Anna Kendrick - I Creep Kendrick

BY : Tricky_Dick
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Dragon prints: 1997
Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. I do not know Anna Kendrick or have anything to do with her. I make no money from this story.

I was working on a project and one of my FAVORITE actresses Anna Kendrick was going to be the star.  I looked forward to meeting her.... she's so beautiful and talented.  I saw her walking around on set but I was busy so I just watched her.... hoping she might head my way so I could stop her and say hi.  I kept looking and kept hoping and I saw her looking back at me but she was busy with other people and she just never came my way.  Literally a couple days went by like this and I was feeling pretty bummed like I'd NEVER get to meet her.  I've heard about some celebrities like this who spend most of their time in their trailer or just won't talk to or associate with crew.


Finally free....  I saw her and I went over in her direction...  She didn't see me walking over.  "His name is Richard...." another PA said.  "Just keep him away from me.... He's kinda creepy." Anna said.  I froze in my tracks... heartbroken.  She just called me a creep..... WHY?!!!  I was devastated and hurried away before she saw that I had come near her.


The next few days I just did my job and didn't concern myself with Anna Kendrick..... all my admiration for her went right out the window.  When she was working.... I made it a point to be somewhere else.... and when I was stuck on the set when she performed.... I looked at my phone and paid her no attention at all.  My crush was crushed.


A couple days later the crew was hanging out at a local bar.... They liked to blow off steam at this bar.... They have karaoke.  The crew had never heard me sing.... they knew I played drums.  I was sipping on my coke and listening to some of my friends drunkenly trying to sing.... It was fun and we supported each other.  Then Anna Kendrick showed up... She had already been drinking and she ordered a round for a bunch of the crew.  I wasn't sitting with them.... so I didn't participate in that.  They were all laughing and having a good time which just made me more upset.


Anna got up and sang a song.... She was awesome..... and sexy... she was leaning over and showing off her cleavage.... bending over and pushing out her ass..... She put her leg up on one of the tables and almost flashed her panties at the whole room.  When she finished the crowd went WILD!  They screamed and yelled for her and she took bows.  Then the KJ spoke up, "I doubt anyone is going to want to go on after that..."  There was a couple moments of silence and then I said, "I WILL."  The crowd looked back and me and Anna looked at me.... for the first time since I heard her call me a creep I had direct eye contact with her.  My gaze was cold and her smile faded.... the rest of the crew just looked at me surprised.... then they all sat down.


I went up on the stage and I requested a song.... I asked and the KJ turned off the big screen behind me so the lyrics didn't show up.  I didn't need the lyrics for this song..... I knew every word.  "I want to dedicate this song to Anna Kendrick..... (she looked up at me).... because she thinks I'm creepy."  Her smile faded and it was clear that she knew that I knew she called me a creep.  So I sang CREEP by Radiohead.  I didn't sing just to Anna but I did look at her a few times.... she was watching and paying attention and so was the rest of the crew.... the bar patrons were also paying attention because they sensed drama after what I said.  Finally I got to the big ending.... Higher and higher the notes went..... and I belted out the part..... The ENTIRE BAR cheered wildly....  and then as I got to the quiet ending, I stared right at her... "Whatever makes you happy..... Whatever you want.... You're so very special.... I wish I was special.... but I'm a creep...... I'm a weirdo.... what the hell am I doin here?  I don't belong here.... I don't belong here.  There was another moment of silence and then the ENTIRE BAR screamed loudly and long.... The crew friends were standing and even Anna Kendrick was standing with them clapping.  I gave a nod to the bar.... handed the mic back and walked back to my spot at the bar.  All the regulars were complimenting me.... a couple people asked if I wanted a drink.  I thanked them but let them know that I'm sober.


"That was really GREAT" a voice from behind me spoke.... it was her.  I checked to be sure and then looked at my glass, "Don't worry, I won't bother you.... I wouldn't want to be creepy."  "Richard... please turn around." she asked.  I swung around my chair and came face to face with my crush.  She was tipsy but not drunk.... "I'm really sorry for what I said.... I shouldn't have said it.  I was just being paranoid.  Guys are always staring at me and every time I looked up there you were staring at me...... I got spooked..... and I'm very, very sorry." she said.  I sensed that she was sincere.  "You know you really hurt my feelings." I said.  She moved right between my legs and put her hands on my thighs..... She brought her face pretty close to mine.  "I'm very sorry.... You're a talented guy..... everyone said they thought you only played drums.... so you sing and play..... that's very cool.  I love drummers."  "Yeah I sing a play.... or I can just sing as well.... but people would rather look at a sexy woman like you than me so it's better if I just play drums and sing harmonies.  "Hey.... you wanna sing something together?" she asked.  I think my reaction said it all.... I suddenly sat more upright and I smiled..... and she started laughing and hugged me..... "I'll take that as a yes."  We both laughed really hard and I hugged her back.... she was right between my legs so when I hugged her back her tits were pressed right up against me.... It was nice.  "Mmmmm you smell good." she said.  (OMG... Anna thinks I smell good) I thought.  "What do you want to sing?" she asked.  How about something from Grease?  You're The One That I Want?" I replied.  "OH GREAT SONG!  Let's do that."  So we did...... and once again..... (now combined)..... we brought down the house.


