Winnie Cooper - Dreams Do Cum True

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Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. I do not know Danica McKellar or have anything to do with her. I make no money from this story.

"Hi Danica." I said as she sipped her coffee.  "Hi" she replied cheerfully.  "What are you studying?" I asked plainly.  "Calculus." she replied.  "EWWW" I scoffed and she laughed.  "Math isn't that hard..... It can be fun." she offered.  "Math fun?..... Not in any classroom I've ever been.... but if I had YOU as a teacher I'm pretty sure I'd be paying attention." I quipped.  Danica chuckled and smiled....  "Thanks..... that's very sweet."  "So listen.... My name is Richard Jenkins.  I know you're a TV star and in movies and such..... I'm a photographer and I would love to have you come and pose for me..... I know you don't need the money but I can pay you." I asked.  "Oh my..... that's so sweet.... but I'm pretty busy." she replied.  "You could be the highlight of my collection if you posed for me.... You're SO beautiful and you have a great figure." I praised.  "Honestly..... I don't think it's for me." she rebuffed me.  "Okay wait.... first look at some of my work and THEN tell me you're not interested." I said challenging her.


I pulled my portfolio out of a bag and opened it in front of her.  Danica stared at the first image and then she began to turn the pages...  "WOW..... these are FANTASTIC!" she gushed.  I flipped to another section with cool art photos of people posed in unique positions that look like sculptures.  "These are incredible!" she praised.  "So you'll do it?" I asked.... hopeful.  She looked up at me with those dark eyes and smiled..... "Maybe.... let me check my schedule and see if I have any time........ How long will this take?"  "Well..... that depends... but at least a few hours give or take." I answered.  "What's your number?" I asked calmly.... silently hoping she wouldn't be weird about giving out her number.  Alas she was hip to that.  "Do you have a business card?" she asked.  "Well no.... but we can write them out on your note pad." I countered.  She gave me her pen and I wrote down my number on a pad and tore off the page.... then I turned the pad to her and handed her back her pen..... and waited.  She looked at my number and then after what seemed like an eternity she wrote down her number.  "I don't usually give out my number okay.... so please don't share this." she asked.  "Absolutely not... And I'll wait for you to call me about your schedule... okay?" I replied.  "Thank you so much Danica..... It was super meeting you..... I was nervous.... and then I hugged her while she sat and she laughed at my geeky behavior.....  "Oh.... sorry.... I got carried away....." I let go her go.... and started to back away.... "sorry.... just so cool meeting you." I gushed.  "You're sweet." she replied and smirked at me as I continued to back away with a stupid grin on my face and then I turned and walked away.... some might say I floated away because I WAS SUPER PUMPED!!


Waiting for Danica to call me was agonizing but finally the phone rang and it was her.  "Hi it's Danica...."  "HI DANICA....  I'm so happy to hear from you..... I thought I might have scared you off with my crazy fan boy stuff..... sorry again.  I just think you're really beautiful." I confessed.  "Thank you again.... It's always nice to meet my fans and when people tell me I'm pretty...... I mean it's really nice but I want to be thought of as SMART and beautiful." she replied.  "Well I know you're smart..... smarter than me.... and I'll put a story about whatever your working on to go along with your photo.  This way you can use your beauty to promote your intelligence.... cool right?"  I replied.  "What degree are you working towards?  Do you want to teach?" I asked.  "No... but I am thinking about writing a book about math." she replied.  "WOW.... Actress, Author, Goddess....." I said with a smirk on my voice.  Danica chuckled.  "So I was supposed to do this thing this weekend but it got cancelled so I'm suddenly free." she offered.  "That's wonderful news.  I have a shoot in the morning on Saturday and then I'm free all afternoon.  So I was thinking.... You liked two of my collections and if you're up for it.... I want to shoot two styles.... The "Sculpture Series" and the "Portrait Series" if you're up for it."  "Um..... okay..... Yes I like all of those pictures.  Do I need to bring anything?" she asked.  "No.... I have everything we need.  Just come to my studio at 1pm ready to work." I replied.  "Okay.... I have a pen..... What's the address?" she asked.  I gave her the address and she understood and we were set.


