Going Gonzo

BY : Mal
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional. It did NOT happen. I do not know any of the celebrities portrayed herein, nor do I make any money from the distribution of this story.

Going Gonzo

By Mal

Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. It is not, in any way, intended to reflect reality. It is purely a fantasy originating in the deepest recesses of my mind and should not be taken seriously. I do not know, nor have I ever met Elsa Hosk, the versions of her that appears in this story is fictional and purely based on her celebrity persona. I apologize if that offends you. My intention is only to entertain. Finally, I make no money from the distribution of this work.

Episode 1: An Elsa Hosk Gangbang

Story Codes: gangbang, dp, oral, anal, hj, pov, cumeating

Hey you! Yeah, you, the one with the hand on your naughty bits! You look around, distracted from your celebrity fantasies by a strange voice, a voice that is clearly not yours, suddenly speaking out in your head. Blearily, you look around your darkened bedroom, sitting up in surprise, when out of thin air, a weird, almost alien screen appears.

You call out in fright but are quickly silenced when you realize it was the source of the voice in your head. Yeah, I’m talking to you! You look around cautiously, wondering if this odd viewing screen can also read your thoughts. Yes, it says, almost bored, I can hear you. Close your mouth and stop looking so shocked.

You look down, chagrined, realizing how dumb you must look, staring at this floaty screen, mouth agape in surprise. But, given the circumstances, you feel justified. “Hey…”

Enough with the indignation. You were fantasizing right? About celebrities?

“Um… yes…” you say quietly, afraid, even though you’re in the privacy of your own bedroom, that someone might hear you.

Well, I can show you things…

“Things?” you ask, cutting it off.

Yeah, things, now shut up and pay attention! The screen floats there, comically, as if waiting for you to challenge it. When you wisely keep quiet, it continues. I can show you anything you want to see. Any celebrity, the voice in your head becomes melodic, entrancing, almost sexual. Any celebrity… In any fucked, perverted scenario you want to see…

You get the feeling, even though the screen said it was up to you, that your choices have been influenced by others, people you’ve never met from all over the internet… “Anything?” you ask, unable to keep the surprise from your voice.

Anything… there is a brief pause where the screen allows that information to sink in. All you have to do is tell me… Say what you want to see and I’ll show it to you…

You swallow nervously, you’ve never had this kind of power before… Your mind races as celebrity faces and images you’ve fantasized about all your life flash before your mind’s eye. There are so many, it’s almost impossible to pick just one. In a moment, you make a rash decision, after all, you’ve already figured out that it wasn’t really up to you after all. “I…” you say, nervous that the screen might let you down and that somehow this was all just a hoax. “…I want to see Elsa Hosk…” you say, biting your lip, almost afraid to tell this screen your fantasy. “…Elsa Hosk… being… gangbanged… Can you sho—”

Before you can even finish speaking the screen flares to life, filling your bedroom with brilliant golden light. The light is blinding and, for a moment, you close your eyes. Its in that moment when you hear the screen speak again. Don’t worry, it says softly, this isn’t real. The real Elsa is in another country right now, living the life of a fabulous super model. She’ll never even know this is happening… There’s a long, lingering pause, comical because you’re there, squeezing your eyes as tight as possible to avoid being blinded by the screen’s blazing light. Then, it speaks again. …Unless she reads this of course… which is unlikely…

When the garish glow dims to a tolerable level, you cautiously open your eyes. After they adjust, you see the screen floating there, displaying an image of the gorgeous platinum haired Victoria Secret model you requested be gangbanged. You wait the breath of a heartbeat, not knowing quite what to expect, wondering when / if the action will start.

