Running late

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know Brooke Burke and David Charvet and I do not make money from this writing.

A/N: Uploading this on September 8th which is Brooke Burke's birthday. This was also written before she and David Charvet decided to get a divorce. Enjoy!

Running late

David Charvet had his golf clubs by the front door. He sat in the living room and looked at his watch again. His wife Brooke Burke sat next to him as she read a new book that she got at the store a few days ago. It was a rare time when all four of the children (two were from Brooke’s first marriage and the two others were fathered by David) were out of the house.

David was waiting for a friend to come over as they had planned to go golfing together. He wished that he could cancel; it was rare that all the children were out of the house at the same time and he would love to make love to his beautiful wife in the middle of the living room. But it was too late to cancel at this point in time, especially when his friend was due to come at any minute. David looked over at Brooke, she wore a short red dress, and she looked so hot he had to look away. If he looked at her any longer, he would lose control and start tearing her clothes off.

Brooke placed a bookmark at the page of the book that she was at and placed the book on the table in front of her; she looked at her husband, who she noticed was looking at his watch for the fourth time in two minutes.

“Is he late?” she asked him

“He will be in five minutes” David told her

Brooke bit her lip. She was sort of turned on right now and she wanted to do it with David, but of course they couldn’t. David looked so sexy in a blue polo top and white shorts. Brooke moved closer to her man, placing a hand on his shoulder.

“You can always call him and see where he is at” Brooke told him

“I guess I’ll have too” said David as he pulled out his cell phone.

Brooke’s other hand moved onto her husband’s shorts and headed towards his groin. David held the phone in his hands, but didn’t dial his pal. He watched his wife’s hand rest on his dick.

“What are you doing Brooke?” he asked her

“David, do you even remember the last time we had sex?” Brooke asked him

“It’s been a long time” he told her

“It’s been over eight months” Brooke said

“That long” David was surprised

Brooke then moved her hand up and then slipped it inside of his shorts; she started to move her hand over his cock, even with his boxers still on, David moaned at Brooke’s touch. He closed his eyes and rested his head on the back of the couch.

“Fuck, who cares if he sees this” David said, Brooke removed her hand as David stood and pulled down his shorts and boxers in one swift movement. He sat back down; his cock was already starting to grow due to Brooke’s skilled touch. Her hand returned to his penis and she started to stroke her husband once more.

“You like that baby” purred Brooke as she licked his ear

“Oh, you’re so skilled at this” said David

“That’s because I’m a slut” said Brooke “People just don’t know the real me”

“I’m glad that I know you and the real you” said David as he placed his hands behind his head and enjoyed the feeling of his beautiful wife jacking him off.

“I hope your friend doesn’t show up soon” said Brooke

“You and me both. But it’s too late to cancel” David said

Brooke’s hand continued to move up and down David’s fine member which was now at his full size. It had been a long time since Brooke had seen it in person, she kept on dreaming about the wild days they had before they had children together. It was so easy to have sex when there were just two children in the house, but lots of sex is how you end up pregnant especially when you don’t use condoms. After the last two children were born, bringing Brooke to a total of four children that she brought into his world, it became harder and harder for them to make love to each other. She missed getting fucked by David and his hard rod.

Brooke’s free hand started to pull up David’s shirt and he helped her remove it from his body. It would be awkward if his friend showed up at this moment, catching David sitting on the couch in the nude while Brooke stroked his cock with one hand while her other hand moved across David’s bod. Brooke continued to lick David’s ear with her tongue, even going down and licking his neck and cheek. David moaned at her wet tongue touched his body but also moaning to her very skilled touch at his member.

Brooke stopped stroking David causing him to whine at the sudden stop of joy going through his body. Brooke slipped off the couch going to her knees in front of him. Brooke started to kiss her husband’s legs, licking with her tongue from his knees and the way to his dick.

“Oh Brooke” he moaned

“I’m going to suck you David” she said

“Fuck, I sure hope my friend is stuck in traffic or something that will take him long to get here” David said, he knew that once they started they could last for hours on end and David would find it hard to stop in the middle and also would not be able to focus during his friendly golf game.

