Ariana Grande - The Slutty Recruit

BY : Tricky_Dick
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Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. I do not know Ariana Grande or have anything to do with her. I make no money from this story.

Ariana Grande picked up her cell phone and her agent began speaking.....  It was a GREAT opportunity to do something for the troops and help her image.  The video of her saying "I hate Americans" was EVERYWHERE and while she wasn't that terribly concerned about it, her agent was.


"Ari....  You should do this.  It's a quick flight.... you do a show.... the troops will go crazy for you and America will forget about the donut shop."  She reluctantly agreed.  She was already in Europe.... it would be a short hop into the war zone and she'd only be there for a day or two.  Of course most of her entourage was like.... NOT INTERESTED.....   "We'll wait for you to get back."  "I do NOT want to go to the desert."  Even her boyfriend was like..... "Babe.... It's cool that you're doing this, but I don't want to be around all those grunts.  Just go and do the publicity thing and we'll throw a party when you get back."


Only slightly miffed at her hangers on.....  Ari packed a small bag of stuff and met with the personnel who had arrived to drive her to the army base where her flight to Iraq would leave.  They gave her a flak jacket and she settled in for what would be a short flight.  A couple hours later she was in Al Asad Air base in Iraq.


The men drove her immediately to a prefabricated building where she would be able to rest, shower and change.


The show would be that evening.... and from looks and smiles she was getting from the men who saw her.... this was going to be a great show.



The regular USO went off without a hitch but as they neared the end, Ariana slipped on her headset and prepared to take the stage.  Her tracks were all ready to go and the host announced a surprise guest.  Ladies and Gentlemen..... ARIANA GRANDE!!!


She took the stage and the crowd ROARED in approval.... screams and whistles flew at her as the men drooled for the scantily clad youngster.  She wasted no time kicking things up a notch.... being extra sexy.... and even gave a soldier a KISS!  He about passed out.



Hot and sweaty from her excellent performance she was anxious to get back to her dorm and shower up..... She was happy to have this publicity stunt out of the way and wanted to get back to her friends.  After she was dropped off Ariana stripped down and hopped in the shower.... little did she know that her "training" was about to begin.


She had just turned off the shower when the lights went off.  Stumbling around in the dark she found the switch and flipped it up and down.... nothing.  Suddenly she was grabbed from behind.... an arm wrapped around her slender neck and cut off her air supply.  She struggled to no avail and quickly passed out.





Ariana awoke shortly thereafter to bright lights pointed at her.  As her eyes began to adjust she immediately became frightened as her legs were tied down and her wrists bound behind her..... Still naked, she was straddling some black contraption with a knob of sorts inserted inside her....  it was vibrating.... with a low hum.  She was already a little wet from the sensation and when she attempted to move it only wormed it's way around her insides making her shiver as the vibrations rippled through her.


"What the hell is, let me go...  OOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!   The vibrations suddenly intensified and Ari stiffened as she was unable to stay quiet.  Her cunt unconsciously squeezed at the intrusion.  Her body uncontrollably tensed and she vainly tried to get off the device only furthering the sensations brought on by the knob.  As she moved, she rocked forward to pull at the binds holding her hands, pressing her already swelling clit against the raised bumps at the base of the knob.  She moaned as her knees betrayed her, giving way and letting her clit rest down against it.... Her struggles had only aided the machine's job and an orgasm took her in a shuddering climax.


The vibrations minimized again as she caught her breath.  A Voice from behind her barked out.  "Alright you slutty recruit.  The first words I hear out your slut mouth had better be Sir and the last words out of your mouth had better be Sir.... do you understand me?!"  "Wha.... AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....   As she immediately failed to follow orders the vibrations were turned up higher than before.  Ari arched and threw her head back unable to think clearly.  "What's the matter slut.... can't you follow simple instructions?"  Yes sir she offered weakly.....  The vibrations went back to high.  "AHHHHHHHHH" she cried out......   "I can't hear you!"  "Sir yes Sir" Ariana offered loudly.  "That's more like it.... slut".


