Finding Home

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Disclaimer: All I own are the plot and my OC's. Seriously, folks, I'm broke. Never met these guys; just a fluke dream I had and decided to expand on as cheap therapy. Please remember this is a work of fiction, as such, I don't get anything out of this.


Foreword--I had a nightmare that my hubs died one day on his way to work. It was 4 years before someone looked at me the way I had always hoped, but by then, I had gotten too used to alone. 

That said; there is something about Purdy's eyes that call to me. There are things that I have picked up on from watching interviews--things I just intuitively know. Don't know why. Like, when he relaxes and stops enunciating, he not only drops and octave or two, but there is a slight Missouri drawl. For reference listen to John Wayne in McClintock and Rio Bravo. It's subtle, but a good ear can still pick it out.   
--Now, the old man and I have had issues for a while now, but I am trying....and being from midwest central Forgottonia, you either get remarried in a hurry or you stay single.




It was nearing the fourth anniversary of my widowhood, when Joe, a friend I'd had since we were 5, called me. 

"Heya, Dollface! Wakie-Wakie!! I am sending Lynnie to your place with something we got for you."

"Hmm. Guess I had better go unlock the doors then, huh. Later, Ass-Kraken," I said.

"Later, Sis," I heard him yell as I hung up.

  I headed out to unlock both of the back doors. With that done, I started coffee and waited for Lynn. Within 5 minutes, she was letting herself in and settling down on the couch  with a cup of steaming bean-juice. 

"So. What did you two crazies get me that he had to send you for now?"

Lynn smiled her sweet, soft smile. It was easy to see why Joey fell for her; that smile lit up her otherwise plain features. "Joey and I talked about it, and Leigh, it's been almost four years since Clark's accident. We would both like to see you dating again."

I sighed. How many conversations in the last two years had started this way? "Lynn, I can't. I mean, I'd love to, but between the shop and the kids, I just don't have the time. And anyway, my last date was like 10 years ago, I wouldn't know what to do. I mean, it's not like guys around here are a dime a dozen, especially ones who aren't so concerned with looks."

"What do you mean? So you have a bit of a pooch and some stretch marks. You fought like hell for all three of your kids."

I chuckled darkly, "Yeah, but I don't look like a super-model either, so the jerks around here don't look twice. Suffice it to say, Lynn, I have become resigned to being lonely."

"Well, I think you look fan-fuckin'-tastic for a 36 year old widow with three babies," she sighed and then smiled, " And anyway, who would want a jerk that can't see what kinda strong woman you are! Besides, KiKi caught you drooling over the picture of this band in her magazine last week? Maybe a guy there could have his head turned."

I snickered and replied, snarkily, "Right, Lynn. I am allowed to oogle younger guys, but that doesn't get me anywhere. Anything more seems like robbing the fucking cradle," I sighed as she put her arm over my shoulders, "I just don't think I can do it anymore. The lonesomeness has gotten to be normal," I whispered as I teared up.

"I know. That's why KiKi wanted me and you to go with her. This will be your first night away from the boys in," she paused, "How old is Charlie again?" 

"Seven," I answered.

"In six years." 

I sighed, knowing Lynn wouldn't give up. "Alright. If it will make KiKi happy."

"Good," Lynn smiled as she handed me an envelope. "Well, open it."

I opened the envelope and stared at the tickets.

"You gotta be shittin' me."

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