Brooke started by licking his cock with her tongue, starting at the tip and moving down to his balls. David moaned and placed a hand in her brown hair and held it in his fist. Brooke continued with her licking, going from the tip of his cock to his balls and then from his balls to the top. After doing it five times, she planted a kiss on the penis that she loved so much.

“Suck me” ordered David

“I plan too” Brooke said as she looked up at her husband, one of the only men that she loved in her life. She had a lot of sex in the past, but that was just for fun, with David it wasn’t just fun, it was hot and made her feel like the most beautiful women on the planet.

Brooke opened her mouth wide, she had to make sure it was open wide enough to take David in, since he was a big fellow, especially when it came to his dick. With her mouth opened to her limits, Brooke closed her eyes and took David inside of her. David moaned as he felt her hot tongue on his penis. Brooke started to move her mouth back and forth along her lover, she moaned at how great he tasted and made her feel.

“Brooke, if you keep moaning like that I’ll cum too quick” David told her

Brooke couldn’t have that. It was too long since the last time she had dick in her mouth. But also he tasted so good in between her lips that she had trouble keeping her moans of satisfaction inside. She wanted David to know how amazing his taste was to her, even if she had an idea that he already knew it, it was always hotter when she told him with her moans during the act.

“Use your tongue more” David told her, as Brooke obeyed his order, David started to think about his friend who was very late at the moment, and in fact he could show up at any minute. David thought about how weird it would be if he showed up now, walking in on David sitting on the couch in the nude while Brooke had his cock in her mouth. This was unlike them, David was sure his friend would drop his pants and start to stroke himself at the hot scene in front of him, maybe Brooke would even suck him after David would cum in her mouth. It won’t be the first time that Brooke took a different cock in her mouth while she was married to David. In fact she already sucked David’s friend at least three times, David only knew about that one time when they had a threesome in the upper bedroom.

Brooke had sucked David’s friend two other times, both times David was nearby and her heart was beating so hard while she blew his best friend, but she never regretted any of the things she did behind David’s back, she had the feeling he did some things behind her back as well. But if Brooke had to compare both cocks to each other, the winner was clear, David was larger and tasted better than his four star friend. David’s cock had a five star rating from Brooke’s hot mouth.

Brooke couldn’t help herself any longer. She moaned as she took David deep in her throat. David knew it was only a matter of time before Brooke had her mouth even more filled than it was now which would be difficult judging from how much room his dick alone took in her mouth.

“Get ready” said David; he always liked to warn her before he shot it inside of her, mainly when it was in her mouth. That way if she didn’t want it in her mouth she could pull away and he would spray her face instead. Both ways gave him joy, there was nothing like shooting it right down the throat, but covering Brooke’s pretty face with his cum made her look even more beautiful than before, if it was even possible.

Brooke didn’t move away and David was sure that she heard him load and clear. David shot his head back as he unloaded his jizz into Brooke’s mouth. Brooke took his load like a champ and started to swallow it the moment she tasted it on her tongue. David kept her brown hair in his fist forcing her to swallow all that he gave her. Once she was done, he released his hold on her.

“Thanks Brooke” said David “I really needed that”

Brooke smiled as she stood to her feet in front of him “I hope you don’t think we are already done?” she asked him as she unzipped her dress and let it fall to a pool at her feet. David noticed right away that Brooke didn’t wear a bra and only had black lace panties on that made her look super sexy.

David started to get hard again from her sight alone.

David had to wonder if his friend walked in at this moment what would happen? Would they double penetrate Brooke or would she go to his friend and give him some service before she continued with David, she was such a slut from cum, especially once she got the ball rolling. The more he thought about it, the more turned on he got, especially when he thought about his wife having sex with his friend.

The thing was that Brooke and David’s friend had already slept together a few times. David had no clue about it, he only knew about the one three-way Brooke and he had with his friend, but after that day Brooke had a secret affair with David’s friend. She slept with him for about six months before it ended and she returned to sleeping with only David, Brooke missed him since even if he wasn’t as skilled as David he was an amazing lover and the only reason it ended in the first place was that Brooke had a pregnancy scare and if she was indeed pregnant David would have known that the baby would have not been his child,

David stood up and started to grope his wife’s tits. Brooke allowed him to touch her like she always did. She never said no to David’s touch, except when the children were around, but David knew the rules.

