Someone Like You

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own the members of the band PVRIS/Paramore, I do not know them, and I do not profit from these writings.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own the members of the bands PVRIS/Paramore I do not know them, and I do not profit from these writings.


A/N: Hey everyone I'm back! I couldn't WAIT to get this one started! I hope y'all enjoyed the first story! I still saw a few things I would I need to tweak. I'll go back through and make sure it's perfect! 

Okay, this story is a crossover with Paramore! I know some sequels don't live up to the original. But I hope this will answer all the questions you have! 

Let's get started!


Chapter 1: Wedding Part 1


2 years ago: Ireland, August  2018

The two women fell into silence just looking at each other. Both not knowing what to say. The last few days have been exhausting. From the fighting, to the fight with Nate, to Andy being in the hospital, to finding out things about each other. 

The first day was the worst with the two of them yelling at each other about the pictures. Things finally came out into the open. They both felt the same way about the future and how scared they were. But one thing was clear, they both love each other and they both want to be with each other. 

They just had to learn to get past a few things and learn to live with each other's flaws. They still had much to learn about each other and either learn to live with their flaws or not. Forever is a long time, but both knew that's what they wanted. To be with each other forever. 

Even though they didn't say out loud, that's what they were hinting towards the last few days. If there's a few things this fight has revealed it's how much they would fight for their love. Fight for each other and fight for their relationship. 

Andy looked at her watch and once again it was getting late. She rubbed her face in her hands and with tired eyes she looked at Lynn. 

"So, where do we go from here?" 


Now: August 2020


"Don't pick up, don't pick up, don't pick up," Andy whispered to herself. 

She was stuck in yet another airport. She hated flying she really did. But her new career took her all over the world. Ever since she toured with PVRIS, bands started to ask her to tour with them. An agency approached her not too long after. They loved her photos and it got to the point where she had to look for some one to help. Since she couldn't be in two places at once. She asked one of her dearest friends to be her assistant. Things were taking off. The last year has been nothing but airports, train stations, bus stops, and hotels, just everything coming at her at once. 

Today she was making a lot of phone calls. Her parents first and of course they asked why she hasn't been home in the last eight months. She again explained what her new job requires. Her sister asking her where she was and if she was going to make it. Michael, her friend and old coworker, telling him she got a few autographs for him from his favorite band Paramore. 

Now she was making the phone call she didn't want to make. She just hoped that the person she was calling wasn't going to answer. But she knew she had to call, otherwise they would have a fit if she didn't explain. 

"ANDY!" She heard and had to hold the phone away from her ear.

"Where the fuck are you?! Your sister's here and she just told me she got off the phone with you. She won't tell me what's going on." 

Andy sighed and rubbed her eyes, "Please don't yell at me, but I'm stuck in Vancouver. The plane is delayed for another five hours. Something about a mechanical issue. They're trying to find another plane."  

There was silence on the phone and she heard some rustling. She was waiting for the bomb to drop. 

"You have got to be FUCKING KIDDING ME! ANDY YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO FLY ANYMORE!" Angel yelled into her cell phone. There it was.  

"Look, I'm sorry. As soon as the plane lands I'll make a beeline to the church. I already called Shey, she's gonna cover for me until I get there. I'm so sorry Angel. I know it's the big day tomorrow. But Shey is just as good as I am. That's why I hired her." 

Angel sighed, "No, I'm sorry for yelling. I'm just stressing out over the wedding. I just feel like everything is gonna fall apart. The bridesmaid dresses aren't ready. Brian STILL has to get fitted, Ethan and Alex are still over the moon for each other. It disgustingly cute. Plus, Lynn is having writer's block, and I don't know why." She paused and sat down on her bed. 

"Speaking of which, this will be the first time all of us will see you in a long time. You kinda just took off after our New Years camp out.  Not to mention you missed last year's. Lynn said that you had to go on tour with Paramore, like right away. You just left without so much as a good bye." 

"I know, I know, I'm sorry. That's why I wrote the letters. But it was an amazing opportunity and I couldn't pass it up." 

"Have you spoken to Lynn since you left?" 

There was a pause and Angel heard something a muffled announcement, "What was that?" 

"They found a plane but it won't get here until on in the morning and it's six here. Since your time is three hours behind, I'm gonna be getting in around the time your walking down the aisle." 

"Are you serious?!" She asked standing up. 

"I'm so sorry. But like I said Shey is gonna be there. Just look for the girl with dark blue, and blonde highlights, nose piercing, and possible fishnet stockings. She's my oldest and dearest friend and she's an amazing photographer. Wendy and Ethan know her too.  But I'll go straight to the church. I'm gonna change before I get on the plane. I promise you I will be when you to say 'I do.'"

"Angel, we need you to talk to the florist." Lynn said through the door. 

"One sec." She said covering her phone, "Okay, but you promise you'll be here to walk down the aisle?" 

"If anything changes, I'll let you know." 

Angel sighed, "Alright, I guess this is one thing that's out of my hands. But you get here safe and I'll see you tomorrow. Don't think this is your get out of jail card. We still need to talk about Lynn." 

Andy ignored her last statement, "You stop worrying and stressing about everything and try to enjoy your last night of freedom. Please be safe during your party." 

"Shit, that reminds me. Have you called Brian? I know he wanted you there for his bachelor party. That's all he's been talking about for the past month." 

"I called Ethan and told him what I told you. But I'll give Brian a call." 

"Angel, you REALLY need to talk to them." Angel heard Lynn. 

"I gotta go, but be safe, I'll see you soon." 

"See you tomorrow, and stop stressing!" 

They both hung up and the both sighed. If they both thought today was a stressful day, tomorrow was going to be even more stressful for them. 

Andy had to make a few more calls to make sure she was covered. Angel met with Lynn and they started to make last minute preparations for the wedding tomorrow. 


"Alright, just be safe. Don't worry about Angel she's just stressing out over nothing really. Sucks you're gonna miss the party tonight. Since we haven't seen you in a year." 

