Friends To Lovers

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Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fiction. No profit is being made from this story. It is purely for entertainment purposes.I do not know New Kids On The Block or Backstreet Boys. However Ana, Tiffany and Nikki are original characters.



































Ana Richardson pulled her dark hair up into a pony tail as she was changing out of her work clothes, she worked at a local coffee bar here in Nashville, Tennessee. She had moved out here to be her best friend, Aj Mclean’s roomate. Aj was in the band, Backstreet Boys with her older brother-Kevin Richardson. Ana and Aj were only four years apart in age so they were extremely close and always been since the beginning. Ana’s cousin-Tiffany Littrell was also living in Nashville, Tennessee, Ana and Tiffany were also best friends. Not only had the two girls grown up together but they had also grown up with Nikki Carter, Nick Carter’s younger sister. She was the same age as the girls.


The three girls were always on the Backstreet tours with the guys, but eventually Kevin, Brian and Howie had married. Thus separating the guys as they had all moved to different places but in a few months the guys would all be moving to Las Vegas for their Residency, they had signed for several shows in Vegas and if it went well they would be given the option to extend their Residency there.


Ana’s phone beeped after she had changed out of work clothes and into her comfortable lounge wear for around the house. Picking up her phone she was totally shocked to see a text from Nikki Carter, all three girls had gone to different colleges. Ana and Tiffany had gone to college here in Nashville and had just graduated, while Nikki had gone to New York for college, but apparently Nikki was moving to Nashville now according to text message, Ana hadn’t spoken to Nikki since the summer before their Freshmen year of College.


Nikki: Hey Bitch! I’m moving to Hicksville! See Ya there!


Nikki often used the term Bitch as an endearment like she was the next Paris Hilton or something. It  drove Ana crazy that her friend thought that was the way to greet your friends but she could never get Nikki to see how awful that term truly was.


Ana: When did you decide to move to Nashville?


Nikki: My Mom thought it would be good for me to live with Nick, since our father died.


Robert Carter had passed away recently and it had really been hard for Nick to deal with because he had always had a decent relationship with his father. Even though they didn’t see each other often.


Ana: Well see you when  you get here.


Ana honestly didn’t know if she wanted to be friends with Nikki, they hadn’t spoken in years. Plus Nikki had always been the one to get everyone in trouble when they were younger as they grew older she had started hanging out with a large crowd of troublemakers and eventually moved away to go to college.


Tiffany breezed through the front door of A.J. and Ana’s house, “ Ana!” Tiffany called from the kitchen.


Ana left the bedroom taking her phone with her into the kitchen as she met her best friend/cousin in there. “ Hey Tiff, what’s up?” she asked.


“Nick just told me that Nikki is moving here,” Tiffany said.


“Yeah. I was just about to tell you that she texted me,” Ana said,” but I’m not really sure that I want to be her friend.”


“Well she doesn’t really know anyone else here in Nashville,” Tiffany pointed out,” It couldn’t hurt for us to be friends with her again. She’ll need some good friends.”


She always wondered how Tiffany could always see the good side of things with people, but she knew her cousin was right. She nodded her head,” You’re right,” she said.


A.J. McLean walked into the house tossing his keys into the dish on the hall table and found the ladies in the kitchen,” Hey ladies,” he said and gave Ana a hug as he passed by them. Ana hugged him back.


“Hey Alex, didn’t think you’d be home yet,” she said.


“So who’s right?” he wanted to know as he grabbed a non alcoholic beer from the fridge and opened it taking a sip from the bottle.


“I was just telling Tiff that she’s right,” Ana said.


“About what?” he asked curiously.


“Nikki is moving here” Tiffany answered. Tiffany was the younger sister of Brian Littrell, and best friends with Nick Carter, Nikki’s older brother.


“Wow!” A.J. said surprised,” Nick never mentioned that to me today.”


“He hasn’t said much about it,” Tiffany said,” I don’t think he’s that happy about it. They haven’t spoken in years. She didn’t go to their dad’s funeral either.”


“Damn,” A.j. said,” I guess she’s written everyone off then.”


“Yeah but Tiff thinks we should try to be friends with her anyway,” Ana said,” What do you think Alex?”


“Well she doesn’t really know anyone in Nashville,” he pointed out.


“That’s what I said,” Tiffany supplied.

“Tiff was always the one to see the good in people”AJ told the girls.

“Nobody is really happy that she is moving here especially Nick but we can’t change  anything so we might as well run with the punches. I wonder if the rest of the group know about it”

“I doubt it. Nick was moody all day,”AJ said as he walk into the living room. 

Both Tiff and Ana follow him. “I need to text Bri and let him know,” Tiff said as she gets her iPhone out of her back pocket

Tiff to Brian: Just a heads up Nikki is moving to Nashville to live with Nick. I miss you. Hug Bay for me!

Brian: Ah! That totally explains Nick’s mood


Tiffany’s phone beeped with a reply from her brother and she had to chuckle as she read the message.


Tiff: Yup! He needs his friends right now.

Brian:Consider it done.


A.J. sank down into the sofa propping his feet up on the coffee table, and took another sip of his beer. Ana sat down next to him on their sofa in the living room, she looked worried.


“What’s up Doll?” A.J. asked, he had always called her Doll since they were young.


“I’m just remembering that Nikki can be such a terror,” Ana confessed,” I am hoping that she has grown up since going away to college, I just don’t think we all need the stress that Nikki causes right now.”


“Well we can watch out and make sure that she doesn’t get too out of control, but you are right. With the Residency coming up it will be hard to handle a lot of stress right now. Rehearsals start soon for that, and we have to go look for a place to stay in Vegas,” he said.


“I’m so proud of you guys!” Ana said honestly,” This is such a big deal.”


A.J. grinned,” So does that mean we’ll be seeing you in Vegas?” he asked.


“Well I do have a job here so I can’t be there a lot but I will try to fly out once and awhile to be with you guys,” she said.


“I’m going to miss not having you in the room across the hall,” A.J. said,” But I’ll be coming back to Nashville in between too. We have other things on our schedule too but I will always find time to spend with my Doll.” He hugged her sideways.


Her phone beeped and she looked down at it half expecting it to be Nikki again, but this time it was Kevin, she missed her all her brothers- Jerald, Tim and Kevin. But Jerald and Tim lived in Kentucky and Tim was married and had a son named, Will. 


Kevin: Hey going to KY this weekend for a lil bit to visit with the fam. You wanna come with us?


Kevin and his wife, Kristin and their kids Mason and Haze lived in Los Angeles, California. She wished that they would move closer she missed her nephews very much.


Ana: Im off Friday, Sat, Sun. I’d have to fly back Sunday night if met you guys out there.


Kevin: Great! That’s do able. We will probably be flying back Sunday night too.


Ana: Sure. I’d love to come. I miss mom and everyone one else. Are Bri and Tiff coming?


Kevin: :D Isn’t Tiff always with you? ask her.


Ana: Haha.


She looked up from her phone and saw that Tiff was texting on her phone. “ Hey Tiff, are you and Bri going to Kentucky this weekend?” Ana asked.” Just for the weekend?”


“You’re leaving me?” A.J. asked pained.


“Oh Alex,” Ana laughed softly and kissed his cheek,” I’ll be back Sunday night. It’s just a few days without me. Unless you want to come to KY too, I’m sure mom  wouldn’t mind it.”


“Really?” he asked hopefully.


“Yes really. I’ll call her and tell her to expect you too,” Ana said.


“Thanks Doll!” he said.



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