Suddenly, the screen flies toward you. It hits you in the face, though you feel no pain. You feel it wrapping itself around your head, like butter melting over a piping hot muffin. It should be terrifying, but all you can see is Elsa’s warm, inviting smile and you feel more aroused than you’ve been in your entire life. The voice, now inviting and familiar speaks one last time. You control the view. You can will your viewpoint to anywhere in the room at any time. Just think how you wish to see the action, and I will show you… As it talks, the voice slowly fades, becoming softer and softer. When it dims to nothing, it suddenly adds, and don’t forget to pay attention to your naughty bits… I can’t do everything…

Right, you think, in all this excitement you nearly forgot what this was all about. As you touch yourself, you see Elsa standing in a strange shadowy room. Up till this point she was nothing more than a head, staring you in the face. Nonetheless, seeing her standing there doesn’t help the weird disconnect you felt with your body right now. Your vision can move and float anywhere in the room with just a thought, but you can also feel your body, feel your chest rise and fall with each breath… It’s like being in two places at once. Weird…

Meanwhile, Elsa’s standing there, impatiently. The tall, leggy model is wearing a short, black skirt with a matching leather jacket. Her hair is up, like she’s expecting to make a mess, with just two tendrils of it, curled to frame the sides of her face. Her long legs are covered with sheer black stockings, while in contrast, on her feet, she’s wearing big, heavy combat boots. You remember seeing her dressed just like this not long ago in pics she posted to Instagram.

She bites her lip, pleased you’re finally paying attention to her. She looks you right in the eye and you feel your heart skip a beat. “You wanted me?” she says demurely, folding her arms behind her back and swaying innocently from side to side.

Your heart is in your throat, you find yourself unable to speak. But she’s watching you expectantly. “Well,” she says, giggling, “if you’re feeling flustered, why don’t we start with this room?” She turns around and looks at it, blank, no walls, no furniture, only shadows and a patch of tiled floor. “If you want to watch me get fucked,” she says, looking at you over her shoulder, “I’m going to need more to work with than this…”

Desperately, you try to think, to remember all those gangbangs you watched on Pornhub. How were those rooms furnished? How did they use the room’s features to make the scene? Suddenly, the patch of tile is replaced by white, creamy colored carpet. Walls appear, covered in luxury artwork and painted in slightly contrasted cream color with tall windows to fill the room with sunlight. There are two big leather couches on either side of Elsa, with plenty of floor space between them and, behind you, a long rectangular card table, in case you want another prop.

“That’s better,” Elsa says, in a lusty tone as she turns back to you. “But,” she adds, sounding disappointed, “I thought this was supposed to be a gangbang… Where are all the studs with their big, veiny cocks…”

“You want cocks?” you think. “I’ll give you cocks…” With that thought, the room is filled with men of every ethnicity, three on each couch, while a large black man materializes behind her. He grabs her around the waist with thick, muscular, tattoo covered arms and then brazenly runs his hands inside her jacket, pushing it open. He cups her tits, squeezing them, while she looks from you to the sofas filled with men, then up and behind her.

“Oooooh,” she coos, “seven dicks, just for me?” She then bites her lip, pressing her back against the naked black man behind her as he casually gropes her, pulling on her nipples through the fabric of the simple black sweater she was wearing under her jacket. “Just what I wanted,” she adds, once again looking you in the eye.

The black man groping Elsa ceases his fondling and pulls the jacket from her shoulders, tosses it off to the side while she reaches behind her and, still meeting your gaze, begins to gently stroke his cock. “Is this what you want to see?” she asks, kneading the big bulbous head between her slender, delicate digits.

As precum leaks from the tip, you think, “no, this is what I want.” The men on the couches stand up and approach Elsa. She smiles at them each in turn as they crowd in around her tall, slender body. Two of them crouch by her legs and begin removing her hefty combat boots. At the same time, the big black stud behind her pulls on the sweater, yanking it up over her head. You see the hand of another dip under her skirt from where he stands behind her, and then begins to rub her pussy through her black pantyhose. While two more men standing on either side of her move their hands up and begin roughly fondling her pale, perky tits over the see-through bra she still has on.

Elsa moans as the hands of seven strangers fondle her most intimate areas. Her head leans back against the shoulder of the man behind her. As her clothes are stripped, her hands fall back to her sides, where she takes a dick into each and again begins to stoke them. “Oooh,” she sighs, “you want to see me manhandled?” She leans back against the stud behind her, as big strong hands fondle her legs, her tits, her stomach, and roughly rub her pussy while she jerks two cocks and watches you with a dreamy expression.