Andy sighed, "I  know I'm so sorry, but have a shot for me. By the way, Ethan and Wendy know Shey. I mentioned that to Angel. So they'll be able to point her out." 

"Okay sounds good. Just be safe and we'll see you tomorrow."

"Have fun and be safe tonight."

They both hung up and Brian chuckled and looked up at Ethan. 

"She really does have bad luck flying huh?" 

Ethan chuckled and looked into the mirror as the tailor was making sure his tux fitted him right, "You don't know the half of it." 

"So where's she been the past year? I mean she didn't really say bye to everyone when she left the day after our camp out." Brian said leaning against the wall crossing his arms. 

Ethan sighed, "Yeah she got the phone call that night and said she had to get to the airport as soon as possible. She hated the way she left, that's why she gave each of you a letter." 

"Has she even spoken to Lynn since?" 

Ethan shrugged, "Has Lynn spoken to Andy since?" 

"Touche." They both chuckled and the tailor looked up at Ethan. 

"Alright, you're all set. Go ahead and change and I'll make the alterations tonight. Your suites will be ready by seven tomorrow morning." He said with a smile. 

"Thank you," Ethan smiled and stepped down from the little platform and went to the dressing room.  Brian walked over and stood outside the dressing room. 

"Do you ever think about those four days?" 

"What four days?" 

"Those four intense days we had in Ireland." 

There was a small thud and Brian stood straight up, "Are you okay?" 

Ethan cleared his throat, "Yeah, sometimes. Why are you asking now?" 

"I don't know. I mean it was pretty intense and we cleared the air about that article. I also know that after the legal action we took against Nicole and Vicki worked in our favor. I just can't help but feel that they are going to do something again." 

Ethan stepped out of the dressing room changed back into his jeans, shirt, and shoes. He gave his tux to the tailor and thanked him again. He turned and looked at Brian, "I get that feeling too. But we haven't heard a peep in two years. I plan to keep it that way. Plus, we can't worry about that right now. Alex and Justin are getting ready for your party and I made a sole promise to Angel for you to not get too wasted tonight." He said with a small laugh. 

Brian nodded, "Yeah, you're right. I can't believe I'm getting married tomorrow." 

"I can't believe you waited eight years to pop the question." 

They both laughed and started to make their way out of the tailor shop. It was time to meet up with Alex and Justin so they could head out to the club for Brian's bachelor party. 

"What do you think Lynn has planned for Angel tonight?" Brian asked. 

Ethan shrugged, "I don't know," then he chuckled. Brian looked at him with a questioning look. Ethan shook his head as he opened the door to the coffee shop. 

"You know, when we went back to Virginia, after you proposed; Andy didn't know if she was going to be able to go to Angel's bachelorette party or your bachelor party. She was freaking out the whole way back." Brian laughed as they got in line to get something to drink. 

"But when we all went out to dinner that one time. Angel said that she would enjoy having more fun with us, y'all didn't hear it, but under her breath she said, 'Oh thank God!'"

Brian looked at him surprised and laughed, "Are you serious?!" 

Ethan nodded, "Yeah, she was really hoping to go to your bachelor party instead, because, she kind of heard Lynn and Angel talking about drinking wine, talking romance, and comparing their sex lives." 

"So girl talk pretty much." 

"Which Andy is not too fond about really. She likes hanging out with the guys. Just chilling, talking shit, hanging out, stuff like that." 

It was their turn to order and after paying they stepped out of line to wait for their names to be called. 

"What does Alex have planned for me?" Brian asked checking his watch. 

Ethan gave him his goofy grin, "Oh, you're gonna be in for a huge surprise tonight. Nothing you would expect!" 

"Okay should I be scared?" 

Ethan heard his name and smiled at the young man handing him a cup holder with four cups in it. He thanked him and he followed Brian out of the coffee shop. 

"I still can't believe you live here, but have a house in Georgia." Brian said as Ethan gave him his cup. 

"Yeah, well Brandon's living there now. Chris was finally able to build the new restaurant and he really wanted us to run it. But with Andy's photography taking off, and well ya know, Alex and I. We just decided to use it as a vacation home. Andy was actually there about three weeks ago." 

Brian almost choked on his drink, "She was?!" 

Ethan nodded, "Yeah, the tour she was on passed through Georgia, and she surprised her family down there. She was able to spend a couple of days with them and check out the new restaurant. I thought you guys would have saw it on her profiles." 

"I thought they went to visit her." 

Ethan shook his head, "Nope, there was a show in Atlanta, and she was able to spend at least a day with them, and hung out with Brandon, then she was off again." 

"When did you find this out?" 

Ethan thought for a moment when they came up to the apartment complex, "Um, last week. I called Brandon to see what we needed to pay for any bills, and he mentioned that Andy was there." 

"I thought the house was paid for." Brian said opening the door for him. 

Ethan nodded, "Yeah, well, still got utilities to pay. Brandon's by himself in a four bedroom house, and some of the bills are either in my name or Andy's name. Don't really want to change it over to Brandon. He makes good money. So most of the time he tells us that he's good. But we send him money anyway and tell him to put towards whatever he wants. Kind of a thank you I guess for taking care of the house for us." 

Brian shook his head and patted him on the back, "I still can't believe we haven't seen Andy in a year." He said stepping into the elevator. 

"She's barely kept in touch, but seems like she's having fun. Oh and her music that she's been putting out! I'm glad she's putting her name out there. She's so talented. Is she gonna release an album?" He asked while Ethan pressed the button for the floor to his apartment. 

"I don't know. Didn't you see her latest interview? She mentioned that she doesn't want to since she's released different types of music. She doesn't just have one type of style. By the way why are we talking about Andy? This is supposed to be about you and Angel." 

Brian tried not to look guilty.

"Oh! Come on! She didn't!" Ethan shook his head when he heard the chime. They walked out of the elevator and walked down the hallway until they reached his apartment. 