The vibrations were dropped down low again.... Ari was able to regain her composure.  The voice spoke, "You hate Americans?"


"No... I don OHHHHHHHHHHHH"  Again the vibrations ripped through her tiny body and she wiggled uncontrollably against it, only making it more effective.  The vibrations stopped before she came this time.  A screen lit up across the room.  Ari heard and saw herself saying "I hate Americans."  "You're a slutty little liar aren't you?"  "No I didn't mean..... AAHHHHHHHHHHHH"..... Once again the vibrator roared to life, her hips betraying her and rocking back and forth.  Closer and closer she came to exploding and suddenly it stopped again just short.


"So now you love America?"  "Yes.... Sir.... Sir yes sir" she quickly corrected herself.  "I don't believe you SLUT".  You're going to have to PROVE your loyalty.  "Sir yes sir." Ari offered, unsure of what exactly that meant.


"Recite the Pledge of Allegiance!" the voice demanded.


Ariana realized that she didn't know it....  She looked around dumbly and weakly offered.... "I don't know  OHHHHHHHHHHHHH   GAWD!"  The vibrations became very intense.... almost as if the user was angry that she didn't know.  The men watched as Ariana Grande was unable to resist the temptation to grind against the Sybian machine..... closer and closer she came to her orgasm.  And then the vibrations eased..... keeping her from her goal.  Ari moaned and mewed..... not wanted to like it but unable to resist it.


"So you don't even KNOW the Pledge of Allegiance?"  "Sir no sir" she peeped.... embarrassed.  "Well, it's time you learned it.... SLUT!  Let's just see how good your memory is."


Now the four men in the room recited the Pledge perfectly.  Ariana listened to them and tried to remember the whole thing.


"Your turn SLUT!"  Ari began to speak "I pledge allegiance to the flag.... AHHHHHHHH   The vibrations came back harshly..... "Keep going SLUT!"  "Of the United.... States.... OH Ah.... Of .... A.... mer... icaaaahhhh....   (She was so close to cumming)..... the men tortured her with pulsating waves of the vibrator.....


"Keep going SLUT".... She forgot the words and they made her start over again.  She failed to remember again and again.....   Finally she was able to finish the pledge.  Ariana's body was covered in sweat.... her clit was burning.... her cunt was twitching..... aching to cum again.  The vibration waves were torture as they kept her right on the verge of cumming but just not enough.  Her traitorous hips ground into the machine but no amount of grinding was going to get her there.  Now the vibrations eased only making her want more.


"What's the matter slut.... do you want to cum?"  She nodded willingly.....  OHHHAHHHHH.... and just as quickly the vibration stopped .... "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"....  "Sir yes sir!" she cried out......  "Yes to what.... SLUT..... I want you to beg for it."  Ariana realized that she had no choice.... she conceded.  "Yes sir, please make me cum.... please sir."


Now the men moved in closer and suddenly Ariana could see the cameras.  Her eyes widened as she knew that they had been filming everything. "Oh god.... you're taping this?"  The voice from behind pulled her ponytail.... forcing her head back and pushing the vibrator knob against her G spot.  The Sybian roared to life again.... as one camera focused on her cunt and the other on her contorted face.  Ari was helpless as her cunt dripped juices all over the knob.  She was close..... and didn't say a word for fear that they would stop the device again.


The leader released her hair and moved quickly to his knees while another soldier pulled her back.  The leader locked his lips around her burning clit.... sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue.  The soldier from behind gave her nipples little pinches of encouragement.  Ari lost all control and thrust her hips to meet his advances, her eyes rolled back in her head.  "OH GAWD, OH GAWD... OH MY GAAAAAWWWDDD!"  She came harder than she ever had before.


