Ariel Winter's Bedtime Story

BY : Muhabba
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Disclaimer: I do not know Ariel Winter or have anything to do with her. This story has never happened. I share this story for free and make no money off of it.

This is a work of complete fiction.  It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it

for free and make no money off of it.  No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's

good for you.  No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.  All characters used

in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person.  I do not know Ariel Winter or have

anything to do with her.  Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel

free to share.


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Ariel Winter’s Bedtime Story

By Muhabba



     Asleep snuggly and safely in bed, Ariel Winter dreamed.  It was a nice dream, she ran

slowly along a small path in the woods, her dark hair flowing behind her and her wide, dark eyes

glittering with glee.  Suddenly she knew there were predators in the woods.


     Ariel didn't know what woke her but her eyes were open wide as they darted around her

dark bedroom.  She was afraid to move, sure that she would be safe beneath her bed clothes

but as her eyes began to focus on a shape at the foot of the bed she suddenly realized how

exposed she actually was.  She was alone in her bed, alone with a strange man in dark clothes

wearing a dark ski mask and watching her sleep.


     Sheer fright kept Ariel from moving, her eyes locked on to the strange man's eyes as they

twinkled beneath his mask.  She could tell that he was looking back at her, knew that he knew

that she was awake and aware of him but he didn't move.  The dark intruder simply stood still,

staring at her, his breathing steady.


     Terror began to flow slowly through Ariel's vulnerable body, first sending ice water through

her spine and then out to her extremities ending in the tips of her fingers and toes.  She was

perfectly aware that the large man could see that her eyes were open, that she was wide awake,

but in the back of her mind she was convinced that as long as she didn't move she was safe.  

She repressed a shudder of fear as the man slowly began to raise his arms, a knife in one hand.


     A small, pathetic squeak of fear escaped from Ariel's mouth, her heart beating so loudly in

her chest that she was sure that the dark intruder could hear it.  She bit her lower lip to keep

any more noise from escaping as the man removed his shirt.  He movements were slow and

deliberate, he was in no hurry as he pulled off his top and let it fall to the floor, the large knife

still in his hand.


     By the weak light of her alarm clock, Ariel could tell he was a very muscular man, enough

so he could have been a body builder.  In fear she studied him, his thick pectorals, his rippling

abs, and his large, heavily muscled arms.  She gulped in nervousness, there was no way she

could struggle against a man this large, he could do anything and she would be as helpless as a

kitten in his massive hands.


     Ariel mewled weakly as she fearfully thought of all the things a man built like him could do

to her.  Light glinted on the knife that now looked so small in his hands as his chest heaved, his

eyes still locked on her as he continued to stare unblinking at her.  Her vision started to blur as

her eyes began to fill with tears and she fought the urge to cry, she had to remain still, safely

hidden under her blanket.


     The dark man started to unbuckle his belt and unfasten his pants causing Ariel to whimper

with fright.  His skin was a uniform dark color, no tan lines visible as he exposed the V of muscle

in his lower abdomen.  There was no pubic hair, he was shaved completely bare as he tugged

down his jeans.  Slowly, deliberately, in no hurry at all, he slid his pants down his thick thighs,

bending at the waist with his eyes still locked onto her own.


     A small gasp escaped past Ariel's pink lips seeming to echo through the room as the

intruder stood up straight to bare his chiseled body to her.  His penis was already hard, thick

and throbbing, possibly the largest that she had ever seen.  Her breath caught in her throat as

she studied it intently, her eyes growing wide in astonishment.  Being a young girl she was of

course familiar with the internet and the sheer amount of porn on it but what the intruder had

jutting from his body seemed more like a weapon rather than a tool for sex.


     This had to be a dream.  How could a man so powerfully built with something that large

simply appear in her room?  Ariel's eyes crawled fearfully over every inch of the dark man's

body, unconsciously always returning not to the weapon he still held in his hand but rather to

the erect weapon between his legs.  Her thoughts became fuzzy and she realized that she

wasn't breathing and took a deep, shuddering breath.  There was no doubt in her mind what

the man was planning to do.  All the proof was right there between his concrete solid thighs,

pointing straight at her, throbbing.


     Ariel failed to stop a shudder as the man reached down with the hand not holding the

knife and began to softly stroke his penis.  He never broke eye contact with her as his breathing

slowly began to grow more ragged.  She couldn't force herself to look away from his eyes, her

own wide eyes were constantly wanting to move on their own to his knife or his dick although,

truth be told, the knife looked less dangerous in his hands.