"I'm sorry, but she just wanted to make sure Andy is okay! She's been practically stalking her on social media!" 

Ethan opened the door with a scoff and Brian followed, "Come on Ethan. Today was the first time I've talked to her in like three months. We all miss her. I know you miss her a lot." 

"I should have known something was up when you brought up Ireland." He put the drinks on the dining table and put his hands on his hips looking at Brian. 

"You know what happened after their fight. You were there we all were! But I thought Lynn would understand that Andy had a chance of a lifetime." 

"It's just the fact that Andy hasn't been in contact. You know how Lynn gets. She's seeing all these posts, but she can't help but get in her head. I'm scared this is gonna be Alexa all over again." 

"Don't you DARE compare Andy to Alexa!" Ethan yelled. Alex came rushing out of the bathroom. 

"What's going on?!" 

Justin rushed in from the other room, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey!" 

"I'm sorry Brian. You're worried about Lynn and I'm worried about Andy. I know she just up and left and we haven't seen her in person for the past year. But guys she'll be here tomorrow. We can catch up with her then. I'm so sorry I snapped Brian." 

Brian smiled and went up to him giving him a hug, "It's okay, like you said you're worried, we're worried. I'm sure she'll tell us everything tomorrow." 

Ethan returned his hug and smiled when they pulled away from each other, "Now, let's get this bachelor party started!" 


Angel sat back on her couch and let out a sigh of relief, "I can't WAIT to get to this party. My mother is something else with this wedding." 

Lynn smiled walking over to her, giving her a glass of wine. Angel smiled at her and took her glass watching Lynn sit next to her and take a sip. She study Lynn for  moment and Lynn caught her looking, "What?" 

Angel shook her head, "I was just wondering how are you doing, like really." 

Lynn sighed and sat back, "You mean how am I dealing with the radio silence since she left?" 

Angel nodded sitting back getting comfortable. She was really worried about her best friend. She didn't want her to fall back into that dark place she was in before. 

Lynn sighed and thought for a moment wondering how she was dealing. She wanted to tell Angel the truth about her and Andy. But the two had an agreement. They wouldn't reveal anything until October. She had to keep up the pretense of not being in contact with Andy. It was hard to lie to her friends. But she would be seeing her tomorrow That she was really excited for. Alas she had to keep her smile hidden.

"It's hard, but for some reason I'm doing better than I expected. I mean it would be nice for her to call me. I keep checking my phone every ten minutes just to see if she's called or texted me. But nothing, every time it goes off I rush to see if it's her. Hey! This is about you and Brian!" She said playfully hitting Angel on her arm. Angel smiled and was about to say something but there was a knock at the door. 

"Oh! That's Wendy!" Lynn said getting up from the couch and rushed to the door. She opened it and gave a big smile when she saw Wendy. They hugged and Lynn guided her in. Angel came over to Wendy and gave her a hug. 

"So I wasn't sure what to bring, but I thought since you're getting married tomorrow. I thought wine, but then I decided  let's have a good time." She reached into the paper bag and revealed a bottle of Fireball. 

"You did not just bring your sister's kryptonite!" Angel said with a laugh. 

"Oh I did, I also brought some vodka, tequila, some mixers, and some bourbon. I think wine is a little boring, plus it's your bachelorette party! We have to have a good time!"

"Now we're getting somewhere!" Angel said leading them to her kitchen. Wendy put the bottles of liquor on the counter, Lynn went into the freezer to get the ice tray, and Angel looked for glasses for the three of them. 

"Okay can we talk about your sister for a second?" Angel asked putting the glasses on the counter and Lynn started to put a few ice cubes in each. While Angel's attention was on Wendy, she poured herself a glass of apple juice. 

"Sure what's up?" She asked taking a seat on one of the stools. 

"Has she been home, like Virginia home?" Angel asked. 

Wendy thought for a moment watching Lynn making them drinks. She wasn't sure how to tell them that she saw her sister for a few days eight months ago. Even mom was excited to have her home. But to their mom it wasn't enough time. 

Wendy sighed and smiled when Lynn handed her a glass, "I guess y'all didn't know. But she was home for a few days and then she had to go." 

Both Lynn and Andy looked at her with surprised expressions. Lynn handed her a glass and she took a sip of her drink trying to avoid their eyes. 

"Well what did she say?" Angel asked. 

"Pretty much how she had an amazing opportunity. That she would be out of touch for a while, she would be traveling, she had to bring on Shey, her music was taking off that an agent contacted her. So she was on tour, then another, then she did her own thing. Today was the first time I've heard from her since she came and saw us." 

"I think everyone's pretty much heard from her for the first time." Angel said taking a sip of her drink. 

"Did you?" Wendy asked Lynn and she shook her head. 

"I'm sorry. But I know she misses you and she hated the way she had to leave. She talked about you a lot." 

Lynn gave her a smile. Just as Angel was about to ask what did she mean, she was interrupted by a knock on her door. Lynn went to answer it and there were squeals of delight. Angel rolled her eyes and shook her head. Lynn led Melissa, Kara, Erika, Lisa, Kim, and Lauren into the kitchen. Hugs were going all around. They were all talking at once. They were so excited for tomorrow they got lost into the conversation.  When everything settled down Angel led everyone into the living room and they all got comfortable. 

"So tomorrow's the big day, are you nervous?" Melissa asked and Angel waved her off. 

"We'll talk about that later. Right now we're on the subject of Andy." She told them and everyone looked confused. 

"Angel, I told you this is about you can we not talk about Andy tonight." Lynn said looking at her best friend. 

"We'll get to that. But she mentioned that Wendy knows Shey. In case you forgot Andy gave her a lap dance and used to have a crush on her. Remember Ethan showing us the videos of Andy as a drag king." 

"Oh yeah, our first camp out." Lynn said slowly. 

Angel turned her attention to Wendy, "I wanna know who Shey is, and Wendy has all the answers." 

