Winnie Cooper - BLACKMAIL!

BY : Tricky_Dick
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Disclaimer: This is a work of FICTION. I do not know Danica McKellar or have anything to do with her. I make no money from this story.

Danica and I had seen each other fairly regularly for a couple of months when the Body Issue was finally published.  Of course it was a huge success and I received high praise from professors and students alike.  I was at a party and the All American football player Bruce came up to me with the magazine in his hand.  “You got Danica McKellar to pose for you?” he asked.  “Yeah…. I met her a couple months ago and she posed for a few pictures.” I said playing it off.  “Yeah…. But you saw her naked right?” he pressed.  “Bruce… You know I don’t talk about that kind of stuff with anyone.  I’d never get a girl to pose for me again if I started talking about them.” I scolded him.  “But Rich….. It’s Danica McKellar…. Winne Cooper man…. And we’re friends.” He pleaded.  “Okay…. Yes…. She’s a TV and Movie star…. All the more reason to keep her privacy private…. And yeah you and I are friends and all but it’s not like we’re best friends… We hang out sometimes… You’re tight with your teammates….  I’m not going to talk about Danica with you…. I like her… She’s my friend.  I didn’t talk about you with anyone or show any of your pictures to her or anyone else…. Right?” I countered.  Bruce’s shoulders sank as he knew I wasn’t going to betray Danica’s trust.  “Yeah… okay…. But at least tell me one thing…. You must have gotten to see her naked right?” he asked.  “She posed for the Body Issue… you figure it out.” I quipped.  He gave me a huge smile…. “I KNEW IT!  Damn… you lucky bastard… I bet she’s got a smokin hot body…. Fuck you’re lucky.” He beamed.  “Thanks and enjoy the party.” I said ending the conversation.

Bruce Dalton…   All American quarterback for UCLA was used to getting what he wanted and he wanted to see Danica McKellar naked.  He knew that there were naked outtakes of him and he rightly assumed that there were naked outtakes of Danica and HE WANTED THEM…. One way or another he was going to get them.  Bruce found Heather Swain the Head Cheerleader and a girl I had flirted with many times…. She liked me but she liked footballers more.  Bruce pulled her aside.  “Heather… I need a favor.” He started.  “Sure baby…. Where do you want to do it.” Heather replied.  “No no… Um…. Come with me.” He asked. 

Heather followed him into a back bedroom.  “So what’s this all about?” she asked.  “You saw Richard’s Body Issue right?” he asked.  “Yeah…. It turned out great… you look fantastic.” She praised looking over his muscular body.  “Yeah, well Richard got Danica McKellar to pose …. Which means he’s got naked pictures of her…. I’ve had such a huge crush on her….. I’ve GOT to see those pictures but he won’t budge….. Maybe you can persuade him?” Bruce offered.  “Well I know he’s into me…. He’s always flirting with me…. Trying to get me to pose for him.  Maybe I should have said yes…. He could end up being famous.  I don’t know if I can convince him to show me her pictures.” She replied.  “Try this…. You have a better body than her…. Tell him that you’re jealous and you want to see if he likes your body better…. Tell him you’ll get naked if he shows you her pictures.” Bruce plotted.  “I’ll follow after you…. Leave a door open and I’ll sneak in… Once he has the pictures up…. You sleep with him and I’ll copy them and everyone wins.” Bruce continued.  “Everyone?  I have to sleep with him…. So what do I get out of it?” she mused.  “You like Derek right….?” Bruce asked.  “Yeah but he has a girlfriend back home and won’t cheat on her.” She replied.  “If you do this for me…. I PROMISE I’ll get him to fuck your brains out…. Oh and he has a really big cock…. I don’t usually pay attention but his cock is almost as big as mine…. Saw it in the showers one day.  But if I call in a solid ‘you owe me’…. He’ll fuck you…. And he does like you, he just doesn’t want to cheat…. But he’ll do it for me.” Bruce confided.  “So… is it a deal?” he asked.  Heather considered…. “What if I get over there and he still won’t budge?” she asked.  “I seriously doubt he can resist you…. He’s been drinking and lusting after you for what like a year and a half?  If he turns you down flat then don’t sleep with him…” Bruce replied.  Heather made a face.  “AND I’ll still get Derek to nail you… so either way you get what you want…. Okay?” he countered.  Heather nodded and then checked her look in the mirror and Bruce swatted her on the butt on the way out.  “Go get em tiger!” he chuckled.