Now I REALLY wanted to see Danica naked but I was realistic..... she's not likely to take off her clothes for me.... SO I planted cameras in the dressing room so at least I'd be able to check her out after she was gone.


Danica showed up wearing jeans and a T shirt... very casual and I gave her a little hug and welcomed her into the studio.  She set her things down and I gave her the dime tour.  I had framed photos all over.... some large and some small but all excellent quality and Danica wandered through studying them and complimenting me.  Then I showed her where the dressing room was for the Portrait Series where I was going to make her look like a painting.  She changed into this lovely gown I had.... backless.... so she had to take off her bra..... That was my first chance to check out her tits.  Nice.... not too big but firm.  She had a smokin hot body.  Danica came out and sat.... I positioned the lights and went to work.  The photos were OUTSTANDING..... She looked amazing and even she was taken aback by how well the finished product looked.


Then we moved on to the Sculpture Series.  THIS was where I get her naked... one way or another.  I gave her a leotard and she understood that she couldn't wear anything underneath it and she was okay with that.  Danica took off the dress and then slipped off her panties.... WOW..... what a beautiful ass and neatly trimmed pussy.  GOD I wanted to fuck her so bad.  I started considering blackmailing her with the naked photos so she'd fuck me.... but I just couldn't go through with it.


We pinned her hair up and she tried several different poses that made her look like an avant-garde sculpture.  Again the finished product was EXCELLENT.  Then Danica wanted to use the restroom.  I led her back to it and she passed some of the nudes I had done.  She stopped and studied them.  They were also very beautiful.  "Yes.... I do art photos occasionally.... AND I'm actually going to do a Body Issue with some of the school’s athletes."......   "But that's not for you." I stated.  Danica turned around sharply and said "What is THAT supposed to mean?" "Oh.... nothing.... no offense but it's just not for you.... you know." I replied.  "No I don't know..... what are you saying?" she pressed.  "Well you're not really an athlete..... I mean you have a beautiful body but..... you know..... you're a goody goody..... You not going to get naked, even for a Body Issue." I countered.  Danica frowned at me.... "I'm a goody goody?".....  "I'm NOT Winnie Cooper anymore..... I'm 21 years old..... I can go out to bars.... I'm an adult.... I'm getting my BS in Mathematics!"..... She paced around.... I'm NOT a goody goody." she piped.  "Okay..... I'm sorry.... I wasn't trying to insult you. I just...... Hey you wanna pose for my Body Issue, I'd be blown away to have you.  I can't promise you the cover as I've got a potential Olympic Gymnast and and a 1st Team All American Football player who are posing but yeah.... I'd LOVE to have you pose for this too!" I offered.  Danica stared at me for a second realizing she'd kinda painted herself into a corner.  "Well..... I'm not saying I'm willing to pose...... but I could." she replied.  A smirk came across my face and I raised my eyebrows and said.... "Yes of course..... I totally understand." in the most sarcastic way I could..... She KNEW I was thinking goody goody..... "What you think I can't do it?.... I can do it..... I can!" she argued.  "Well you brought it up..... and I'm saying yes..... so... did you mean it or not? I countered now having the upper hand.  "Well..... nothing will be showing right?..... because I'm not posing for you if I'm showing in the pictures." she replied.  "Come with me." I said and led her off to my desk.  I opened a file and showed some finished shots of the gymnast.... and of course you couldn't see any of her girl parts.... She looked amazing but covered.  "WOW..... that's so cool." Danica praised.  "So.... Are you up for it? or a goody goody...." I said as I hip checked her a little.  She hipped me back and said..... "Okay, I'll do it."  My heart was pounding!