When she came down.... the man behind her released her legs and pulled her off the knob.  The leader buried his tongue inside her.... lapping up her juices.  "Mmmmm.... oh Sir..... Oh SIR......  so good.... ahhh.....  please don't stop."  Ari knew that camera was focused on her cunt but she didn't care anymore.  The wonderful licking by this expert was delightful.  When he was satisfied the leader stood up and said, "Now THAT is a tasty SLUT".


The man moved her back onto the knob and her restraints were tightened again.  The machine resumed it's vibrations and Ari happily rocked along with it.  The men stripped and the leader brought his large throbbing cock up to her face.  Ari's eyes widened and she considered turning her head away..... her hesitation was met with another dose of the Sybian.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... she cried out only to be suddenly muffled when the large cock was pressed into her moaning mouth.


"Alright SLUT.... Let's see how good your "oral skills" are.... the men laughed as Ari was forced to suck his cock.  It was bigger than any cock she'd ever sucked..... The waves of vibration increased and she began to enjoy the feeling of his thick shaft pumping into her mouth.  The leader grabbed her ponytail again fucked her face.  The better she did the more intense the Sybian became until she was nearly cumming again.  The leader pulled out..... "Tell me you want my cum"  Ari had swallowed before..... so she began..... "I want you to cum"....   Now the Sybian pulsed differently....  "Try again SLUT" barked the leader.  "Oh Gawd.... Oh GAWD.... Please sir.... please cum in my mouth..... I want to taste you in my mouth.  The leader resumed fucking her face and Ariana took as much as she could, sucking as hard as she could, genuinely wanting his jizz to coat her throat.  The Sybian ramped up again and Ariana sucked with complete abandon as the leader pumped her face.  Then..... he came.... thick wads of hot cream burst into her mouth..... The Sybian peaked and Ariana came too..... MMMMM...MMMMMM..HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM..... she moaned her mouth still locked onto his cock.  Mewing and purring in satisfaction she finally let his cock slip from her mouth.  Her thoughts a mix of endorphins and fantasies.



Finally Ari's hands and legs were untied.  They eased her off the Sybian and the leader laid her down on a pad on the floor..... he opened her legs to the camera.... she complied.  One of the men climbed in between her legs and began to lick and suck her dripping pussy.  Ari rocked her hips in approval.  The leader held one camera while the other was on a tripod.  The young soldier put his fingers inside Ariana's tight love box and began to finger her G spot.  She had heard about it, but never had it done.  She thrust her hips up vigorously and moaned until a new cock found her mouth.  She took in as much as she could..... furiously rewarding the men. 


The leader watched as she switched to the other cock near her face...... Soon she was cumming..... The man licking her didn't even slow down.... he kept her rocking and arching and bucking while the others fucked her face..... then one of them exploded a river of goo into her mouth.  Ariana squealed a delightful coo as his cream pumped into her mouth.....  Now the other man resumed fucking her face.  She'd never swallowed so much cum before.... and there was something about how dirty this all was.... she felt deliciously slutty and was beginning to revel in her wanton lust.  She cradled the other soldiers balls, taking him deeply in her mouth and purred on his cock watching his face....


Ariana could see the camera right over his shoulder and she gave the lens the sexiest gaze and waited as he contorted and exploded in her mouth.  She was close to cumming again but made sure to let some of his cum ooze from the corners of her mouth before using his cock to mop up her face.  Then she turned her gaze to her hero and let her focus go.  Hips bucking, she hooked her legs around his head and ran her fingers though his short hair.  "Yes baby.... Oh Gawd....  Oh my gawd.... you're sooo good.... please sir.... please sir..... oh yes yes YESSSS.... she hissed as her pussy fluttered and clenched on his fingers gushing her sweet juices.  Now the others each took turns drinking her.... Ariana laid back and enjoyed the nasty sensations as each man slid his tongue inside to lap up her juices.  She knew what would come next and she WANTED IT.



