Girls Who Like Boys

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Disclaimer: I don't know Tegan or Sara, and this is just a work of fiction from a fan who admires their beauty. I didn't profit monetarily off of this story in any way.

Chapter 1: "Apep"


Tegan had been thinking about cock all week. 

Her fixation had started during a lonely night on tour. Sara had wanted to take the band out to dinner to wind down after their performance, but Tegan was feeling too groggy and tired for all that. She opted out and decided to go back to her hotel room to rest. The thought of sleepwalking through a live show terrified her, and she'd rather not burn herself out if she could help it. After shaking off her boots, shedding her leather jacket, and stripping out of her skinny jeans down to the dark blue and white cotton panties beneath, she crawled into the comfy queen sized bed opposite Sara's, still covered in the sweat from her performance the hour before.  

Lying there with the sheets draped over her body and her head buried in a fairly large pillow, Tegan started to subconsciously slip into a longing for her girlfriend Sofu, and soon began wrapping her arms around the pillow, imagining she was spooning her lover back at home. A lot of nights had ended like this lately, her having been away from L.A. for a few months now while on tour, and it had become a bit of a ritual in the absence of somebody she could really wrap her arms around and feel completely at ease. (Of course, she could always climb into bed with her sister for comforting, but she found that very inappropriate for the sorts of thoughts rolling around in her head during nights like these). 

This night wasn't quite like the others, however. Usually, she quickly drifted off to sleep to the comforting image of her girlfriend's hair tickling her lips and nose. Now, she was tightening the grip on the pillow and thrusting her hips into it with increasing rhythm, lust and passion giving way to restlessness that made it impossible to sleep. She didn't realise just how horny she was until she rolled onto her back with a frustrated sigh and reached down to her panties to discover that she was already very wet. 

"This is going to be a long night", she muttered under her breath. 

She needed to get her mind off of Sofu. The next thing she found herself doing was hopping out of bed, rifling through her bag, and pulling out her Macbook. Tegan considered herself a fairly sexual person - at least in her private life - and had seen quite a lot of porn over the years, but nowadays she found herself seeking it out mainly in desperate times where she needed a more explicit, hardcore release to push away thoughts about her girlfriend that kept her distracted and lonely late into the night. Nikki Hearts was a model that had a habit of turning her on. Whether it was because Tegan could project herself into Nikki as a result of their similarities, or whether it was the face Nikki made when a girl was going down on her, it didn't really matter. The point was that she turned Tegan on.

She laid back down on her matress with her computer after it had finished booting up, and made sure to mute the audio in case she had any unwanted visitors. After a couple of minutes of searching, she found a predictably straightforward title: "NIKKI HEARTS IN A LESBIAN ORGY WITH 2 BLONDES", and she could already tell from the way the blonde in the red dress greeted Nikki with an ass squeeze that she was in for a good time. Before the three had even started kissing, Tegan was already rubbing herself with her middle two fingers and biting her lip in anticipation for what would come next. By the time they'd started undressing one another, she could feel her climax approaching, and while she initially wanted to go ahead and get this out of the way she was still disappointed that she had reached her peak so quickly, with so little stimulation. Slowing her pace down, she began to appreciate details about Nikki and the two blondes as she imagined herself in the scenario. She noticed maybe for the first time the feminist tattoo on Nikki's right ankle, which made Tegan like Nikki even more than she already did. She noticed that the paler blonde woman was a fantastic kisser (though she did not seem very into the scene). And she noticed that the tanned blonde was an incredibly eager performer. She found something to like about all three of them, and as she brought herself to climax to the images of them kissing and fucking (wishing she was there kissing and fucking them), she was filled with a cathartic emotional release that made her forget all about Sofu. Tegan had spent herself, and soon drifted off to sleep with her panties drenched in cum and the laptop on her chest still playing porn on its screen.

. . .

As Tegan awoke, it took her a second to become aware of her surroundings, and when she saw at the top of the computer screen that it was 1:44 in the morning she was suddenly wide awake. She looked around the room for a sign of Sara, and seeing that her bed was still made up she slapped the computer lid shut and sighed in relief.

God, it would have been really fucking awkward if Sara had walked in on me like this.

As she opened the lid of the computer back up to shut it off for the night, the first image she was greeted to was a black cock roughly the size of Tegan's forearm ejaculating 3 inches away from the mouth of Nikki - the girl she was fantasising about kissing on the mouth just a couple of hours earlier. She'd gotten used to seeing pictures of penises on the internet, and given her time on porn sites she'd seen quite a few of them ejaculate as well. She thought she was desensitised to it after all this time. But this had struck a nerve. This was a guy cumming on the tits of a woman she found herself identifying with and lusting after, his leaking tip so close to Nikki's mouth that she could reach out with her tongue and lick him if she wished. Tegan knew that Nikki did hetero porn, but she had strategically avoided it and made sure that all of her search terms would only send back all-female porn to her. But buried somewhere in the autoplay list was this video.

Tegan sat stunned for a second until the video reached its conclusion, which brought her back to reality. She hurriedly closed the window, pressed the power button, slapped the lid closed, and rushed to the bathroom to wash the sweat, cum, and shame off her body before Sara came in and noticed something was wrong. While in the shower, she reached down to clean the dark patch of hair where her cum had begun to dry, and she noticed how sensitive to the touch she was between her legs after working herself so hard earlier. Looking down at her bush, she was reminded of the similar dark patch of hair that Nikki sported in the video from earlier. Then, unexpectedly, she thought of the fully erect penis spilling itself onto Nikki's breasts. She clenched her eyes closed while trying to think about anything else to pull her mind away from that image, but it persisted. She could not think about Nikki without thinking about that video. Without knowing why, she then imagined herself kneeling in Nikki's place with the cock dripping cum onto her own breasts, and her heart skipped a beat at the image.

Before she could register what she was doing, she went from rensing her pubic hair clean to rubbing her lips vigourously to the thought of that cock standing erect a few inches from her face and being unable to resist erupting for her. It made her feel the power Nikki must have felt in that moment of being able to make a man cum for her, and completely owning him. In her 37 years, Tegan had never been interested in men. She had a boyfriend back in grade school before she really understood her own sexuality, but this series of events had awoken some strange desire in her that she had a difficult time putting into words. Of course, squeals and shrieks were the only things needed, as she found herself cumming again - this time to the fantasy of that cock from the video spraying her face as she recoiled from the force of it splashing against her lips and cheeks. 

"This is going to be a long week", she whispered to the echo of the shower walls.

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