Ariana Grande - The Slutty Private

BY : Tricky_Dick
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Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. I do not know Ariana Grande or have anything to do with her. I make no money from this story.

Ariana's husband watched in shock and dismay as his beautiful, sexy wife was lustfully ravaged by 4 military men including an officer with a cock bigger than his.  Instead of being raped, his "wife" was enthusiastically sucking, fucking and swallowing their cum.  She was their whore.  "It's your pussy Sir she shouted without concern for her "husband".  (HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN HE THOUGHT)....


For that we have to go back two weeks earlier.  The Major had landed back in the US from being on tour in Iraq.  With no particular place to be he decided to rent out a big house on the beach in CA.  He had plenty of money and prepaid for a month.  The owner was HAPPY to have a decorated military veteran staying at his property.  The Major settled in and unpacked and the first thing he did was call her.  He'd been thinking, dreaming about Ariana since the night they "recruited" her.... Her face, her eyes.... her tight pussy.  He couldn't stop thinking about her.  Truth be told she often thought about him too.... and the other guys in their little Slut Squad.  He hadn't called her or communicated at all and was nervous that she'd even answer or remember him. 


"Hello" the familiar voice spoke.  "Ariana.... this is Major Reed" he said very professionally.  "Hang on" she said quickly and then he heard nothing.... but some background noise..... then he heard a door slam.  "Major Reed?!" she said excitedly.  "Ariana.... is that you?" he replied.  "YES... YES IT'S ME!  Oh my God I'm so happy to hear from you..... where are you?  Are you still in Iraq?" she gushed.  "No sweetheart.... I'm here in California." he replied.  "WOW!  That's wonderful." she replied now realizing that he was probably there to see her..... and fuck her.  "I'd like to see you." he said.  "Yes.... I'd like that too... very much but I'm married now." she replied.  "Are you disobeying a lawful order private?" he said with a knowing smirk in his voice.  "Sir no sir" she replied..... "But Sir, I'm married now.... " she continued.  "Your first duty is to The Squad.  Sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good.  But before all that, I have an assignment for you." he replied smiling to himself with the little plan for fun that he had worked out.  "An assignment?  What kind of assignment?" she asked.  "If you want to get your promotion to Private 1st Class you're going to have to sing The National Anthem." he replied.  Knowing that nothing is ever as easy as it sounds with Major Reed....  "Am I going to be riding that machine again while I'm trying to sing??" she said with a secret smile.  "It's called a Sybian and no sweetheart.... I want you to sing it at an Angel's baseball game." he replied.  "That's it?" she said suspiciously.  "That's it." he replied... withholding vital information about WHO else was going to be there.  "When am I performing?" she asked.  "I'll call you back with all the details.  For now I just wanted to let you know I'm here." he said.  "I'm really happy to hear that.  I've thought about you..... worried a little bit too." she admitted.  "Well don't worry angel.... I'm home now and I missed my Slutty Private." he said.  "Hmmmm" she sighed thinking about him slamming that big cock in her again.  "I'll be in touch soon with the details.  Bye Ariana." he said.  "Goodbye" she replied and they hung up.  Ariana had to admit to herself that the idea of getting fucked by Major Reed.... or even the whole Slut Squad sounded fantastic but now that she was married it felt wrong to cheat on her husband...... still.... her pussy twitched just hearing the authoritative sound of Major Reed's voice.... remembering him commanding her to swallow cum and telling her what a hot slut she was..... without realizing it Ariana was rubbing her clit.  She pulled her panties aside and went for it..... "Yes I'm a slut..... fuck me hard Sir..... Oh sir yes sir.... sir yes sir...... ohhhhhhhhh  SIR!" and she made herself cum.


The Major made a few phone calls and soon his plan was complete.  He arranged for a specific Color Guard to present the flag at the game.  He got Ariana booked as the singer of the National Anthem and he drove over to the stadium and met with the Operations Manager and requested access to a storage locker as a special favor.  A couple hundred bucks and he had a key to a large room that kept some extra equipment that rarely got used.


A couple days later and The Major called Ariana and gave her the details.  She was excited by the idea of seeing the Major but very nervous about him meeting her husband... who was of course interested in going to the game and seeing his wife sing.  She didn't know WHAT to expect.


Ariana arrived in a Black Range Rover well before the crowds rolled in.  She was introduced to the staff that worked at the stadium and did the sound.  She performed a brief sound check and took some pictures with them.... then went to a guest box that was reserved for her.  Her husband immediately began to drink and eat the snacks.  "Pete... please don't get too drunk okay?" she asked.  "Relax.... we're going to be here for awhile... Let's enjoy ourselves...... Don't be such a buzzkill." he sniped.  She let that go not wanting to start a fight when her phone buzzed.  A text from the Major.  "Report for duty in section 103 immediately"  Ariana watched as Pete was drinking and watching batting practice and other things happening on the screens.... he didn't even notice when she left.


Ariana hurried to the elevator and made her way to Section 103.  Finally she saw him.  Major Reed.  She checked all around to see if anyone was looking and then she ran to him and jumped on him wrapping her legs around him and they kissed long and hard.  She hadn't kissed him in almost a year and it brought back all the crazy lusty feelings for both of them.