Ariana Grande had been fucked before.... she'd sucked cock and swallowed cum.... but she'd never been gang banged before.  She had her pussy eaten.... very nicely...... but this one young soldier had destroyed any thought that her boyfriend was any match for him.... and HE KNEW IT.  He smiled a knowing smile at her and she blushed.


"On your knees SLUT" the leader barked reminding her that she was still a slave.  "You like my boy Ricky huh?"  The camera was right in her face.  "Sir yes sir." she replied looking into his eyes.   "Good..... suck his cock.... SLUT."  She happily complied taking her time with this last one.  She wanted to reward him for the multiple orgasms she enjoyed at his hand.... literally.  Ariana swirled her tongue around his head licking the precum up as it oozed out.  One camera stayed focused tight on her face and the cock in her mouth.... the other over his shoulder looking down into her fantastic eyes as she made love to his cock.  Ariana purposefully took her time... building him up, licking his balls.... stroking his rocket.  He didn't have to fuck her face.... no.... she wanted him to cum.... and when she felt like he was ready she took him deeply into her mouth.... with all her might she pumped her mouth over his cock.... humming, mewing..... purring for his cream.  She looked deeply into his eyes and caressed his balls and he exploded.  She cooed as cum erupted from his twitching cock.  Ari raked her nails over his balls making them clench out every drop of juice he had.  Then she continued to move it gently in and out of her mouth.... keeping her attention away from his sensitive head and focused on his shaft.... she wrapped her finger and thumb around his member and milked it and she could feel it coming back to life.  A grin escaped her lips as the blood pumped back into him.  He looked down at her lovingly and lustfully.  He wasn't supposed to cum yet but the his part of the plan was still in place.  Ricky pulled his cock from her mouth now stiff again..... and Ari licked her lips in satisfaction.  "Thank you sir..... that was delicious."


The leader spoke more calmly now motioning for a glass.  "Rinse your mouth Slut."  A glass full of green liquid was handed to her.  Ariana realized that she smelled mouthwash and rinsed her mouth out.... spiting out the rinse into a bucket.


"You're a good little Slut now aren't you?" he said with a smirk.  "Sir yes sir." she said with a smile.  "On your back, Slut".... Ariana complied..... spreading her legs.  Ricky was going to be first.... the other guys were jealous but he had earned it and they knew they'd get their chance.


Ricky knelt down between her legs and the leader knelt by her head.....  "For your next test.... You're not going to be a slut.... You're going to be a good girl in love..... got it recruit?"  She looked at the leader and he nodded to Ricky..... Ariana immediately got it.  Ricky gave her pussy a short lick.... sliding his tongue inside her.... she still tasted fantastic.... Ariana was amazed at how many times she came and how much more she had to give.


Ricky positioned his cock at her folds.  Ariana anticipated him entering her..... The cameras focused on her face and the other on his cock pressing inside.  "Ohhhhhhhhh....  yes.... she hissed".  Her heat was intense and it made Ricky's cock throb..... "Oh gawd she's tight." The other men smiled knowing they were going to feel that cunt too.  But for now it was sweet.....


Ricky pressed deeper.... Ari had all this attention so far but nothing but fingers inside her so this thickness was delightful.  Ricky took her legs and rested them on his elbows.  He began to pump and Ariana met his thrusts with her hips.  No wasted thoughts or actions.... she wanted his cock in her.... she wanted to cum on his cock so badly.... her pussy squeezed him and his thrusts increased in intensity.  "Oh Ricky..... Oh gawd baby...."  "Tell him you love him"..... whispered the leader....   "Oh baby.... you're so good.... MMM HMMMM... harder baby.... you feel so good..... I'm so hot .....  I LOVE YOU....."  Ricky laid down across her body and got face to face with her.  "I love you Ari"..... and he kissed her deeply.  She lovingly kissed him back and wrapped her legs around his back moaning and gripping him tightly as he pumped into her.