     Fighting with herself not to notice the angry prick pointing straight at her like a gun or the

eyes staring hungrily at her, Ariel tried to think how such a man could have broken into her

house but her attention was always drawn back to the perverse act occurring at the foot of her

bed.  The masturbating man was a giant in several different ways and her focus turned towards

him like gravity.  She found herself wondering if she could even get her hands around the giant

prick much less take it inside of her since it was apparent what the man had planned.


     She shook her head to get the obscene thought out of her mind and then froze.  Ariel

realized that she had moved.  She had been sure that if she had just stayed still under her

covers she would have been safe.  A childish idea to be sure but it had been all she had and

now she had moved, drawn the monster's attention.  She mewled weakly as the stranger

stopped moving his hand, letting it slid to his side, his throbbing cock-head dripping with

pre-cum.  The monster had seen her.


     The intruder started to move closer to her and Ariel squeaked with fear and tried to hide

her head beneath the blanket.  Completely dark beneath her covers she could hear his foot

steps as he shuffled slowly closer to her side and she whimpered in fear.  The blanket was

nearly tugged out of her hands and she gasped in fear.  She tried to hold onto her bed clothes

but the stranger was far stronger than her and easily ripped them out of her grasp with a second



     Ariel continued to whimper in fear as the naked man threw her bed clothes off of the foot

of the bed leaving her completely exposed to him for the first time.  His eyes crawled up and

down her body and she tried to cover her large breasts with her arms but it was a futile effort.  

She had worn a simple white negligee to bed that did nothing to conceal her hourglass figure.  

The gown allowed plenty of room for her large breasts to move as she slept but now failed to

hide them from the man's eyes.


     As she looked into the man's eyes she had no choice but to admit to herself that she

wasn't having a nightmare, that there wasn't a monster stalking her, that she had never been

safe hiding under her covers.  She had to admit that there was a large, strange man in her room

with a knife and he was going to fuck her with his throbbing, angry cock whether she wanted

him to or not, that there was nothing she could do to stop him, and maybe somewhere along the

way kill her.  She stopped breathing as she slowly curled up fetal in her bed, helpless under the

stranger's piercing gaze.


     She watched as his massive hand slowly filled her vision as he reached down to her.  His

hand landed lightly on her shoulder, softly caressing her, sliding up and down her arm.  She

tried to wrap her arms around her knees but the stranger held her wrist, effortlessly pulling her

arm to the side and rolling her back onto her backside.  His other hand landed on her knee and

he slowly pried her arms and legs apart until he forced her flat on her back.  She took a

shuddering breath as he placed both of his hands on her shoulders, his fingertips sliding under

the flimsy straps of her gown.


     Ariel whimpered pitifully as the man slid the straps down her shoulders, her hands balled

into little fists clutching her sheet as his rough hands slid against her soft, warm flesh.  She

fought back her tears as the thin straps of her negligée slipped off her shoulders and the man

pulled them slowly down her arms.  The dark stranger's slow, deliberate way that he moved

upset her the most as she shivered in fear.  Why was he just taking is time?  Why wouldn't he

just do it already?  Why was he teasing her like this?  What had she done to deserve this?  

And then the flimsy material of her negligée was pulled down to her waist, exposing her large,

wobbling tits to the stranger and the dark.


     "P- p- p- please, n- n- n- no," Ariel mewled pitifully, barely above a whisper as the stranger

left the straps of her sleepwear around her wrists and slid his hands to her soft stomach.  His

fingertips barely touched her as they traced up her torso to her quivering chest.  He lightly

caressed her large breasts first with his fingertips before pressing down more firmly and running

his fingers over her pale, silky skin and then more firmly still, palming her tits and squeezing

them lightly.  He worked the large, heavy orbs around slightly on her chest, his rough palms

scrapping over her sensitive nipples before he relaxed his hold on her.  With his fingertips he

teased her nipples causing her breath to catch in her throat.


     She tried weakly to wiggle up the bed but he squeezed her nipples just short of the point

of pain and she understood his warning and froze once more.  She had lost track of the knife

but could see the more dangerous weapon out of the corner of her eye, his throbbing cock-head.  

Now that she had seen it again she couldn't ignore it as his fingertips, just his fingertips, slowly

massaged and toyed with her nipples.  Against her will her body began to respond to the dark

man's work, her nipples drawing up tight on her impressive chest, twin peaks capping her large

breasts.  Her eyes fluttered between his deadly looking prick and his nimble fingers, back and

forth as her teased her nipples to full hardness.