Now all eyes were on Wendy. She smiled and shook her head, "What do you want to know?" 

"Yes! Okay," Angel sat on the edge of her seat, "How long have they known each other?" 

Wendy looked up trying to remember. Everyone waited for her to answer. After a few moments she chuckled, "Shey was fourteen, and I think Andy was either nineteen or twenty. Shey was dating one of Andy's friends at the time. She told them that she was sixteen. But she told them the truth after about a month or so of meeting each other." 

"When did they become so close?" 

"Well, Andy and her friend were both working in different stores at the mall. Shey lived like two hours away and was over one weekend. Andy's friend, Jesica that Shey was dating was at work. Jesica asked Andy to just kind of keep her company. So one day Andy texted Shey asking her what she was doing. Shey said she was at Jesica's waiting for her to get off. Next thing Shey knew Andy showed up and told her to get into the car." 

At this point everyone was on the edge of their seats listening to Wendy tell the story of Shey and Andy. 

"So back home there's this place we call Pungo. It's like our country side. There's this HUGE house that was being built at the time and it's amazing. Andy takes her to Pungo and they stop at this little mini mart to grab some snacks. They get back into the car and Andy starts to drive towards the house. They pass it and Shey was lost in disbelief seeing how big the house was and kept saying how she wanted to live there. Andy turned back around and they drove past it again. It was then Jesse McCartney's 'We Can Go Anywhere' came on her mix CD and that's when Andy's crush started. To this day that has been their song."

"How do you know all this?" Lisa asked. 

"Andy wouldn't stop talking about it when she got home that night. We were outside smoking a cigarette and she told me had a problem. I asked her what it was, and she said that she had a crush on Shey. That crush went on until she was about twenty three." 

"Did Shey know?" Erika asked. 

Wendy took a sip of her drink and nodded, "Oh yeah! She knew, but she was straight up with Andy about it. Andy was hurt but she understood. She still had a crush but she also wanted Shey to be happy. That's all that matters to Andy is her friends being happy. She puts their happiness before her own. It took her a while to be happy on her own or do anything for herself."

Everyone nodded and started to agree with Wendy. Lynn cleared her throat and looked at Wendy, "Does she still have feelings for Shey?"

Wendy chuckled, "Definitely not! Shey's had it rough for a while and Andy has been her rock. They've been best friends for years. Shey's like her girl best friend and Ethan's her guy best friend. Shey's in a good place because of Andy. She tends to try and take care of her friends before she takes care of herself." 

Again everyone agreed, "Okay, now I'm agreeing with Lynn. Enough about my sister," Wendy said standing up and she left the living room. The women looked confused, but they all started to cheer when she came back with a tiara, and slash that said 'Bride To Be.' She walked over to Angel and put on the tiara and slash. 

Lynn stood up and raised her glass and the others did as well, "Here's to Angel and Brian FINALLY tying the knot!" 

"To Angel and Brian!" Everyone said and they cheersed. 

"Okay! Let's go!" Lynn said and Angel looked confused. Kara and Melissa took Angel by the arms and started to lead her out. 

"Everyone got everything?" Lisa called out and they all said yes. 

"Where are we going?" Angel asked. 

"Oh just you wait!" Lauren said hooking her arm through Wendy's and they were off to enjoy the night.


"TO BRIAN AND ANGEL!" Terry shouted over the loud music holding up a shot glass. The guys cheered and touched their shot glasses together and took them. 

"WOO!" Ethan yelled and went to order another round. 

"Big crowd tonight! What's going on?" Brian asked. David, Terry, Cam, Mark, Justin, and Alex looked around trying to hide their smirks. Justin was the first to turn back to him. 

"I think there's like a show or something." He said with a shrug taking a sip of his beer. Ethan returned with a tray of shots and passed them out on the table. They all took one and when Mark was about to speak Brian held up his hand. 

"Let's do this one for Andy. She couldn't be here tonight and she wanted me to do a shot for her." 

They all smiled and Alex patted his best friend on the back. They raised their glasses like they did before and took their shots. 

"Did you know I was gonna do a toast to Andy? Cause that was Fireball." He said with a laugh. 

Ethan shook his head, "Nope, but I did have her in mind." 

What the guys didn't know was that at the other end of the club the women were having a good time. 

"Now, this is a party!" Angel said raising her glass. 

"That's like her fourth drink a guy has bought her!" Kara said with a laugh. They all laughed at what she said and nodded. Lynn looked up and saw Alex. Her eyes widened and she told them she would be right back. She rushed over to Alex and grabbed his arm pulling him away from eye sight. 

"Alex! I thought we agreed to keep them apart until the show! If they see you they'll ask questions!" 

Alex's eyes went wide, "Oh shit! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you guys were that close! I'll move the guys closer to the stage!" 

Lynn nodded and he looked at her with a smile and put a hand on her arm and gently squeezed it. She looked at him and rolled her eyes, "Oh come on, not you too!" 

"Did you ask Brian to get information from Ethan today?" 

Lynn sighed, she knew they would talk. She wanted to tell him but couldn't. Instead she looked down at the floor trying not to look guilty. Alex sighed  and pulled her in for a hug, "Ethan snapped at him today for saying that he didn't want this to be an Alexa situation again." 

Lynn pulled away quickly from Alex, "He did not do that!" 

Alex nodded and Lynn shook her head, "Look, all I wanted to know if she was okay. I just wanted to know if he's been in contact with her." 

"She talked to Brian saying that she wasn't going to make it tonight. But she's gonna be here tomorrow. Are you two gonna talk?" 

Lynn really wanted to tell him what's been going on but she couldn't. She had this secret for the past year and it was killing her every day not telling her friends and family. They both agreed in October they would tell everyone together. She knew it wasn't going to be tomorrow. Tomorrow as all about Brian and Angel. That's all that mattered. 

She looked up at her best friend and gave him a weak smile, "If she has the time. I know she's gonna be running around taking pictures of everyone. Then, I'm pretty sure she'll be off again." 