Heather approached me as I was downing another mixed drink.  She had a smokin hot cheerleader body…. SO my type.  Blonde hair…. Perky B / C cups…. Amazing legs and not too tall…. Kinda like a gymnast but not super muscular.  She could do all the tumbling passes but she was petite and could be lifted and put up on the pyramid.  I wanted her for the Body Issue but she said no…. and I wanted to fuck her so bad…. But she like this Wide Receiver Derek Hough from Texas…. 6’ 5” 220, with blond hair and blue eyes…. All the girls wanted him but he was faithful to his hometown sweetheart.

“Richard…. You’re famous.” Heather offered.  “Well I don’t know about that.” I countered.  “Everyone is talking about your Body Issue…. I guess I should have said yes when you asked me…. I can’t believe you got that TV star to pose for you…. How do you know her?” Heather asked.  “She goes to school here…. Studying math of all things…. And I asked her and she said yes.” I replied.  “Well, she’s very pretty but I think… Well…. What do you think…. Who has the better body?” she asked.  “Oh well….  (I knew to tread carefully here) You’re both gorgeous…. Which is why I wanted you to pose.” I said sidestepping that land mine.  “Well I’m jealous now…. And I want to see for myself…. You have more pictures of her I bet…. I want to see them.” She suggested.  “Sorry Heather… those are private and I promised Danica that nobody would ever see anything but the published photos of her…. I would do the same for you.” I rebuffed her.  Heather seeing the lust in my eyes stepped closer and slid her hand onto my junk, caressing it as it started to get harder in her hand.  “I’ll show you mine if you show me hers.” She offered.  I was kinda drunk and really stupid and I nodded as she squeezed my cock through my jeans.  I really loved fucking Danica but Heather was also smokin hot and I was thinking with my other head.

As we left the party Heather signaled to Bruce who then followed us to my place.  When we got there I led Heather to the back where my computer was set up…. I sat down and Heather began to rub my shoulders and caress me from behind.  I focused and typed in my special password for Danica’s files and opened them up.  Heather studied them and smiled.  “She has a great body…. Doesn’t she”, Heather offered.  “Yeah…. She’s amazing.  I really like her too.” I replied.  Then Heather slipped off her top letting her firm tits come out…. She turned my chair around and pulled my face into her boobs.  Then she leaned in and kissed me.  WOW her lips were so soft and my cock was so hard.  “Come on baby….. Let’s see who has the better body her or me.” She said pulling me away from the computer.  Heather led me back to my bedroom and continued to undress….

Meanwhile Bruce had slipped in and sat down at my computer…. Danica’s file was still open…. His eyes got HUGE as he flipped through the pictures but he almost came in his pants when he got to the explicit photos of us having sex.  “HOLY SHIT!” he said quietly.  Hearing moans coming from my bedroom he acted fast.  The files were too big to load onto a floppy but I had a CD burner and a whole stack of disks… so Bruce grabbed one and slipped it into the drive.  Then it was simple drag and drop and the computer burned Danica’s entire file onto the disk…. And of course there was no password on that so Bruce got exactly what he wanted.  He finished up and crept out of the apartment unnoticed.  Heather and I went at it like wild animals.  I figured it was my new found fame that finally peaked her interest…. I had no idea the whole sex thing was a ruse….  My life and Danica’s life was about to change.


Bruce went home and looked at all the pictures…. He totally jerked off to them that night…. But his mind was plotting something devious…. He was going to fuck Danica McKellar….. She was either going to give up the pussy or he was going to put her naked pictures on the internet.  She was going to have to do whatever he said…. “Winnie Cooper is going to suck me and fuck me and be my little slave girl.” 