After this.... things between Anna and I changed dramatically.  We went back to the table and she sat me down in her spot and then SAT ON MY LAP!!!  She even wiggled around a couple of times and smirked at me when she could feel my cock.  "I see that SOMEBODY down there likes me.".... then she laughed as I blushed hard.  She had a few more drinks because she wasn't scheduled for any scenes the next day.  However other people in the crew had to work.... even me.... but since things were going so well.... I nodded to one of my supervisors and took her aside and asked her.... "Hey.... can I come in late tomorrow?"  "You think you're getting lucky with Anna?" she said incredulously.  "Let's not get carried away.... but she's pretty drunk and I want to stay and make sure she gets home okay." I replied.  "It's a light day tomorrow..... just show up when you're awake alright.... and take care of HER!" she said pointedly.


I went back to Anna and she jumped back on my lap...."AAAHHHHH" I yelped as she jumped on my junk.  "Oh.... I'm sorry" she said sarcastically.... "Did I hurt you?"  Then she purposefully grabbed my cock..... "Nothing feels broken." she said with mischievous look in her eyes. Then she put her arms around me again and hugged me and kissed my ear.  "Thanks for being so sweet." she said.  "You're the one who is a sweetheart" I whispered in her ear and then gave her some little kisses behind her ear.  She smiled at me and resumed drinking her drink.


The rest of the crew had to bail soon after because they were either tired or had to get up early.  Anna actually wasn't as drunk as I thought..... She got up at one point and went to the ladies room and when she returned... (even though our table was empty except us) she sat right back in my lap.  Nobody was around so I went for it.  I slipped my arms around her and I looked in her eyes...."You are an exceptional woman..... so talented..... and so beautiful." and then I kissed her.  She kissed me back and our tongues met.... "Mmmmmm" she purred.  "You're a good kisser." she said.  "Hey... can we get out of here?" I asked.  "Yeah okay." she replied and we settled up her tab and started to walk back.


"You were SO WONDERFUL tonight." I said to her as we walked along.  "I was so devastated when I heard what you said...." I continued.  "I'm REALLY sorry about that." she replied.  "Hey forget about it.... It was a misunderstanding.... I know you don't feel that way now.... and I REALLY didn't want the people in the bar to see us making out." I said pulling her to me.  Then we kissed again... and I really gave it to her.  Long, slow, deep wet kiss that LASTED.... including some petting as my hands roamed over her body and she kept a really good hold on my ass.  I broke the kiss and continued to lead her back to her hotel.  We were all staying in trailers but she, of course, had a nice hotel room.  When we got there I walked her in and pushed the elevator.  She was tight on my hip and happy.  We got to her floor.... "This way" she said pulling me along.  She pulled her key card out and (this was an opportunity to see how drunk she was) she effortlessly inserted it in the slot and opened her door.  "Hey.... you're not THAT drunk are you?" I said with a smirk.  "I can hold my liquor." she said..... "What you think you're taking advantage of me?"  "No... I wanted to make sure you got home alright..... but you didn't need my help at all." I said.  "Well maybe I wanted something else." she said and grabbed my junk again.  With that I started kissing her again and this time I went right for those big beautiful tits.  Rubbing and caressing them as I kissed her.


Then I picked her up and tossed her on the bed.... "Whoa" she laughed.... and I started taking off her shoes... and she LOVED being cared for.... she poked up her other foot and I took that shoe off.... Then I went right for her pants.... and she looked at me with a smirk of surprise that I didn't stop trying to undress her.  I looked her right in the eye.... very seriously and unbuckled her belt..... then I unbuttoned her pants and unzipped them..... I could see her underwear....."Ooooo sexy lingerie."  She smiled and as I tugged at her slacks, she lifted up and let me pull them off.  Then I pulled her up to seated and kissed her again.... unbuttoning her blouse.... I slipped that off her revealing the matching bra..... "DAMN you're hot." I said.  Then it was my turn.