Alex nodded, "By the way, wanna go over some music while Brian's away on his honeymoon?" 

She smiled, "I'd like that. It's been a while since you and I had a jam session." 

They hugged one more time and he kissed her cheek. This past year was really hard on her and Alex was her rock. Brian and Angel were busy with the wedding. Justin was in the process of moving to Boston from Pennsylvania. Even though Ethan made the move Boston he understood that Lynn needed Alex. She didn't know she needed some one. Wendy even considered moving in with Lynn just so she could have some one to talk to last year. 

She was really thankful for Wendy the past year as well. Wendy would make trips to see her and called her every day just to talk. Helping Angel with the wedding kept her busy, which she was  thankful for. She needed a distraction since she had writer's block, and for some reason nothing was inspiring her. She hoped something would hit her and she would dive into writing again. 

She was brought out of her thoughts when the crowd in the club cheered loudly. Both Alex and Lynn looked out and saw the stage was lit up. It was their cue to get Brian and Angel. They both smiled at each other and went their separate ways. 

Lynn pushed her way through the crowd and came up to Angel. She looked at Melissa and she nodded. Kim came up to Angel and put a blind fold on her. Angel laughed and asked what was going on. Lynn smiled and told her a surprise. She took one arm and Melissa took the other. 

Cam was putting on the blind fold on Brian. He asked what was going on. Ethan took on arm and said not to worry about it, Alex took his other arm and they led him to the stage. 

Everyone knew what was going to happen besides Brian and Angel. Lynn had asked Wendy what would be a good place to have Angel's bachelorette party and Wendy suggested finding a place that did a ladies night. A place where they would have male dancers and bring up any bachelorettes. Alex over heard the conversation and said it would be a great prank on Brian. Lynn told him that it would be a great idea since Brian and Angel promised each other no strippers. 

Since these were male dancers, they didn't think any harm would come to them. Lynn found a place that did a ladies night and called them asking if they could bring their friends up on stage. It kind of worked out since the owner knew Angel's Aunt. When she listened to Lynn explain everything she was happy to be a part of it. Everything was set in motion and Lynn called everyone. She explained the plan and they all couldn't wait to see what was going to happen. 

Two chairs were set up on the stage and a muscular guy came out wearing jeans, no shirt and a cowboy hat. He smiled at the crowd and spoke into the microphone. The crowd cheered and when they calmed down he announced that there was a bachelor and bachelorette in the house. 

That's when Angel and Brian were brought up to the stage. The guy knew not to say their names, but to describe them. When Brian and Angel were chairs, their friends when to work to tie their hands to behind the chair. Just so they wouldn't be tempted to take off the blind folds. When they were all set their friends rushed off the stage and met up with everyone. They had permission to take video of what was going to happen. 

The guy told the DJ to hit the music and he left the stage. The lights went out and a spotlight hit center stage. Four muscular guys came out from behind the curtain dressed in costumes. One was dressed as a construction worker, one was wearing sunglasses, and basketball shorts with a number painted on his bare chest. One was dressed as a police man, and the fourth one was wearing a toga. 

They did a few moves for the crowd and when the lights came on lighting the whole stage they split off and started to dance around Brian and Angel. 

"This isn't happening right now!" Brian yelled. He had feeling he knew what was going on. He felt someone sit on his lap and he knew it was a guy. He started to laugh and shake his head. He couldn't believe Alex was making him do this. But he was having a good time and he wasn't gonna let this bring him down. 

Angel seemed to be having the time of her life. She was cheering, laughing, and saying that she was getting married tomorrow. Lynn looked over at Brian hoping he would recognize Angel's voice. But from the loud music and the cheers from the crowd he didn't seem to hear her. 

The dancers finished their number and it was time to take Brian and Angel off the stage. The main guy came back onto the stage and told them both congratulations and to enjoy their last night of freedom. When they were all off the stage and on different sides of the club they took off their blind folds. Angel hugged her friends, while Brian was playfully punching his tell them he couldn't believe they did that to him. But he did say that it was awesome and he had a good time. 

It was time for them to leave since they had a long day tomorrow. Alex sent Lynn a text saying they were leaving and they would see each other tomorrow. The women stayed for another twenty minutes then they left the club. 

The guys were all staying at Alex and Ethan's apartment and the women were all staying over at Angel and Brian's. They all had a busy day tomorrow, they hoped things would go smoothly. But tonight a good night's sleep is what they all needed. 


Andy took a deep breath looking at herself in the airport bathroom mirror. She was able to change into her favorite blue button down shirt, her red tie, tan dress pants, and her new pair of her checkered black and white VANS. She had to try to get some sleep on this flight. She also had to either brush her teeth on the plane or wait until after the ceremony. Her phone chimed and when she checked it she smiled. She read the text message and sent a quick reply back. 

She hadn't seen anyone on in over a year. She was nervous yet happy about it. She called Shey one more time to make sure she was there. Shey told her that she arrived at her hotel and contacted Wendy. Wendy was going to pick her up first thing in the morning and they would head over to the church. The church had rooms for everyone to get ready and Shey wanted to take some behind the scenes photos. Andy reassured her that she would have Ethan and Wendy to keep her company until she got there. 

Andy sighed one more time and fixed her hair as best as she could. When she was satisfied she picked up her duffel bag and walked out of the restroom. She ignored the weird looks and walked back to her gate. She took a seat and sat back. She plugged in her earbuds into her phone and started to play her music. She kept the volume low so she could hear it when they announced it was time for boarding she would hear it. She was able to get first class and she was glad since she needed room for her knee. 

She upgraded her brace and still wore it when it came to flying and running around locations. She took a bad fall about two months ago and her knee popped. Luckily nothing was torn this time. Just a bone bruise and a MCL sprain. It still bothered her and her limp came back. She still had a slight one, and still had pain on a certain part of her knee. Her doctor kept telling her to go to physical therapy to strengthen it back up. Andy promised she would when she got some down time. Which, after this wedding she might have some. Unless her agent finds her another gig. 