The next day Bruce called Heather and they met.  “You know Bruce…. Richard is a great guy…. He was amazing last night.” She said.  “I know he’s a great guy….. but take a look at these.” Bruce countered.  He flipped all the way to the sex pictures.  “HOLY FUCK…. He took pictures of them having sex?” she blurted.  “AND…. She let him cum on her face!.... Look!” he continued.  “Jesus…. I just swallowed him.” Heather admitted.  Bruce looked up at her….  “What…. He tasted good.  Bruce he was really good to me…. That’s probably why she let him get away with all this…. He’s really good.  Back up to there.  See…. Look at her face…. She’s cumming.  Richard gives GREAT head…. Definitely got my rocks off… more than once.” Heather boasted.  “Well…. I’m glad you had a good time…. A deal is a deal.  I’ll hook you up with Derek this weekend.  So while you’re fucking Derek…. I’m going to be banging Winnie Cooper.” Bruce grinned.  Heather felt a little guilty about tricking me but the damage was done…. Nothing could be done to fix it…. 


Meanwhile Bruce had to figure out how to get Danica’s attention and make her aware that he had her pictures.  He used a school computer to print out three color prints of Danica naked and having sex…. Then he staked out the Math department hoping to catch sight of Danica.  It took a couple of days but finally he spotted her leaving a building and sitting down for a coffee.  Bruce walked up and calmly sat down across from Danica.  She looked up puzzled as to why he would just sit down without even introducing himself.  “Um Hello?” Danica said.  “Hi Danica…. I’m Bruce Dalton.” He stated proudly.  “OH…. Yes…. You’re the All American Quarterback….” She recognized him.  “And we’re both in Richard’s Body Issue.” Bruce offered.  “Yes…. That was fun wasn’t it?” Danica posed.  “Yeah…. I enjoyed it but clearly not as much as you did.” He said suggestively.  Danica stopped sipping her coffee and looked up at him nervously.  “What do you mean?” she asked tentatively.  “I mean… (he whispered) You’re a dirty cum slut aren’t you.” Bruce replied.  Danica’s eyes went wide and she was about to say something when Bruce slid the file folder over to her.  Danica’s hand trembled as she opened the folder.  Her face went white as she saw the first picture…. Then the second with my cock in her mouth and third with my cock in her pussy.  “How did…. Where did you….” She stammered.  Bruce smiled at her smugly.  I stole them… so don’t be mad at Richard…. He has no idea I have these.  I tricked him.” Bruce confessed.  That didn’t make Danica feel any better about her situation.  “Those were supposed to be password protected.” She stated seething.  “They were…. When he opened the file…. I copied them while he was distracted.” Bruce confessed again. 


Danica simply had to accept what had happened.  Her worst fears had come true.  “How much do you want for them?” she asked…. Hoping that she could get the money quickly and destroy the photos…. AND tell Me what happened and insist that I delete the originals.  “I have money…. Lots of it.  And I’m going pro so I’ll be a multi-millionaire next summer.  What I want is my fantasy with Winnie Cooper my teen crush.” Bruce replied.  Danica’s mouth went dry as she realized what he was suggesting.  “What do you…” he cut her off.  “Yes…. That’s exactly what I mean…. You’re going to be my little sex slave girl and do EVERYTHING you did with Richard…. And more….. and if you refuse I’ll put every dirty photo of you on the internet and the whole world will see your face covered in cum.” Bruce plotted.  Danica’s heart was pounding…  she was trapped.  She couldn’t tell anyone…. He would put the pictures on the internet.  She couldn’t even tell me because I couldn’t really do anything about it….. there was nobody that could help her unless she could get to Bruce’s computer and erase the files…. And she didn’t even know about the disk.  “There is an address written inside the folder.  Be at that address on Saturday night 7 o’clock…. Wear a sexy slinky dress like the celebrities wear… with nothing on underneath it.  I want you to look like a movie star.”  Danica just stared at him as he stood up…. “You know the drill…. If you tell anyone… if you don’t show…. If you don’t OBEY…. I’ll put your dirty pussy all over the internet.” Bruce grinned diabolically and then he walked away.

