This is Going to be Fun

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! I do not know or own Dove Cameron, Natalie Alyn Lind or Chloe Bennet, and I do not profit from these writings.

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at writing erotica please i f you have any feedback visit the This is Going to be Fun thread at the URL below.

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Dove let out a gasp as the wave of pleasure sent chills through her small frame. It had been awhile since she had experienced such a feeling, now in a dimly lit prop room behind the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre Dove was finally about to get her long awaited release.


Earlier that night Dove had arrived on the red carpet for the premiere of her new broadway musical Clueless. She had come to the event with her supposed boyfriend Thomas Doherty, but they had broken up months ago after Dove had caught him cheating on her with Chloe Bennet her co star on Agents of Shield. They had remained together in the public eye as to avoid unnecessary distractions during Dove’s preparation for the musical. Once on the red carpet her and Thomas had separated and she had joined a group of her castmates to go over some final preparations. Dove had begun to feel nervous so she decided to go to the bathroom to collect herself before heading backstage. As she made her way to the bathroom Dove spotted someone unexpected.


Dove walked over to Natalie Alyn Lind giving her a big hug, “ hey girl i didn’t expect to see you here, it has been so long” she said.


Natalie held her friend feeling her perky tits push up against her own “I thought i’d surprise you, you know i never miss a chance to come out and see you perform” Natalie answered.


Dove felt a warmth building inside of her as she slowly released the hug, “Well come and see me after the show i'll be waiting for you,” Dove chimed.


And with that Dove turned and left to prepare for her big premiere. The show went off in perfect fashion and the crowd gave a standing ovation upon its conclusion, however, the whole time Dove could not stop thinking about Natalie and their arrangement. After the show Dove found Natalie inside of her changing room sitting on the big couch typing away on her phone.


Natalie put her phone down and smiled towards Dove “That was amazing Dove I don't understand how your so talented,” Natalie praised.


Dove sat down beside Natalie putting her arm around the other woman, “I’m glad that you thought so, now how about our agreement?”. With that Dove wrapped her hand around Natalies back and began to squeeze and knead at her far tit.


“OooOoooh, its been a while since we”ve had one of our sessions, since the premiere of the Gifted I think,” Natalie said with an excitement in her voice.


Years ago, Dove and Natalie had made a pact as friends in order to help celebrate and reward each other for their success’. Every time that one of the girls had a major career event such as winning an award, premiering a new show, movie, play, etc. the other girl would make an effort to attend and if they did they would provide the other with the ecstasy that she deserved for her hard work. This agreement had first been used when Dove’s show Liv and Maddie had ended, but since then both girls had received their fair share of pleasure from the other.


“You know how loud I can get, so we better go somewhere else where there are less people around,” Dove whispered before adding, “I know there is a pretty secluded prop closet way near the back of the theatre nobody will be back there,” all the while caressing Nat’s soft titty.


“Ohhhhh, I love when you’re bossy let’s go quick I’m so horny,” Natalie moaned huskily.


The two women left Dove’s dressing room and quickly made their way towards the closet carefully avoiding anyone who may try to follow them or distract them from what they really wanted to do, FUCK!


They arrived at the closet, and Dove pushed Natalie up against the door pulling herself into a deep kiss. Dove’s hands wandered all over Natalie's curvy frame feeling from her taut stomach down her magnificent hips and around to her firm plump ass, then back up her flat stomach and cradling each of  her heavy round breasts. Natalie flicked Dove’s tongue with her own and felt her moan deeply, pulling away only slightly Natalie reached behind her back and took hold of the handle twisting it and opening the door. The two girls, slid into the tight dim room without missing a beat. Dove shut the door and turned on the rooms lights without releasing Natalie from her vice like embrace. Dove and Nat continued their oral assaults on each other while exploring eachothers bodies with their well manicured hands. Dove unzipped Nat’s dress pulling down the top to expose her luxurious bosom, Dove traced her dark areolas with her fingers before lightly pinching each of Natalie’s solid nipples. Dove broke off her kiss from Natalie and trailed her soft lips down the other woman’s neck towards her left tit kissing all over the breast before finally locking her lips over the nipple and lightly sucking while simultaneously prodding at the tip with her soft tongue.




Dove released her mouth from Natalies left titty and began licking and sucking her way over to the right breast. Dove began giving the same treatment to the right titr as she had to the left only this time she also took a firm grip of Nat’s ass in her left hand and began to snake her right hand up under Nat’s dress. Once Dove had Natalie screaming with her mouth once again she hooked Natalies thong and pulled it out of the way before jamming her index and middle fingers right into natalies sopping pussy.