“That’s about enough of that,” you think, as the black man behind her, whispers your words into her ear. Elsa coos, pressing herself against him. “What are you going to do to me now?” she asks innocently. In answer, the black man runs one hand up and tenderly grabs her around the throat. He squeezes gently and, when she gasps in surprise, he presses two fingers from his other hand between her lips.

The black man gently fucks her mouth with his fingers while the men at her feet grab an area of pantyhose near her ass and rip a hole in it, causing her to gasp in surprise. Their fingers then run inside the hole, where one plunges into her pussy, while another rubs against her clit. At the same time, the men who were standing at her breasts, lean in and begin to crudely lick and suck on the blonde’s tiny pink nipples. Soon, Elsa is little more than a rag doll in their hands, powerless to stop them, a slave to her whorish desires.

They grope, grab, fondle and squeeze her till you can see visible pussy juice dribbling from her hungry hole where it runs down the side of her legs and drips into the carpet by her feet. When she is literally quivering in anticipation of orgasm the hands pull away, and the black man behind her places his hands on her shoulders and pushes her down into a crouching position. “You don’t get off that easy,” you think, as his words echo your thoughts. “You’re going to have to earn that orgasm.”

Your point of view shifts to a position unreachable by any camera angle. You’re looking down at Elsa, just inches from her face, as seven huge cocks crowd in around her. One as black as midnight is laid across her forehead, while a fat, uncircumcised monster, the color of Latin is placed against one cheek. A big, veiny, white cock is laid over her lips where it crowds in next to the black, and an Asian colored prick presses in against her other cheek. Three more cocks, one black and two more in various shades of white press in around her face, not quite able to touch it, but creating an image of pure rock-hard inspiration.

Crouching there, now inexplicably wearing six-inch black stiletto heels, Elsa sighs contentedly. “So many,” she coos, biting her lip. “What now?” she asks, opening her eyes and looking up, though not quite seeing you through the crowd of dick splayed across her face.

In response, the guys slap their meat over her face, eliciting a lusty giggle from the Swedish bombshell. Then, a moment later, they step back, giving her enough room to work, and the white dude, standing right in front of her, presses his cock to her lips. The faceless men form a circle around Elsa, and she wraps her lips around the white guy’s prick and her hands around the Latino and Asian dicks. But her eyes are looking into yours as she swirls her tongue and begins to eagerly bob her head and her hands up and down.

Drool pours from her pouty lips as she gags herself on the dick in her mouth, while her hands miss not one beat working the other two up and down. She laughs then pulls him free and turns to the next one in line, a big, fat, uncircumcised Latino. Moaning, she leans into it, wraps her lips around it, and slurps it into her throat, stretching her lips wide as she fights to accommodate him in her mouth. Her hands also pivot and begin stroking the next two dicks in line as she works heartily to get each man ready to fuck her.

“This is so fucking hot,” you think, remembering the screen’s advice not to neglect your own naughty bits. You work yourself as Elsa slowly turns from man to man, sucking, stroking, and drooling as she turns seven studs into rock hard machines for her pleasure.

While you both work, your point of view constantly, seamlessly, perfectly changes to always offer you the vantage point you want. Sometimes, your looking down, right into Elsa’s perfect blue eyes. She stares at you with longing lust as her lips slide hungrily along whichever cock is currently in her mouth. Other times, you pull back, to give yourself a wide view of the action. And soon, the men are taking an active role in fucking the supermodel’s tight little throat.

“Use me,” Elsa gasps at one point, looking up at them / you. “I want to be your dirty little slut!”

The big black man with tattooed arms seizes the back of Elsa’s head. “Suck this cock,” you think, while he again speaks your thoughts. She moans in response as he begins to fuck her face in slow, deliberate strokes. A moment later, she pulls away, gasping for breath as then, a long skinny white dick is thrust between her lips. She gags, as it slides to the back of her throat, but doesn’t miss a beat as her hands shift to the two nearest cocks and begin jerking them, aided by her drool slicking the surface of each.

