Harvey Weinstein Watches A Hot Couple Fuck

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Disclaimer: This is a work of celebrity fiction. The author does not know or have any affiliation with Harvey Weinstein. There is no money or profit being made. The author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

Harvey Weinstein worked as a lowly paralegal at a law firm.  He was once a powerful movie producer.  But he had lost that position and done a stint in prison because he was a fat, ugly, and sexually frustrated blob who had tried to force his fat, disgusting self on women who were actually good-looking and wanted nothing to do with someone as hideous as him.  After his release from prison, Harvey was still fat as ever, didn’t date, had sex almost never, and only ever even came within arm’s reach of women who were fat and ugly like him.

At the law firm where he worked, Harvey had no choice but to jealously watch the hot male studs hook up with the gorgeous females who worked there.  Harvey would always get both excited and angry whenever he saw one of those good-looking young guys, who was making far more money than Harvey Weinstein the fat-ass, ugly paralegal would ever make, flirting with one of the many beautiful young girls at the office.  Whenever Harvey looked in the mirror, he couldn’t help but fantasize what it would be like to be one of those good-looking male studs with a hot body, a big, bulging, rock-hard cock, and big balls loaded with angry sperm.  Alas, Harvey Weinstein possessed none of these well-endowed features.

Harvey once had to endure the humiliation of being a front-row spectator to two hot attorneys do a lot more than just flirt in the office.  "How dare they!" growled Weinstein to himself as he thought back on the incident with a confusing mixture of pleasure, humiliation, and jealousy.

Cindy Chen was a short, petite, and gorgeous Chinese-American attorney, a recent summa cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and now an associate at the law firm where Harvey worked.  Cindy had had her hungry Asian eyes on another attorney at the firm named Matt Low, a fellow Harvard Law alum.  Matt was one of the many young, athletic, and well-endowed white males who Cindy worked with at the firm.  Cindy used to chuckle to herself that her law firm was a veritable stud farm with big cocks and big balls just waiting to be milked.

On this particular day, Cindy had resolved that one way or another she was going to get Matt’s trouser snake out of his pants.  She had taken note of the big bulge in Matt’s pants whenever he walked by her.  Since the day she first laid eyes on him, Cindy had fantasized constantly about a naked Matt standing in front of her, his body glistening, his muscles bulging, and his huge, erect, purple-headed, banana-shaped cock curving up along the enormous shaft, the foreskin completely pulled back by the sheer strength of the cock, and the bulbous purple-colored cock head pointing directly skyward.  She might have been barely five feet tall, but Cindy Chen was a girl on a mission that day to add Matt to the long roster of hot, white men whose sperm she had eaten.

Harvey was sitting at a work table he often used in a quiet hallway when Cindy snuck up behind Matt as he stood nearby reading a document.  Cindy didn’t even seem to recognize that Weinstein was there as she snaked her little arm around Matt’s muscular waist and gave his big balls a good squeeze.  Matt was startled but knew who it was once he looked down and saw the hand that now had him by the balls. He turned around and smiled at Cindy.

Cindy smiled back at Matt and said "Hmmm, these balls are way too full.  Your sperm is going in my mouth and I’m going to eat it! I’m going to devour you whole, my big white stud!"

Matt said nothing but smiled widely as he leaned down to Cindy’s level and started kissing her passionately while massaging her breasts and giving her small but supple ass several good, hard squeezes through her work blouse.

Harvey gulped as he watched this scene unfold in front of him.  He couldn’t help but notice an absolutely enormous bulge now protruding from Matt’s pants. "My God, he’s already rock hard!  And look at the size of that thing! It must be the size of Godzilla’s tail, he could knock over half of Tokyo with that thing!" thought Harvey as he began to sweat.  Weinstein knew these two good-looking animals were going to fuck, he just hoped he’d have a clear view of the action when they did.

Matt and Cindy were oblivious to Harvey’s presence nearby.  The two beautiful animals giggled as they kissed and made their way to the empty office just opposite from Harvey’s desk, not even bothering to close the door or shut the blinds.

Harvey massaged his small cock through his pants with one hand as he took out his cellphone and began recording a video of what he hoped would be Cindy and Matt fucking.  Harvey, ever the degenerate, wanted a record of what was unfolding, something he could look at and enjoy during those many lonely nights spent in his dinky little apartment.

In the empty office, Cindy’s eyes widened with delight, licking her lips, her mouth watering as she placed her hand on the raging cock that was just waiting to get out of Matt’s trousers.  She quickly dropped to her knees, yanked down Matt’s zipper leaving the top button in place, and released the stud’s glorious cock.  Cindy and Harvey both gazed in amazement when an absolutely enormous, fully-erect cock popped out of Matt’s well-tailored pants, bobbing in front of Cindy’s pretty little Asian face.  Cindy and Harvey both became tachycardic and their faces flushed red as they were momentarily stunned by the sight of Matt’s enormous purple head glistening with pre-cum and the huge veins pulsing all along the thick, long shaft.  Cindy was so taken aback by how big and hard Matt was that she let out an audible gasp and her jaw looked like it was going to hit the floor.  Matt’s balls were also now on full display, so big and contracted that they barely fit through his zipper.