The Major set her down and took her hand to lead her to his special location.  He used his key to open the darkened room and Ariana got suspicious.... but with a smile.  Once the door was closed it was pitch black in there and then the lights were flipped on.  There was the Slut Squad standing in front of her!  "OH MY GOD!! YOU GUYS!!!!" she squealed and rushed into their waiting arms.... kisses and hugs and ass grabs and everything.... and then she saw Ricky.... "Hi Ari" he said......  She didn't even respond, she just kissed him and squeezed his cock....... "Hi yourself."


"SLUT SQUAD ATTEN TION!" barked the Major.  And they all snapped to full attention including Ariana.  "Private Ariana are you prepared for advancement?"  "Sir Yes Sir" she barked back with a grin.  "Really?  Because you're NOT out of uniform private." and the squad laughed.  "You wouldn't want that pretty dress all covered in cum would you?" the Major continued in a condescending and teasing major... making the men snicker.  "Sir No Sir" she replied shaking her head at his taunts.  Then she unzipped her dress and slipped it off.  One of the men took it from her and Ricky held her hand as she undid her shoes and he took those as the others helped her get naked.


Then they lifted her off the ground with her legs spread and Ricky buried his face in her pussy.  "OHHHHHH Ricky.... baby.... I missed yoooooou.... gawd."  Ricky's tongue played with her luscious pussy until she was going to burst and then he slipped his magical fingers onto her G spot and Ari bucked and thrashed "Ohhhh.... Ohhhhhh OHHHH.... GOD.... UHHHH.... HUUHHHH.... OH GOD .... YES BABY..... MAKE ME CUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM and she trembled as Ricky made her pussy twitch.


Now the men lowered her onto the Sybian again which she squeaked in delight and the Major turned it right on.  "OOOHHHHHHH GAWD" she purred.  Instantly she was surrounded by cocks.  Ariana rocked happily knowing she could cum again and again on this machine..... (why haven't I bought one of these) she thought.  "Alright you hot slutty private.... if you're going to sing our National Anthem then you're going to need some vocal warm ups.... What are you waiting for you dirty slut?" the Major barked.  Ari's pussy was twitching.... her heart was pounding and she needed no encouragement to suck these cocks.  One after the other she sucked them off... moaning as each man deposited his cream in her mouth.  Ricky caressed her face as she fervently sucked his juice out.... she loved his taste. 


Then the trio lifted her off the Sybian and held her in the air for the Major.  With her legs spread open The Major walked up to her pussy and buried his face in it.  The men had her so secure it was almost funny.  Her head tilted up so she could watch him eat her out.... He slipped his fingers right inside her.... hit he G spot and sucked her until her eyes rolled back in her head.  Now he pulled his cock out..... raging.... and pointed it at her tiny pussy.  Ari was soooo ready to get fucked.  And they held her as he impaled her with his missile.  "UUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH" she groaned as he drove it deeply into her channel.  She hadn't had a cock like that since his.  The way he stretched her pussy was mind blowing.... she really would do pretty much anything he wanted.  Now the Major held her by the back of her neck and slammed into her pussy as the men watched.  It was truly captivating to see this MAJOR SINGING SENSATION.... turned into a cum guzzling slut by their leader.  "UH  UH  UH  UHH.... OHHH..... GOD.... SIR.... OH.... FUCK ME..... FUCK ME..... I'M YOUR SLUT.... OH GOD.... OH GOD..... OH GAAAAAWWWWDD!" and she came in a shuddering mess, her pussy clutching at his cock.


The men pulled her off and effortlessly flipped her over and The Major drove his monster right back insider her cunt.... "AWWWWWGAWD" as he took her from behind.  Again they watched as The Major ravished the sweet starlet.... she was his willing slave girl...... her cunt oozing and twitching on his throbbing shaft.... she came again.


Now the men set her down and The Major slid his cock into her mouth.  Ariana caressed his balls pumping with all her might and taking as much of him in as she could.  Finally he was going to burst.  The Major pulled out and jerked off on her surprised face..... rope after rope of thick white cum coated her face....... and then The Major rubbed his cock all over it pushing little gobs of spunk into her mouth as she kept cleaning off his cock.  Her makeup was ruined but she didn't care... Her pussy was oozing.... Her head was buzzing and the taste of hot salty cum was in her mouth.


"Alright Private Grande you SLUT....  You have passed the first stage of your advancement.  Congratulations.  You will be advised where your next assignment will be." barked The Major.  The men helped her put on her clothes but she still had streaks of cum on her face so she had to find a bathroom and get cleaned up right away..... The Major enjoyed knowing that her husband was clueless that his wife just sucked off four men, got fucked and took a full load to her face.  He KNEW who Pete was..... another one of those SNL comedians who just wasn't funny.


Ariana made her way back to the suite and hustled into the bathroom to wash up and redo her make up..... Her pussy twitched and ached for more of The Slut Squad's cock, she only got fucked by The Major.... she missed Ricky's cock..... Pete didn't even notice that she was gone.