The men continue to manhandle Elsa for several more minutes. They grope and fondle her as they wait, rubbing her pussy or grabbing her tits, some even being so bold as to probe her asshole with a wetted finger and forcing her forward, with their fingering, into the man she’s sucking. Each man gets his turn to fuck her mouth, and each choke her with the size or length of his dick. But once each has had their turn and a turn again to actively abuse her throat, they step away from her to give you a good view of the mess she’s become.

She’s on all fours, crouched on the cream-colored carpet, now stained with drool and dripping precum. Her eyes are blood shot and euphoric as she gasps to catch her breath. Her platinum hair, once in a pristine bun atop her head, has come undone and now flows in an unkempt mess down her naked back, except for the two tendrils, which still cling sexily to the sides of her face. She’s nude now too, her small, perky tits covered in her own saliva. The only thing she is wearing is the sheer black panties hose, which are now covered in rips and snags and feature a large, lewd hole, conveniently torn to allow access to her pussy and her ass.

When she catches her breath, she looks up at you, smiling shyly and innocently, despite the show and the obscene posture. Again, she bites her lip, as if begging you to give her more. She doesn’t say anything, but her eyes plead with you to let her get fucked in every screwed-up way you can imagine. It’s a moment captured as if in slow motion, her sweet, sexy smile contrasting the utter mess she’s made of herself just seconds before the next phase.

Suddenly, the large tattooed black man is behind her again. He grabs her by the waist and hoists her, as if she weighs nothing, into the air, and spins around to face him. He then falls back onto the nearby couch and your point of view immediately moves so you can see her long skinny legs straddling him and his huge, midnight black cock pressing up against her taut, tiny ass. She raises herself up, turning to look at you as she does. Then, while biting her lip, grabs his shaft and positions it at the entrance to her tight, pink fuck sleeve.

“Fuck me,” she gasps, sitting down and impaling herself on its huge, meaty girth. Elsa moans, watching you as he grabs her by the hips and by the ass and pushes her all the way down, filling her pussy to the limit with his big, black cock. She then, aided by him, begins to ride up and down, fucking herself as he in turn fucks her. With each thrust, her pussy stretches to accommodate his massive dick.

Then, she is once again distracted, turning her gaze from you, as two men step up onto the couch next to her and press their cocks in close to her face. She bites her lip looking between them, then up to you as your point of view moves to her face and grabs both by the base. She pulls them in close before wrapping her lips around one, the thick Latino cock, and jerking off the other, a long, chocolate colored prick.

She moves back and forth, sucking one and jerking the other, all while she continues to bounce and ride the tattooed black man’s cock. Then, as a fourth man moves in behind her and begins to loosen up her butthole with his finger, she stuffs both into her mouth at the same time and sucks down hard on each.

Her eyes, pale, light blue and filled with lust meet yours, while her lips bulge around two meaty dickheads as she strokes them into her mouth. Drool drips past her lusty lips and she bounces on a black cock all while a skinny Asian finger plunges into her tight little asshole. She moans lustily around the meat in her mouth and pushes back into the dick and finger filling her holes, all while gazing longingly into your eyes.

The two men whose cocks are filling Elsa’s mouth each grab one side of her head and lean into her, pushing her down hard on the cock filling her cunt. She moans as they each shove as much of their pricks into her hungry mouth as they can fit and the Asian finger pierces her to the knuckle. Her gaze breaks away from you as her eyes roll up into her skull and she begins to orgasm. The black man she’s fucking then seizes her waist and begins driving her down onto his prick and, consequently, the finger in her ass. Then, with hard, wild abandon, the men with dicks in her mouth, pull them free to begin slapping them against her face.

Elsa cums hard as this treatment continues over the next few seconds. When she finally calms down, she leans against a dark tattooed chest, gasping for breath. An Asian finger is thrust into her lips and she sucks on it hungrily as she catches her breath. “MMMmmm,” she mumbles slurping on it, “my ass tastes so good… I can’t wait to taste if off a cock…”

The scene changes, as Elsa slowly suckles her ass juice from a strange Asian finger. The remaining men grab the card table and bring it to the center of the room. When it’s in place, the tattooed black man lifts Elsa and lays her across it so that her legs and head are hanging from either side. He then gives her thigh a playful slap and begins to slowly fuck her pussy again. “Line up boys,” he says, echoing your thoughts. “Let’s give this slut what she really wants… more cocks than she can count.”