Danica used the restroom and then went back into the dressing room and took off the leotard and slipped on the silk robe I gave her.  She came out and I took her over to the make up area.  You can touch up your make up here and I'll adjust the lights and clear out some space.  Danica applied a little more make up and brushed her hair and then she was ready.  "You ready?" I asked as she stood there holding the robe tie.  "Yeah".... she replied tentatively..... but she just stood there.  "Would you like a glass of wine or a beer?" I offered.  "No.... I don't need to get drunk...  I'm fine." she argued.  "Yeah.... that's not what I meant.  I just thought it might relax you a little bit.... you look nervous." I stated.  "Well I'm naked and you've got all your clothes on." she replied.  "Ahh.... I see..... come with me." I stated.  I took her hand and led her back to the desk.  I opened another file of the Body Issue and the pictures were ME.  "Oh.... it's you." she quipped.  "Yes.... and as you can see.... I'm naked." I stated.  I clicked through the pictures until a few of them came up where my junk was showing.  "Oh.... you're  um.... showing." she said.  "That's an outtake of course.  I'm not publishing that..... but my point is now you see me naked." I replied.  I opened the file so it was suddenly full screen and my cock was easily visible.  Danica looked at the picture and then looked at me.  "Relax..... I'm fine with this.  It's only fair..... You see me naked and now we're even..... right?" I said.  Danica nodded and looked at my picture and my junk.  "Yeah so I have a normal body.... No porn star dick." I stated.  Danica turned and looked at me when I said that.... then she looked down and then back at the picture..... "You look good..... fine you know." she said.  "So let's do this." I replied.


We walked back to the photo area.  "Can I have that glass of wine?" she asked.  I smirked at her..... "Sure."  I poured her a nice glass of wine and Danica took a big gulp and then she set the glass down and took off the robe.  There she was... 21 year old, sexy starlet Danica McKellar standing nude in my studio.  She shifted her weight a little and kept her arms over the front of her body a little but I could still see her.  I played it cool and didn't stare.  I went over to the camera and focused it on her.  I snapped off a few pictures.  "What are you doing?" she asked nervously.  "These are test shots for the lighting.  Don't worry.... just outtakes." I assured her.  "Have you thought about how you want to pose?" I asked.  "No not really.... maybe we should discuss that." she said reaching for the robe.  "Hang on....  Have you even done ballet or a dance class?" I asked.  She turned around to face me and said, "Yeah a little."  "Okay..... can you do one of those 'leaps'?" I asked.  Danica brightened.... "Yeah.... I think so.  It's been awhile."  "That's fine.... you can try a few jumps and I'll shoot some test shots." I confirmed.  "Why don't you stretch out first.  I can take more test shots while you do that and tweak the lighting.  Plus maybe something organic will come from that." I stated.  Danica nodded and began to stretch out her legs.  She watched me snap photos of her at first but then she seemed to relax and just focused on stretching which was awesome.  Her legs were spread and I got some really great shots of her pussy and tits while she leaned over and stretched.  Some of the photos I took could even be considered for her Body shot.  "Hey.... have a look at this." I said.  Danica walked over and looked at the photo on the screen.  "Oh that's nice." she said.  "It's good.... but I think we can do better..... Let's see that leap." I replied.


Now Danica was ready for the real thing.  "Take a couple steps and then leap right about here.  I'll do a series of shots as you jump.  Keep your arms right about here so they cover the right area.... and keep your chin up." I instructed.  Danica shook her legs like an athlete and gave me a nod..... then she took a few steps and leapt up perfectly thrusting her legs out, arms perfectly level and she landed successfully and stopped.  I chuckled at her and she looked at me.... "What's so funny?" she said.  "Come and look." I replied.  Danica walked over and looked at the screen.  "The leap was perfect..... except one thing." I said.  "OH..... YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING!" she exclaimed.  I laughed..... well you did cover your boobs but yeah..... your legs went the wrong way.  She had leapt perfectly but thrust her legs the opposite of covering so her pussy was on full display.  I couldn't resist smiling at her mistake and she looked and me and gave me a playful shove.  "It's not funny..." she whined.  I laughed at her.  "Yeah.... actually it is.... but don't worry.  You can do it right this time." I said with a giggle.  She swatted my shoulder and walked back over to her starting spot.  Danica tried a few more leaps and the pictures were great.  We also tried a bunch of cool posed looks where she used her hands to cover her boobs and crossed her legs this way and that way.  The point is that I got a ton of great USABLE photos and plenty of nude photos from my own personal collection.