I unbuttoned my shirt and Anna watched intently as I removed it and tossed it aside..... Then I unbuckled my belt and slid off my jeans.  She eyed my cock.... which was straining my boxer briefs.  She sat up and rubbed her hands over my thighs and onto those briefs.... she brought her face right up to my cock....  "I don't think anything's broken" she looked up and smiled at her own joke.  "Maybe you should check just to be sure." I replied suggestively.  She liked that idea and slid my underwear down as my cock sprung out and smacked her check.... "Ha!" she said surprised.  "Oooh I think he likes you.  I'm always having to remind him not to jump up." I said.  She laughed at that and then wrapped her hand around it..... She raised her eyebrows and squeezed it.... GOD it felt great but not as great as when she slipped it into her mouth. "UGH..... " I moaned.  Anna sucked on it..... not moving.... just sucking on it and caressing my balls.  I stroked her face as her tongue massaged the vein of my cock.... then she pulled most of it out and looked up at me with that devastating "little girl look" as she swirled her tongue around the tip.....  "You taste good." she said and continued to tease the tip.  "I'm 100% all natural" I replied proudly.  "Healthy and good for you." I continued.  She grinned at my penis commercial and then took as much as she could in her mouth.  "OOOOOHHHHHHH Anna.... so good." I moaned.  Now she pumped my cock into her mouth.... She was on a mission.  I understood.... so I fucked her face.  I knew what she wanted so I kept building steam.... and when she didn't slow down I was sure.... She could feel me getting close and began to moan her encouragement, "MMMHMMM.... MMMHMMM..... MMMMHHHMMMM" she purred as my cock erupted hot sticky cream in her mouth.


I knelt down to her at the bed level and kissed her DEEPLY to show my appreciation for that enthusiastic and thorough blow job.... I unhooked her bra and when we parted I removed it.  I kissed down her neck to her breasts and I caressed and sucked on each nipple, which she enjoyed very much.  I kissed her lips more and stroked her body laying her onto her back..... Then I leaned over her body repeating some of my earlier kisses but spending more time kissing, stroking and sucking on her luscious tits....  I worked my way down her flat tummy to her pussy....  I hooked her panties and she lifted up to let me slip them off.... Waxed bare.... WOW.... so smooth.  I very much wanted to lick her pussy but I was patient.  I took my time teasing her inner thighs and working my way up to her smoldering cunt.  Anna was purring and wiggling in anticipation of me getting there.  It didn't take too long for her to get her reward.  I slipped my tongue right between her folds and ran it the length of her slit.  "MMMMMMMMMM" she cooed.  I did that for a while just grazing her clit but not really giving it the attention it needs.  She squirmed clearly wanting more..... teasing her was VERY effective and getting her hot.... Her breath was heavy and her nipples were hard are rocks as I stroked and pinched them lightly.  Anna was very turned on and it was time to get on with it. 


I began with some little flicks of my tongue to her clit and let my finger tips tickle the folds..... just teasing them open.  She moaned in appreciation..... Then groaned happily as I pressed my finger tips inside her..... oh so tight..... and to make it even hotter I could feel her pussy wanting to squeeze my fingers.  I began to lick her clit more firmly, applying more pressure which made her moan harder and open her legs wider..... I felt her hands on my head and stroked her clit with long licks up and down and then back and forth, then around and around..... She moaned her approval.  "OH.... MMMMM..... UUUGHGGHH..... YEEEESSS" as her hips began to rock.....  I slid my fingers in deeper and she groaned..... Now in position I was going to finish her off in style.  I curled my fingers up and began to rub her G spot...... She looked up at me with a look of happy surprise and then threw her head back.   "OOOHHHH.... GOD!" she cried.  Her hips thrust up and began to pump.... I rubbed harder and a little faster and she began to buck.... "OH.... OHHH..... OOOHHHHH YEAH...... OH YEAH... OHHHH  YEAH...." and I sucked her clit into my mouth surrounding it and sliding my tongue back and forth over it.  "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH  GAWD" she moaned.  Now gripping my head vigorously she bucked and writhed.... I held her firm as she reached the mountain top.  OOHHH.... OOOOHHHHH GOD.... OH GOD.... OH YEAH..... COME ON..... OH BABY... PLEASE BABY..... OH GOD.... OHHHHH.... MYYYYYY  GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!" she came HARD..... trembling and thrusting... her pussy clutched at my fingers as her juices oozed from her like a warm pastry.  I opened her legs wide and lapped up her gushing kitty..... making her a very happy cat.