     Ariel's breathing started coming in ragged pants as the stranger's fingers began to work

out from the hard tips of her breasts, massaging her large tits.  She gave a shuddering gasp as

he began caressing her breasts more firmly, his rough hands sliding over her sensitive nubs and

her body squirming in her bed.  Her eyes traveled to the dark man's frighteningly large prick, a

pearl of pre-cum twinkling in the light of her alarm clock.  He began squeezing her breasts even

more firmly again, almost like he was trying to milk her, her pale flesh bulging between his thick

fingers, her mouth open as she began groaning out.  Her body was a victim of biology as the

man molested her chest, her muscles twitching as she struggled to control herself against his

sudden yet drawn out assault.


     The stranger's fingers and hands slid up from her chest as he massaged Ariel's muscles.  

She hadn't realized how tense she had been, her muscles tightened like coils of wire as the dark

man's fingers began kneading her shoulders.  His massive hands traveled up to her neck and

she instinctively tried to move her head away but his fingers circled around her and squeezed, a

quiet warning.  She whimpered as his palms slid back down to her shoulders, massaging her, his

thumbs spread and caressing the tops of her breasts.  His hands slid down to the upper swell of

her tits before traveling down to her sides, massaging her there as well and stopping when they

reached the slight material of her negligée around her waist.  His hands slid over her abdomen

and back up, slipping to her sides again, massaging the soft flesh around her large quivering tits

without touching them.


     Shuddering as the intruder's hands crawled over her body, Ariel's eyes fluttered in

unwanted pleasure.  Her body couldn't help but respond to the stranger’s hands as they

traveled across her body.  His hands rubbed the tension out of her body, the same tension he

had caused, and she found herself relaxing into her mattress.  His hands always managed to

just barely miss her breasts, the same breasts he had already molested and teased.  Her

breathing became slower, deeper, her chest heaving and shuddering as her intruder continued

his bizarre assault.


     Ariel's eyes closed as she unconsciously moaned out and arched her back, thrusting her

chest out for her intruder.  Without noticing what she was doing, she began twisting her chest,

trying to slip her sensitive tits back into his knowledgeable, rough hands.  There was a low

throb in her stomach she hadn't been prepared for, a deep need rising up and startling her.  Her

eyes shot open just as the intruder's hands returned to her large, wobbling tits.  He cupped her

firm orbs in his hands as his thumbs circled her hard nipples and she heard herself gasp out in

pleasure despite herself.  She couldn't stop herself from arching her back, thrusting her breasts

into his hands.  She moaned out before she could stop herself, her moan quickly turning into a

whimper of fear.  Her sensitive chest felt flush with desire, a desire he had forced on her, a fire

in her blood he had built and fanned inside of her.


     Tears of shame fell from Ariel's wide, fearful eyes.  She couldn't believe what she had just

done.  She knew that it was simple biology that had forced her to respond to the stranger's

touch but she had just helped him, given him easier access to her chest, wanting him to touch

and caress her breasts.  She sobbed pitifully sending a wave through her breasts as the intruder

slowly released his hold on her tits, his large hands sliding down her soft, smooth stomach.


     As the large, dark man's hands reached her waist and the slip of material, Ariel shivered

again as he reached down to her sides.  His rough hands continued sliding down, over the silky

smooth material of her negligee and then to the outside her thighs.  She whimpered as he

spread his hands, his fingers on the outside of her thighs and his thumbs down the insides of her

legs.  She was amazed at how large his hands were, playing with her like a doll as he continued

sliding his rough hands down her legs.  He reached her ankles, his fingers circling and grasping

her as he pulled her legs a bit farther apart.  She had been prepared to cry out, to beg him to

stop from spreading her legs apart, knowing where it could lead but he suddenly stopped on his

own, her feet only a foot apart.


     Shuddering again, Ariel bit her lower lip as the intruder's hand slid back up her legs.  His

hands slid up the top of her thighs, his fingers crawling up the insides until he reach the hem of

her negligee.  "No," she whimpered, to afraid to do anything, to cry out for help as she

remembered the feel of his hands on her throat and the knife he had left somewhere nearby.  

He grabbed the thin bit of material wrapped around her waist and pulled it down, the smooth

cloth easily sliding out from under her thick ass on it's way down her legs.  He threw the

material over his shoulder and peered down at her, nearly completely naked except for her white

panties.  He took his time staring at her and Ariel felt herself blushing.  For some reason laying

below him, completely exposed except for her panties, she felt more vulnerable than she had

with his hands on her over-developed body and tears of embarrassment and fear slid from her



     Ariel trembled under his insistent gaze, her young body nearly completely exposed to him.  