Finally it came time to sing.  Ariana in her beautiful sparkly dress with Pete in tow, made her way down to the field and there was the Slut Squad in dress uniforms with the flags ready to present the colors.  "These rednecks and their guns..... You know why these guys join the Marines?  So they can kill people of color.... They have these big guns to cover up for their tiny penises." Pete bitched.  What he didn't know was that The Major heard every word.  "These MEN are part the finest fighting force in the world.  The tip of the spear!  (The squad all yelled UHRAH)  They are the best men I know and I'd go BACK into combat with them tomorrow.  They joined the Marines to protect this country and YOUR FREEDOM to say whatever stupid thing you want to say on Saturday Night Live." said The Major.  Pete was humiliated that his remarks were overheard..... especially by a war hero.  Ariana just scowled at him for embarrassing her.  "Why don't you go back up to the box..... I'll met you there." she seethed.  Pete just nodded and left..... Little did he know that this wouldn't be the last time he'd see these four men.


Ariana apologized profusely to the guys and they stayed serious.... It was time.  Ariana took the field with them and SANG HER ASS OFF!  One of the best versions of the National Anthem since Whitney.  Everyone said so.  She really wanted to kiss all the guys goodbye.... especially The Major but there were just too many people around.  She ended up going home with Pete shortly after the game started.  They didn't talk much except for Pete complaining that he never would have said that stuff if he knew The Major was there.  She said nothing... and took a long soothing shower and left Pete to sleep alone.  She dreamt about the guys and how much she loved the way they handled her..... She was so used to giving orders and being catered to...  she really enjoyed these strong, brave men who would grab her and take her body.... and do what they wanted with her.... make her cum again and again.... (They've never hurt me.... not a bit.) she thought.  She thought of The Major and how protective of her he was... and that huge cock..... OH GOD how good it felt.... she missed that.  And Ricky..... so handsome, strong... Niiice cock.... and he tasted so good..... best cum of all the guys in the group and when he would eat her out..... she swore that he could make her see God.


The weekend was coming up and Pete wanted to put the whole Anthem thing behind them....  The Major had "other" plans.  Friday The Major sent Ariana another text giving her orders to report to his beach house for Final Advancement Training which she knew meant fucking her brains out.  She told Pete that she wanted to do something on her own this weekend.... just some "me time" as she put it.  Pete knew he was still in the dog house.... even though the media had no idea what he had said.  SHE and the Marines who were there were the only ones who knew what he had said.


Ariana packed a bikini.... not that she would need it and a change of clothes (something to wear home) in case they tore her clothes right off her..... and jumped in her car and she was gone.  She even turned off her phone when she arrived at The Major's house.  Upon entering she found the men all waiting for her.  No military yelling.... just lots of genuine hugs and kisses and some drinks and food.  They laughed and talked dirty about what a naughty slutty girl she was when they first met.  They talked about her music.... Ricky was an expert and could even sing some of her songs..... they harmonized a little.  At one point the whole group got naked and soaked in the hot tub.... it was a GREAT Afternoon. 


Then they had a late lunch and Ricky took Ari aside and asked her.... "How do you feel about me?"  Ariana was surprised by the question. "I love all your guys.... you're always...." "No.... Ariana..... Just Me.... How do you feel about me?" he asked again.  "Ricky, you are so handsome and REALLY good to me... I can't say no to you.... and you're so sweet to me.... I think about you (more than the others)" she said quietly.  "What about The Major.... he seems to get your motor running." Ricky replied.  "Yeah... I won't lie.... His cock is huge..... but I don't think I could do that every night." she replied honestly.  Plus he's like my dad's age..... but I still love him." she added.  "More than me?" Ricky pressed.  Ariana looked into his eyes searching for what was going on..... "No.... not more than you.  I mean I haven't seen you in nearly a year but I've never forgotten the way you made me feel in Iraq.  The other guys fucked me.... even Major Reed.... well except the day I flew back.... that day he kinda made love to me.... but YOU.... You've ALWAYS made love to me..... every time.  You think I didn't notice how it was always different with you.  How The Major had me rinse out my mouth so you could kiss me and make love to me..... how you told me you loved me and you wanted me to say it back.  When you were inside me, I MEANT IT when I said I love you.... and you made me cum so hard I was seeing stars.  What's this all about?" she asked.  "Nothing too serious.... I just .... I really care about you..... and well.... I guess I'm really in love with you.  I just wanted you to know that." he said.


The original plan had been to just take her and fuck her brains out.... but after Pete's comments The Major was so pissed off that he wanted to destroy that little pussy boy.  He told the guys and they all agreed to teach him a lesson he'd never forget.


Ariana took a warm shower and washed off and when she came out of the bathroom The Major was waiting for her.  "Ari.... we have something special planned for you that wasn't part of our original program.... but we know you'll love it.  I want you to style up your hair and put on your best make up and perfume.  Ricky is going to make love to you..... real nice and good.... Just you and he.  Then the rest of us will party.  Okay?" he said.  Ariana was a little taken but she readily agreed. "Yes Sir".  "Oh and Baby...... Lose the Ring.... okay.... nobody wants to see it.... not this weekend.... just forget about that douche bag alright?"  Ari touched her ring.... "Alright." she said.