Danica drank more of the wine and became much more comfortable being naked with me.... and I decided to try something.  "Okay.... Lay this way.... put your hands here and move your leg like this.  She followed directions and I stepped back and snapped shots of her.  I moved around and clicked off a few from different angles.  "What are you shooting.... I'm not covered." she asked.  "Yeah.... I know....." I knelt down next to her.  "You look so relaxed now and very beautiful..... Look at this." I replied and I showed her an exceptional photo.  Danica looked at her nude image.  "I think this is a beautiful art photo....."  I stroked her face and looked into her eyes.  "Will you take some more for me?"  Danica looked at me... "Are you going to publish them?"  "No.... I'll only publish photos you approve.  But you look so amazing I just don't want to miss this opportunity." I replied.  "How do I know you won't change your mind?" she asked.  "I understand... even art photos could affect your career.... I would never do that to you."  I stroked her cheek again and ran my fingers through her hair.  "I really like you.... and I want you to know you can trust me."  Then I leaned in and kissed her.  At first it was tender but then I flicked my tongue against her lips and she parted them and kissed me back.  Our kiss deepened and I let it linger as long as I could.  We broke the kiss and I watched her consider my request and what had just happened.  She smiled at me.... "Okay.... but I'm trusting you not to break your promise because it would KILL my parents if naked pictures of me got on the internet."  I nodded..... "I'm serious Richard..... If you do this.... you'll really hurt me and I'll never forgive you." she spoke very sternly.  "Your friendship and (I kissed her) lips mean too much to me to risk hurting you.  I swear on my mother that I will NOT publish any photo of you that you do not completely approve of..... AND (I said holding up my finger) I won't even show any picture of you to anyone else ever.  I'll put them in an encrypted folder with a password so even if somebody opened them.... they wouldn't be able to see them..... Okay?" I swore.  Danica McKellar smiled at me and laid back down in position.  "So what else do you want me to do?"


Now I was beginning to feel like I might get my dream girl.  I began to pose my sweetheart in the most erotic poses and snapped away photo after photo..... AND I began to talk sexy to her.  "Yeah baby.... you're so hot..... so delicious.... make love to the camera."  Danica really started to let go and be naughty..... "Oh yeah.... that's my dirty girl..... You're bad..... very very bad.... I said with a naughty smirk.  Danica stroked her tits..... touched herself..... She really got into being sexy and it was HOTT!!!  I stood her up and started to pose her and noticed us in the mirror... I'm much taller but still we looked good next to each other.  "Hey.... look at us." I said.  Danica turned and looked at the two of us and I put my arms around her and cuddled her.... "Such a cute couple we make!" I said in a good matchmaker voice.  She laughed....  Then I pulled away and took off my shirt and looked at us again.... Now it was skin to skin and I kissed her deeply and caressed her.  She purred in my mouth as I stroked her body and squeezed her ass.  "Will you pose with me?...  We can make some romantic poses like a cologne ad or something." I said.  She smiled and I knew it was okay.  So I stripped off my pants and underwear and we stood next to each other in an embrace and I snapped off a few pictures.  We proceeded to pose with her in front of me and I was covering her parts with my hands.... and she did a peek a boo shot in the same way holding my hard cock and poking her head out from behind me with an big "OH MY" expression.  It was actually pretty cool and funny.