She was too frightened to speak, to stunned to move.  The cool air of the room slid across her

heated skin causing her to break out with goosebumps, her nipples now painfully hard.  She

kept perfectly still on her back, her feet apart, her arms flat against her sides, his eyes crawling

up and down her nearly naked body.  He licked his lips hungrily and she whimpered again, a

shudder rolling through her vulnerable body as she stayed perfectly and fearfully still for him like

a deer caught in the evil headlights of his eyes.  He wasn't the predator she had been

frightened of in her dream, he was a hunter and she was his victim.


     Suddenly he moved faster than anything he had shown before causing her to squeal out in

shock and fright as his hands blurred and she found her frail panties ripped from her body.  In

an instant she found herself completely naked and completely exposed, more vulnerable now

than any time since she had been a small baby.  She was completely at his mercy.  He groaned

from deep in his massive chest as his eyes wandered across her body and she once again

whimpered in fear.  In her mind she imagined a small rabbit trapped by a dark furred wolf.  

The wolf and her intruder salivating as they stalked cold to their helpless prey.


     Ariel's arms slowly moved on their own accord as she lay still, instinct taking over her

exposed young body.  One arm tried to pitifully cover her massive chest, her slender arm failing

to cover more than just her hard nipples.  The bend of her arm instead scooping up her large

breasts, pressing them enticingly together and raising them higher in her chest.  Her other arm

slid lower over her soft belly, her hand covering the delicate juncture of her trembling thighs.  

She kept her dark pubic hair trimmed in a tasteful stripe, her vaginal lips kept completely bare.  

It was fruitless to try and hide and she knew it but much like the situation she found herself in

there was nothing she could do.


     The young star whimpered pitifully, tears streaking her lovely face as her large, dark

intruder bent down and gripped her delicate wrists.  She could feel the strength in his hands

and knew it was pointless to resist as he spread her arms apart leaving her most vulnerable

places completely exposed.  “P- p- p- please…” she stuttered meekly as he pressed her arms

back down at her sides.  He was bent over her slightly, his broad, muscular chest eclipsing

everything and she could smell the soap he had used.  He smelled both musky and woodsy and

she once again founder herself imaging a wolf stalking through the trees hunting her.


     Instead of releasing her, the intruder’s hands slid away from Ariel's wrists, one hand sliding

up her arm to get heaving chest and the other hand sliding across her body to her lower

abdomen just above her naked pussy.  She tried to press her thighs together in a futile effort to

somehow protect herself but it was no use, the dark skinned intruder’s fingers slid through her

pubic hair and down to her cunt.  As the hand at her chest softly caressed her large, firm

breasts it didn't even occur to Ariel to resist.  She would be helpless no matter what she did, he

was going to use her however he wanted and there was nothing she could do.


     Suddenly Ariel gave a squeak of surprise as the intruders slid one thick thumb across her

still hard nipples and the other over her clit hood.  His thumbs softly but intently caressed her,

her breathing once again becoming breathless gasps and she squirmed beneath his assault on

her young body.  She chewed her bottom lip to keep from gasping out as she unconsciously

pressed her chest up against his hand and her thighs began opening by themselves.  She kept

het feet planted as her knees rose up and parted like a flower.  She gripped her bedsheets

harder as she struggled and failed to control her body as it responded to what was happening all

on it's own.


     Mentally she struggled with her body, fighting to stop it from opening up to the stranger,

chanting “No” over and over again.  But that was her brain and it was helpless against the

biology controlling her body.  She groaned out through clenched teeth as her nipples were

played with, teased the same as what the intruder was doing to her pussy as it became heated

and moist.  Her chest heaved, trying to press her large, firm breasts more firmly against the

intruders hand while her hips began rolling up and down, her pussy questing for his thumb.  

She mewed in need, her voice rising as her body surrender to simple sexual need.  She had

heard and read how the human body responded during sex, biology was biology, but she had no

idea that it could feel so intense.


     Ariel closed her eyes in shame, cried in shame, whimpered in shame, her lower lip

trembling in shame as her body reacted to being molested against her will.  Her hips bucked

uncontrollably when the intruder gave her a particularly good stroke and she cried out in

unwanted pleasure before crying in shame.  Fat tears streamed down her face as her hard,

sizzling nipples responded and her wet pussy gushed with desire.


     With the intruder’s thumb circling her hard clit his thick middle finger slowly penetrated

her churning cunt causing her eyes to shoot wide open and her entire body to nearly cum.  He

slid in slowly, deeply, holding himself inside of her motionless until her sexual need began to

subside.  Ariel was now completely convinced that he knew what he was doing.  Her

impending rape was horrible enough but to force her to enjoy it was torture.  “Y… you bas…

you bastard,” she was able to gasp.  His only answer was to saw his finger slowly in and out of

her gushing pussy.