Now Ricky moved her legs up onto his shoulders and the cameras moved.... Ariana knew he was going to fuck her hard and she wanted him to hammer her.


Ariana tensed for a moment and Ricky drove his cock deep into her.... Ah... AH AHHHH.... Hard and fast his thrusts were like electric shocks as his pelvis hit her swollen clit.  Ariana was seeing stars..... she was going to cum HARD....  "AH AHH... OH GAWD , RICKY .... I ... LOVE.... YOU... BABY FUCK ME.... FUCK ME.... FUCK ME...... AHHHHHHHH..... "  Ari bucked and came clawing at him.... and finally he slowed and eased out of her dripping cunt.  Ari was a little confused because he didn't cum yet but it didn't matter because the next man was up and ready to pump her love tunnel.



"Alright you dirty slut..... you ready for more cock?" "Sir yes sir!" she chirped...  The next man drove his rod deep into her..... his was a little longer and touched her nicely.  "OOOOHHHH..... Sir..... yes sir...."  "You like that little slut?"  "Sir.....  Yes..... Sir she yelped as each thrust made her gasp.  UGH UGH UGH .... her hips rocked up hard to meet his thrusts..... She was theirs to do with as they pleased.  She WAS their Slut and she liked it too.  Ari was ready to explode again...... toes curled.... again clawing at this man as his cock drove her to another earth shaking climax.  Then he pulled out.


Finally the next man prepared.... he turned her over onto her knees.  He positioned his cock against her dripping pussy and grabbed her ponytail..... He expertly thrust all the way inside her with one motion pulling back on her hair.  "OH GAWD... she cried out.... But instead of fucking her regular doggie.... he held her shoulders pulling her arms behind her.... and pounded away at her.  "Yeah..... you filthy slut..... you like it like that don't you?"  "Yes .... yes.... oh yes sir.... puh.... leeze..... gawd.... fuck.... fuck..... oh yes fuck me.... fuck .. me.... FUCK ME.... OHHHHHH..... Her whole body shook.... her small breasts jiggled as he pounded her from behind.  Ariana looked at the leader and watched his lustful gaze travel over her body.... she knew HE was next.  This last man was thick and he was making her grunt with pleasure.  "Sir.... Oh Sir.... so DEEP.... so GOOD..... please please don't stop....."  She threw her head back and came again.  She slumped forward on the mat, panting....


Now the leader picked her up..... He took her past the lights into the shower where this all started and her set her down and turned on the water.  The warm water washed over her sensitive body.... he held her and washed her.... When she was all clean all the men dried her off.  Then the leader lead her to a bed.  The cameras came on other side as he pulled her onto the mattress.  He laid her down on the mattress and climbed onto her.  He kissed her and she kissed back..... he took his time licking down her body.... sucking on her nipples and working his way to her honeypot.  She been eaten so much but this "slow hand" had her juices running again.


The leader opened her wide and began with licks to her pussy lips.... licking her petals open. Ari burned as he deftly pressed all her buttons.  The cameras capturing every second.  Now the leader flicked her clit with his tongue and made her gasp..... his fingertips teasing at her dripping folds.  "Oh Sir.... please.... I'll do anything you want..... please fuck me..... I want you."  The leader slid his fingers inside and found her magic spot.  Ariana froze for a moment then tensed and arched her entire pelvis off the mattress.  The leader repeated his early conquest of her clit surrounding it with his mouth and flicking it furiously while he rubbed her G spot.


AH UGH... OH... MMM.... HA.... GEEZ.... FUCK... OH GAWD.... OH SIR..... AHH.. AHHA.... I'M GONNA.... CUM.... DON'T STOP.... OH FUCK.... OH FUCK.... .OH GAWD..... FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK.....  Ariana flopped around like a fish out of water huffing and puffing her pussy all juicy and dripping..... just aching to be fucked.  Now was the time.


