. I need the toilet, and it looks like you could use some caffeine.”

“You buying?” he laughed, giving her a wink.

“Yes, just please pull over at the next place.”

The next place, was Jimbo’s Truck and Tow. It was one of those big privately-owned truck stops you often see at the back end of nowhere on a quiet stretch of road. It wasn’t the cleanest looking place, but it was well lit and had a big sign that said Fresh Brewed Coffee right in the window.

Derrek pulled in and started to pump the gas. While Emma hopped out, tossed him a hundred-dollar bill, and hurried off to find the toilet. Jimbo’s was the kind of place where the restrooms were outside the building and it took Emma a moment to find them. So by the time she reached the door to the Ladies’, she was practically waddling from keeping her knees closed.

“Ooooh this is gonna be close,” she said through gritted teeth as she pulled futilely on the door handle.

“Occupied,” she heard from behind the locked door.

“Fuck,” she said, as she danced in place trying to hold it in.

That was when she noticed a big burly fat guy exit the door to the Men’s. Figuring that it must have a lock like the ladies, she hurried toward it. She threw open the door and rushed inside. The Men’s was much more expansive and didn’t have a lock on the door. Jimbo’s was a place for truck drivers and most of those were men.

In a quick decision, necessitated by an urgent need to piss, Emma darted for the last in a long row of stalls. She hoped to avoid notice by going into the last stall, figuring that most people would use the closest and that she might slip in and out between traffic. However, she failed to notice, in her haste, the sign etched into the door above, which read: “Gloryhole.”

Upon entering the stall, Emma immediately threw the latch, dropped her shorts and sat down. A hot, thick stream of acidic-smelling piss instantly began to fill the toilet. She closed her eyes in relief and pleasure at the much-needed release in pressure. However, as she sat, she started to take notice…notice of some rather alarming details.

First was the floor. The worn, muted brown tiles looked old. They were covered in dirt from many a truck driver’s soiled boots and stray bits of toilet paper were littered all about. More alarming though, were the lines of gross looking white streaks staining the area all over it.

From the floor, Emma raised her gaze to the door. It was covered in profanity. Call Mike for a sloppy BJ, accompanied by a phone number. Jenny’s an anal cumslut, and other gems like: cum whore, cock sucker, Jimbo loves BBC…and many others.

Emma felt a weird twist in her stomach, like she was going to be sick, but was at the same time oddly fascinated. That was when she turned her attention to the metallic stall wall to her left. The first thing she noticed was the hole cut into it, approximately eight cm in diameter. There was an arrow pointing to the hole, drawn in thick, black magic marker, from the words SUCK ME, penned in big, bold letters.

Suddenly, Emma realized she was someplace she very much didn’t want to be. She started to get up and flee the stall when she heard boots just outside. There was no way to leave without being noticed and, likely, recognized. She froze in panic, settling back down on the seat, determined to wait for an opening.

The man outside grunted. “Where you headed?” he said to a man Emma couldn’t see off to the side.

“Atlanta. You?”

“Fuck man, I’m driving all the way to Dallas… fucking supervisor didn’t tell me where I was going till just last night…”


As the two men finished up their ‘shop talk,’ Emma heard one leave, while two more men come in. She was stuck… She heard a stall door at the far end of the row close, along with a grumpy huff and an angry fart. Wrinkling her nose in disgust, she curled up on the seat in some misguided attempt to hide.

For the better part of ten minutes Emma sat on the toilet seat as men came and went, trapped and listening to the sounds of pissing, groaning, flushing, farting and, worst of all, the distinctive sounds of plops landing in the water. She felt ill, but, at the same time, for a reason she certainly couldn’t explain, turned on. Her pussy tingled, she touched it gingerly to be sure, and again, for reasons she couldn’t possibly fathom, she was wet.

A wave of nausea washed through Emma’s whole body. What was going on with her? She felt bile rising in her throat and was forced to dismount the toilet and put her head in as vomiting was inevitable. She heaved, once, twice, three times, emptying her stomach at the horrifying realization that this disgusting men’s toilet had aroused.

So caught up was she in throwing up, she didn’t see or hear someone enter the stall next to her. She didn’t catch the sound of his fly lowering, or his positioning himself directly in front of the gloryhole, or notice as he slid his flaccid dick through it to her side.

Emma lifted her head from the toilet, pushing her long brown hair up out of her eyes. Her skin was hot, flush from her recent retching, bile dripped from her lips and her eyes were watering. She wiped her lips and settled back on her ass to catch her breath, trying to recover. That was when she noticed it hanging there.

Her big brown eye fixed on it. She couldn’t look away. It was like a car wreck, or a body lying on the side of the highway, horrifying and yet oddly ascinating. She started to reach out to touch it, stopping her hand mere centimeters from it. Why was this place having such an effect on her? She felt hot again, but this time from arousal. She licked her lips and again felt her pussy tingle.

Then alarm spread through her. How was she going to get out of this without being noticed, recognized? Her reputation, her career, her life would be ruined.

Suddenly the man on the other side of the wall spoke. “What’s the holdup man, I ain’t got all day?”

It occurred to me then, she said to Oliver, that they couldn’t see me. This man didn’t know who I was, didn’t even know I was a girl. In fact, he thought I was a man. I realized that on my side of that hole, I could be as filthy as I wanted and no one would ever know.

Brilliant, he responded, his voice thick with sarcasm.