     “Ahhhh…” she cried out as she was finger-banged.  With no desire of her own, her hips

rocked up against the stranger’s hand, fucking his finger as he finger-fucked her.  She could feel

her warm, slick juices sliding out of her cunt as she humped up against him and barely noticed as

his other hand left her chest.


     With her eyes fluttering at the desire burning through her, Ariel didn't notice the stranger’s

cock until it slid wetly across her lips.  She quickly looked up from it to him an instant before his

hand closed over her throat.  She struggled weakly as she was choked softly.  She could suck in

air but it was a struggle and her eyes were wide in fear and she noticed that even through her

fear her body was still reacting to her being violated.  Her nipples were still hard with desire

and her pussy was dripping in lust as she was slightly choked by the man’s insanely large hand,

her desire somehow magnified by the danger and the lack of air.


     “Be nice,” the man whispered in a deep, husky voice before he released her throat and let

her gasp for air.  She nodded fearfully and when he grabbed the base of his prick and aimed it

at her gasping face she opened her mouth obediently.  Her lips sealed around his thick shaft

and she pressed her moist tongue against his shaft.  There was no room in her mouth to move

her tongue around and barely any room to breath as he slid himself in and out of her mouth.


     The helpless actress found herself strangely endeared to her assailant when he didn't just

force himself down her throat.  He was very considerate as he violated her, holding himself

back from choking her with his monstrous cock as he raped her mouth.  As his large, thick cock

filled her mouth he pulled his finger out of her tight cunt and as he pulled his prick back he filled

her with his finger.  She didn't even realize that she was groaning around his cock, sucking hard

on him as she began bobbing her head back and forth, her body working like a well oiled piston.


     Her eyes fluttered when her intruder added a second finger, stretching her as wide as any

dick she had ever taken.  The horror of waking up to an intruder in her room violating her was

completely forgotten as she savored the taste of him in her mouth and enjoyed the feel of his

fingers burrowing into her.  Their bodies began to sync as he rocked his hips into her mouth and

his fingers into her cunt and she responded by bobbing her head back and forth while rolling her

hips up to get his fingers as deep inside of her as she could.  Drool collected at the corners of

her tightly stretched mouth and her juices soaked through her sheets while she rose slowly and

surely towards a thundering climax.  And then he pulled his cock and fingers out of her writhing



     With her sexual stimulation gone, Ariel slowly came back to her senses.  What was she

doing?  How could she do that?  How could she willingly consent to being orally raped and

vaginally violated?  How could she find being violated like that so pleasurable?  What was

wrong with her?  She could only blame biology so much before she finally had to admit she had

been enjoying herself.  Enjoying the stranger’s fingers filling her pussy and enjoying his dick in

her mouth.  And with no defense for her actions she began to cry again in shame, hiding her

face with her hands.  “Please, no more…” she begged repeatedly to the stranger in her room.


     Her voice was soft but ragged as she sobbed and pleaded with her hands hiding her eyes,

keeping her from having to look at the monster she was sure was still there.  Through her

sobbing she could hear him breathing and knew that he was still right next to her, his cock

hovering above her head.


     Through her crying, Ariel didn't move.  She tried to pretend that her home hadn’t been

broken into.  She tried to pretend that an intruder had casually walked in on her sleeping.  She

tried to pretend that she hadn’t been stripped naked and violated.  And if none of those things

didn't happen then she hadn’t become turned on during it.  But she could still hear him



  She cried out when she felt a small tickle begin to slowly crawl up the inside of her plump

thigh.  He was touching her again.  She felt the most delicate touch of his fingertips dance up

to her thighs and tried to close her legs to stop him.  But where his fingers were barely touching

her his hand was too strong to be stopped.


     Ariel cried out in anguish when his thick fingers made contact with her wet labia.  His

rough thumb began to slowly circle her hard, little clit as it sizzled in unwanted desire.  His

fingers wormed their way inside of her and she bit her bottom lip to keep herself from crying out

in lust.  She could hear his fingers making wet squelching noises as they pumped in and out of

her and her hips began moving on their own again.  She began rolling her pelvis up to meet his

hand as he began to pump faster, her breath coming in ragged gasps between her fingers.  Her

hands began slowly sliding down her face, her eyes fluttering in pleasure as his fingers and

thumbs worked more forcibly between her thighs.