Ariana went to her room and made herself up as beautifully as possible.  It had been a few days since she had sex.... and it was with The Major.  Pete hadn't been getting ANY since his little faux pas so she was anxious to be filled..... and the more she thought about Ricky.... the more excited she got.  She took off her wedding band and left it on the dresser.  Tonight she was single.


When she arrived in the Master Suite (The Major's room) it was spic and span.... Ricky was waiting there in a pair of shorts and one of the guys was holding a camera..... the other two cameras were positioned in the room pointing at the bed to capture everything.... but Ari wasn't looking at that..... she was looking at Ricky and he was in love with her.  She went to him and they started to kiss..... it was very passionate.  Ricky slipped off Ari's robe and revealed her naked body..... (GOD SHE LOOKED GORGEOUS) Her skin glowed.... Her full lips and eyes were entrancing.... but Ricky had her full attention too.  His muscular body.... rock hard abs..... his brilliant blue eyes that pierced her soul.  That tantalizing tongue that he used to kiss her and drive her pussy crazy.  Needless to say, they immediately moved things to the bed and Ricky went very slowly and deliberately kissing, licking, nibbling and teasing at Ariana's body.  He drove her insane with lust as he neared her delicate pussy.  Ari ached with longing.... she wanted to feel his mouth on her so badly.... when he finally obliged Ariana nearly seized.....  She writhed in bliss as he tongued her.... teasing her pussy hotter and hotter..... until finally she could take no more.  His expert fingers entered her and immediately drove her into a fit of orgasmic spasms that left her lustfully giggling.  "Oh Ricky.... I don't know how you do that but you're the best I've ever had." she testified. (knowing that they were taping this.)  Now she unwrapped his cock..... and the camera got close as Ariana now played Ricky like an expert giving her all to tease and taste and torture with tantalizing licks and sucks until Ricky couldn't hold back anymore and then she sucked him into her mouth making him explode and fill her with his sweet cum.  "Oh my God baby.... you taste SO GOOD... I could live on nothing but your sweet cum." she purred.  "Better than Pete?" Ricky asked.... Ariana grinned and swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock..... "WAY BETTER THAN PETE..... his cum tastes yuck..... I hate sucking his cock."


Now Ricky returned to licking Ariana.... This time with her legs more open to the camera.... He deliberately licked her and rubbed her hard and fast making her cum again and again until she lay there panting and trembling.  "I love you" she said..... He crawled up to her and kissed her deeply.... "I love you too Ari.... You're my destiny."  It was so sweet it made her heart beat faster.  Now Ricky mounted her and the camera got a great close up of Ricky's thick rod opening her juicy pussy and the other cameras got her reaction as he pressed his monster into her.  "OHHHHHHH..... GOD BABY.....  OH SO DEEP..... " she cooed.  Ricky was clearly bigger than Pete and little thicker too and Ariana LOVED this cock.... but more importantly she was falling in love with the man.  Ricky went slow and steady kissing her making love to her and soon she was gripping his body and moaning loudly as he drove his cock into her clutching channel.  Again and again she shuddered in orgasm.... moaning and groaning in blissful approval of his performance.  He moved her to doggie style and thrust into her firmly making her shriek wildly as she came harder and harder..... Finally he pinned her down and fucked her deep and hard making her yelp encouragement.... "OH GOD.... OH RICKY..... I LOVE YOU..... OH FUCK ME..... SO HARD.... OH YOU'RE SO HARD..... UGH..... SO DEEP..... FUCK..... OH FUCK..... OH YES..... OH YES..... OH GOD"  "I'm going to cum inside you." Ricky said.  "YES BABY... CUM INSIDE ME.....CUM HARD..... FILL ME UP.  FILL MY PUSSY WITH YOUR CUM..... OH GOD..... OH GOD...... OH GAWD.....  I LOOOOOOOOVEEEE YOOOOOOOUUU...... OHHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUGHHHH.  They howled together and then lay there panting and giddy..... "I love you.... he said.  "I love you more." she said.  "I want you to be all mine Ari.  I want you to be with me." Ricky said.  Ariana kissed him..... "I love you so much" she said.  "I am yours" she said.


Now this love making session was wonderful for both of them..... Ariana was very fulfilled and Ricky was feeling pretty tremendous.... He had a chance.  Maybe it wasn't so crazy about her falling in love with him.  Ariana got to rest and sleep a little.... she was going to need it.


Later on that evening they started with some drinks.... Ariana did a sexy strip tease for them.... and then they started to go at her.  They passed her around letting her suck cock and ride cock.  The other guys were really great and she loved the way the played with her.  They were so strong they could just pick up her tiny body and slid her on their cock..... and then pull her off and pass her over.  She felt delightfully used.  Then they picked her up and laid her on one of the beds and they gang banged her.  Ricky in her mouth.... because she loved swallowing his cum and the other two in her pussy and ass....... When the all came they left her cream filled and gasping.  Ricky didn't mind sharing her.... for now..... plus he enjoyed watching her cum.