Her phone chimed again, only this time it was a news outlet saying that an exclusive with her that would be airing soon. The past year she's also done interviews with magazines, a few entertainment TV shows, and some radio shows. All just asking her about her music and photography. They even asked about Lynn, but she dodged those questions. She hoped Lynn had kept their secret this past year. She wanted to tell the whole world, but she couldn't. The time wasn't right. 

She looked through her phone and found pictures of Lynn. She smiled, no matter where she was in the world, just seeing Lynn's face always brought a smile to hers. Just as she was about to sit back further into her chair the announcement came saying that the plane was ready to board. They said first class and she stood up slinging her bag over her shoulder. She waited her turn and smiled at the young woman giving her the boarding pass. After she checked it she said for her to enjoy her flight. Andy said thank you and started to walk down the tunnel towards the plane. 

She smiled at the flight attendant and made her way to her seat. Once she found it, she placed her bag in the overhead compartment and sat down. After she put on her seat belt her phone started to ring. She smiled when she saw the name pop up. 

"Hey you." She said into her phone still smiling. 

"Yeah, I just boarded actually. I should be getting there when Angel walks down the aisle. I'll let you know as soon as I land." She paused listening to the other person. 

"I know, I'm sorry, but I'll make it up to you. I think I have some time off unless Serenity has me booked for something. I'm not sure. I told her how important this was and that I wasn't going to be available for about two weeks. I'm so exhausted. I need some vacation time." Again she listened to the other person and chuckled at what they said. 

"After the wedding, I'll spend some time in Boston and I really would like to see my family. My mom wasn't too happy when I only spent two days with her and dad. So hopefully you and I can go down for a quick visit. Also I wanna check on the house in Georgia and I wanna spend some time with Trevor. Brittany says he's been asking for me." 

She nodded at what the person said, "I miss you too. You have no idea how much! I can't wait to see you!" Just then she heard the captain come on the overcome. 

"I gotta go, but I'll see you when I get there. I love you." She waited until the other person hung up. She did the same and turned off her cell phone. She plugged her earbuds into the port and looked up at the small screen in front of her. She would browse through the movies until she came to the one she liked. 

The flight attendants did their safety briefing and then plane started up.  It wasn't long until they started to move towards the runway. She sat back and closed her eyes. She really hated flying. Besides the flight to Australia a couple of years ago, this flight would be worth it. After the safety briefing the small screen went to the movie selections and she picked one. She sat back as the plane started to move. She leaned back in her chair and gripped the arm rest like she always did. She closed her eyes and waited for the take off. 

Once the plane was in the air she let out a sigh of relief. She reached into her shirt pocket it and pulled out a few note cards. Brian and Angel asked her to speak at their reception. She told them she was honored and she went right to work on her speech. Picked a movie she's seen a over and over again, so she could work on her note cards. She read the words she wrote three months ago and started go over everything in her mind. 

She sighed and shook her head, she was pretty sure she wasn't going to read these note cards. But this way she could keep her mind calm. Just having these would help her keep her mind on track during the reception. She just couldn't concentrate at this point. She just kept thinking about the past two years. Lynn, traveling, Ireland, and how her life has been living in and out of hotels. She just wanted to stay in one place for a while. She was tired and she just wanted to rest. She even forgot about her birthday last year. For her big thirtieth, she split her time in Boston, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida. She spent her actual birthday in Virginia with her parents. Lynn, Brian, Angel, Alex, and Justin came to surprise her for it. 

That was a good few days, they even went with her to Georgia. They took a spur of the moment trip to Florida to see her grandfather. She also wanted to see her grandmother's and Uncle's headstones. They all went with her to the cemetery. Wendy and Andy stood at their grandma's headstone in silence then Wendy walked away. Andy stood there for a while just talking. After a while Lynn walked up to her and that's when Andy let out a sob. Lynn wanted to put her arms around her but Andy shook her head telling her she just needed a minute. Lynn nodded and understood she walked away. She went back to the group and told Wendy that she should go to her. Wendy nodded and went back over to Andy. At that point the sisters just held each other and they both sobbed. 

For the rest of the day Andy didn't want to talk to anyone. She just needed to calm down a bit. She ended up at her grandfather's place and the two talked for hours by the pool. That was when her grandfather went into the house and came back giving Andy a small box. He told her that it was supposed to go to her dad's oldest brother's daughter, but since she was already married she was next in line for it. He told her what it was and Andy couldn't believe it. She gave him a hug and put the small box in her pocket. 

He even told her that she seemed happier. He asked her why and she began to tell him everything. He smiled and told her that he could see why she was taken by Lynn. She was also the first girlfriend Andy had introduced to him and he asked her why that was. She shrugged and told him that she didn't know, but Lynn was different. He told her that he couldn't wait to get to know her more. 

Andy was brought out of her memories when the plane hit a little bit of turbulence. She gripped her armrest and shook her head. She had three more hours to go and she couldn't wait to get off the plane.


Shey heard a knock on her hotel room and rushed up to the door and opened it. She squealed with happiness seeing Wendy standing there. She opened the door more and Wendy walked into her awaiting arms. They gave each other a tight hug and let go. They told each other it was great seeing each other. After a few minutes of chatting Wendy said they had to get to the church because Angel was on a warpath. Shey laughed and nodded. She picked up her camera bag and checked herself one more time in the mirror. She double checked to make sure she had everything and they left the room. 

Once they got into the car Wendy had to ask, "How's Andy?" 

Shey chuckled and put on her seatbelt, "Busy as always. I mean I'm her assistant and I've barely seen her. I think in the past year and half I've only seen her like four times." 

Wendy nodded and started up the car. She started to drive towards the main road and sighed, "Has she mentioned ANYTHING about what's been going on with her and Lynn?" 