Danica was devasted…. She went home and cried.  If I had known maybe there was a way I could have tried to help but she couldn’t tell me.  Danica cried more and tried to think of a way out but there was none.  Finally, Saturday came and Danica got herself ready.  She knew that if she wasn’t dressed to the nines, she would be in trouble…. So she shaved and buffed and polished and did her nails and put on the slinkiest dress she had with nothing underneath.  Yeah it felt very sexy but that just reminded her that she was about to be defiled.  Danica drove to the location and got out…. She headed up to the door and rang the bell.  Bruce answered dressed very elegantly and he looked great..  She had almost forgotten that he was a handsome, buffed out football star…  Her heart was pounding as he kissed her hand….. then slipped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer for a gentle kiss.  He was not abusive at all…. He was tender and smelled really great.  He teased at her lips and Danica knowingly parted them for a deeper kiss.  Bruce stroked her soft skin and caressed her body through the thin fabric.  As crazy as this sounded… Danica like the kiss.  He caressed her body, cupped her ass and let his hands glide up over her torso and onto her breasts gently caressing them and making her nipples harden.  “Welcome… I promise you an erotic and completely fulfilling night of pleasure.  I know you’re reluctant but I want to assure you that I don’t want to hurt you.  I’ve had a crush on you for years and well… I suppose I could have gone about this differently but honestly… I’m a control freak and I like to give orders…. I’m used to getting what I want… and I want you…. Well I want Winnie.” Danica nodded subtly.  “Follow me please.” Bruce directed.

Danica walked into the living area and Bruce handed her a glass of wine.  She, feeling obliged, drank… it was very good…. Expensive wine.  He reached out and caressed her face and brushed her hair back stroking her earlobe and tracing his hand down her neck and into her cleavage.  Danica was somewhat mesmerized by this whole ordeal.  She thought he’d man handle her….throw her down and rape her but it was nothing like that.  She continued to drink the wine until the glass was gone.  Bruce took her in his arms and gently kissed her again…. This time increasing his intensity until her was kissing her passionately and Danica felt … wanted to kiss him back.  It was a wild scenario.

Bruce led Danica to a large bedroom and as they entered Danica froze again….  Studio lights were positioned throughout the room and a young man with a video camera was waiting patiently.  “What the hell is this?” she asked.  “I want you to make a movie with me.  You’ll play Winnie Cooper attending UCLA…. And I’ll be your Quarterback boyfriend.” Bruce replied calmly.  “No way…. No way I’m making a porno movie with you.” She spat through her teeth.  Bruce leaned in…. You let Richard take explicit photographs of you while you had sex….  Now if you don’t obey I’ll have no choice but to publish them.  Danica…. I really don’t want to do that…. But I insist on your complete cooperation…. No exceptions.” Bruce replied confidently.  He knew that she had little choice.  “What if you decide to put this video on the internet??” she retorted.  “Danica…. I don’t want to ruin your career or embarrass you… Yes I’m blackmailing you… but I’m blackmailing you so I can have fantastic, wild, erotic sex with my celebrity crush.  I don’t want to destroy you….. (He leaned in again)… I want to make you cum so hard you’ll come back for more.” He confided.  There it was…. He had her….. she was bound to him…. And this would seal the deal but what choice did she have?  Danica stood there for a moment realizing she was in checkmate and finally looked up at Bruce and nodded…. “Okay…. I guess I have no choice.” She capitulated.  Bruce cuddled her again and kissed her and whispered….. I’m going to make love to you….. and fuck your sexy, dirty little brains out…. Then we can watch the movie together.”  Strangely enough…. The way he spoke to her about what he was going to do…. Was kind of exciting.  For Danica every relationship had been completely consensual and she was always in control…. For once in her life she was under the man’s control…. And he was going to do whatever he wanted to her…. She started to imagine and her pussy twitched.

“So….. I’ll be in here and you’ll walk in and stop near the doorway….. You’ll slip off your dress and reveal that smokin hot body.  After that it’s all ad lib and I’ll tell you what to do…. You will NOT say no to me for the rest of the night Winnie.” Bruce said…. Going into character.  “Yes sir.” She replied sheepishly.  He really was in control….. Her heart was beating hard…. Her nipples were hard…. He clit was already swelling at the thought of this muscular stud fucking her…. She was wet and had to admit…. Much less scared about being hurt and more nervously excited about what was going to take place.  Danica stepped outside the room and Tim started the camera.