Cindy was a professional, however.  After quickly regaining her composure following this big cock surprise, she proceeded to suck and stroke Matt’s cock like nobody’s business.  As she slurped, swallowed, sucked, and devoured her white stud’s dick, Cindy lovingly massaged his balls to get him even more excited and ensure she received the maximum amount of Matt’s DNA once she brought him to climax.  Cindy had intentionally skipped lunch that day and now she was going to feast on Matt’s sperm.  And from the feel of his balls, it was going to be a full course meal.

Cindy was so absolutely in love with Matt’s cock that eventually he had to physically force her mouth off of it.  "I’m going to give you the fucking you so richly deserve, Ms. Chen" said Matt as he brusquely undressed her until she was standing stark naked in front of him with one hand on her hip and a naughty look on her pretty face.  Matt’s biceps rippled as he picked her up and put her on his banana-shaped cock while he stood in the middle of the room like a conquering warrior and proceeded to bounce Cindy on his manhood.

Matt fucked Cindy good and proper every which way.  Cindy couldn’t believe how good Matt was at fucking.  It was like he was some ancient Greek warrior who used his superhuman cock to conquer any women he came across.  Matt lay the Harvard-trained attorney down on the desk and fucked her fast and furious holding her legs in the air with her feet together as she squealed with delight.

Next it was Cindy’s turn to take charge.  She got up, pushed Matt down on the desk, and mounted her stud cowgirl-style.  She orgasmed multiple times as she bounced up and down on him and rode his big cock like a professional rodeo bull-rider.

Matt knew he wouldn’t last much longer.  He picked Cindy up off his cock and put her on her hands and knees on the floor and proceeded to fuck her doggy-style.  Matt kept Cindy’s little feet and legs tight together and held both her hands behind her back with one of his big hands as he fucked her with his huge cock, giving her supple ass the occasional slap for good measure to show off his prowess.

From the change in his breathing and thrusting, Cindy could tell Matt was close to cumming.

"I can’t wait for you to cum in my mouth, big stud!  Please, please let me suck your cock until you cum!" pleaded Cindy.

"Far be it from me to turn down a lady’s request" chuckled Matt as he pulled out and stood in the middle of the room with his feet spread apart, his hands on his hips, and his gorgeous cock pointing straight up at the ceiling.

Cindy eagerly scampered over to him and bowed down before his cock as a sign of respect to it.  She then went to work on his manhood, sucking his cock and swallowing it as far down her throat as it would go while expertly massaging Matt’s balls to make him explode.

Harvey had never seen fucking this good.  His little hairy cock was now erect and he was on the verge of cumming in his pants as he watched Matt and Cindy.  Weinstein knew what was going to happen next and adjusted himself to get the best possible view.  Harvey got so excited as he watched Matt fuck Cindy.  Matt was fucking the over-achieving little Asian so well, to Harvey he looked like some Academy Award-winning actor.

The stud’s breathing got heavier and heavier and his moaning got louder and louder.  Cindy kept the pressure going as she sucked and pumped away.  She was a girl on a mission.

Soon enough Matt couldn’t take any more.  "I’m going to cum!" he yelled.  "I’m going to cum in your mouth and you’re going to eat it!"

"Oh yeah!" yelled Cindy "I want you to give me all of your cum right in my mouth.  And then I’m going to swallow it!"

With that, Matt’s cock began shooting ropes of thick, pearly white sperm directly into Cindy’s eagerly waiting mouth.  His cock was like a long and thick torpedo positioned some distance from Cindy’s mouth, but his aim was true and almost every shot of cum landed where it was supposed to.  Matt had shot a full 10 ropes of copious cumshots in Cindy’s mouth before there was any indication his load might be done.  Gradually the amounts of cum he produced decreased until his volcanic cumshot was over.

"EAT IT!" snarled Matt as he looked down at Cindy finishing off his raging rod with her mouth.

Cindy had Matt’s sperm in her mouth and as a sign of respect showed it to him before swallowing the entire massive load.  Cindy licked her lips, relishing the experience.  Matt’s cum was the best she had ever eaten. It tasted so sweet, as if he had had a large amount of pineapple recently.

"That’s how we Chinese girls fuck white studs" giggled Cindy as she stroked his still erect cock and looked up at him towering over her.

Cindy and Matt exchanged pleasantries as they both got dressed, making plans to meet up later that evening presumably for round two.

Harvey was so turned on by Matt and his big cock, he had ejaculated in his pants while watching Matt cum in Cindy’s mouth.  Even though he was definitely straight, Weinstein wished he was in Cindy’s position, he would have loved to just touch Matt’s cock which he could see was still as erect as ever well after he had cum.

By this time the workday was over for Harvey and he needed to get home and change his pants.  It was a Friday night but of course he didn’t have any plans.  He just wanted to get home so he could think about Matt and his big cock and jerk off to the video he had made of Matt and Cindy.

As Harvey walked home he found himself filled with a mixture of excitement, jealousy, and humiliation.  Cindy and Matt had to have known he was right there watching them.  Maybe they wanted him to watch.  Maybe that slut Cindy wanted Harvey to see her fuck and get fucked by Matt and finish him off by eating his sperm to show Weinstein what he could never have because he was so horribly fat and ugly.  Maybe Cindy wanted that to punish him for all those countless times Harvey had abused women back when he was a bigshot Hollywood titan.  These thoughts raced through Harvey’s mind and made him red-faced with anger and excitement as he rushed home so he could jerk off to thoughts of Matt's big cock, how well he had fucked that Asian whore/Harvard-trained attorney, and the absolutely enormous amount of sperm he had shot in her mouth.

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