The man’s cock was a good size. It wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t small either. Emma judged it as above average. It had a big bulbous purple head that was already dripping milky white precum. The man had a thick tangle of black pubes. The hair was so thick, some of it even ran down the length of his shaft. It was easily the ugliest, nastiest looking dick Emma had ever seen, not that she’d seen too many at this point in her life. She leaned toward it, taking a deep sniff, inhaling its scent. It smelled gross, mostly of sweat but with a hint of something fruity…maybe old, dried up lube, she thought. Either way, it certainly hadn’t been washed in quite some time.

“Enough with the foreplay, buddy, either get on with it or I’m out of here.”

The thought occurred to her as she sat there, on the filthy cum splattered floor, that she could just let him leave. The restroom seemed quiet right now, perhaps she could slip out after he’d gone. Then, Emma felt her pussy tingle yet again and, banishing every safe choice she’d ever made, every moral, virtuous good girl image she’d ever portrayed, Emma made a decision based not on logic, but on unabashed lust. With one trembling hand she reached out for the flaccid, grotesque, dangling cock of a stranger, while the other delved between her thighs.

I couldn’t explain it to you, even now, but I was consumed with desire.

Emma gripped this strange man’s dick firmly about the base as she leaned in closer to get a better look. It was warm from hiding beneath his fat belly and damp with his sweat. It twitched in her hand as she held it and she could feel it begin to swell in arousal at her touch. She gave it a few short tugs, causing the precum to drip onto her knees and involuntarily, Emma licked her lips. She began to gently rub her clit as she took her first experimental lap upon the tip. It tasted foul, dirty, disgusting, but that lick made her pussy spasm like nothing ever had before.

The man on the other side groaned in pleasure at even this tentative touch of her tongue. Emma heard him grip the top of the dividing wall, felt him lean against it, shoving his cock as far through the little hole as it could go. “Damn, buddy,” he sighed, as she pressed her lips to the tip, giving it a soft, teasing kiss, “you’ve got soft lips.”

Emma pressed her lips against the tip and opened her mouth. She closed her lips around the top of his cock and gave her first tentative suck. It was the most disgusting thing she’d ever experienced. His prick was foul and, at this close distance, she could smell the palatable stench of sweat and beer coming from his body. She could see just a bit of him through the hole. His big fat belly was covered in thick, matted hair and…were those little pieces of corn chips clinging to the hair around his belly button?

The realization made bile rise in her throat. This man was a filthy pig. But, of course he was. He was sticking his dick through a hole in a disgusting men’s restroom at a roadside truck stop for God knows who to suck. The thought, however, turned Emma on like she’d never been aroused in her life.

In so many ways, she’d lived a repressed life. Always under the spot light, always under scrutiny, never a moment alone. In here, she was alone, behind these walls she could be whoever she wanted, and no one would ever know. She could do what she wanted, choose to blow the cock in front of her, or tease him till he left. There were no consequences, only that glorious feeling between her legs.

It was that feeling which drove her on. Her pussy was throbbing and spasming, not just from her fingers, but from the thought of blowing this stranger in a filthy truck stop restroom. Emma plunged her lips down the length of his shaft, moaning as the salty sweet taste of filth filled her mouth as she cupped this stranger’s cock with her tongue. The man groaned loudly, his pleasure echoed off the walls as she swallowed two-thirds of his prick in one vigorous motion.

In the space of less than a second, the man was fully erect, and Emma slid her lips back up his length, till she held just the very tip of his manhood between her lips. “God damn!” he moaned when she immediately plunged back down, this time burying her face against the wall as she took his entire cock.

Drool began to fill Emma’s mouth as she rubbed vigorously on her clit. It poured from her lips as she took two more energetic plunges up and down the strangers cock. Her pussy began to grow damp as she humped her fingers. Thick girl cum dripped upon the floor, loosening the dirt and causing it to cover her ass in its filth. Soon toilet paper, dirt and dried cum covered Emma Watson’s bouncing ass as she swallowed a dirty truck driver’s cock again and again.

The stranger behind the divider groaned, he shuddered and, without warning, blew his load deep into Emma’s mouth. His hot, sticky cum filled her. It was easily the most vile and repugnant thing she’d ever had in her mouth. It tasted like sweat and crusty old socks… she felt herself gag as it hit the back of her throat.

She pulled away in disgust as he staggered back against the far wall of his own stall. “Thanks, guy,” he muttered before hurrying out the door.

For a split second, Emma debated spitting the foul liquid into the toilet. But her tingling cunt demanded a different action. SWALLOW! She closed her lips and her eyes, holding it in her mouth and rubbing away at her little pink nub. Then, just as she shuddered in her own little mini orgasm, she swallowed the pig’s massive, repugnant load of cum.

When she came back down to Earth, Emma realized the restroom was eerily quiet. Either naturally, or because the other men felt uncomfortable listening to another guy get a hot, heavy BJ from what they assumed to be a man, she didn’t know. She did, however, take that opportunity to stand up, yank up her shorts, and run from the dirty, truck stop restroom before she could dwell too heavily on what she’d just done.

Outside, Derrek asked her what took so long, not noticing the dirt on her knees or the little dots of drool on her shirt. “There was a queue for the toilet,” she said, wiping her lips and scurrying around to the other side of the Dart before Derrek could ask any other questions. He shrugged and hopped inside. Then, after a sip of his coffee, started them back down the road.

And ever since then, I just can’t seem to get enough cum…

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