The Major had one last thing..... He didn't participate in the pass around party..... and he let Ari take another shower and scrub off... He knew that this was probably the last time he's get to make love to Ariana Grande so he was going to savor it.  Then next day would be the big event and he didn't really want to wear her out..... she'd already been fucked pretty good but he knew that she definitely wanted his cock too.


Ariana was a happy smiling sweetheart when she crawled into bed and Major Reed made love to her slow and gentle like the morning in Iraq.... Ariana was truly infatuated with The Major but she had a much deeper connection with Ricky.  She could feel it even when she was having sex with the other guys.  Major Reed's fantasy girl had her legs wrapped around his waist, her pussy gripping him like a vice and she came three times before he released his load inside her.  She fell asleep and slept like a Goddess.  He watched her sleeping and he knew she couldn't be his..... but she wasn't going to be Pete's for much longer.


Pete woke up alone on Sunday.... no texts or anything from his wife.  "Man I can't believe she's still pissed about this.... nobody but those guys heard what I said..... fuck those guys."  POW!  Pete collapsed in a hump after being cracked on the back of his head.  The guys picked him up and carried him out.  "Yeah.... we'll see who gets fucked..... limp dick muthafucker!"... HAHAHAHAHAHA... they laughed.


Ariana woke up took a shower and cleaned up.  When she came out of the Master Suite Ricky was there and took her into one of the small side bedrooms.  There he had a massage table with scented candles all set up.  "What's this?" she asked with a HUGE smile on her face.  "This is for you my love" Ricky replied.  Ariana took off her robe..... YOWZA .... naked Goddess body.... so beautiful.  She lay down on the table and Ricky gave her a tremendous full body massage.  As good as any she'd ever paid for..... "WOW that was incredible." she said.  He leaned in and kissed her.... then deeper.... "I love you Ariana..... I can't stop thinking about you.... dreaming about you.  YOU are my love." he replied. 


He escorted her out into the house and The Major hugged and kissed her.... it was time for breakfast.  "Where is everyone else?" she asked.  "Maneuvers", The Major replied.  Ari figured it must have something to do with them fucking her brains out soon.  They ate well.... and then lounged around talking.  Ricky got up to use the restroom.  "He's in love with you Ariana..... seriously." said Major Reed.  "I know..... I can feel it." she replied.  "You don't know this but it was his idea to bring you to Iraq.  She raised her eyebrows...  "He just wanted to watch you perform.... It was MY IDEA to turn you into a Slutty Recruit."  She grinned at the Major and nodded.  "At first he was against it.... Didn't want to force you.... but after I assured him that you wouldn't be harmed he was on board..... only he INSISTED on making love to you..... I thought he was just a fan but this is different..... That's why we did that thing yesterday."  Again she nodded.  "He's going to participate in your advancement training but he wanted to make love to you again...... the guy is completely in love with you."  "What about last night with you?" She asked.  "Ah.... That was just an older guy fantasizing about getting the girl.  I'm too old for you Ari but GOD BLESS THE US .... because cumming inside you is Heaven." The Major said.  She smiled at that.... and it made her heart beat faster.  Ricky came back in the room and sat down next to her and put his arm around her and she KISSED HIM!  She crawled on top of him and they kissed more..... "Hey.... stand down Sargent."  ordered the Major.  "She's all nice and clean for her Advancement Ceremony.... don't go sluting her up before the party.  "AWWWW " they bemoaned together.  Ari fell back on the couch and wondered what they had in store for her.  Strange as it seems she wasn't sore at all... even though she'd done some sucking and fucking.... she felt really good and secretly she really wanted all four of them to pound her pussy unmercifully until she was so sore she couldn't walk.  She wanted them to call her a dirty slut and fuck her stupid and cum all over her face.... even Ricky.  She got wet just thinking about them cumming on her face.


Pete came to in a darkened basement.  His mouth was gagged and he was fully bound to a chair.  He had over the ear - earphones taped to his head so no matter how much he struggled or wiggled he wouldn't be able to remove them... not without tearing some of his hair out.  Suddenly a big screen TV turned on.... and there was Ariana tied up to a black machine.  Pete was terrified that his wife had been kidnapped.... but his fear was soon replaced with shock and humiliation.  He watched as his wife was completely seduced by the four Marines he'd met the other day.  His expression turned to hatred, fear and dismay as he watched The Major suck his wife's clit until she was cumming.  "Now THAT is a tasty slut" said the Major and it only got worse from there.  Pete watched in absolute shock as his wife sucked their cocks..... swallowed their cum..... told them to fuck her harder.... she just gave in to them again and again.  He was literally in tears as he watched his wife lose her mind over the Major's huge cock.  AND.... to make matters worse she kept telling Ricky that she loved him.  They even fucked her up that ass and she loved every second of it...... And GOD KNOWS what she did the day of the Anthem.... (I bet she took off and fucked them again he thought.)


