Julia Stiles - Save The Last Cock

BY : Tricky_Dick
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Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. I do not know Julia Stiles or have anything to do with her. I make no money from this story.

The handsome, strong, flexible men see how hard she’s training and they offer to give her some pointers…  so she stays late after her training….. she’s tired and a little sweaty but she takes a quick shower and changes into another outfit before the other men show up.  She wants to look good AND impress them….. and they’re both cute.

Julia is practicing some of her moves as the two men enter the small studio.  “Hey.” She calls out to them.  “Hello Julia.”, the men reply smiling at the youngster.  They come together and shake hands and the two Russian dancers offer her a light peck on each of her cheeks.  Julia blushes and notices them men looking at her body and breasts as her nipples are hard.

At first everything seems totally professional.  The men stretch and then they help Julia stretch by taking her ankles and placing them on their shoulders.  She is in fantastic shape and each man grip her thighs and push her to her limits.  The other man behind her pressing against her torso to push the stretch as much as possible.  Of course this gives them lots of contact with her body, ass, waist and legs.  Julia is straining but it’s also very intoxicating having these handsome dancers pulling and pushing her slender frame.

The men gave her vital critiques on her moves and tricks to improve, which she did.  “Wow…. I totally understand now.” She chirped happily.  “Yes….. and now, if you like we can show you some real ballet moves….”, the men offered.  Julia was trusting and followed their lead.  They showed her some simple lifts and spins as each man gripped her torso and lifted her twirling her and stroking her body.  Their hands grazed over her body as they encouraged her to embrace the sensuality of ballet.  Julia was getting wet as the handsome men touched and stroked her, lifting her effortlessly again and again…. Holding her in their strong arms, brushing her cheeks, stroking her body, close enough to her breasts that her nipples were sizzling and some of the lifts…. They held her butt…. Fingers right between her legs.  The heat from her pussy must have been noticeable but the men just kept it up as they relentlessly teased the tender teen until she was ready to burst.

Julia’s heart was pounding as one the men lifted her again on her butt… his fingers right on her pussy….. He then held her waist and leaned her forward until she was horizontal to the ground.  Her pussy right against his waist and her legs instinctively wrapped around his body.  Then the other dancer pushed her head down right near his bulge and they turned her vertical and lifted her until her thighs came down on either side of his head.  The first dancer aided Julia in sitting upright on the shoulders of the second dancer with her pussy right in his face.  She looked down at him and he at her with a big smile in his eyes.  Julia blushed hard….. she was so turned on….. and didn’t know what was going to happen next.

The time for flirting was over….. It was time for the main course.  One of the dancers eased Julia back and as he did he rested the back of her head on his shoulder…. Then he brushed his lips against hers and she let him kiss her…. As they kissed he eased her top up and over her breasts.  The other dancer nuzzled her barely covered pussy and the first dancer stroked her breasts and played with her nipples.  Julia moaned in complete bliss.  They broke the kiss as he slipped her top off and then the men moved her again…. Letting her legs slip past his shoulders to his waist and tasting her lips for the first time.  Julia sighed as he spun her body around and the first dancer took her waist and they leaned her back for another erotic kiss and the first dancer gripped her tights and slid them down.  Julia was only slightly nervous because she was suddenly naked but her concerns dissipated quickly as the first dancer buried his tongue in her teen pussy.  “MMMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned into the other dancer’s mouth as the two men began to play with their prize.  Julia was so turned on that she was going to cum quickly.  The dancer savored the young actress’s juices as she writhed and humped his face.  He slipped two fingers into her tight teen pussy and Julia’s cunt clutched at him.  He fingered her and sucked on her clit.  Julia bucked and shook….. breaking the kiss her moans echoed through the room.  “MMMAAAHHHH…. UUUUHHHH….. OOHHHHH….. MMMMAAAAHHHHH….. UUUUUHHHHHH…..” Julia finally stiffened and came, “HHHHHHHUUUUUUHHHHHH….” juices oozing from her pretty pink gash.