“I’m the luckiest man alive.” Bruce said to the camera….. My girlfriend is the sexiest girl in the world…. My girlfriend is Winnie Cooper and she’s a wild girl.  Winnie entered the room and smiled at the camera like she’d done a thousand times…. And she remarkably didn’t flinch as she slipped off the straps of her gown…… and with a wry smile she let the dress slip down to the floor.  Her body looked spectacular… Tim and Bruce both admired it as Tim panned the camera from toe to head pausing to push in on her pussy, breasts and then her face.  Bruce stood up and kissed his gorgeous girlfriend…. Winnie kissed him back and he caressed her body and stoked her boobs making her nipples stiffen even more.  He could literally hear her heart pounding.  “Hello Winnie…. You sexy bitch…. I know what you want to do….. so say it…. Because you know I like to hear it.” Bruce ordered.  Winnie knew …. “I wanna suck your cock baby…. I wanna suck it deep in my mouth….. I wanna taste your cum.” She purred.  Bruce was elated as his plan was working perfectly.  Winnie was obedient and acting enthusiastic and he hadn’t even licked her pussy yet.

Winnie dropped to her knees and Tim moved around to get a close up of her face.  She took out his rock hard cock…. It was huge…. Easily 10 maybe 11 inches long.  Tim got a great shot of her first reaction to his cock and Bruce smiled down realizing she’d never seen one this big….. certainly hadn’t be fucked by one like this.  Bruce pulled off his shirt and tie and then stepped out of his slacks and boxers so he was naked too….. Winnie repositioned herself to get comfortable and grabbed his cock.  Her hand barely fit around it…. Her heart was racing…. It was big, clean, smelled good…. His balls were shaved clean too….. It was almost perfect…. She WANTED to suck his cock now…. The tables had completely turned.  Winnie put the head in her mouth and looked up at Bruce who was in Heaven watching his teenage crush Winnie Cooper suck his cock…. Those dark brown eyes now filled with lust for his big cock….. He could see it in her face…. In her actions as she sucked more into her mouth and then swirled her tongue around the tip.  Tim moved and stepped up on a small step ladder to get an over his shoulder look down at Winnie.  She gazed up at the camera lovingly sucking Bruce’s cock.  She knew what the shot was and she totally played to the camera.  It was too much…. Beyond what either man expected.  Winnie continued to suck Bruce’s cock…. Licking up and down the long shaft…. Stroking it…. Jacking it…. Licking his clean scrotum…. Even sucking on his balls….. she was totally into it.  She could even taste his pre cum… that tasted good too.

Bruce lifted her up and led her to the bed where she climbed up and positioned herself…. Tim moved around to get the best view as Bruce greedily opened her slender thighs….. what a sight.  Her bush very neatly trimmed framed a delicate flower, glistening with her love juice… her clit was already swollen from all the excitement.  Winnie didn’t even flinch as Tim got in real close…. Bruce moved in and Tim focused on him licking her.  “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” she moaned blissfully.  Tim panned up to watch Winnie’s reaction as Bruce continued to lick her juicy pussy…. Teasing her lips…. Taunting her clit….. she writhed and squirmed as he wound her body up like a rubber band.  Bruce flicked his tongue between her lips like a snake and kept at it….  Winnie squeaked and wiggled as he tickled her cunt.  “OOOHHH… Baby…. Please… OH please baby…. Yes baby….. I’ll do anything you say… please make me cum.” She begged.  Bruce continued to level her up slowly but surely.  His fingers delved into the helpless girl….. Her hips squirmed… her pussy twitched as she got hotter and hotter….  Winnie was desperate for the licking to begin in earnest…… “OH PLEASE BABY….. I”LL DO ANYTHING…. PLEASE BABY…. DON’T TEASE ME ANYMORE…” she pleaded.  Tim pushed in close and Bruce slid his fingers in deeper.  “AHHH YES BABY YESSSS.” Winnie moaned.  Bruce started to lick her slit from bottom to top as he fingered her…. Winnie rocked and groaned as she got closer and closer to cumming. 