Meanwhile upstairs the living room was all set for Ariana's Advancement Ceremony.  She was all shiny and clean and SO EXCITED.  Just a little while longer and they were going to fuck her pussy like the dirty slut that she is.  Little did she know what was happening to her husband in the basement.


When the video ended Pete was distraught and barely able to contain himself.... He tried the yell but the gag allowed only a pathetic muffled sound to come out.  Then the screen flickered and started up again.... There was Ariana in a white robe and there was Ricky.  Tears welled up in his eyes as he watched Ricky make passionate love to his wife again and again satisfying her well beyond any experience he had EVER had with her.  He sobbed after he watched his wife say, "WAY BETTER THAN PETE..... his cum tastes yuck..... I hate sucking his cock."  But his ordeal was FAR from over.


Now Major Reed stepped in front of him.  "Hey crybaby... You see how much your wife loves Americas Finest.  Well now you can watch it LIVE.... because we are going to fuck your wife's brains out right before your eyes you PATHETIC GENDER NEUTRAL, MAN BUN WEARING HIPSTER BITCH.... And when were done.... we're going to tell Ariana how we let you watch the whole thing.  Hopefully she realize what a mistake it was to marry a no talent loser like you.  I hope she's smart enough to realize what an amazing man Ricky is..... not just because he can fuck your wife a thousand times better than you.... but because he's smarter, stronger, sexier.... hell.... he's a man..... you're NOTHING.  Enjoy the show lil bitch.... I'm going to slide my big fat cock in your wife's pussy and make her say my name.... and then I'm gonna cum all over her face like the sexy slut that she is.... and you know why??? BECAUSE SHE WANTS ME TO!  We're ALL GONNA FUCK HER BETTER THAN YOU EVER HAVE..... and she's going to love every second of it.  Go ahead.... make a joke out of that."  Pete screamed into the ball gag.... again and again..... Major Reed turned on the other two monitors and now Pete could see the live shots of the living room and his happy wife as she prepared to be gang banged.... smiling and drinking her drink while snuggled up to Ricky.  Pete screamed again and tried to break loose but there was no way he was getting out of that chair.


Up in the living room Ariana anxiously awaited The Main Event.  She'd sipped on her drink for awhile and was feeling relaxed and ready.  Her pussy was already wet thinking about the men ravishing her.  The Major returned to the room and it was all knowing smiles that Pete was destroyed in the basement and they were about to fuck his sensational wife's brains out while he watched helpless.


Ariana excused herself to go to the restroom while they checked the cameras and made final preparations.  The men took out their cocks and taunted Pete.  "Hey Petey.... You wife is gonna suck this big cock..... one said....  Yeah lil prick.... I'm going to stick this in her hot virgin ass.... oh that's right, I already took her cherry.... and she loved every inch of it.... so I'm going to fuck her ass again.... because SHE WANTS IT." The Major flashed his junk and it nearly filled up the screen.... "I'm going to stuff this in your gorgeous wife's tight pink pussy.... and make her squeal.... She going to suck it until I'm ready to spunk it all over her slutty face just like I did at the Angel's game  WE'RE ALL GOING TO CUM ON HER FACE!" the said together..... and then laughed.  Pete struggled and tried to ignore what was happening but even if he closed his eyes, he'd still be able to hear every moment of his wife's blissful betrayal.  "How could she do this to me?" he thought.


Ariana came out of the bathroom all clean and ready for action.  The men were all lined up.  Slut Squad ATTEN TION!  The all snapped to.  "Slutty Private Grande are you prepared for you Final Advancement Test?" barked The Major.  "SIR YES SIR!" She chirped.  "Then assume the position." he commanded.  Ari dropped her robe revealing that sumptuous body that they all desired...  And she moved to a position right in the middle.... The men all separated to allow her to move within the group.  Ricky approached her and the kissed... Pete watched as Ari instinctively grabbed his cock and gave it a little squeeze.... Then the Major gave her a little spank on her ass, "On your back SLUT!"


Ari laid down and the men all surrounded her.  The Major took the opportunity to be the first between her thighs.  "MMMMMM oh Sir." she purred.  She'd waited so long for this to start she felt instantly better as her juices started to flow.  One of the men slipped his cock into her mouth as The Major ate her pussy.... the other two men she stroked.  His experience tongue was no match for her young pussy and she was soon bucking.  His knowledgeable fingers worked her into a frenzy and Ari came HARD moaning around the cock in her mouth.  Then the whole group rotated and the next man ate her pussy.  The last man was Ricky who was devastating to her psyche... he just seemed to know exactly which buttons to push and when.... Even though Ari was really enjoying The Major's cock in her mouth she couldn't control herself when he brought her to the mountain top!  "MMMM..... MMMMM..... MMMMHHHHHMMMM... MMMMMMAAAAAHHH (she took her mouth off The Major's cock) OOOHHHH  OOOOHHHHH GOD RICKY..... OH BABY..... OH GOD..... SO GOOD..... UGHHHH..... OHHHH..... GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD!" and she came hard panting and shaking.  "I bet lil Petey never made you cum like that did he?" The Major asked.  "No... she shook her head.... Not even close."  Ari sat up and KISSED Ricky hard..... "You so good to me..... I love you."  That stabbed Pete in the heart. 