Anna was charged and ready to fuck.  I moved her up on the bed and peppered her with kisses.... then I crawled right up to her gorgeous face and pressed my cock to her lips..... She happily, hungrily took it into her mouth.  In moments it was raging again and I was READY TO GO!  I kissed her lips and climbed between her sexy thighs.  I opened her up nice and wide and enjoyed the view of her tight bare pussy....  She looked up at me and I couldn't help but think (How in the hell did I get here?)  I wasted no time and pressed the tip of my cock against her aching cunt.  She raised her hips urging me to thrust into her.  I drove it in deep making her grunt in approval.  "AAHHHHHHH" we both sighed as I buried my tool in her box.  Our hips met and I ground down into her and kissed her nipples and then her lips.....  The sensation of her cunt squeezing me was unbelievable.....   She was just tight enough but the squeezing made me even harder.  I kissed her deeply and she looked up at me.... "Come on baby.... fuck me." HELL.... that was all the encouragement I needed.


I began to thrust into Anna holding her legs and pumping steadily.... she writhed and thrust her hips to meet mine.  She was loving it.  She was so wet, hot and tight..... Her moans drove me to thrust harder.... "OH YES.... FUCK ME HARD BABY..... COME ON!"  I slammed it into her juicy pussy hitting her clit again and again.... "UGH...... UGH... YA.... .YA.... HARDER.... UGH .... OH.... UH.... YEAH.... YES.... YES.... YEEESS..... YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!" she came so hard and her pussy clutched at me.... I had to breathe deeply to stay calm and not cum.


I pulled her on top of me and she was happy to ride me.  I held onto those big jugs as she bounced and rocked her sweet cunt on my cock.  I was able to stay in control from this position.... I savored watching her make herself cum on my cock twice like this.  Now I turned her over so I could fuck her doggie style.  Anna liked this very much.  She groaned as I drove it in deep..... I pulled her sexy body up against me and kissed her.  I reached around and strummed her clit while holding her shoulder for leverage and began to pound her.


"OOOOOOOOHHH RICHARD....   MMMMMMM BBBBAAABYYYY... FUCK....ME...... UGH" she grunted as I pumped her hot cunt.  Then I bent her forward and she buried her face in the pillow and I gripped both hips and banged her as hard as I could, slamming that hot pussy.  I pushed down and thrust downwards to give her that G contact..... and I pushed her legs together and drove it home listening to her cry out into the pillow, yelping and moaning was absolutely delightful.... she came twice while I fucked her like that.... which brought my count up to FIVE.... and it was time to blow.


I stopped to catch my breath and I kissed her and rolled her over..... "BABY..... YOU FUCK SO GOOD!" she purred in my ear...... Well.... It's time to see God", I said confidently and her eyes got big..... I moved between her legs again and put them on my shoulders.  I grabbed those big, firm tits and went to town.  Anna Kendrick was getting fucked, deep and hard and she knew it.... she felt it and I pounded her as she squealed her approval.  "UUUUHHHHH.... OOHHHHHH..... GGGAWWWWDDD...... RRRRIIICHARD..... FUCK......... OHHH GOOOOOODDD.....  " "Yeah baby..... say hi to God for me!" I said thrusting.  "OH YES....... OH YES.... FUCK ME..... FUCK ME..... OH BABY..... DON'T STOP.... I'M GONNA CUM....... AHHHH.... AHHHHHHH..... OH GOD...... OH YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHOOOOOHHHHHH!.... UGH UGH.... ugh.... and I pulled out.  "I'm gonna cum", I said.  "CUM ON MY TITS!" she said.... so I crawled up over her flat tummy and jerked it but I was too excited and the first blast hit her right in the face........ she sat up surprised... "Yeah dirty boy.... cum on my face!"...... so I kept jerking and the rest of it shot out onto her face, lips, nose.... and she sucked it right into her mouth with both hands on my ass..... I spasmed as she sucked on it.... but Anna was great.... She just slurped on it... milking out what was left.... Then she stroked my balls making them clench so she could milk out a little more.... then she pulled me down on top of her and rubbed my deflated shaft over her face and licked it off.... "I've never let a guy cum on my face before...... that was hot." she said.  Soon after she was asleep.  I stayed with her until the morning and was rewarded with a very wet, sloppy blowjob... WHICH at the end.... she jerked on her own face and mouth and then slurped up the mess.  It was really hot.


Over the weeks that followed we fucked a lot more..... AND... just to make things more interesting, Anna and I seduced a young female PA into a lesbian encounter / threesome.  But that's another story.

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