A queue forms with the remaining men. Two men wait behind the tattooed black man for a place between the Swedish goddess’s legs. While a long, skinny white dick slides between Elsa’s moaning lips and three men line up behind him.

The lanky white man grabs Elsa by the head and throat, dragging her against him and begins to take slow, strong strokes into her face, while the tattooed black man grips her thighs, pulling her in the other direction and starts pounding away inside her sloppy twat. Soon the two men are thrusting into her in tandem, simultaneously filling her with their multicolored meat. Meanwhile, she, stretched out across the table, moans like a whore as they use her.

Soon, they are replaced by two more men who fuck her like a needy bitch. The fat Latino cock thrusts into her mouth, creating a visible bulge as he fills her throat. While the skinny Asian uses the gape he created to slide his cock into her butthole. He groans in effort not to cum as he shoves himself all the way to the hilt and then begins to fuck her hard. Elsa gags and groans from the new sensations, but soon gets into it, wrapping her legs around the Asian, grabbing the Latino’s ass and eagerly uses her limbs to urge them forward.

This treatment continues on and on. Each man taking his turn in her throat or between her legs, fucking her and using her like you know she wants. When their turn ends, they move to the other line and wait again for another turn. This goes on till each has had multiple opportunities to fuck Elsa in all three of her holes. Soon, her face is covered in thick, ropy drool, while her cunt is leaking all over the table, her asshole is gaping wide, and she is covered in sweat.

When the last man moves out of her mouth, he wipes her off with a towel, inexplicably returning her make up and mascara. She grins at you, upside down, her eyes asking if you’ve had enough. “No,” you think, “I haven’t seen everything yet,” and again she is lifted into the air, this time by the Latino with the fat, bulbous, uncircumcised cock.

He lays down on the thick carpeted floor and she sits on his legs, facing him. “Oh,” she says, grinning at you over her shoulder, “you want to see all my holes stuffed at once…” She tenderly strokes his chest and his flabby stomach, giving you a look of longing. Then, she sits up and slides him into her pussy, groaning as it fills her. “Kinky,” she adds, as the fat Latino cock stretches her pussy to the limit. Teasingly, she slowly begins to bounce up and down on it, still looking you in the eye.

A moment later, she reclines against the Latino’s flabby chest and spreads her asscheeks wide, giving you a clear view of her gaping, pink asshole. “You want to see this get filled up too?” she asks innocently, while twerking a little, which causes her twat to slide every so slightly up and down on the fat Latin prick lodged in her other hole.

You groan, still tending to your naughty bits, intent to hold yourself until Elsa’s big finish. “I want to see more than that,” you think, as the big tattooed black man moves into the scene. He kneels behind her, her legs going between his and grabs her hips. “Take this big n**ger dick,” you think, editing yourself in your own fantasy.

However, as he whispers the words into Elsa’s ear, the big tattooed black man doesn’t edit himself. But, as he speaks, he eases his cockhead up against her, tiny, gaping butthole. With the words spoken, he lunges forward while pulling back on her hips and using the momentum to force half of his big, black dick into the skinny white model’s asshole.

Elsa moans, loudly, lustily, painfully as she’s impaled in the ass by a huge black dick, while the fattest Latino cock you’ve ever seen remains stuffed in her tiny cunt. “Fuck,” she groans, wrapping both arms around the black man’s neck and pressing her back to his chest as he slowly begins to fuck her ass.

The Latino man tightly grabs Elsa’s hips as the black man begins to saw in and out of her asshole, holding her firmly in place and fully down on his cock. Elsa’s perfect blue eyes roll in her head from the sensation of two huge, fat pricks moving inside her. She moans and begins to pant as they fuck her and slowly work into a rhythm. Soon, the black man and the Latino are each moving back and forth, holding Elsa between them, supporting nearly all her weight as they each take a turn being fully submerged inside her.

