A Seductive Day at Work

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Disclaimer: I don't know Annie Clark/St Vincent personally. This is just a work of fiction from my perverted mind. And, sadly, I did not make any money from writing this story.

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Annie had been feeling kinky ever since exploring her sexual side while doing the music video for "Los Ageless". These last few weeks in general had led to a lot of exploration and sexual tension with those around her, to the point where one night while shooting she had to excuse herself to the rest room so she could cum in private. These latex outfits and beautiful women she'd surrounded herself with was making every day a challenge for her, but the thing that turned her on the most was the fact that she was acutely aware of the effect her body was having on the men on her crew. 

She'd spotted more than one firm erection from people setting up lights, holding cameras, and arranging pieces of the set. It wasn't very professional of her, but she frequently thought about playing the cool dominatrix - stroking their cocks, coaxing big loads out of the crew after a long day. None of the men were particularly attractive. Most were overweight, unkempt, and partially bald. But something about her own beauty invoking in them a desire to use it for their sexual pleasure made her deeply aroused, daily, and it was starting to become overwhelming. 

The next step for the promotion of Masseduction was a mock interview that was scripted by her ex-girlfriend Carrie Brownstein, which involved possibly her most risque outfit yet - because you could clearly see her nipples through the sheer latex. In the context of the skit, most of the crew were scantily-clad women holding her boom mic and looking at the monitors, but behind that facade was around a dozen very horny men staring at 4 women dressed in a way that could reasonably be called . . . well, slutty. 

While they were professional on set, most of them were becoming overwhelmed in the same exact way Annie found herself being overwhelmed. Looking at these attractive women and seeing Annie cut up between takes was driving most of them mad, and they collectively struggled to not call for a break so that they could relieve themselves in the back. The latex hugging Annie's body tightly was definitely the main draw. Perhaps it was her natural magnetism, her celebrity status, or the fact that they were contractually obligated to stare at her body, but the result was the same no matter the cause - they were all firm and wanted her.

And Annie wanted them. She was pretty distracted by her own arousal at times, and even with the bright lights shining in her face and equipment obscuring her vision, she could swear that she saw a few pitched tents in the crowd of crew members near the back of the room. As the shooting wrapped after about 2 hours worth of takes, the room started to clear out. Seeing that almost everybody had already left - the women to cover themselves up and the men out of embarrassment - she called out to the remaining 3 men and told them that she needed some extra help. She knew that this was a ridiculous excuse because there was nothing else for them to do. The director had left and the shoot had wrapped. So instead of dragging out the lie, she decided to be more blunt.

"Would you perverts like a blowjob?" 

In keeping with the acerbic sexual humour of the album and all the promotion surrounding it, she tried to approach the issue jokingly, but noticed that the discomfort in the men only grew after she tried to break the ice. "I'm serious", she implored. "This week of shooting has made me horny, and I need this. I know you guys are horny, too. I've seen the way you look at me, and I've seen the way your cocks stand at attention for me. If you want your chance with me, I'm giving it to you."

Without hesitating, she dropped to her knees, and sat passively, with a strangely innocent and inquisitive look, waiting for one of them to unzip his pants and pull his cock out. But they were in a state of shock at the bluntness Annie displayed in approaching them, and they'd mostly lost the erections they were sporting from earlier, just from how intimidating she was. A skinny, young man (practically a boy) with glasses was the first to oblige, pulling his pants and briefs down in one swift move, and stroking his cock to hardness a few inches away from Annie's face. She parted her lips - coated in a bright pink lipstick - to allow the boy entry, and as he started thrusting inside her mouth she hiked up her miniskirt and began rubbing herself through her pantyhose. 

The other men hastily followed suit, flanking either side of the boy as they pulled their pants down and their cocks out. One was big and burly. The other was muscular and grim-looking. They were both hard within seconds, pre-cum dripping, and approaching Annie's face with the tips of their cocks pointed at her cheeks. She didn't want the boy's cock leaving her mouth for even a second, so in lieu of verbal direction, she used both of her hands to point at her cheeks, indicating to the men what she'd like them to do. They didn't have a hard time understanding, and immediately they started grinding their leaking cocks against her cheeks while she moaned in ecstasy. 

A few minutes passed like that, with one cock thrusting in her mouth and two against her cheeks, sticky fluids coating the sides of her face and dripping down her chin. She'd like to make this last for a while, but they were strapped for time, and she was reaching her climax already anyway. She knew that as tightly wound as they were that they had to be dying to explode, so she pulled the cock out of her mouth and gasped, "We have to make this quick, and I know you guys won't have trouble with that. I want your cum. I don't care where. I just want it." 

With that, she put the boy back in her mouth, and took the other two cocks in her hands, trying her best to stroke them to completion as fast as possible. The rush to the finish line was a quick one for all participants, and they all took a different target. The eager boy was the first one to blow his load, opting to keep his cock in its home of Annie's mouth, spilling his filthy cum down her throat as his cock pulsated between her pink lips. The muscular bloke pulled his cock away from her hand, and began stroking himself onto her chest, coating the dark latex with his globs of sticky white semen while she used her free hand to rub it in and play with it. And finally the burly man simply guided his cock to the right side of her face and allowed her to finish him off - his translucent, silky spunk spraying everywhere - in her hair, on her forehead, dripping off her eyebrows, and on her cheek - while he moaned very loudly.

After her mouth, face, and chest had been tainted with cum, Annie guided her hands down to her wet pussy to bring herself to climax. It wasn't difficult. Being used and spunked on by these three crew members had almost been enough to push her over the edge, and watching their spent cocks drip the last of the semen onto the floor while she pushed her fingers deep into herself really brought her orgasm crashing down. She squealed loudly and leaned over, eyes clenched shut in a mixture of pain and pleasure. 

When she opened her eyes, she could see the cum dripping off of her face and latex top onto the floor, and she quickly worked to regain her composure. She put her cool face back on, told the skinny boy to grab her a towel, and he hurriedly obeyed her. It was obvious how much they venerated her, how they practically worshiped her, and the power she felt over them was palpable. But she knew that they had done her a great service too.

"You boys did a good job", she said as the skinny one handed her the towel and she started methodically cleaning herself. "If I ever need you and your services again, I'll have my agent get in touch with you." She was still playing a character in a way, and to her this was a very fun game that she'd love playing over and over again. 

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