Emma's Casting Couch 2

BY : TheMidnightTalebearer
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Disclaimer: This is clearly a work of fiction. I do not know Emma Watson,nor do I make money through writing this story.

I cannot believe what just happened here,” Peters gasped once he was alone with his assistant. “I just groped a Disney princess! I was not supposed to enjoy that, but...”

“I couldn’t help it either,” Brian assured him. “She’s just too hot. God, I’ve never been so hard in my life, seeing her twerk like that, shaking her ass like a little-”

Brian’s hand flew over his mouth at once, a ghastly pall covered his face like a veil. He began frantically sputtering out an explanation, but Peters simply patted him on the shoulder.

“It’s alright, Brian. Our urges are going to get the better of us sometimes, but we have to work through it to get this movie made. Ms. Watson is right. More people need to know about Susana Jones, and we have a good chance to make that happen. I really gave Ms. Watson a break for us, so we weren’t still worked up when the next session began.”

“Does she know what we’ll have to do to her?” Brian asked, thoroughly ashamd of the eagerness in his voice.

“Eliza's explaining everything,” Peters returned, hooking his thumb to point at the door the secretary had come through. “We have to represent Susana’s experiences exactly, and her memoirs were clear about how her male and female customers behaved.”

The men fell silent, contemplating the task ahead, each struggling to deny to himself that he was looking forward to it. But when Peters shut his eyes, all his mind showed him was Emma Watson’s perfect ass gyrating in lace panties. He felt his cock twinge in his pants when he remembered the feel of her pussylips rubbing against his hand as she danced to the beat. The cloth that covered them had been wet and dripping.

The little minx loved it! he thought to himself. Then he struggled to bury the thought.

Brian wasn't doing much better. All his mind could hear was the smack of flesh against cloth covered flesh. His mind’s eye saw Emma squirming under his spankings, and he wondered if there were handprints on her ass to show for it. Surreptitiously, the assistant glanced up at a wall clock, and his foot began tapping lightly as he glanced at the door. By the time Emma’s break was up, neither man could hid his feelings. They said nothing, but each knew Ms. Watson was going to have a hard time of it.

Ms. Watson herself sat nervously in an antechamber, sipping Eliza’s famous rose hip tea. She would have died of embarassment if anyone else had seen her performance, but the first thing she’d had to do was change her panties. She couldn’t believe how wet she’d been, how wet she still was, after what had happened to her.

“I talk about how wrong sexualizing women is all the time,” she whispered to herself. “How could I have enjoyed something like that, even a little bit?”

Emma struggled to put what Eliza had told her out of her head and focus on the pleasant notes of the tea. But the flashes kept blaring across her mind. The names they would call her, the things they would do to her.

Disgusting! she crowed to herself over and over, but the teacup shook in a hand that loged to be between its owner’s legs. The minute the second hour ended, Emma stood up resolutely.

“Let’s get this over with,” she huffed, and Eliza led her back, wearing her little, knowing, smirk.

When she came through the door, Peters shook her hand again and again offered her the chance to walk away from the production. Again, Emma refused, and Peters began to explain that things were going to get rougher in a moment. When Emma assured him once again of her intent to proceed, Peters let out a long, deep sigh.

“Then get on your knees, slut!” he ordered sharply, quickly unzipping and fishing out seven inches of cock.

Emma’s face registered suprise at his tone, but she fell to her knees as ordered and took Peters’ cock in her hand. She had only done something like this a few times before for boyfriends she had been really devoted to. But Peters was no boyfriend. He was moaning with undisguised pleasure as Hermione Granger stroked his ever stiffening meat.

“Shit, that’s right, you dirty bitch! Jerk my fucking cock! Get it nice and hard for the back of your throat!”

As Emma complied, a thick pair of arms shot around her, and Brian began roughly squeezing her tits.

“You like that, cunt?” Brian demanded as he felt the pert flesh ripple under her dress. Emma’s only response was a loud moan as the assistant’s fingers began pinching her nipples.

“She can’t answr you, Brian. Her mouth is full,” Peters cut in, and with that, he shoved his cock in the said hole.