At last Bruce was ready to finish her off.  He locked up her legs tightly and began to rub her G spot…. Winnie immediately gasped and stiffened arching her slender body up.  Bruce locked his mouth over her clit and attacked it with fluttering from his tongue…. His fingers rubbed her G spot and he held her firm as Winnie wailed and the shrieked into a massive orgasm.  “UGGGHHHHH…. OHHHHH OHHHH OHHHHH OOOOHHHHH BABY……. OHHHH BABY YESS…. OH GOD BABY…… OH GOD…… BABY…. DON’T STOP….. DON’T STOP….. OH GOD…. BABY….. YESSSSHH…. YEESSSSHHHH….. YYYEEEAAASSSSHHHHHHUUUUUGGHHHHH!!” she came vigorously…. Tim moved off her face and Bruce moved his head so the camera could see her juices flowing out from her flower.  What a sight.  “Great…. Cut it there.” Bruce ordered.  Tim stopped the camera.  “Winnie scooch over to the edge of the bed.” He said.  Bruce then cuddled Winnie from behind and kissed her…. “Open your legs wide.” He ordered.  Winnie complied and she watched Tim kneel down and slid his tongue into her pussy.  “WAAAHHHHHUUUUUGGHGHHHHH?” she moaned caught off guard as Tim licked and sucked on her juices.  She was so turned on…. She didn’t complain…. Tim licked her fervently until she came into his mouth…. Winnie looked down at him and smiled… Tim smiled back. 

“Up on the bed.” Bruce ordered.  Winnie complied happily knowing it was time to fuck.  Tim now turned on a second static camera and then his camera for close ups.  Winnie was also familiar with this and she understood what was happening.  Bruce gave her pussy some licks making her squirm again but he was hard and ready to fuck.  Winnie was nervous…. She’d never had a cock this big in her tiny little pussy.  Bruce rubbed the head against her vulva coating it with her ample juices…. He even added a little spit to help… and then he guided the head into her fiery tunnel.  “UUUGGHHHH” Winnie grunted.  (GOD IT’S HUGE) she thought.  Bruce had been through this many times with girls in high school and college…. He was a pro and banging young coeds.  He worked his fat cock deeper and deeper into Winnie’s tight pussy….. she panted and grunted and squealed as it plunged her depths.  It was the most incredible feeling…. To feel the heat and the stretch and the depth…. As it entered her inch by inch it was so much…. Almost too much to take.  At last Bruce was completely inside her.  He leaned back so Tim could get a close up of the impaled pussy.  Winnie was twisting in anticipation.  Bruce slipped his arms under her knees and held them up…. Winnie looked down and watched as Bruce withdrew and she wailed in delight as he thrust all 11 inches into her tight cunt.  “HHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!”  Bruce smiled at her and Winnie looked up at him as he did it again….. “GGGGAAAAWWWDDDDDDDDD!”  His cock well coated in her juice, it was time to take Winnie Cooper to fuck school.  Bruce began to move with steady long strokes…. Not too hard at first but the full length of his shaft.  “UUUGGGHH UUUGGHHHH GGHHHAAAAAHHH…. MMMMMMAAAHH….. MMMMMHHHHMMMM OOHHHH BABY…. OOOOHHHH BABY……. BABY…. PLEASE…. OH BRUCE….. OH MY GOD….. IT’S SO BIG….. I LOVE IT…..  FUCK ME…. PLEASE BABY….. FUCK ME…” Winnie was in Heaven.  Her pussy couldn’t even clutch at his cock because it was so stretched.  She would cum in no time at all….  Her blood was boiling…. Her pussy was on fire… Bruce put more force into her and she began to yelp…. UH, UGH, OH… OHH….OH GOD…. OH GOD….. OHHH….OHHH…..GGGGUUUU….. HHHHHUUUHH…..GAAAAAA……. OOOHHHHH…. FUUUCCCCKK…. OH FUCK OH GOD…. YES … YES…. BRUCE….. BRUUUUCCE…… OH GOD BABY… YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHHSSSSUUUGGHHHHHH!!”

Bruce took his prize and turned her over doggie style.  He plunged his cock back into Winnie’s wonderland and they both groaned…. “OOOOHHHHGAWD!”  Winnie was completely overcome with lust….. she played to the camera as Bruce fucked her…. She came again so hard and made sure that the camera could see her contorted face as she came.  Bruce pulled her up to him and thrust into her tight cunt…. Have you ever sucked a cock while being fucked Winnie?” he asked.  “No sir….” She squeaked.  He moved her slightly and let her back down on her hands as Tim approached with his stiff cock in hand.  Winnie knew and she didn’t hesitate….. She took most of his cock into her mouth and began to suck passionately…. Moaning around his shaft….. which only made him cum faster.  Winnie maintained her balance as she sucked…. Bruce kept a steady pace and Tim focused on her cocksucking… Winnie gazed up at him lovingly….. sliding his flesh rocket deep into her mouth…. Tim groaned and let his load fly…. “Hold it in your mouth Winnie….. you gorgeous slut….. don’t swallow yet.” Bruce ordered.  She’d never done that before but in the haze of lust she obeyed.  Tim stepped back and got a tight close up on her face…. “Open your mouth now you delicious whore.” Bruce ordered and there was Tim’s spunk filling her mouth.  “Now swallow it.” He ordered…. Which she did….. and show everyone….. and she opened her mouth again to show it was all gone.

Bruce pulled out and rolled over onto his back…. Winnie climbed up on him and rode his monster like a wild animal…. Making herself cum again and again.  Then Bruce turned her around to face him and Tim climbed up behind her…. Winnie stiffened when she felt his hand lube up her ass….. she knew…. But what could she do?  Tim was hard again from watching all the action and he pressed his cock against her tight rosebud and pushed in.  Winnie froze and tried to wiggle.  Tim was careful feeling that it was very likely she’d never done anal…. Winnie gurgled as his cock pushed deeper and deeper until he was balls deep and the fucking was on….. The men set up a rhythm and the tiny Winnie …. Well all she could do was hang on and cum…. Which she did.  After a wave of orgasms reverberated through her entire body the men were ready.  Bruce laid Winnie down and both men jerked their cocks over her face.  Winnie opened her mouth sincerely and waited.  Tim spunked just before Bruce…. His first jet hit her cheek and then began to splatter over her face.  Bruce’s first blast went right into her mouth….. the rest hit her lips, nose… eyes…. cheeks…. They coated her face good.  The men then smeared it all over Winnie as she giggled…. Gurgled…. Sucked and slurped up the cum.  “OH GOD I LOVE YOUR CUM BABY!” she purred.  “That’s great princess….. I love to keep my gorgeous Winnie slut happy and full of cum.  Are you my sexy cum slut?” Bruce asked.  “YES…. I’m your cum slut.” Winnie replied earnestly.

Tim pulled both cameras and packed as Danica laid there on the bed giddy and spent.  Bruce got right up to Tim.  “Edit the footage…. SHOW NO ONE or you’ll be sorry.” He threatened.  Tim understood.  After all…. He was so lucky…. He got to film Danica McKellar…. Got a blow job and got to fuck her cherry ass as well as cum on her face.  He wasn’t about to screw this up and piss off Bruce Dalton.  Plus, you never know….. He might get a chance to fuck her.  Tim left and it was just Bruce and Danica.

“Hey baby” Bruce said as he cuddled up to her.  Danica snuggled him back.  “Hey stud.” She grinned at him.  “I take it… you’re a happy slut now.” Bruce chided.  “I’m happy… feel good… But I’m not used to being called a slut.” She replied.  “Relax…. That is only here in private.  I would never say anything like that to you or about you away from us.” Bruce stated.  “I’m going to clean my face now okay?” she asked.  “Sure.” He replied and rolled over onto his back to watch her sexy ass wiggle off to the bathroom.

Danica’s head was buzzing.  She had just made a porno movie.  Graphic video of her having sex with TWO GUYS…. Cumming on her face.  If the public saw any of this her career was over… and yet she was calm…. And happy.  Her pussy was still throbbing from the excellent fucking provided by her blackmailer.  As she cleaned off all the cum…. She tasted more of it…. Both guys actually tasted really good.  “I think I like cum….” She smirked at herself in the mirror.  She licked up a bit more and then wiped off the rest so she was back to her glowing self.  And she was glowing…. You could see it in her face, eyes…. Skin…. If you looked at her you KNEW she’d just been fucked….. well.  Danica smiled and went back to the bedroom.