The Swedish goddess can’t say anything… all she can do is moan as she’s held in place and fucked like a rag doll. She’s so caught up in the moment that she doesn’t even notice as men crouch on either side of her. They reach out and grab her arms, guiding her hands to each of their dripping pricks. You think, and they speak, “jerk these cocks, slut.”

Almost automatically, her hands begin to glide up and down their long, wet, lubricated shafts, jerking them as she’s fucked roughly by the two huge men she’s wedged between. The black and Latino men pay almost no attention to their competition for Elsa’s attention. They each, holding her crudely around the waist and the chest, continue to pound back and forth, fucking her harder and faster with each thrust.

Elsa, lost in the moment, jerks the cocks in her hand and relaxes her body, just letting these faceless strangers have their way with her slender, nubile body. Again, she doesn’t even notice as the remaining men move in around her. The white dude with the long slender prick crouches by her feet. Elsa’s long slender legs are splayed out behind the black man fucking her ass and give him plenty of room to work. He moves her feet together, pressing them around his cock. As he fucks her toes, the remaining white man, and the black dude with the chocolate colored cock stand over her, stepping next to either side of her head.

They pull her forward as much as the position allows, and each press their dicks against her lips. Her eyes open in surprise, but look at you filled with lust as they press their meat into her mouth. Each man grabs a side of her head and pushes her down, forcing their cocks into her head. Her pouty lips bulge around their pricks as they force as much meat into her mouth as will fit.

“Now… Let’s fuck this bitch!” It’s your thought, but all seven men speak it in unison. Then, each man, using the piece of Elsa they’ve laid claim to, begin to fuck her hard and fast. Her pussy and ass are stretched around the fat Latino and black cocks pounding inside. While her feet and delicate hands are maneuvered up and down to jerk the cocks that have been wrapped around them. At the same time, the white and black man crisscross their pricks, each pushing into the cheek on the opposite side of where they stand. They thrust their hips in tandem, causing her lips to stretch wide and her cheeks to bulge obscenely with each stroke they take into her face.

Elsa is held almost completely immobile as they use her body for their baseless pleasure. But she too is in rapture. Her whole body begins to quiver, her legs shake, her arms convulse, and her eyes roll in her head. She moans in ecstasy as all seven men fuck her and use her.

In the moment she begins to cum, again time slows, and you move your point of view to watch this exquisite moment from every possible angle. You see the wide shot. Elsa pressed between a fat, faceless Latino belly and a huge, muscular, faceless black man covered in tattoos. They are each covered in sweat as they work to grind their hips and seesaw in and out of the slender model’s tight little holes. She, working her hands and feet, or having them worked for her, jerks off the cocks of three more men, while two others stand near her head. They each have a grip on her hair and are thrusting their hips, forcing their big, color contrasted dicks into her mouth. Her lips are stretched wide as they press into her cheeks. While her eyes bulge in pain, in lust, and in a longing for you, she looks up at you when your sight moves in close to her face.

“Fuck,” you think, paying very close attention to your naughty bits as Elsa nears the end. This is the hottest fucking thing you’ve ever or likely will ever see again. Then, it comes in flashes. You see Elsa’s pussy stretched around a fat Latin dick, her asshole gaping as its pierced by a monster black cock. Her lips bulge, her eyes water, her hands move up and down, her feet being stroked up and down on a random guy’s dick and you can’t take it anymore.

Your body tenses, you hit that magic sweet moment of release… And, just as you climax, so too does Elsa. She spasms, her whole body shaking. Thick heady girl cum sprays all over the Latin guy’s legs. And a deep, throaty moan fills the room from around the pair of cocks stretching her lips, and her eyes roll up into her skull, showing you only the whites as she spasms out of control.

Your vision goes white as you cum harder than you ever have in your life. When it clears, you see Elsa, makeup and vigor restored, crouching on her knees and looking up at you expectantly with her mouth open and her tongue laid out like a welcome mat. Your point of view retreats just enough to see three men crowded around her, jerking off near her face.

“Cover me in cum!” Elsa says, her eyes again focused on you. You see the lust and longing in her perfect, crystal blue eyes and, in that moment, you wish that you could add your load to the torrent of cum that is surely coming her way. “I want it on my face and in my mouth… please.”