I started to make out with Danica hot and heavy and I laid her down and just kept snapping pictures.  I kissed her lips and neck and down to her breasts and then I sucked on each nipple making her pant.  I kept the remote in my left hand and used my right to slide my fingers right across her juicy pussy.  I made sure to lay her down so the camera would have a great view of her pussy when I got there.  So as I began to massage her clit, I was snapping off pictures as she opened her legs more and moaned.  "MMMmmmm Richard"  I kissed down her tummy and flicked my tongue in her bellybutton which made her squirm.  "Oooh"  I dipped my finger insider her hot pussy and teased at her lips while continuing to lick my way to her juicy cunt.  "OHHHHHH RICHARD" she moaned as my tongue slipped between her yummy folds.  I couldn't believe it.... I was licking Danica McKellar's pussy.... and she was LOVING IT......AND.... I had the pictures to prove it too.  I quietly snapped off picture after picture as I tongue lashed this sexy vixen.  "MMMM..... AHHHHH...... OH RICHARD...... That's SO GOOD!!" she moaned.  Her pussy was dripping and she tasted so good.  I had Danica's legs spread wide right in front of the camera..... You could totally see me tonguing her yummy love box.  I slid my fingers deeper insider her tight cunt.  "OOOHHHHH..... YEESSSSS" she hissed.  I curled them up to rub her G spot and she groaned and thrust her hips up in the air..... "AHHH AHHHH AHHHHHH..... GOD!" Danica's hips bucked as I licked her slit and rubbed that hot spot.... The more she bucked, the louder she got.  "OHH...... OOOHHHH..... OH GOD..... RICHARD...... DON'T STOP..... UHHH .... HUHHH..... UH..... OH.... OH..... OHHHH GOOODDDD!" she came shuddering and I could feel her pussy flutter inside..... it was a spectacular feeling to know I had just rocked her.  I pulled my fingers out and lapped up her juice..... "Ooooohhhh..... mmmmmm God that was fantastic." she cooed.  I kissed up her body and adjusted our position to give the camera the best angle as I prepared to fuck this Goddess.


I opened up her legs further and moved between them.  Danica looked up at me lovingly..... She was VERY TURNED ON and ready to be fucked.  The camera could see everything as I rubbed the head of my cock between her tender folds.  "MMMMMMmmmm.." she purred in anticipation.  I moved her leg more so the camera could really see and snapped pictures as I pressed inside her tight pussy.  "UGGGHHHHHHH"...... Deeper and deeper I pushed as my angel squirmed under me.  I think she knew I'd been photographing us but I wasn't sure..... she just seemed really happy about the sex.... maybe it had been a while because she was REALLY TIGHT.  "UUUUUHHHHHHMMMMMM" she sighed as our bodies touched.  I kissed her snapping pictures and she slipped her legs up around my back and I ground my pelvis against her clit and wormed my cock insider her.  "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" she groaned.  I slid my arms under her knees to support her legs and pulled out to the tip.  "OOOOHHHHHHH" she moaned as I drove it all the way back in and started to fuck her.  It was surreal.  There she was..... Danica McKellar..... still looking like Winnie Cooper..... I was fucking Winnie Cooper and she was dying for it.  "UGH.... UH..... UH..... UGH..... OHHH..... OHHHH..... RIC....HARD..... OH YES....... YES..... MMMMM ..... MMMM......MMMMMHHHHHHMMMMM...... OH YES..... OH GOD..... DON'T STOP..... IT'S SO GOOD...... SO GOOD....... SO GOOD.... SOOO SOOOOO SOOOOHHHHHHHHHH GGGGOOOOOOODDDD!!!".  Her toes curled and she clawed at me as she came.  Danica came fast.... so I was lucky that I didn't pop when she came because all her moaning and groaning was driving me crazy.


I pulled out and lifted her to her feet.  We kissed as I sat down and pulled her down onto my lap.  Now the camera had an even better view of her entire body as she faced it and sat down on my cock.  Danica wasn't a virgin so she knew what to do and began to ride my hard cock.  Her legs were wide outside of mine and I held her as she bounced on my rocket.  I arched her back to me and we kissed as I thrust up into her clutching cunt.  I kept snapping pictures as I banged her and when I was ready I strummed he throbbing clit and Danica stiffened and wailed as she came again.


Now we moved to right in front of the camera and I knelt her down into doggie style.  I eased her leg forward so the camera could see my cock plunging into her.  She arched and I pulled her hair thrusting wildly into her until I was almost ready to blow.  Danica cried and moaned as I hammered her vibrating love vice.  Again and again I could feel her pussy clutching at me as she came.


