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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Selena Gomez and I do not make money from this writing.

A/N: Uploading this on July 22nd which is Selena Gomez's birthday. When I wrote this story she was still 25 years old. Enjoy! 

Selena’s older lover

Selena Gomez breathed hard as she sat in her car outside of the house. She had gotten a text from an unknown number that read: Sunday at noon. Meet me at the address below. Come alone or else the following video will be released on line. If you tell the police about this, then it will also be released.

Below from the text was the address of the house that she was now parked outside of. There was also a short video clip attached. When she opened it, she was shocked at what she saw.

It was a video of her…sucking a man’s cock!

At first she thought it was a fake, but if it was a fake video, it was rather good. She never gave a blowjob in her life, but maybe, just maybe that wasn’t true anymore. She was at a boring party last week, it only got good when she started to drink and maybe she got a little too drunk. She didn’t remember anything that happened past midnight, so it was possible that she might have done this awful act during that time.

There was nothing that she could do about it, she just had to get out of her car and knock on the door. The sender of the text and video most likely wanted money from her to not release the video to the world. Whatever happened, she had to make sure that this video was not released as it would hurt her image that took her so many years to build.

Selena got out of her car and walked over to the front door of the house. She pressed her finger on the doorbell which rang through the house.

“I’m coming” she heard a man scream from inside. A moment later the door opened.

Selena was sure she had the wrong house. The man in front of her was much older than she was. His hair was light brown, but it was turning gray and his skin was wrinkled. He didn’t seem like the kind of guy that would stay up all night at a party, at least not at this point in his life.

Selena was about to say that she had the wrong address, but the man spoke “Wonderful Selena, you have arrived. I’ve been expecting you”

“You have?” Selena asked him

The man smiled “I didn’t send you that text for no reason” he stepped aside allowing her to enter his house and took her to the living room “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“No. I don’t want tea” Selena almost screamed at him. “What is all this about…that video you send to my phone”

The man seemed happy with her mention of his work “I think it came out great, some of my best work if I do say so myself”

“Is it real?” Selena asked “Did I…I really suck…I mean give a…you know what I mean”

The smile on the man’s face grew even wider “You sure did”

“Who was…I mean do you know?” asked Selena

“Know what?” asked the man

“Who I gave the blowjob too” yelled Selena, she didn’t want to say that word, but the man gave her no choice was he really that stupid or was it just an act for her to lower her guard.

“The penis in the video, the one you have your tongue wrapped around would belong to me. You have amazing blowjob skills Selena” the man told her

Selena felt like throwing up. She just found out that not only did she indeed give her first blowjob last night at a party that was filmed, but it also was to an old man that was older than her father.

“How…how old are you?” she slowly asked him

“I’m 61 and I believe your 25 years old. I had no idea who you were before. I just looked you up on the internet” the man told her

Again Selena felt like throwing up. He was way too old for her, if only his bathroom was nearby she would have run inside and vomit, but she had no idea where it was in this man’s house. She wanted this nightmare to end; she wanted to forget what she did to this man.

“My name is Buck by the way” the man told her “Just thought you would like to know”

“So how did you talk me into sucking you?” Selena asked, she didn’t want to do this, but she had to know why or how it all took place.

“You’re the one who asked me” Buck told her

“Impossible!” shouted Selena as she stood up from the seat she was sitting at.

One week ago

Buck walked through the crowded house. He hated parties, he was too old to be up all night, but when he was younger, he was a party animal. He stayed up 36 hours with no sleep, but that was many years ago. Besides these young people didn’t want to party with him. The only reason he was here was because the son of his neighbour had called Buck because he was super drunk and his car keys escaped from his hands. He told Buck that the keys ran down the toilet drain and he didn’t know where they were anymore. Buck always liked that boy; he was a good kid and worked hard. He would shovel the snow in Buck’s driveway during the winter and mow his lawn in the summer. He would plant flowers for Buck in the spring and clean his lawn from fallen leaves during the fall. The boy just wanted to have some fun once in a while, what was wrong with that, now if only Buck could find him and get him back home.

As he looked through the house for the boy, a girl suddenly bumped into him, she had black hair, red lips and brown eyes.

The girl looked into his eyes “I’m sorry” she told him

“No problem” Buck told her, he could tell from the look in her eyes that she was just as drunk if not more than the son of his neighbour that he was looking for.