The second dancer scooped up the trembling teen and kissed her again gently spinning around which only added to the stars spinning in her head.  The first dancer quickly stripped and second dancer twisted her back towards his partner.  He tilted her head down to his partner who happily fed her his rock hard cock.  Julia’s eyes got wide as his thick hard cock pressed into her mouth…. But she locked her lips around it as the second dancer found her juicy treasure.  “MMMMMAAAHHHHH” she moaned briefly groaning and then immediately taking the cock back into her mouth.  This was the biggest cock she had ever seen…. It was so thick, but smooth and clean and his precum was seeping into her mouth and he tasted really good.  She tried to concentrate but the second dancer took her breath away with his fingers…. He found her G spot and rubbed it in circles making the teen thrash about until she came again.  Julia’s squeals of delight were muffled with a mouthful of cock but it didn’t affect the powerful orgasm that ripped through her body.  The men lifted her off the cock and spun her towards the first dancer.  He took her at her waist and let her hang, now fully vertical.  Julia took his cock back into her mouth as he returned to licking her pretty pink pussy. 


Meanwhile the second dancer stripped.  Once naked he took Julia’s hands and lifted her off the one cock and pulled her towards his own.  Julia placed her hands on his hips to brace herself and grinned at a second thick hard cock staring her in the face.  She eagerly enveloped the cock head as her torso was lowered until she was horizontal.  Julia slipped her hands around to his firm butt and stuffed more of his cock into her mouth.  Little did she know she was about to feel the full force of one of these thick cocks.  Julia massaged this new cock with her tongue until she felt the tip of a cock touch her slippery pussy.  The first dancer held her hips firmly as he pushed the head of his cock into her tight cunt.  “MMMUUGGGHHH” she groaned loudly.  The second dancer pushed her head back onto his cock as his partner pushed more of his thick monster into the writhing teen.  Julia’s head was spinning.  The intrusion was like a fiery stake…. It stretched her tiny pussy sending burning electric shocks from her loins up her spine and making her hair stand on end.  She wiggled as he pressed it deeper and deeper until she was fully impaled.  Her pussy clutched at the thick tool coating it with her sexy syrup.  Julia purred on the thick shaft in her mouth and caught her breath as the first dancer pulled out….. She tensed and then clutched at the ass of the second man as the first thrust the full length into her honey hole.  The second dancer knew she’d want to break away from his cock but he wasn’t having it.  He held her fast as his partner throttled the thrashing teen.  Julia squealed and shrieked around his thick shaft as her pussy was drilled deeper than ever before.  Each thrust eliciting cries of ecstasy…. Julia was whipped.  Her cunt squeezed and clutched at the piston…… She sucked with all her might as the men pumped her from both ends.  Julia bucked and moaned until a powerful shuddering orgasm took her. 


The second dancer released the panting teen so they could switch places.  They easily flipped her and she happily rewarded the first dancer by taking as much of his rocket as she could.  He held her firmly and began to fuck her face.  Julia just thought he was hot for her but actually he was close to cumming and he was going to feed it to her.  The second dancer gripped her hips and thrust his thick cock into the willing teen.  Julia groaned around the cock in her mouth and both men worked her hard and fast….. Julia was buzzing as the new cock pummeled her tight love box.  They gripped her firmly and she heard the first dancer groan as his cock erupted into her mouth.  Unable to pull off, Julia was forced to swallow the river of cum.  She had never swallowed before but the hot salty spunk filled her mouth as the second dancer never missed a thrust pounding away at their conquest. 


As his cock softened the first dancer urged Julia, “Now take it deeper….. swallow it.”  Surprised by this aggressiveness…. Julia was reluctant at first but the vigorous thrusting by the second dancer had Julia’s pussy sizzling.  She was able to break away for a moment and gasp…. “OH GOD…… OH GOD……. OHHH…..UUUUUHHHHH……UUGGGHH….. GAAAAAAWWWWDDDDD!” she came violently squeezing the second dancer with her legs and pussy.  The first dancer pushed her head back down onto his semi hard shaft and this time Julia let him control her.  She relaxed her throat and tilted her head and tried to swallow his shaft….. She gagged…… He let her back off….. Then she tried again…… gagged…… Finally she steeled her nerves and forced it down her throat….. SUCCESS!!!  It was the strangest feeling….. she couldn’t breathe….. but her pussy was creaming…… and another orgasm was rapidly approaching.  The first dancer fucked her throat for a few seconds and then she lifted to catch her breath.  “UUUUHHHHHHH FUUUUCKKK!” she groaned.  Her body shook and she thrust the cock back into her mouth and then down her throat.  This time she had full lungs.  She held on as the two men banged away at their fuck doll.  Julia could feel the cock in her throat stiffen and finally she had to let it out.