     Her fists gripped her bedsheets as they came to rest at her sides.  Her legs opened in

their own to encourage her intruder to keep thrusting inside of her.  Her mouth gapped open as

she panted for breath, his giant cock filling her vision.  As far as she could tell, except for his

hand, he didn't move but that didn't stop her from leaning up on her own and trapping his

throbbing cock-head between her pink lips.  She sucked his length down as far as she could, her

mouth stretched right around him and her tongue massaging his shaft hungrily.  She growled in

need around him as he began rocking his hips, fucking her now willing mouth.


     Ariel surrendered to her intruder.  It was useless to try and stop him.  There was nothing

she could do.  He was going to do whatever he wanted to her and there was nothing she could

do except admit to herself that some small part of her was going to enjoy being violated and

there was nothing she could do to stop that either.  His fingers had her gooey pussy churning in

desire and his cock in her mouth had her actually hoping he wouldn't stop there.  She actively

humped his hand as she sucked him as hard and deep as she could, opening her throat to let his

soft head slip inside.  Her young, vulnerable body thrummed in desire and she was more

turned on then she had ever been in her young life.  She gasped and groaned in unwanted

passion as her orgasm rose up inside of her like some ravenous beast.  And then he pulled out

of her again.


     “Noooo…” Ariel cried out as she slapped her hands against the mattress like a petulant

child.  She could hear him chuckling softly beneath his mask and humiliation burned through

her.  She had been willing to give him whatever he wanted and to even join in on her own but

he had then suddenly decided to refuse her despite her surrendering to him.  Fresh tears

trailed down her face.  Tears of shame and humiliation at what she had done and what she had

been willing to do and the morals she had been about to surrender to help make it happen.  

And now he was laughing at her weakness.


     She stopped crying and got her breathing under control as she stared up defiantly at her

intruder from around his prick bobbing in the air, gleaming with her saliva.  “Bastard,” she

whispered angrily up at him.  His only response was to chuckle softly again which just made her



     The large man moved slowly like he was in no hurry.  Ariel was his and they both knew it

and they both knew that there was nothing she could do to escape.  He bent slowly over her

naked body as he reached out and grabbed one knee each in his massive hands.  She struggled

against him as much as she could but his muscles were like steel and he easily spread her legs

apart.  “Fucker!” she said more bravely than she felt.  How dare he do these things to her,

make her feel the way she had felt, “You fucker!”  Her legs were spread obscenely far apart,

held perfectly still as her upper body began thrashing in anger.


     “No!” The young actress cried out not in fear but in angry defiance.  There was no way

for her to stop him but that wasn't the point.  The point was not to just give in.  She had tried

that and had gotten nothing but teased for it, nothing but contempt.  Her admirable chest

swayed and rocked as she struggled, her eyes flashing with hate and her dark hair whipping

around on her pillow.  Moving as slowly and inevitably as the tide, her intruder slowly crawled

between her legs.  Just as she had found the will to at least try and resist him, he was ready to

fuck her, to rape her.  And, despite her newfound resistance, a part of her was ready for him



     Ariel closed her eyes and tried to shake the lewd thoughts from her head as the soft tip of

the man’s cock gently probed against the entrance to her wet, drooling pussy.  She felt him

release his hold on her knees, his hips holding her thick thighs apart as he readied himself to

fuck her, to rape her, to make her his.  She held her breath like a child awaiting a needle prick as

he continued gently probing her, his cock-head splitting her lust swollen labia.


     “Oh!” she gasped.  Surprised by the feel of the tip of his dick slipping inside of her even

though she had been expecting it.  He took his time piercing her and she struggled to control

her breathing as he slowly filled her almost to the point of pain.  Despite how big he had looked

he felt even more massive as he penetrated her.  She began feeling disjointed, aware of

everything she was doing but from outside of her body.  In her mind’s eye she could see her

hands balled into fists gripping her bedsheets, see her own eyes staring defiantly up at her rapist,

watched the muscles in her neck straining to keep her jaw shut to stop her from screaming, see

her chest heaving, and saw her stomach fluttering as her rapist took his time raping her.


     The frightened young actress was slightly surprised when her heated pussy didn't cause

the intruder’s dick to catch fire.  Sweat was rolling down her voluptuous body and her blood

turned to molten lava.  Fire coursed over her skin.  Heat emanated from her helpless pussy.


     Bracing her shoulders against the mattress, Ariel arched her back in frustration and tried to

raise her hips up to meet the man’s long, slow thrust stretching her.  He was quiet above her as

his thick, long, hard cock slowly delved into her.  His lack of expression and his senseless

agonizing slowness was driving her crazy.  She grunted and tried to thrust herself up towards

him but his hips kept her pinned and motionless on the bed.  It was driving her mad and she

was helpless against it.  He had barely started raping her and it already felt like it had been

going on forever and would take forever to end.