“My name is Selena Gomez” the girl said

Buck had no idea who Selena Gomez was suppose to be, was that name suppose to tell him something?

“Alright” Buck told her “Maybe you can help me, I’m looking for the son of my neighbour, he called me to pick him up. He’s a little taller than you and has blonde hair”

“I think I saw him before” said Selena “He might still be in that room, it wasn’t that long ago”

Selena slowly lead Buck to the stairs, it was a miracle that she could even walk. She placed her hand on the ramp of the stairs and took one step at a time. Buck was right behind her and was ready to catch her if she lost her footing. Selena made it to the top of the stairs and started to look inside of each door they passed by, she must have seen the boy in one of the rooms, but didn’t remember which one. Finally she looked into the room and went inside. Buck followed her.

However inside of the room, it was dark and empty.

“Where is he?” asked Buck

“Who?” Selena asked

“The boy you said you saw before, the one I have to find and drive home” Buck told her

“I lied” laughed Selena “I wanted to be alone with you” she purred as she locked the door behind her

“This isn’t funny” said Buck; he couldn’t reach the door because Selena was standing right in front of it.

“When I bumped into you downstairs I fell in love” Selena said as she took several steps forward “I knew that I couldn’t let you leave or I might never see you again in my life” she continued to walk forward and she pulled her shirt off over her head and tossed it towards Buck. She then unhooked her bra and tossed it to him as well.

Buck couldn’t believe his eyes. It had been years since he saw boobs. He was married once a long time ago, but it ended with divorce when he came home from work earlier and caught his wife in bed with another man. Even if she cheated on him, Buck still loved her and wanted to stay with her, but she told him she was unhappy being with him and left. He never saw another naked girl in his life, until tonight.

Selena was young; she might be around 20 years old or something. Her breasts were amazing and Buck wanted to touch them, but he also knew that she was drunk and he didn’t want to get arrested for rape in the morning if she would scream when she saw him.  

Selena reached him and took his hands into her own, she placed his hands on her boobs “Touch me” she said with a giggle.

Buck was powerless to her cute side. He moved his hands and touched her, hearing Selena moan from his soft touch. He brought his lips down to her nipples and moved his tongue around in circles, her moans increased with every touch he placed on her body.

“I want to show you how much I love you” Selena told him, he felt her hand rub against his member. It was Buck’s turn to let out a moan as she touched him. Both her hands worked on his zipper and pulled his pants down to his knees. Selena fell down onto her knees and started to stroke his member that was already hard as a rock.

“That feels good” Buck told her

“It will feel better once I put it in my mouth” Selena told him.

Buck got wide eyes, he never got a blowjob before and now this young 20 year old wanted…needed to give him one. It was almost too good to be true. He needed to remember this moment; he wanted to remember the face of the girl who had “fallen in love with him” for the rest of his days. He searched on the table behind him with his hands and found a camera that recorded video.

“Mind if I film this?” Buck asked her

“Not at all” Selena said to him

Buck opened the camera and pressed the red button. The camera started to do its work as Selena continued to stroke Buck’s cock.

“Tell me again how it will feel” said Buck

“It will feel better once I put it in my mouth” Selena said to him once again

“So are you going to do it?” Buck asked her

“Yup” said Selena, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, bringing her lips to his penis and taking it inside of her mouth. She moaned in approval around him.

“Fuck” sighed Buck as he felt her suck him and roll her tongue around his old length.

Selena started to move her mouth back and forth along Buck’s ancient penis, it was at least 36 years older than her and she didn’t care at all.

While Selena sucked him and used her tongue on him, the video camera captured it all on tape. Selena’s first oral adventure lasted for almost 40 minutes in length until Buck climaxed into her mouth. Selena swallowed his jizz and fell down unconscious.

Buck pressed the red button to stop the filming of the video camera and pulled up his pants. “This was a great party” he told her even if he knew she was out cold. He felt bad for leaving her there alone. He put her bra and shirt back on her body. He placed her on the mattress in the room and opened a green blanket putting it over her. He left the room and closed the door behind him, making sure to take the video camera with him. It contained precious memories for him.

Present time

On shaking legs Selena sat back down. Buck had told her the story and showed her the full video of her sucking his dick and loving every single second of it. She knew that he was telling the truth, as he told her she started to remember bits and pieces of the events she experienced while she was drunk and also Buck knew where and how she woke up. She wondered how she got into that room on that mattress and with a green blanket over her.