Shey she knew but she also had a promise to keep. So she shook her head, "Not that I know of. But I can tell you every conversation I've had with her she mentions Lynn in some way. I mean she even still has her ring on her left finger. I can't tell you how many times models have flirted with Andy and she just ignores them. She doesn't even do small talk with them at all. She even turned out going with them after a shoot."

"Are they even still together? I mean I know about the fight they had in Ireland, and after that they were good. But you're the only one that's spent the most time with her." 

Shey nodded, "I know. I even told her that she needed some vacation time like six months ago. That she needed to spend time with her family, go see Lynn and work things out. But you know how she is. She wants to get things done first before she can relax." 

Wendy nodded as she turned down the main road. "You're right. She's been non stop since her first job. Even on vacations with the family she was on her phone with work calls. One time our dad got so annoyed he took away her phone. We came back home and she almost got fired. She told our dad and he had a field day with her boss." 

Shey shook her head she was about to answer when her phone started to ring, "Speaking of. Hey, Wendy just picked me up, we're on our way to the church. Did you land?" 

She heard a sigh, "Well kinda, we got diverted to JFK. Something happened with the plane. But we haven't gotten off the plane yet."

"Give me the phone," Wendy said and Shey gave her the phone. 

"Andy you need to get there in the next four hours or Angel is going to cuss you out! She's already on a warpath!" 

Andy rubbed her forehead, she was so exhausted in a matter of three days she was on five different planes, "I know, I know, I'm sorry. I can't control this."  The captain of the plane said that they were getting ready to take off again. 

"Hey! Good news! They said we'll be in Boston in an hour. I'll get a taxi and go straight to the church. DON'T tell Angel. I might be coming a little early." 

Wendy smiled, "Sounds good. Oh okay, love you too. She wants to go over a few things with you." She gave Shey her phone back and smiled. 

"Hey what's up?" 

"Okay so I might be getting there early, but I just wanted to go over everything one more time." 

Before Andy could continue, "Get shots of the guys first, some shots of the kitchen, the alter, wait for Lynn or Wendy to tell me that Angel is ready for her behind the scenes shots, pictures of the outside, pictures of the inside, pictures of wedding party. Separate of course. Pictures of the ceremony, especially when Brian sees Angel walking down the aisle. After the ceremony, pictures of the bride and groom, the whole wedding party. Bride and her parents, Angel and her parents. The ring bearer, and the flower girl. Then, off to the reception and more pictures there." 

Andy smiled and sighed, "I knew I could count on you." She heard the captain saying that were clear for the runway, "Okay I'll see you soon. Love you." 

"Love you too. See you soon." She hung up and shook her head. 

"Always with a plan." Wendy said with a laugh as her phone started to ring. She hit the phone icon on her steering wheel and she heard muffled yelling. 

"Hello?" she asked then heard Angel's voice. 

"Where are you?"

"I'll be there in about five minutes. I have Shey. She knows what to do." 

"Any word on Andy?" 

Shey looked at Wendy and shook her head, "Not yet. But she said she was gonna be there when you walk. So far no news is good news." 

"Do you have her flight information?" 

"Angel calm down. She'll be there stop worrying. We'll be there in a few minutes. You can trust Shey, everything is gonna be fine. You have to stop worrying." 

"I just want Andy here. We all miss her and I just want her to be able to be a part of this. She kinda helped plan it." 

Wendy pulled into the church parking lot and smiled, "We're here. Shey's gonna get her camera ready and we'll be right in." 

"Okay see ya in a few." She hung up and started to look around the church. People were coming in and out setting everything up. That's when she noticed the alter. 

"No, no, no, no, this is all wrong! Where the FUCK is Lynn?!" Angel yelled storming off. 

The guys arrived with their suites and walked towards the church. They ran into Wendy and Shey. She gave Ethan a tight hug and he introduced the guys to her. She shook their hands and asked if she could get a quick picture of them. They nodded and she directed them how she wanted them. She said they looked great and took a few pictures of them on the steps of the church. She smiled and told them she got it. They thanked her and they walked into the church. She told Wendy she had to get a few shots of the church and to come get her when Angel was ready. Wendy nodded and walked into the church. 

She lifted her camera and started to click away. After a few more shots she smiled and walked into the church. Her jaw dropped seeing how beautiful it was. The stained windows, the white soft streamers, the white roses, and the arched alter decorated with the streamers and flowers. She shook her head and smiled. She changed out her lens and then started to take pictures of everything she could. 

Lynn was walking out of the back of the church and saw a girl with a camera taking pictures. She was wearing black and white high top shoes, black stockings, black knee length skirt, and a navy blue blouse. Her hair was up in a nice bun and she could see blue and blond highlights. She walked up to her and tapped her on her shoulder. Shey turned around and smiled. 

"Hey! I'm Shey, Andy sent me, until she gets here." Shey said hold out her hand for Lynn to shake. She smiled and shook her hand. 

"Nice to finally meet you. I'm Lynn." 

Shey's brown eyes went wide and smiled, "I've heard so much about you! I can't believe I'm meeting you in person. Andy would NOT shut up about you!" 

They let go of each other's hands and Lynn smiled. She took in Shey and couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was. She had kind brown eyes, a nose piercing, slightly tan skin and she could see a few tattoos on her wrists. She couldn't help but feel some jealousy towards her. 

Lynn was about to say something but Ethan came up to them and told Shey that the guys were ready for some pictures. Shey nodded and told Lynn again it was nice to meet her. Ethan pointed her in the direction of the guys room and she started to walk away. 

"I didn't realize how pretty she was." Lynn said in a small voice. 

Ethan put a hand on her shoulder, "Hey, she's like a little sister to Andy. I know for a fact Andy still loves you." He pulled her into a hug and held her tight. Oh how Lynn wanted to tell him but she couldn't.

"LYNSDEY!" They heard Angel and they pulled away from each. 

"Duty calls." She said with a small laugh. Ethan gave her a wink and they went their separate ways. Today was going to be a long day.