The leader moved up and pressed his thick cock head inside of Ari.  "UGH.... UGH.... OH.... SHIT..... UGH.... IT'S HUGE."  The leader held her head and stared into her eyes...."What's the matter dirty slut..... don't you want this big hard cock deep inside your tiny, tight little pussy?"   Ariana looked up at him filled with lust and replied.... "Oh yes sir.... yes sir.... please..... He drove it in deeper   UGH she grunted.... Now about half way in.  Ariana tried to wiggle her hips a little.  It didn't help much.  "AHHHH.... UGH.... FUCK IT'S SO BIG!"  The leader pressed deeper until finally he bottomed out.  Ariana had never felt so impaled.  She was half scared and half excited to see what it was going to feel like.


The leader took up her legs..... he pulled out and thrust it all the way in.   "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....  OH HOLY SHIT!"....... UGH..... UMPH..... AH.... OH.... OH  OH..... And that began the relentless pounding.  Ariana came fast and hard.... "Oh Sir.... please, please, fuck gawd.... yes.... oh.... OH .....OH GAWD..... OH GAWD... OH YES.... HAAAAAA...... FUUUUUUUCK!  Her body frozen in place, Ariana's cunt gripped the large cock and throbbed on it her juices almost squirting out of her pussy.


Now dazed the leader easily flipped her over doggy style.  One of the men plunged his cock into her open mouth..... and the gang bang was on.  After another squealing orgasm the leader rolled her on top of him...... Cowboy style.  She liked the idea of riding him.  From behind one of the other men positioned against her ass....  Ariana had never been fucked in the ass.... but it wasn't like she could say no.  His cock was lubed up and believe it or not, he was gentle.... holding her steady impaled on the leader's cock.... he pressed into her ass with steady pressure until he was all the way in.  He eased her forward and into her mouth came another cock.  Now with three holes filled she was ready to be pumped full of cum.


The men were relentless..... pumping pulling and thrusting into this willing fuck doll.... Ariana lost all touch with reality and when the men erupted rivers of cum insider her..... her body just quivered in orgasmic response.  Cum dripping from all her holes.... she had one last task..... "Give Ricky the 'Money shot'."  She knew what a money shot was.... she'd never had a guy cum on her face but it was THIS guy.... and well she kinda liked him..... and she was a nasty slut so....... you know.


Cum still dripping from her ass and pussy.... she slipped Ricky's cock into her mouth.  There was something about this guy and she liked it..... They moved together quickening the pace until Ricky was ready to blow..... the cameras were super focused and Ariana pulled his cock out and jerk it vigorously..... Ricky couldn't hold on anymore and blasted her nose and check with a rail.... then another went across her mouth, nose and eyes..... another rail splattered onto her forehead and hair.... and the last couple of bursts landed on her lips.


"Alright slutty recruit.  You have PASSED basic training.  You are now a Slutty Private!"


The camera focused on her face.... Ariana was rubbing the cock head around her face and licking the cum off it..... "Sir Yes Sir" she grinned.



The End.



Epilogue.  The next morning the four men showed up at Ariana's dorm.  They gently woke her and ushered her to the shower.  She rinsed off..... they each gave her some licking, fucking and she graduated after another round of blowjobs.


The leader went last.... and the other men left.... so he had her all to himself.  Laying her down he moved inside her once again.  Honestly she was glad..... It was slow and deliberate.  She looked into his eyes.... he was older but strong and virile.  His hair had just a touch of gray and this mature man owned her.  His thick hard cock drove her to ecstasy.  In the end they were kissing..... he was buried deep inside her twitching pussy, her legs wrapped tightly around him and they came together.  It was the best sex she'd ever had.


The leader reminded her of the video as a warning.... not to get any ideas.  "What happens in Iraq stays in Iraq." "Sir yes Sir." she said with a smile.


Then Ari reached down and grabbed his cock, "I thought there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?".....  They both started laughing hysterically.

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