“What do you want?” asked Selena behind tears

“Well” started Buck “at first I wanted nothing. That night when I met you, I didn’t even know you were a famous person. I just thought that you were some slut from the local high school. I wasn’t going to do anything about it, but then I discovered the truth”

“You didn’t answer my question” said Selena

“The funny thing is” said Buck “You only hear my voice in the video, you never see my face. If I upload this online, nobody will know that it is me that you are sucking. They might notice that the cock you enjoy is a little old, but who will be looking at my dick when your pretty face is sucking it like if it’s chicken noodle soup”

“Don’t compare your dick with my favorite soup!” shouted Selena

“I may not know how to upload things online, I’m 61 after all. But the boy who lives next door, he owes me a favor since I drove him home after you sucked my dick” said Buck

“I really hate you” said Selena “So how about you tell me what it is you want, so I can give it to you and never see you again”

“I really don’t need any money” smiled Buck

“Cut the crap” said Selena “Just tell me already”

“Maybe we can have sex” smiled Buck

Selena laughed “Yeah, like if I would do that. You know I can still call the cops on you”

“You could” Buck told her “But the original video copy is in a safe place. If I get arrested it will get upload online within the hour”

Selena bit her lips, so far Buck had told her the truth, but that didn’t mean he was telling the truth now. However she really couldn’t afford for the blowjob video to be released to the public.

“You promise if we have sex that you’ll give me the video and won’t release it?” asked Selena

“Of course” said Buck

Selena had no idea how she was going to live with herself after doing this, but she really had no other choice. It was this or everybody in the whole world would see her deep throating the penis of a man old enough to be her grandfather.

Selena stood again and walked over to the couch that Buck sat at across from her, she went down and planted a kiss on his lips, as they started to make-out, Selena could feel Buck’s hands on her ass as he started to rub her, she ignored it and focused on the kiss they shared. Buck pushed his tongue into Selena’s mouth, as their tongue’s touched; Selena felt a fire light inside of her body.

The kiss was so hot and Selena wanted more from Buck. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing anymore having sex with him. Selena was quickly getting turned on and he was the only man around.

Selena broke the hot kiss, but had plans to continue it later when they made love. She pulled her shirt off over her head and unhooked her bra, she sat on Buck’s lap and licked along his neck, Buck placed his hands on her breasts and started to grope her chest to her delight.

“Touch me Buck” she whispered into his ear

“I will princess” he said to her, hearing him call her that made Selena so happy.

As Buck continued with Selena’s chest, she started to work on his shirt. She undid the buttons one at a time. When they were all done, she helped Buck slip out of it, his chest was flat, he might have had muscles once, but they were gone due to old age and a lack of working out. Buck was sure going to have the work out of his life in the following hours. Selena knew that she could last for a long time.

Selena went forward and started to kiss Buck’s chest, she noticed that all this hot foreplay was not part of the deal. All she really had to do with Buck was fuck him and get it over with, but she wanted to have this foreplay, she was so turned on right now. She wanted this session to be hot, like really hot. She kissed his old chest, gave long licks with her sweet tongue across his old skin. She kissed every inch of him and with each press her lips made onto his skin, Selena wanted him more and more. She didn’t care that he was 61 and she was 25, she wanted him so badly. She knew that the only reason she wanted him so much was because she was filled with lust and she wasn’t thinking straight, but she didn’t care. Right here and right now, she was falling in love and she wanted to feel him inside of her, sex tape or not.

Selena got off of Buck; he stood as well and kissed her neck. She moaned softly.

“How about we go to my bedroom down the hall?” Buck asked her

“Okay, that will be better” said Selena.

A few seconds later they were in his room. Buck had a double bed and the sheets were an ugly plain color that made Selena sick to her stomach, but she was too turned on right now to really care about the sheets. If she started to go out with Buck after this, she would tell him about the sheets and maybe even buy him new ones because she hated the color of them that much.

Selena pulled her pants and panties off, as she discarded them behind her, she hoped onto the bed and looked at her old lover as he stripped naked too.

The rest of him was nothing different from what she saw before, except for one important thing. Buck had an impressive cock between his legs.