     She mewled pitifully as she began struggling beneath her rapist.  Not to escape but to

finally end the anticipation.  To finally get it over with.  For him to finally fuck her.  She

gripped his massive forearms and tried everything she could think of, to move every way that

she could to get him inside of her but no matter what she tried it was pointless.  She was



     Ariel continued struggling, crying, wiggling and then suddenly stopped.  Her eyes shot

wide open and her breath caught in her throat as the strange man’s meaty prick continued

sliding slowly inside of her.  It was a spark of an idea from the back of her brain.  The simplest

part of her mind.  She shook her head trying to get the thought out but it stayed where it was

like a splinter.  She tried to blame the thought on biology again but she was past that.  She

couldn't stop her body from responding to the sexual torture she was going through but she

should have been able to control her own mind.  Her mind was her own and it was telling the

beautiful, helpless young woman that she wasn't struggling so the man would finish, she was

struggling because she wanted him to start.


     With her hands on the intruder’s forearms and her accommodating thighs spread wide,

Ariel locked her ankles around his calves and looked up at him with pleading eyes.  And then,

completely surrendering to the simple desires of her body and the need that had grown in her

mind, she whispered, “Please.”


     Ariel had been shocked by the sight of the man’s massive prick.  It would be burned into

her memory forever.  His naked, chiseled body and thick, meaty cock would be something she

would never forget.  In any other context she would have been transfixed by it.  If it had been

a picture or a video on the internet she would have studied it intently, amazed that such a thing

could exist.  She’d share it with her friends so they would all know and discuss it over and over

again.  That cock would be a conversation piece between people.  And after seeing it,

discussing it, contemplating it, she would always wonder what it would feel like inside of her.  

That massive prick wasn't a tool for sex or a weapon against her, it was a weapon of pleasure.  

And since she had no choice in the matter one way or another there was no reason not to give

into that pleasure now.


     Shame coursed through her naked, needy body as she readied herself for what was

coming next and it oddly turned her on even more.  None of this was her fault so it wasn’t like

she could be blamed for going along with it and enjoying it, it was simply biology taking her over.  

But even so, just to be safe, if he left after raping her, never used his knife against her, she’d

never tell anyone.  She’d willingly live with her shame.  She arched her back, thrusting her

large tits up as she rocked her hips welcoming her private intruder.


     “Ahhhh!” she gasped as the soft tip of the giant prick continued to stretch the hot wet

opening of her throbbing cunt.  He pressed himself against her softly, slightly, letting her body

part around him.  He moved slowly but never stopped, letting the pressure build as he pressed

himself forward.  She whimpered in pleasure, desperate to feel all of him inside her but also

afraid of the possible pain.  It turned her on more as he moved achingly slow into her.


     Ariel's mind was awhirl despite them having barely begun.  Her head and heart thumping

and thudding made her feel like she was on a roller coaster, nearing the first drop, anticipating

the ride.  She looked down the length of her body as saw the intruder entering her, her labia

tightly stretched around his massive girth.  The ride had barely begun.


     “Please, please, please…” Ariel whimpered as the intruder’s thick cock continued to barely

split her open.  She tried to raise her hips up to encourage him to fill her completely but the

pressure of his weight on her had her trapped beneath him.  In giving herself to him she was

more helpless than she had been while struggling against him.


     “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” she chanted, writhing below the large slab of man, using

her hold on him to try and pull him down more.  She looked down her body at him parting her

tightly stretched cunt and saw that he was barely half way inside of her.


     Suddenly, Ariel grabbed the sides of the intruder’s head and yanked herself up staring

defiantly at his eyes through his mask.  “Fuck me, you fucking bastard!” she screamed angrily.


     The man held himself still above her and grunted.  And then grunted again.  And again.  

And that's when she realized that he was laughing and his voice was deeper than Idris Elba and

sounded like he gargled with gravel.  When he was finally done chuckling over her defiant

behavior he sat up straighter and pulled Ariel’s fleshy ass on top of his muscular thighs.  He

gripped her hips tight enough to leave bruises and she fought the urge to try and wiggle away

from the pain, to appear weak to him.


     “Do it,” she yelled at him, trying to appear tough and in charge, “Fucking do it!”