Panting, I rolled Danica onto her back and immediately plunged back into her trembling juncture.  "MMMMMMMM RIIICHARD!"  I put her ankles on my shoulders and began to thrust into her forcefully.  "AHHH  AHHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHH GODDD.... FUCK..... OHHH..... FUCK (and my mind was reeling as Winnie Cooper kept saying FUCK)  OH RICHARD...... YES..... HARDER..... OH HARDER..... OH FUCK ME...... FUCK ME..... FUCK..... FUCK....." Her entire body stiffened and she dug her fingernails into my arms. "FUCK.... FUCK..... OH FUCK.... FUCK..... MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"  I couldn't take anymore..... I was gonna cum.  I knew I couldn't cum inside her.  I didn't know if she would swallow but I knew I couldn't just sit there.  I pulled out and moved up to her face.  She grabbed my cock and put it right into her mouth.  I couldn't believe it.  "MMMMM MMMMM MMMMM" she sucked and I thrust into her hungry mouth.  Again snapping picture after picture as this Goddess sucked my cock deeply into her mouth.  "I'm gonna cum" I moaned..... She pulled it out..... "Don't cum in my mouth" she said..... so I jerked it and before she could say anything else my cum erupted onto her face eliciting squeals of surprise as she rocked her face back and forth.  "mmmmmmmmm..... mmmmmmuuuuhhhhh ..... " and then she started to giggle as the spunk covered her face, "hahahaha.... uhhhh....mmmmmm."  Then she pretty much had no choice.  I rubbed my cock across her lips and she finally took it in her mouth while it was covered with cum.  "MMMMMMmmmmm".  I pulled it out and rubbed it over her cheeks and face and kept sticking it back into her mouth..... all the while snapping multiple pictures of my sluttly little princess.  She kept sucking the cum off my shaft and I just gloated over my dirty debutante.  She finally let it slip from her mouth and she lay there basking in the afterglow.  Her body sweaty and glistening.  Her nipples hard, pussy dripping she just lie there breathing deeply.  I laid down next to her and kissed her lovingly.  "You were wonderful." she said.  "You were deliciously spectacular." I replied.... which made her smile.  "You hungry?" I asked.  "STARVING!" she exclaimed.  "Yeah.... you've really worked up an appetite." and we both laughed hard.


I ordered a pizza and we ate and drank and looked at all the pictures.  "I knew what you were doing.  I think some part of me really WANTED you to do this but (she turned and looked right at me) I'm no goody goody and if I see a single naked picture of me online.... I will find you and I will kill you."  I smirked at her because she just wasn't scary.... "I know." I replied to comfort any concerns.  It actually turned her on to see all the graphic photos of me eating her pussy and fucking her and especially the "money shot".  She looked at the pictures and then at me..... "When I said don't cum in my mouth, I didn't mean cum on my face." she stated.  "Yeah but look at your expression.... you LOVED IT!" I replied.  She made a face and then looked at the screen again and you could see the look of bliss in her eyes.  I flipped a few more photos and it was obvious that she was enjoying it and then it was even more obvious with the look of pure satisfaction with my cum covered cock in her mouth.  "Maybe next time, you try swallowing." I said.  "Next time?" she said.  "Oh don't act like you don't want more....." I professed.  Her expression changed.... "This was way more than I bargained for.... but I'm not complaining."


"Well you are definitely NOT a goody goody..... and I have the proof." I announced.  "Just because I'm not a goody goody don't think you can order me around." she announced.  "What.... you think you can resist me?" I asked tensing my body.  "I'm not scared of you." she replied tauntingly.  I took her hint and got up..... She looked at me wide eyed and ran squealing.  I chased her into my bedroom and tackled her on the bed.  We started in again and this time I made tender love to my angel even getting permission to pump my cum inside her.


Danica McKellar had become my lover..... My Winnie Cooper dreams had come true.

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