“Sit down lifeguard” said Brooke as he pushed him slightly, David let himself fall on to the sofa back in his original position as Brooke pulled her panties off and then sat on his lap. She held his dick with her hand and guided him to her pussy.

“Do we need protection?” David asked her

“I doubt I can still get pregnant at my age” said Brooke, she might still look 30, but she was over 40 years old by now.

“And if you do?” David asked

“I guess we’ll have five children” Brooke told him

David’s cock entered his wife for the first time in a while. David didn’t know how he lived so long without feeling Brooke and Brooke felt the same way. Her relationship with David’s friend ended years ago and her most recent sexually experience was with the showerhead.

“Yes David, fuck me, fuck me!” shouted Brooke, she didn’t care if the neighbours heard her scream as she made love to her husband and she didn’t care if David’s friend heard and saw them, anyways it won’t be the first time that he saw her naked and learn how hot and crazy she got in bed, he lived through it a few times.

“I don’t know how much longer I can last” said David. As he and Brooke were doing this, he continued to think about Brooke and his friend having sex and that turned him on more and more to the point that he would be unable to hold it inside of him before long.

“Last a little longer baby” said Brooke

“I’m going to try” said David. His hands were on her hips as she moved up and down on his cock that he thrusted inside of her. David thought it would be hot to watch Brooke fuck other men; maybe he should talk to her about it and his friend and see if they would be interested in sleeping with each other one more time. David could film it without their knowledge and watch it over and over again.

As Brooke screamed at David’s skilled dick going in her and making her feel good. David heard a car stop outside. Was it finally his friend coming for the golf game or was it one of the kids coming home?

“We have to end this” he told Brooke

“I agree” she said especially if it was one of the kids getting home.

David didn’t need to work hard to reach his climax. He thrusted into her one last time and unloaded his jizz in her womb, Brooke moaned loudly as it flooded her insides, whoever was outside surely heard her moan and maybe that is why they heard a knock at the front door.

“Are you there David?” his friend’s voice went through the house.

Brooke and David were in the living room, they hadn’t moved at all. Both were still panting with lust, it had been so long since they last made love to each other. Brooke looked in the eyes of her husband, as his cum dripped from her pussy.

“I love you” she told him

David smiled and nodded his head and they kissed each other. David’s friend asked if he was there again, but they barely heard him. David and Brooke were in there own world, a place where it was just him and her for as long as the hot kiss lasted.

“You better go and play golf” said Brooke

“And you have a book to finish reading” David told her.

Five minutes later, David was out of the door as he shook hands with his friend.

“What took you so long?” David asked his pal

“You know traffic” his friend said “Didn’t you hear me calling for you, I called like five times”

“Sorry Brooke and I were making love and we were at the very end” smiled David, he could tell his friend was jealous of his good luck, it would be easy to talk him into fucking Brooke once in a while, every man in the world wanted a piece of her hot ass.

As the men walked over to his car, David’s friend got a text on his cell.

Look behind you

He did what it said; he was surprised to see Brooke standing right in front of the window with nothing on. She was there complete naked, using her hands she pushed her tits up, he almost started to drool at the sight alone, he could feel his cock start to get hard in his pants, Brooke was so hot and David was lucky to have her as a wife, but he knew that David didn’t know about all the hot times he and Brooke shared together during their affair.

“Are you going to get in?” David asked

“Of course” he said as he looked at the naked Brooke one last time. He received another text from her.

I want to start back our affair. I love David, but I also love you and I want to fuck you so badly right now. I’ll call you tonight and we can find a time and place to make love

He wrote back to her

I’ll love nothing more sweetheart, but what if you get pregnant for real this time?

Her answer came almost right away, like if Brooke already knew he was going to ask her that.

I doubt I can still get pregnant at my age, but if I do then I’ll just have five children. Anyways I’m sleeping with David now so I’ll be easily able to pin this baby on him.

He smiled; it looks like he and Brooke Burke were going to have a lot of fun in the next few months and they didn’t have to worry about a single thing.

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