     The intruder chuckled again and then gave Ariel a reason to yell.  Keeping his hold on her

wide hips he yanked her forward, impaling her on his massive cock.  She yelled in pleasure and

pain, orgasming immediately around the massive pole buried in her voluptuous body.  Her eyes

rolled up in their sockets and her jaw went slack, the pain making her imagine a bolt of lighting

and fire snaking up from between her lewdly spread thighs.


     The thick intruder didn't give her time to recover and began viciously fucking the

shuddering actress’s churning cunt.  Her breath caught in her impressive chest as her large tits

rippled with each thrust.  Her eyes were glazed as she stated blankly up at the ceiling with stars

exploding behind her eyes.  Her arms and legs flapped uselessly at her sides as she was roughly

fuck across her bed.


     The pillows on Ariel’s bed fell to the floor as her mattress was rocked askew against the

headboard and wall.  Her small, plump body was racked back and forth like a pinball as she was

viciously used.  She could barely struggle to breath as she continued to cum, one orgasm rolling

over her before crashing against another.  The intruder’s prick delved deep inside of her,

reaching places inside of her spasming cunt that she didn't even know were their.  He held her

voluptuous body effortlessly, her soft skin rippling with every thrust.


     When the dark-haired starlet finally remembered how to breath she could only manage to

grunt with every punch and jab of the monstrously massive man’s meat.  Her head whipped

back and forth, sometimes banging against the wall and sometimes hanging off the edge of the

bed.  The man’s strong grip dug into the soft flesh of her ass as he fucked her, driving into her

again and again.


     The intruded bent down and sucked one of her hard nipples into her mouth, catching it

with his teeth, nearly chewing on the heated flesh of her tit.  Ariel started mewling from deep

in her throat as another deep orgasm crashed through her and immediately began building up



     As each thundering orgasm rolled through her, Ariel could feel her young body flipped,

rolled and folded as her intruder found new positions to fuck her in.  He grunted happily above,

below, behind, and around her, his giant rod never leaving her sweat slick, shuddering body.  He

pounded into her relentlessly again and again as her juices gushed out of her, soaking the bed.  

Her dark hair was matter to her head and face as she was contorted into new positions to give

him deeper and deeper access to her body.


     At one time Ariel found herself in her knees, her head tucked underneath her with her

weight on the back of her shoulders as he drilled straight down into her.  Another time she

found herself in her back with her hips askew and the intruder laying next to her, the head of his

prick thrust against her taint from the inside.  A new position had him lifting her body up with

her shoulders pressed down against the mattress and him standing and scissoring her.  The next

position was with her riding him backwards, one of his muscular arms wrapped around her

throat and the other wrapped around her thick thigh holding her leg high in the air.


     Ariel's jaw ached with how many times he fucked her mouth, her thighs burned with every

position, her back felt sprung, and her ass throbbed from having anywhere from his thumb to

three fingers stuffed inside of her.


     On her back with her body folded up and her knees pressed against her ears, Ariel cried

out as the intruder pressed the tip of his steel shaft against the softened entrance to her ass.  

He slid in slow and deep with a constant pressure, sliding easily due to his work and the fluids

covering their glimmering bodies.  Her arms were trapped beneath her folded legs as she tried

to beat against his arms holding her.  She screamed and cried like a young girl as her thick,

round ass was violated but still continued cumming.  Her own cum dripped up her body,

splashing against her gasping face as he buried himself balls deep inside of her.


     There was a small moment when the intruder stopped, his cock parting her ass and his

balls resting between her cheeks.  He stared down at her gasping face and she stared up at his

eyes behind his mask.  “Please,” Ariel pleaded, “Don’t stop.”


     Without acknowledging that Ariel had even spoken, the intruder began jack-hammering

into her ass.  She could barely breath and her vision dimmed with lack of oxygen but she didn't

care as her young body was nearly split down the middle.  With his cock pounding her ass, the

intruder’s thumbs slipped into her gushing cunt as she cried out through her clenched jaw.  She

came the hardest she had cum all night, her entire body shivering and twitching as the man

buried himself as deep as he could inside of her.


     The last thing Ariel saw before she passed out was her intruder releasing her body and

straddling her thighs.  He fisted his cock, pointing it down at her and cumming, covering her

with his thick seed like a fire hose.  And then she passed out with a satisfied smirk on her lips.


     When Ariel woke up she was still naked and covered in dried cum from her face to her

aching vagina.  Every muscle in her body ached to the point that she could barely move.  Her

bed and both bedside tables were completely destroyed.  She didn't know what time it was or

how long she had been passed out but with the light coming through the blinds told her it was

day time.


     With her bedside table destroyed her clock was gone along with her phone.  Not that she

could think of who to call or what she would say had happened.


The End.

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