"Alright Slut... on your knees." barked The Major.  Ari complied and began to suck cock.  She loved all the guys and today they seemed to taste better than usual..... maybe she was just excited.  She swallowed the first man.... and then the second....  Now she took Ricky in her mouth.... and Pete watched as she made love to his cock.... The Major brought his cock over and she alternated between the two.  There was a brief pause as one of the men laid down under her.... and Ari slid her juicy wet cunt down on his hard shaft.... "OOOOHHHHHHH" she moaned and began to ride him.  Now the other man grabbed the lube and grinned at the camera as he oiled up his shaft.  Positioning himself at Ariana's hot ass..... She stopped sucking to enjoy the penetration....  She hadn't been fucked in the ass since that day.  "UUUUGGGGGHHHNNNN...." She groaned, throwing her head back as he drove it deep into her tight ass.  "You like that baby?" the man asked.  "MMMMMM HELL YEAH.... FUCK MY ASS!


Now the men moved in her.... and she resumed alternating between Ricky's cock and The Major's.  They rocked her body back and forth faster and faster driving their cocks into her pussy and ass.  Higher and higher they took her banging away with impunity.  They hammered her with their double penetration.  "UHH UHH UUHHH UUHH UUHHH" Ari grunted and groaned as these cocks pummelled her insides.  She tried to keep sucking on Ricky's cock but she came so hard that she threw her head back shrieked as she came....."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWGAAAWWWWWDD". 


The Major took Ariana and laid her down.... The all watched as he prepared to enter her.  "OOOOHHHHH SIR!" She cried as he drove his monster all the way into her quivering cunt with one thrust.  Major Reed started to fuck her and Ricky was going to put his cock in her mouth but Ari said, "Baby... I want you to fuck my ass too.... Cum in my ass."  Ricky was okay with this and The Major moved her onto her side so Ricky would have access.... Her ass was already covered in juice and lube so he was able to slide right in.  "OHHH MY GAWD RICKY"... she moaned.  Ricky and The Major looked at her.... ready to go and they began to bang away.  Frankly this was way more impressive than the first two guys.  The Major's huge cock and Ricky's thick member stretched her insides and they sensed she wanted a ferocious assault on her pussy and they obliged.


"OH YES... OH GOD..... OH SIR..... FUCK ME...  RICKY..... FUCK ME .... FUCK MY PUSSY.....  OH FUCK MY ASS...... OH GOD..... OH GOD.... FUCK ..... FUUUCK.... OH MY GAWD....."  Both men were LOVING this woman.... LOVING her body and ready to blow..... They pounded away relentlessly towards their own orgasms.  The more she cried out, the harder they fucked her.  "UUUHHHHUUUHHH..... OOOHHHHH.... AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH GGGAAAAWWWWWWDDDDD!!!!  Ricky and Major Reed couldn't take any more..... Major Reed exploded in Ariana's pussy.... and it clenched at him causing spasms that sent Ricky over the edge erupting his lava into her tight ass.  "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ariana cried out in a shudder explosion of lust and Pete watched as she squirted out of her pussy..... He couldn't take his eyes off the screen.


There was a brief respite while everyone drank to revitalize.  Ariana had all her holes filled..... WELL.... and she'd swallowed some cum.... but they needed a Finale.  Something HUGE.


Ricky was going to be on point.  He wanted to be in her pussy last.  Major Reed wanted head.... He loved to see her eyes when his big cock was stuffed her mouth and one of the other guys wanted to fuck her ass.... because he hadn't yet.  The other guy was just going to have to get stroked by her until it was time.  Ricky started to fuck Ari.... She was still pretty tight.... Her pussy was still clenching because she was so turned on.  "OHHHH.... Baby.... I LOVE YOUR COCK." she said.  "What would you say if Pete was watching Ricky fuck your brains out?" The Major asked.  "I'd say THIS is how a REAL MAN fucks..... Fuck me harder baby with your big cock." Ariana replied.  The other man slid in behind her and she reached back with one hand to squeeze his cock and the other to stroke his face and kiss him.  "OHHHUUUGH.... GOD that feels gooood." she purred as he slipped it into her tight ass.


Ricky and his partner began to fuck Ari and The Major looked right at the camera and said, "Now I'm gonna feed your wife my big hard cock.  Tell him baby.... Tell Pete how much you want to suck my Big Gun.... Tell him how you want me to shoot my Big Gun all over your face." The Major asked.  Ariana liked this part..... Thinking that Pete was watching.  She grabbed The Major's cock and stuck the head in her mouth and sucked on it for a second...... then popped it back out and said, "MMMMMM I love this Big Hard Cock in my mouth.... His cum tastes good.... but I love it best when shoots it all over my face like the naughty slut that I am." she said.  "Just like I did at the Angels game while YOU were watching TV.... I was fucking your beautiful wife.  Then she sucked on my cock HARD just like this..... and then blasted my cum all over her slutty face and she loved it." He said tauntingly.  "Now all of us are going to baptize this slutty bitch with our cum.... aren't we baby?" he said while stroking her cheek.  Ari "MmmmHmmm'd Him" and kept sucking.