Emma coughed around the thick invader as saliva spiraled down her chin. She’d expected this, of course, but she’d thought it would come slowly. Instead, Peters was pumping her mouth like a jackhammer. It was warm and tight and wet around his cock so that the director’s mind echoed with wavs of lust. A second later, he took hold of the back of Emma’s head and forced her down until her nose touched his stomach.

As soon as she could, Emma yanked back her head, coughing loudly as ropes of spit fell to the carpet. More spit ropes connected her face and Peters’ dick, and the entire lower half of her face was a mess. It was then she noticed that her dress had been unzipped and her bra shoved carelessly out of the way. Brian was massaging her bare right tit, twisting the nipple vigorously, and the pain and pleasure was aking the actress drip.

“Oh, yes! Squeeze it for me!” Emma was surprised to hear herself say. “Keep twisting! it’s making my pussy leak!”

“I’m leaking too, bitch!” Peters grunted, shoving his meat in again. “Take all this precum down your gullet.”

“The whore is wet!” Brian called. He’d just shoved a hand down her panties. Pussy cream coated the entire crotch. Emma’s eyes popped open and her body gave a jol as the assistant’s middle finger slipped up her asshole.

Her face was a mess, her big eyes were red and full of tears and she was struggling to breathe around the piston in her mouth. But her cunt was on fire, and the finger felt ipossibly good. She began wildly humping against it while her right hand invaded her sodden underwear. She brushed the neatly trimmed triangle of hair above her cunt, giving it a few tugs befoe plunging three fingers in her inferno. There were gutteral groans as Peters went in balls deep and Brian pounded a second finger into Emma’s shitter.  

“Oh, God, yes! Fingerfuck my ass!” Emma screamed the next time Peters pulled out. “Being a dirty, little whore feels so fucking good. Fuck, please choke me with that cock, Mr. Peters. Use my princess throat like a fleshlight! Oh, fuck! I can’t believe what I’m saying! Use me like a goddammed whore! Hermione wants a wand up her cunt! Damnit, drill my ass, you dirty bastard!”

“Shit, Brian, we’ve created a fucking monster! Gimme your throat, slut! Sing while I violate your hole! God yes, bitch, sing “Belle” while my dickmeat rams your tonsils. Shit, it’s so fucking tight! She’s gonna make me cum!”

“You’re not alone, sir,” grunted Brian as he shed his pants and pulled his fingers from Emma’s ass. Peters popped out his cock and Emma eagely accepted the fingers that replaced it, sucking her ass juices like a half-starved pig.

She yelped and groaned as Brian suddenly drove eight inches of thick cock in her ass. Peters replaced his cock, pulling Emma on all fours, and the two pounded her with gusto, positively dizzy with lust. Peters felt Emma screaming around his cock, and a spasm seized her entire body as a thunderous orgasm roiled over her.

“Her eyes are rolling, and she’s squirting like a fountain!” Brian cried. “And her asshole’s squeezing the cum out of my cock!”

“Yeah, man! Buttfuck that bitch! Shove it deep in her ass! Fuck! I cant...bitch is gonna get it in her throat!”

So saying, as waves of filthy pleasure buried Emma, Peters forced her head all the way down his cock. He came hard, and the invader prevented Ms, Watso from spitting, so, with several choking motions, she swallowed the thick load. A moment later, Brian cried out and slammed into her ass, blasting Emma’s bowels with thick ropes of cum. When he pulled himself out, some jism oozed down her crack to find a home on her twitching pussy.

“You’re amazing, Ms. Watson,” Brian huffed, surveying the scene. “I’ve never...God, that was the best...”

“Thank you,” Emma panted. “Oh, God, I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“I don’t think we need a third session, Ms. Watson. We can start filming in a month.”

“We certainly do,” Emma corrected. “I need to go through everything Susana did. It’s the only way I’ll be able to deliver a strong performance. And...I need this,” she whispered, looking up at both men with pleading eyes. “Hermione Granger wants a wand in her cunt.”

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