Bruce pulled her to him and kissed her.  He pulled her on top and kissed and caressed his lovely teen crush.  Danica kissed him back actively participating… and she could feel him getting hard again.  “Well well…. What do we have here?” Bruce asked.  “Again?” she questioned.  “This time no cameras…. I just want to make love to you.  I know I can fuck you and make you cum…… This time I want to go slow and just love you…. Okay?” Bruce admitted.  Danica was taken aback but she nodded and Bruce flipped her onto her back.

He kissed down her body and licked her sensitive pussy…. It was already pretty wet and her juices got flowing again right away.  Danica ran her fingers through his hair as he savored her sweet nectar.  “MMMMM Bruce…. You’re so good to me.” She purred.  “I want my sweetheart to feel amazing.” He replied.  Bruce climbed up to Danica and they kissed…. He positioned his hard cock against her tender folds and pressed in.  “HHHHMMMMMMMMMMMM” she groaned as it was still a huge intrusion…. But welcome.  Danica wrapped her legs around him as Bruce began to slowly pump his thick cock in her.  They kissed and he caressed her breasts and face and held her tightly as his tempo increased.  Danica panted and huffed as her legs clutched at his ass.  This sex was spectacular… totally different then when he just fucked her.  Her orgasm rose much more slowly but as it crested she threw her head back and shuddered.  Then a long heated vibration rippled through her body lasting well over a minute as her pussy fluttered, her legs trembled, eyes rolled back in her head and her hands gripped his muscular arms.  It wasn’t a shrieking orgasm… no… it was on a whole different level.  Bruce increased his tempo and another one rose up to her….. She looked into his eyes as it ravaged her nervous system.  “UGGGHHHHHH BRUCE…. GAWD…..” she sighed.  Bruce began to fuck her hard now so he could get off…. That set off all kinds of alarms as Danica clawed at him like before.  Her hips bucked, her body shook and Bruce plunged every inch of his cock into her juicy pussy.  “OHHHH… BRUCE….. OHHHH GOD….. OH GOD…. YES BABY…… OH FUCK…… OH GOD…. OOOHHHHH…..MMMMMMMHHHHMMMM….. UHHHHH HUUUUHHHHH.” She wailed.  Bruce was there.  I’m gonna cum inside that tight pussy honey.”  “YES GAWD….. FILL ME UP….. CUM INSIDE ME…. NOW BABY NOW… UHHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHH!” and Bruce erupted another load of spunk inside her glorious gash as they came together.  Panting and happy they lay there intertwined and actually drifted off to sleep.

Danica hadn’t planned to stay the night but she was spent.  In the morning she woke before Bruce and took a shower… Her pussy was tender but she was so happy.  What an amazing night of sex…. The best sex she’d ever had.  There was no guilt either…. It was my fault for leaving her files unattended…. And she was an adult and could fuck who she wants.  Danica sat there rationalizing what had happened.  Still in the back of her mind…. She worried about the porn that she made.  Then she strolled back into the bedroom and saw Bruce was stirring.  “Morning Tiger.” She smiled at him.  “Hey gorgeous….  God I will never get tired of looking at that sexy body.” Bruce praised.  “Well… this body has to go now… I’ve got classes and things to do.” She replied.  Danica slipped on her dress, slipped on her shoes and grabbed her purse.  “Our movie will be done very soon.  Tim knows it’s Top Secret…. And I will literally kill him if he doesn’t follow orders.” Bruce advised.  That didn’t really mean anything to Danica as her confidence had already been broken but she smiled and nodded anyway and then leaned in and kissed Bruce and she was off. 

Danica went home and pondered what was to come next.  She was permanently linked to this future NFL Quarterback.. Was he interested in her beyond just fucking her?…. After all she was his teenage crush.  Or was this just a fling with him in control.  (He was in control) she thought about that and a smile spread across her face.  She thought back to being his little sex slave.  God…. She sucked off Tim and he was a total stranger… He FUCKED her ass…  Danica touched herself and she still felt good but sore… those two pounded her good and proper but it would be a few days before she could fuck again.  (I can’t believe it…. I want to fuck him again.” She thought.  (I want him to order me around…. Use my body.) she mused.  These crazy thoughts muddled her head but she had school….. and soon they drifted away but she was hooked and she knew it… She liked the way he controlled her…. She was his cum slut.  Danica smiled as she walked through campus having this dirty little secret…..

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