“MMMMWAWAAWAMWAMWAMWAMWMWAMWAAAAAAAHHHH,”Natalie moaned as she lost control of her body and an electric shock was sent through her muscles causing her to convulse. Dove held Natalie up by the contracting cunt as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her and pure ecstasy painted her face. Once Natalie started to come down from her high Dove pulled her fingers out from her pussy and put them in front of Natalie’s face who eagerly wrapped her plump lips around the digits and sucked off her own sweet juice. Natalie savored the taste in her mouth before gulping it all down like a good girl and opening her mouth to show Dove that it was all gone.


“Good girl,” Dove patted Natalie’s head “and, now it's my turn for some of that pleasure,” Dove added as she hiked up her dress revealing her juicy bald pussy bare of any panties.


Natalie glanced at Dove’s clam before looking into Dove’s eyes with her own piercing brown gaze and biting her lip. Natalie slowly crawled towards Dove with her ass high in the air keeping her eyes locked on Dove’s the whole time. When Natalie reached Dove she stopped and stared into Dove’s eyes for a few long seconds before lurching forward and attacking her friends bald cunt. Starting with Dove’s plump nether lips Natalie kissed every square inch of Dove’s love hole, including a light peck to her clit which sent chills through Dove’s whole body. After several minutes Nat began to push her tongue into Dove’s pussy, at first she made shallow and careful licks but soon she was thrusting her tongue in and out, fucking Dove’s tight hole. Natalie soon moved her attention to Dove’s clit, she started by licking over it and giving it short kisses, but quickly moved on to flicking the hard piece with her tongue.


“Mmmmphhh that’s it that's the spot don't you fucking stop,” Dove tried to suppress her sounds as not to be caught.


“YEEEESSSSSS” she squealed unable to contain the pleasure despite covering her mouth with both hands.


Dove’s sweet pussy juices leaked out covering Natalie Alyn Lind’s heart shaped face and dripping down over her perfectly round tits. Natalie opened her mouth wide in an attempt to slurp up as much of her new friends juices as possible. Closing her mouth Natalie stood up from her kneeling position in between Dove’s legs and pulled the other women into a deep kiss. The two women shared the taste of Doves girl cum between themselves for several minutes before Natalie finally broke the kiss.


Natalie looked at Dove with a devilish grin plastered across her face “so much for keeping a low profile, they could probably have heard you from across New York,” Natalie laughed.


“Well fuck, if you weren't such a slutty little pussy licker than maybe I could have restrained myself. Besides I sure as hell needed that you don’t know how long it's been, Dove quipped


“We better get dressed and out of her before some stage hand wonders in on his living fantasy,” Natalie suggested.


Dove nodded in agreement and the two women began to pull their clothes together and try to make themselves presentable before leaving the room. The girls parted ways after leaving the closet so that Dove could rejoin her castmates at the afterparty.



Sam had been forced to start his shift as a security guard for the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre in order to accommodate for the red carpet before the night’s show. Despite being a security guard Sam was a tall and lanky guy which did not make him very good at personal security so as always he was tasked with watching the monitors. The red carpet and the show had gone off without a hitch, Sam had been pretty bored stuck in the security room alone with nothing, but people walking around on security cameras to watch. He had noticed a few celebs on the cameras before the show had started some of them like Dove Cameron where in the musical, but others like Natalie Alyn Lind were not.


After the show Sam was getting ready to leave when he got a call from the head of security telling him that his replacement was sick and that he could not leave. Sam was pissed off knowing that his already long shift was going to be even longer. He noticed some movement in the hall just outside of Dove’s room and saw her and the other celeb from before Natalie Lind come out of the room. Sam like most other men in their twenties was very had often fantasised about both of the young actresses so he followed their path through the cameras.


The girls seemed to be up to no good as they moved into the back of the theatre while avoiding as many people as possible, Sam was curious as to what they were doing. Then Sam saw Dove push Natalie into a closet and noticed that they were making out and groping at each other.


“Oh my god, I cannot believe what i'm seeing this is straight out of my fantasies,” he thought.


Sam followed the girls into the prop room which had its own security camera, put there to deter potential prop thieves. Sam could not believe his eyes as he watched the lesbian encounter that was going on before his eyes. It took Sam a moment to come back to earth after it ended, but when he did he had one thought I NEED THE TAPES.


All security cameras in the theatre stored their video on his computer so Sam copied the video from the prop room onto his usb drive before replacing the video in the backup with generic video in which nothing happened.


“Now this is going to be FUN,” Sam said out loud, while laughing at his luck.

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