On cue the men switched her again.  But this time they hung her horizontally but with her back to the ground.  She wrapped her legs around the first dancer as he slammed his cock back into her pussy…. Then they leaned her back until her head was close to the second cock.  She tilted her head back and took the second cock….. This was another very weird position but it was fun.  His cock was throbbing and she realized she could take it very deep from this angle.  Julia sucked a bit….. took a big breath and forced it into her throat.  The second dancer groaned in delightful appreciation.  He fucked her throat as Julia was getting better at this.  She couldn’t believe what was happening to her but it was all so amazing…. She was just going to do whatever they wanted.  The second dancer moaned as he pumped his rocket into her mouth….. Then he pulled back until just the tip was in her mouth and his cock exploded filling her mouth was his cream.  Julia squeaked and swallowed the second load of her life.  This time it wasn’t such a shock and she was able to taste it….. it was good….. sweet and salty…. But good.  Without being asked Julia forced the semi hard cock down her throat again…. Proud of how quickly she was learning…. She savored the blissful groan of the cock owner as her throat clutched at his shaft.  Julia gripped his firm ass and fucked her throat.  Meanwhile the first dancer pounded her quivering cunt…..  Julia was truly enjoying this crazy scenario….. She was deepthroating one man while another fucked her deeply.  As she came again stars spun around her head. 

Now the men lifted her until she was face to face with the second dancer.  He thrust his cock back into her and kissed her deeply.  This was somewhat a more traditional position as he held her ass and thrust up into her.  Julia yelped and squeaked as he banged away.  The other dancer went to his bag and returned moments later.  The second dancer kissed Julia and held her firmly…… she wasn’t sure why until she felt the other dancer’s cock against her ass.  She began to protest but again, they wouldn’t let her go…… she couldn’t pull away and the cock head slipped into her ass.  As both men gripped her hips and waist she was trapped.  She grunted and squeaked until she was finally able to break the kiss but by then a few inches of thick cock were stretching her virgin ass.  “Wait!” she protested.  The men didn’t listen….. The cock slipped deeper…. “UUUGGGHHHHGAAAWWD” she groaned.  More pushed in….. she clawed at the second dancer and pressed her face into his neck.  Finally the last few inches filled her tender body and the two men gripped her and began to thrust.

Julia was beside herself.  Fully impaled and bucking her body was in full surrender.  The men forcefully filled the young teen…. relentlessly pumping her pussy and ass….. they could see in her eyes….. she was gone.  “UGH….. UGH…… GAAWD….. UGH….. JE….. SUS….. FUCK…… OH …. FUCK….. OH….. MMAAHHH…. HUUUGH…. OH…. GAWD…..GAWD…… GAAAAAAWWWWDDAAAAUUUUGHHH.” Julia clawed again at the second dancer as she came violently.  Her pussy gushed juices but they didn’t slow down.  Pounding away at her….. they quickly sent her flying over the edge again.  “MAH…. MYYY….. GAWD…..PLEASE….. OH…. DON’T….. STOP……. DON’T STOP….. I’M……. I’M……. OHH….OHHHH……MYYYYY GAAAAWWWWDD!”

The men lifted her and like it was nothing they spun her around and reentered the teen.  The first dancer took her pussy again and the second tried out her ass.  Julia’s feet STILL hadn’t touched the ground.  The men fucked her hard and fast……   “OH……OHHHH……. FUCKK….. FUCKKK….. FUCKKK….. OH FUCK ME….. FUCK ME….. FUCK ME……. FUCKKKKKK MMMEEEEEEEEEEE!” she shrieked.  Julia blacked out.  A few moments later she regained consciousness……. But she was done.  The men pumped her for a little longer and then they suddenly set her down.  Julia slumped to her knees, her head buzzing.  The men jerked their cocks and as she looked up at them the first cock blasted her full in the face.  The thick stream splattered across her lips and nose…. Then the other cock squirted another stream.  Both cocks painted the teen’s cheeks, eyes, nose…… and the men smeared their cocks across her cheeks and lips until Julia began to suck on each cock.  She traded off slurping the cream off each cock. 


Once their cocks were clean the men scooped up their conquest and led her off to the men’s showers.  They washed her together gently stroking her body.  They helped her dress and then took her one of their houses.  They fed her and ultimately took her to bed again.  Julia was their willing pleasure doll.  They took turns making the sweet teen cream.  Julia was on the pill so both men filled her tight cunt with cum and finally the trio drifted off to sleep.  There would be many more nights of cum…. Julia was going to be studying for another month.

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