Now the ramped up the pressure for the finale shower.  The fucked her pussy and ass hard making Ari squeal while the Major fucked her mouth.  "MMMM  MMMMM  MMMM   MMMMM    HHHMMMPPH...." She wanted to holler out but The Major held her head firm and fucked her harder.  "Come on baby.... Yeah you hot little SLUT..... Cum on their cocks..... Cum hard on those cocks in your pussy and your ass.....” Ari was breathing harder and on the verge of cumming.  Her pussy was on fire with Ricky's cock thrusting and tweaking her nipples while his partner held her hips firmly and thrust into her well oiled ass.  She tensed and began to shudder...  She gripped The Major's firm thighs and  moaned on his cock.  "MMMMMM  MMMMMMM  MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHWWWWWWWWW!!!" cumming so hard she almost passed out..... as her mouth slipped off the Major's cock.  "NOW" he commanded and the men pulled out and surrounded her jerking their cocks and in a wild wave of cum fountains.... They each showered Ariana with loads of hot sticky cum.  She squealed with delight opening her mouth and closing her eyes as rails of cream splattered across her mouth, nose, cheeks... on her tongue.... even in her hair.  She purred and moaned slurping each rocket into her mouth to clean them off spending extra time on Ricky's rod... which she recognized even with her eyes closed.... and of course The Major's cock which she finished with.  "CONGRATULATIONS YOU HAVE BEEN PROMOTED FROM SLUTTY PRIVATE TO SLUTTY PRIVATE FIRST CLASS!" The Major bellowed.  "UHRAH!" They all shouted.... and clapped for her.  Ari could barely open her eyes as she was covered in cum but grinned like she'd just won an MTV Award.  The cameras had the perfect shot of her giggling with cum all over her face.


Ricky put his arm around her and led her to the showers and the men went to the basement to find their captive.  The started by removing the headset.... some of his hair did come off with it.  Then they untied his feet and arms finally removing the gag.  Pete wiped his face.... wiped away the tears and sweat but said nothing.  There was nothing he could say.  He looked up at the Major, who was an imposing figure and muttered "You're sick."  The men laughed at him.  The Major lifted up his chin.... "It's all over for you pussy boy.  Ari is smart enough to know when she's made a mistake and YOU'RE IT!"  Pete pushed his hand away and went for the stairs.  He entered the living room and The Major offered him a beer.  Tired, thirsty and sick to his stomach he took it.  "How could you do that to somebody?  Why... What would make you think it's okay?"  The Major faced him... "I don't remember hearing anybody saying NO, Don't or Stop do you guys? (the all shook their heads no)  Ariana was playing with us.  It's a game.  A game that SHE LOVES!  We didn't kidnap her and bring her here.  We didn't make her suck and fuck us.... She did that of her own free will you asshole.  She did it because we have been giving her the best sex of her LIFE!"


Ricky and Ariana washed off in the shower kissing and cuddling like newlyweds they dried each other off.  "I'm starving" she said.  "Let's see what there is to eat." he replied.  He led her out to the confrontation.  Pete saw her with her arm around Ricky..... "Ariana!"  She froze.  "Pete what are you doing here?" she asked.  "Pete has been our guest enjoying the show in the basement." The Major replied.  "GUEST?  They kidnapped me, tied me up and made me watch you while you fucked them all!" he whined.  "You saw?" she said shocked.  "Yeah.... I saw... I saw from Iraq BEFORE we were married.... and  last night when you MADE LOVE with that asshole! (pointing at Ricky.) and TODAY when they gang banged you like a whore!"  "Shut the fuck up little bitch before I kick your ass." Ricky said.  Pete tried to ignore him but Ricky was ready to go and Pete looked down.  He walked toward his wife  "They said that you were going to like it.... I didn't believe them.  Not MY wife... Not Ari.... she's not like that..... but you ARE.... You're a filthy slut! and he slapped her.  Ricky lunged at him and tackled him.  A couple quick punches and Pete was unconscious.  Ariana was more surprised than hurt.  The guys tied up Pete's hands.  "Do you want to press charges?" The Major asked Ariana.  "No.... No....  but I'm done with him.  You guys really made him watch?  (They all smiled at her proud of their deception.)  She broke into a smile back... "So all those questions about Pete.... You were taunting him the whole time.... BAD BOY!!!" she said with a smack on Ricky and they all laughed.  "Ariana" The Major spoke seriously.... "You're only 25 years old.... If you've REALLY found the one then great but this piece of shit ain't him."  Ariana nodded.... "Now my Man here.... LOVES YOU.... and we think you should give him a chance to win your heart." The Major said.  Ari turned to Ricky and kissed him.  The guys all AWWWWed.... and everyone laughed.


A month later and Ariana was divorced from Pete.  Not long after that Ricky proposed and she said yes.  About a year later they were married and they had one helleva bachelor party.


Stay Tuned for


The Slutty Private - Bachelor Party Bacchanal

(it has anal right in the title.) 

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