“Oh wow!” said Selena in amazement as she saw his length “No wonder I wanted to suck you at the party”

“I have a skilled cock” said Buck, he got on the bed with Selena and their lips met again, Selena found her hand wrapping around him as she started to stroke him. Her hand worked on his big penis while her tongue explored his old mouth. She even felt his hand move down her back and rest on her butt.

“I’m so glad that you filmed me” Selena told him

Buck smiled “I needed to remember you”

“You will” said Selena, she lied down on the bed and rested her head on the pillow that Buck used to sleep every night. Then she guided Buck by holding onto his cock, she guided him to her pussy. “Come inside”

“I can’t wait” said Buck, he slipped into Selena’s womb, she moaned as she felt his length fill her completely. Buck placed his hands next to her head on the pillow of his bed and started to pump into Selena with all his might.

“Fuck Buck, you’re amazing!” shouted Selena as he did her.

As they made love to each other, Buck tilted Selena’s chin up, then he kissed her lips. She accepted his mouth once again. He was still moving inside of her. Selena wrapped her arms around Buck’s neck and pressed her body close to his, feeling his ancient skin again her smooth and soft skin. With their tongues in each other’s mouth, Selena found herself not only rolling around his tongue, but his teeth as well.

Selena wanted to take control. With all her power, she rolled both of them around so that now she was on top of Buck. He didn’t seem to mind, they continued to kiss as her breast were pressed against his flat chest with white chest hairs. Buck moved his hands onto her hips to help him thrust up into her.

Selena broke the kiss for a moment “You’re amazing” she said to him “I love you”

“I love you too Selena Gomez” Buck told her, but he knew that after the sex was over, she would not love him and she would feel sick to her stomach for sleeping with a 61 year old man, when she was only 25. It was cruel, but he wished she would love him for real and want to be with him because even with all that he did to her, he really did like her, not just because she sucked his cock and hoped in bed with him. She seemed like a nice person. He had watched some of the shows and movies that she played in after he discovered who she really was and she looked like a nice girl and he would like to know her better for her.

It also helped that she was hot in the bedroom and went out of control in no time flat. Buck needed love in his life. Love and boobs.

Selena pushed herself from his chest and she rode him. His cock was still inside of her and she placed her hands on his flat chest. She moved her hands from his stomach all the way to his neck and down again. She smiled as Buck looked at her amazing body.

“You like that old man?” she asked, Buck just nodded to her. “Yeah, I like it too”

Buck moved his hands from her hips over to her breast and started to grope them like he did at the party. Selena moaned again as he touched her. She was losing control and she really couldn’t care less. Buck then brought his lips to her tits and sucked on her boobs, feeling his tongue on her nipples caused Selena to reach her climax, as she was close to her breaking point anyways.

“Fuck Buck…I never came that fast before in my life” she said

“I’m soon to my peak” he told her

“Please cum inside of me” she said

“Are you sure?” asked Buck, he didn’t have any children and he didn’t really want to father a child at the age of 61 with a 25 year old.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill” said Selena

That made Buck have a calm mind. He pumped a few more times into Selena, before he shot his head back and moaned as he ejaculated inside of her womb. He was out of breath after that work out. Selena collapsed on his chest after she received his load.

They stayed in bed for a few moments and didn’t say a single word.

“I don’t understand how you’re still single?” asked Selena

“I was married once, but it ended in divorce” Buck told her

“Why the fuck did your wife leave you?” asked Selena “You’re amazing in bed. Seriously you’re the best person I ever had sex with”

“I’m happy you think so” Buck told her

“You know what” said Selena “You can keep that video of me”

Buck was confused “Why?”

“It will give me an excuse to come and see you again and for us to have sex again” she said with a smile

“I’ll like that, just give me a few minutes to rest and we can start round two” Buck told her.

“Okay” said Selena, as she got off the old man. She licked his chest from his navel to his collarbone. Then she went down and gave a few healthy licks to his member that was still hard after he came inside of her.

Selena winked at Buck “I can’t wait for you to fuck me again” she told him as she headed for his bedroom door

“Where are you going?’ he asked her

“To the bathroom, but I’ll be back for more, so rest up while you have the chance” she left his room in search of his bathroom since Buck never told her where it was.

Buck stayed in his bed. He just had sex with Selena Gomez and she was into him. She wanted to have sex with him again and again. It seemed that his life was going to be very fun from now on and his neighbour thought he was a boring old man. He couldn’t be more wrong.

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