The Second Circle Resort

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Disclaimer: This is fiction. I don't know the real-life people used in this story, and I do not profit from this

These things always start out with an introduction, don't they? The narrator tells you some things to get you, the reader, in the right mind set and gives some kind of disclaimer before asking that you please enjoy the stories being shared. Meanwhile, you just sit there bored as read through it all in the hopes that the narrator will indulge in the kinks you like or dropping the name of some famous person you like or some combination of the two. Like, maybe you’re hoping this will include a bit about, say, an interracial gangbang with Selena Gomez.

Well anyway, this story takes place in a vacation resort. It’s called the Second Circle Resort. There isn’t anything out of the ordinary about the place itself beyond the location. It’s so remote that it's always amazing how phones have any reception here.

That aside, there are your typical hotel and resort features like indoor pools and rooms that could generally be described as being "not half bad." The rooms are stocked with features like queen-size beds, a nook for personal electronics, and bathrooms with walk-in showers - basically, what you would expect to see in a place like this. There's also an indoor theater and a recording studio, which are the more unconventional features of the resort's services. Beyond all of that, it's your standard establishment.

However, the place is most unique in how it operates. For one thing, it’s exclusive. The resort is advertised pretty much entirely through invitation and word of mouth. The customers who get invited are female celebrities of varying levels of fame. That’s why there's a recording studio; it’s for the musicians.

For another thing, it's a sex resort.

That isn't meant as a setup to a punchline about how the resort fucks its customers financially.

This is a literal sex resort, and not the only one of its kind. In fact, this isn't even my first run at a sex resort. But that's a story for another time.

This might come as a surprise to you, but running a sex resort is not as exciting as you might think. The sex is exciting, don’t be mistaken. There wouldn't be invitations for really hot famous women to join the fun if it wasn’t. However, on top of that, someone does have to run the place. So yeah, not all of it is as exciting as the sex. You might wonder what goes into financing a sex resort but is that really the part you're here for?

Also, while many of the celebrities who stay here are pretty obscure, some of the most loyal customers are the more obscure celebrities, like Instagram models (read: women who are famous for posting photos of their butts on Instagram). There are a few relatively big name celebrities who might swing by from time to time, and there are some great stories to tell about them, but for the most part the women who stay here are either not A-list celebrities or they are kind of famous but tend to keep to themselves.

Hopefully, this piqued your interest enough to make these exploits at least the tiniest bit engaging. You just have to promise not go public and tell everyone what and who these women have been doing. A lot of effort is made to avoid legal trouble for everyone here, so your understanding would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and where are my manners? Welcome to The Second Circle Resort. Cue the John Williams score.

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