Suddenly, there is a faceless woman, with a curvy hour-glass figure, crouching behind the slender, Swedish beauty. The faceless woman sticks her fingers into Elsa’s open mouth and pries her lips as far apart as they’ll go, tilting her head back as she does so the men will have an easy time making a deposit.

As she moves Elsa into position, the first man, the skinny white dude with a long slender prick, steps up to her. He jerks his cock right in Elsa’s pretty face. Her eyes meet his, and suddenly his view is yours, and you see the lust in her gaze. He / you grunt, spasming just a little as you explode into her open mouth. Most of the cum goes into her mouth, while a stray strand lashes out, splaying across her eye and forehead.

Elsa holds his load in her open mouth as the faceless woman does her best to scrape the rest of it into the model’s eager mouth. While she does, the next man, another faceless white dude adds his load to the first. Again, Elsa holds it, still looking up at you, as you’re replaced by a dark-skinned man with a chocolate colored prick. He too grunts as he cums into the Victoria Secret model’s gaping mouth.

You can see the jizz now, pooling at the top of Elsa’s throat. Her eyes are watering as she fights the revulsion and pleasure of having three different men’s cum in her mouth at one time. The faceless woman has managed to get most of the stray cum into her lips and you can hear Elsa gag each time a thick strand of congealed jizz drops into her mouth.

Next, the Asian guy and the white guy with the thick, veiny cock step up together. They too jerk off in Elsa’s face and she gazes up at them, crouched on her six-inch heels, mouth open, waiting, longing for them to give her their seed. They don’t disappoint, adding it to the rest. Each shoot a stray strand that crosses the gorgeous model’s face in an X, while the rest is added to the pool in her mouth.

Next, the chubby Latino and the ripped, tattoo covered black man step up. By now Elsa is fighting the gag reflex. Tears pool in her perfect eyes from the jizz that is now filling her mouth. “You wanted this cum,” you think, “now eat it.” As before, your thoughts are echoed by the men now jerking off in Elsa’s face.

Elsa holds her mouth open, tongue snaking past her lips, which are held agape by the faceless woman behind her. The two men jerk fervently, staring down at the slutty model, her mouth full of five men’s cum and staring at them as if to beg for more. As their hands move furiously back and forth, eager to give the Swedish bombshell what she wants, you can’t help but again wish that it was you adding your own heavy load to those pooling her mouth. As if to grant your wish, at least as fully as possible, you again look down as if you were one of the men stroking it in Elsa’s gorgeous face. Just then you and them man next to you each cum hard, adding most of your loads to those filling her throat. The woman scrapes the rest from her cheeks, her forehead, her chin, and eyes to add it to the rest.

When they’re all done, Elsa’s mouth, her throat, all the way to her full pouty lips is filled with cum. She gags hard, her sexy eyes watching you, but manages not to puke or swallow it till you give her the signal. You wait a moment, reveling in the revulsion and pleasure on her face. You can tell she’s ready to swallow the cum of the men who have spent the last hour fucking her like a whore. She’s ready to swallow all their cum to pleasure you, the master of this fantasy.

When you nod, her eyes close in ecstasy, and you know she cums again. But, as her body shivers in pleasure, her lips close and you see her throat move as she swallows it all down. She then looks up at you, those perfect blue eyes gazing right into your soul and opens her mouth. Its empty, save a few strands of cum-infused saliva clinging to the top and bottom of her lips.

“Good girl,” you think… as again, brilliant, gold light fills your vision.

It’s blinding, and again you’re forced to squeeze your eyes closed as it fills your vision. It’s gone in an instant along with Elsa, the voice, and the weird floaty alien view screen. You yawn, rolling over in bed… Was that all just a dream, you wonder tiredly.

If it was, your body certainly didn’t think so. You look down at yourself, your tits, chest, and trim, tight tummy are covered in sweat. The sheets between your slender legs are drenched in thick girl cum and your fat, boorish husband is snoring next to you… “Fuck,” you sigh. “I guess it was…” Still, you think dreamily, I kind of want to be in a gangbang now… And maybe I’ll make him watch…

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