Andy rushed through the airport towards the exit. She had to get a taxi and get to the church. Angel was going to walk down the aisle in about forty five minutes and she had to get there. Once she was out she looked for a taxi. She found one and was about to head towards it when she heard her name being yelled. She turned around and saw Liz, Mark's wife. 

She rushed over to the red head and smiled, "Aren't you a sight for sore eyes!" she gave her tight hug. 

"Ditto. Now come on! We gotta get going." She led to towards her trail blazer and once they were settled they were off. 

"How did you know I was coming in?" 

"Well I got the girls ready early and I was at the church. I over heard Wendy talking to Ethan and I offered to come get you. I just pulled up when Ethan called me and told me you were off the plane. How are you? You look drained." 

"You don't know the half of it. Five planes, three different countries. Brushed my teeth on the plane. Changed at the airport in Vancouver. I'm just happy I'm here. I can't wait to see  everyone." 

"They can't wait to see you. Everyone has been talking about you the past three weeks and how excited they are." 

"How's Lynn?" She asked as Liz drove onto the highway. 

"She seems to be doing okay. Been busy with the wedding and keeping Angel calm." 

Andy smiled and shook her head, "Angel being a bridezilla?" 

"For the last six months." She took the exit and started to drive towards the church. Andy looked at her watch. She was going to be cutting it close. She grabbed her small bag and pulled out her camera. Liz looked over at Andy setting up her camera and smiled.

"Before we go in, we need to do something about those dark circles under your eyes. Looks like you haven't slept in weeks." 

Andy nodded, "Yeah well, being in and out of hotels kinda does that do ya." She looked through her camera and took a few test shots of the street. Her phone started to ring and she saw Brian's name pop up. 

"Hey," she answered. 

"Hey are you gonna be here to sing?" 

"Liz just picked me up, we're almost there." She checked her watch they had ten minutes. 

"Tell him we're gonna be there in about five minutes." Liz said turning down the street. 

"Liz said we'll be there in five minutes." 

"Okay when you get here walk in through the side door and to your right the guitar is tuned and the mic is set up. Once you see Angel go ahead and start the song." Brian said in a rush. 

Liz took one more turn and Andy could see the church, "Okay, we're about to pull up. I'll see ya in a bit." She hung up and Liz pulled into the parking lot and stopped. 

Andy looked at her confused, "Are we gonna fix my dark circles?" 

"GO!" Liz yelled and Andy nodded. She took off her seat belt and rushed out of the trail blazer. She put the strap on her camera and put it around her neck. She found the side door and looked to her right. She ignored the weird looks and quickly moved her camera around her waist. She saw the guitar and put the strap around her neck and shoulder. She strummed once and smiled. She looked up and saw Angel at the entry way. That was her cue. 

She started the melody and began to sing the song she sang when Brian proposed to Angel. For a moment Angel hesitated when she heard her singing. Andy smiled at her confusion and then winked at her when Angel saw her. Angel's eyes were already watering with happy tears. She took a deep breath and hooked her arm through her father's and they started to slowly walk down the aisle. 

Everyone in the church stood up and watched as Angel walked. She was stunning in her white strapless wedding dress. Her veil flowing behind her and her bouquet of white roses. Andy was able to see Brian's face. She smiled when she saw him wipe a tear from his eye. She was so glad she made it just in time. She knew she couldn't miss this day. 

Angel reached the alter just as Andy ended the song softly. When Angel's father gave her hand to Brian's, he lifted his daughter's veil and kissed her on the cheek. Brian took Angel's hand and they walked up the steps towards the preacher. 

Andy gently put down the guitar and took hold of her camera. She looked up and saw there was a balcony. She saw Shey moving around the alter taking pictures. She smiled and then turned her attention to trying to find away to get to the balcony. She found a back stairway and rushed up it. 

Once she was at the top she started to take as many pictures as she could. When she got the shots she wanted she found that the upstairs wraps around. She found more spots and continued to snap away. The preacher announced for Brian to kiss his bride. She was able to get a great picture of the two of them. After that she rushed down the stairs and then went outside ready to take more pictures of them coming out. 

She opened the doors and rushed down the steps of the church and waited. The guests started to file out and she saw Wendy. Her little sister rushed up to her and gave her a big hug. When they pulled away Wendy said they were taking some more wedding pictures and they should be out shortly. Mark saw Andy and came up to her and hugged her. The three chatted and Kara yelled that they were coming. 

Andy quickly found a spot and lifted her camera and waited. She started to snap away when the wedding party started coming outside. She smiled when she saw Lynn come out with Alex, her arm hooked through his. It was time for Angel and Brian to come out and when they did everyone started to cheer. The rice was being through in the air, the crowd roared with cheers. Shey was behind them taking pictures and Andy was down by the car that would take the two to the reception. She started to click away at her camera and moving around trying to get as many pictures at different angles. 

The newlyweds made their way down the steps and smiled when they saw Andy with her camera. Angel and Brian wanted to stop and talk to her but she told them she would at the reception. Everyone watched as they got into the car and when they did it drove off. Everyone waved and Andy smiled going into the road taking some finally pictures. The car turned and she put down her camera and smiled. She felt a pat on her back and turned and saw Ethan smiling at her. 

The two best friends hugged each other tight and Andy could feel her eyes watering. She missed her best friend more than she thought. They stood like that for a few minutes and Shey was able to sneak  a few pictures in. When they let go Wendy came up to them telling them it was her turn for a long hug. They laughed and the two sisters embraced for the second time that day. Again Shey took a few pictures.

They got out of the street and it time for Alex and Justin to give Andy a hug. They all asked her questions all at once and she held up her hands, "Let's get to reception and I'll answer all your questions. Now come on let's go." She smiled. 

Lynn watched the exchange happen between Andy and her friends. She wanted to go to her but Melissa came up to her telling her that Angel needed her help to change at the reception. Lynn nodded and let Melissa lead her away. 

When they got into the car Melissa couldn't help but ask, "Are you and Andy going to tell any one?" 

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